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Syrian Army Advancing Further In Southern Palmyra Countryside (Map)


Syrian Army Advancing Further In Southern Palmyra Countryside (Map)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have successfully captured many points from ISIS terrorists on the northeastern side of the Abtar Mountain and in the Al-Halabat area.

The SAA is aiming to reach the villages of Sawanah and Khunayfis, and the nearby phosphorus mine along the Palmyra-Al-Seen highway.

The SAA’s operation is led by the 5th Legion and the newly formed Homeland Shield Forces (HSF). The HSF is armed and trained by the Russian military as well as the 5th Legion.

Meanwhile, pro-ISIS sources claimed that ISIS terrorists had killed over 30 Syrian soldiers as a result of a successful ambush around the Camel track area south of Palmyra.

According to many pro-government sources, this operation south of Palmyra is extremely important. The SAA will likely try to capture the whole Palmyra-Al-Seen highway. The main goal is to prevent the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the Syrian desert from advancing further in the Syrian desert.

The move came after the shift of the US policy in Syria. According to many sources, pro-government sources could face another attack if the FSA and Jaish al-Islam reach the government-held area near Palmyra.



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