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Syrian Army Advancing from 4 Directions in Aleppo City


The Syrian Army, the National Defenes Forces and Hezbolalh, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, is developing counter-offensive in southwestern Aleppo. Pro-government sources argue that the Syrian army has already captured some building blocks in the 1070 Apartment Project and engaged terrorists in the Ramouseh Neighborhood.

Syrian Army Advancing from 4 Directions in Aleppo City

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According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, about 7,000 heavy armored terrorists have been contentrated southeast of Aleppo city. The build-up comes amid the announcement of three-hour daily ceasefire for the embattled city.

Lieutenant General Sergey Rudskoy, chief of the main operations department of the Russian General Staff:

“Terrorists amassed to a unit of some 7,000 fighters, armed with tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery and trucks with weapons mounted on them.”

“Militants are pulling their troops from the controlled areas in the provinces of Idlib, Homs and Hama.”

This group of terrorists will likely be involved in the battle as soon the Syrian army poses a phisical threat to the corridor opened by Jaish al-Fatah.



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  • Muhammad Shoaib

    Russia is the biggest terrorist nation and Hitler killed 20 million Russian in world war. I salute to Hitler. Russia committed massacres in Afghanistan,Bosnia,Syria,Kosovo and support killer regime of Syria

    • Özgür Dirim Özkan

      You are a bastard and you know that, right?

    • Alexander

      You need mental treatment and someone to educate you as you should be. You sound like (or really are) a terrorist. You represent exactly the kind of individuals that RuAF and SAA needs to eliminate from the existance.

    • Leonardo

      listen motherfucker. Russian aren’t angels right ,but for the time being they are standing with the right camp and doing what is right to save your ass for the imminent danger that global terrorism represent unless you are adherent to these kind of thinking and you support it than i hope you get balls to go there in order to get wiped out from the face of the earth by an airstrike.

    • Antikapitalista

      No, the biggest terrorist nation is actually the United States of Aggression, closely followed by Satanic Arabia.

      This ranking is based on their long-term support of international terrorism.

    • medicis

      and the Bolsheviks (mainly those ‘people’ of a certain ethnic background) murdered between 60 and 100 million Christians and others) during the reign of the Soviet Union.

    • eagleson

      What massacres did Russia do in Bosnia and Kosovo?You apparently have no problems with american massacres.

    • mohib khan

      I wish you say that to a gathering of Jews

    • MeMadMax

      It’s too bad I can’t negative vote disqus comments…

    • Tomko Kubianca

      Al Nusra and ISIS are just pawns for the US, Saudi, Qatar, UAE, and Turkey. Russia is the ONLY ones stopping them. You must be a terrorist yourself. You’re people are the ones slaughtering innocent Syrians. You should be ashamed.

  • Divesh Kumar

    Any basis for your so knowledgeable comment………….

  • MeMadMax



  • abu kornet

    south front kept on saying before the siege was broken that the rebel offensive was losing momentum and that the saa were beginning to repel them after the siege was broken they give us all of these fake maps and tell us that the saa has technically reimposed the siege again not a reliable source apparently

  • enigel

    Here is a thought,why not drop barrel bombs on rebel positions during the night?

  • Grieved

    Interesting to see the war as it hits our own news threads. Many newcomers in threads on various good sites have appeared in the last 8-9 days, all negative. Someone’s propaganda budget took a hit with the Aleppo action.

  • Spunkyhunk

    Why are jihadis allowed to comment on this site?

  • Catfish

    To anyone replying to the trolls, some get payed by the number of replies they get from what I understand. Best to just ignore, flag and or block the obvious ones imho