Syrian Army Advancing in Ramouseh Industrial District, Makes Major Gains in Aleppo (Map, Videos, Photos)



Developing the recent success in southwestern Aleppo, the Syrian army and Hezbollah are advancing in the strategic area of Ramouseh Industrial District of Aleppo city. The advance on the Jaish al-Fatah operation room (includes Al Nusra Front) is led by the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces and Hezbollah units.

Pro-government sources report that some 70-75 Al Nusra terrorists have been killed in the recent clashes.

After taking cotrol of the Ramouseh Artillery Base, the pro-government forces have already seized Shurfah Hill, the Baradat Factory, the Oil Factory, the Maqala’ Hill, the villages of Shurfah Al-Zayout and Musharifah and Shurfah Quarries.

According unconfirmed reports, terrorists have also retreated from the northern part of 1070 Apartment Project and the Hikma School.

Click to see the full-size map

Click to see the full-size map

ANNANEWS released a footage of September 4 clashes for the Ramouseh Artillery Base in southwestern Aleppo (in Russian):

Footage from the Ramouseh Artillery Base:

Col. Suheil al-Hassan, the commander of the Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces is inside the Ramouseh Artillery Base:

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More Syrian troops there:



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  • Sylvain Gregoire Bautista

    Les bonnes nouvelles en rentrant du travail !

  • Genius

    Cheers SAA!

  • Vincent P P

    my thought is that the rebels in alepo are doomed , they have no reinforcement, they are cut off,their troops decimated,wounded,they will not break the siege,my thoughts saudis will have to play ball with russia and china to survive, turkey is pro russia now that coup failed ton kill him.