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Syrian Army Advancing East Of Tyas Airbase, Retakes Jihar Junction From ISIS – Reports

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The Syrian army, the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Hezbollah have expanded a buffer zone around the Tyas Airbase in the province of Homs, according to pro-government sources.

Government forces reportedly pushed ISIS terrorists from the Jihar junction east of the Tyas Airbase and secured the area southeast of the vilalge of Shufria. The ISIS terrorirst group has lost up to 15 fighters, attempting to repel these government advance, but failed to do this and retreated further to the east.

Now, the army, the NDF and Hezbollah are dveloping the momentum against ISIS terrorists southeast of the Tyas Airbase.

Syrian Army Advancing East Of Tyas Airbase, Retakes Jihar Junction From ISIS - Reports

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It looks like they haven’t learned their lesson; they’re going to try and create yet another thin, ultra vulnerable salient, rather than secure territory to the north and south.


Deir Ezzor will not hold for many more months, they need to take Palmyra, then consolidate, then push along the highway. Many months ar eneeded for that.


But as I said, they can’t take Palmyra without consolidating; once again they’re vulnerable from north, south and east. Remember the Tabaqa offensive too which similarly ended in disaster? This army is led by fools.


Taking the road junction is good. From there they can move up northern road towards gas fields, making the salient wider. May already be wider than depicted on map. The terrain is a bit difficult for overland travel. Hope SAA will be wiser this time, but of course it will take much longer to reach Palmyra. Deir Ezzor will hold, there is no option of retreat or surrender for them. But the situation may become difficult.



Top right hand side. There’s got to be a few thousand troops there, serving no real purpose; that’s Kurdish land now.

Hisham Saber

Kurdish land my ass. Its Syrian land, inhabited by ethnic Kurds and Arabs largely. Listen, there will be no Kurdistan, that’s a pipe dream propagated by Israel and Washington. At no time has there ever been a ‘Kurdistan’, and there wont be one. The Kurds have a choice, live in Syria as an ethnic Kurd, or get the fuck out. To you Kurds, what a way to treat the people who took you in at your time of need, only to conspire and subvert at the direction of that abomination Israel and the CIA. Nice going Kurds. Thank the SAA, Hezbollah and Russia that saved your asses from destruction in east Aleppo.

Hisham Saber

Monday morning quarterback. That’s what you are. So what are your military credentials to boldly state that ‘This army is led by fools’? Are you somehow privy to Russian, Syrian and Iranian war operation rooms? Come on man. Your inherent hatred for all things Arabic and Muslim is making you increasing sound moronic.

This army ‘led by fools’ , along with Hezbollah will one day liberate Palestine from the child and woman killing IDF. Now that the Syrian army, Hezbollah are battle-hardened and distilled down to probably one of the world best fighting forces by experience, the Brooklyn exchange students that make up the IDF will be no match. And the highly touted Israeli Airforce will prove useless as they did in south Lebanon in 2000 and 2006.

Why do you even bother trolling around here since the Syrian Army and Hezbollah are Muslim (for the most part) while its no secret your a dedicated Muslim hater?

The gallant and noble Syrian Arab Army and allies have stood up against the biggest international conspiracy ever hatched against a country by major world powers and an illegal entity called Israel. And they have, and are performing heroically.

Knowing you here, I expect a reactionary response. A predictable one at that.


I’m privy to their actions. Tabaqa and Palmyra occurred the exact same way; one long, thin salient that was vulnerable on all sides before being crushed. Making that mistake once was bad enough, moronic, but twice?! Also struggling against forces that are outnumbered with no food, ammo, air support, to struggle so much for so long against these people is the sign of an awful army.

Trump’s going to absolute kick Iran’s ass, Iran funds Hezbollah, so Hezbollah haven’t got a great chance in the future (with the two wars with Israel so far, their losses have far outnumbered Israel’s, so I don’t seem them winning in the future either). Hezbollah have also taken massive losses in Syria, and the Lebanonese birthrate is very low, particularly compared to Israel’s high and growing one, so again, the future is very much in Israel’s favour. All they need to do is kick the Gazans back to Egyptian territory, because it was Egyptian land previously, and move every Palestinian in the West Bank to Jordan, where they belong. Job done.

Well Syria was secular, before I read in depth about how they fund/funnel funds to the radicals like Hezbollah (who are terrorists) and I object to the use of Al Qaeda and ISIS, especially when these groups commit attacks in the West. Plus Hillary/Obama etc. are awful, and I liked seeing Putin run rings around them.

Illegal entity? How so? Every nation in history has determined its borders by conquest. You just don’t like this one because Jews kicked a whole lot of Muslim arses in doing that. You talk about the likes of Israel having no right to invade Syria, through proxies at least, but how about all of the Muslims, including Syria, invading Israel back in the day? At that point they didn’t take the West Bank, Golan Heights etc., they just sat on land given to them by the UN, as the Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians etc. sat on land given to them by the UN. And because these Muslim states invaded and lost, they deserved to lose every parcel of land that Israel felt like keeping.

Hisham Saber

Hezbollah whipped Israel twice, in 2000 and 2006. And its not even a national army; its a peoples militia. Just because Jew controlled western countries consider Hezbollah ‘terrorists’, doesn’t make it true. 67′ and 73′ Israel was heavily supported by Britain, France and last but not least, the U.S. . Israel dismantled their grand construction plant for the Merkava MBT{The Chariot of God) in 2006 because of staggering losses they took in their armored formations. I still remember a news clip of an Israeli soldier who was crying like a baby after his ass was somehow saved and brought back behind the front lines. Hezbollah has made it very clear to Israel that in the next show-down, the battle will be fought inside Israel. Hezbollah has grown some serious muscle in Syria and the Israeli army(who are mostly exchange students from Brooklyn, New York) would stand no chance. Throw in the battle hardened SAA and Iraqi Shiite militias, and things look catastrophic for Israel in the future, and that’s the near future. Israel will be written about in history books as an anomaly, or blot in time. In the future, The U.S. , French, British militaries wont come to their rescue, as most people, even in the west ,are starting to wake up to the Jews and despise them.

Israel has lived by the sword, and it will die by the sword. Believe it.

If Trump starts any madness with Iran, the U.S. would only isolate herself further globally. China and Russia, as well as Pakistan and India are great friends of Iran, and they will stop, block and/or veto any lame attempts at subverting Iran or tearing up the nuclear agreement. And if the U.S. and western militaries, along with Israel decide on being stupid and attack Iran. Not one square inch of Israel will avoid destruction from Irans advanced and extensive ballistic missile capabilities. Israel has nukes, true, so there wont be war on Iran. Its mutually assured destruction. Israel’s destruction will come in conventional ways. If Iran is attached, they could simply target Saudi and GCC oil fields and refineries and thus crash the declining dollar, for good. They could shut down 40% of the worlds oil traffic, if there is any left. There wont be any war on Iran. Trump might be a moron, but U.S. military brass know better than that.

Britain, (where I assume you are from) needs to take in the Jews since they are the ones whom started the Zionist misadventure and subsequent chaos. 90% of Jews(fake Jews, as most Jews are atheists) are not Semitic, but are of European extraction. It doesn’t make the slightest sense for true Semites, the Arabs, i.e. Palestinians to leave their land. To some white skinned invaders from Europe. As the late Jamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt said in a speech once, ‘ You left Palestine dark, or brown, and came back 2000 years later white and European; we cant accept that’.

I wonder, why do you come to Southfront and pay so much attention to the conflict in Syri,a unless your inherently happy about all the death and destruction while you drivel out your grandiose military pronouncements. Smacks odf a twisted physcopathy and gloating while you sit in your mothers basement.


Hezbollah suffered far greater losses. You’re right, it is a foreign backed militia (like Al Nusra in Syria), trumping the national army, therefore it’s a terrorist group. Hezbollah bombing other countries makes it a terrorist group.

“Battle hardened SAA”?? You mean the ones who flee at the mere sight of the enemy? The ones who claim to be inexperienced despite SIX YEARS OF WAR?

Trump loves Israel, his son-in-law and daughter are Jewish and the son-in-law is basically in charge of Middle Eastern/Israeli policy, so have fun with that!

“even in the west ,are starting to wake up to the Jews and despise them.”

You’re thinking of Islam, not Judaism. Jews integrate, Muslims don’t, they carve out little no-go zones, states within a state and look to take over, that’s one major reason why Trump got elected, why Brexit happened, why France’s largest party is anti-Islam, the Netherlands too, Austria almost (probable voter fraud there, again) and why Germany’s anti-Islam party have had a meteoric rise. Islam is the cancer to the world, Judaism isn’t in the slightest. As I said they’ve contributed so much in terms of innovation, Nobel Prizes etc., what have Muslims done? Except breed and fester their hatred?

Like the UN will have any power over Trump! It’s a Muslim dominated dump anyway; Saudi Arabia are in charge of the human rights council, Saudi Arabia! He’s thinking of kicking the UN out of America and ceasing funding, so it’s irrelevant. Trump and Russia will get along well, and China is going to take a well deserved beating, what with the massive trade deficit, taking American jobs en masse as well as the gigantic amounts of IP theft. Without the US buying all of their cheap stuff, they’re doomed. They’re dependent on exports.

Britain has a large population of Jews, and shocker, they’re integrated and contributing members of society. Whereas most Muslims don’t work; 50% of men and 75% of women.

“90% of Jews(fake Jews, as most Jews are atheists) are not Semitic”

And most Arabs aren’t in Arabia where they belong. Think about that.

As for Nasser, once again you don’t realise that you have no right as a foreigner to deny another nation the right to exist. Israel has nothing to do with you, you just hate it because it’s not Muslim, and it’s kicking Muslim ass.

Joseph Scott

You overestimate the value of combat experience, as people typically do. Most humans are not wired to be good fighters. The instinctual reaction to threats in 98% of people involves avoidance, submission or posturing, rather than fighting fiercely. When people find themselves in combat, and they find their leadership and training adequate to present an answer, they may improve some, as they gain in confidence and make some improvement in the mechanical performance of tasks, as they ;’learn;’ that these responses worked. If, however, their leadership and training is not adequate to the situation, they will turn to more instinctual reactions, and when those save them, they will likewise become more ingrained, so that rather than becoming better fighters, they merely become better survivors, which more often then not avoids fighting, and certainly and risks for mission accomplishment. However, because combat is so chaotic, the situations presented will keep changed, so the subconscious finds it more difficult to maintain confidence in the trained response as the war goes on. Experienced soldiers become quite cautious. Survival takes precedence over winning.

Now, the SAA was a pretty low quality army when it began this war, for a variety of reasons relating to doctrine, the way leaders were selected, and the limitations put on leadership promotion and training, especially inter-arm training, by an ingrained government wariness towards the very sort of coup that put the elder al-Assad in power in the first place.

The last time they faced the IDF is the Bekua Valley, the casualties causes per soldier, adjusted for terrain and defence, was nearly 6 to 1 in Israel’s favour. The IDF, by contrast, copied most of the best features from the Wehrmacht. Officers and NCOs have to pass through a multi-level, meritocratic selection process that places a high emphasis upon initiative, decisiveness, and ability to think calmly and quickly under stress. The whole military focuses on skills important to combat, will much less emphasis than most armies give to all the usual nonsense about being good at ceremony, Napoleonic marching drill, or fussing over lawn care, uniforms, hairstyles and so on. It is one of the few armies where soldiers who want to go practice with their individual weapon can often simply go and do so, rather than wait for a few scarce rifle qualifications or scheduled training sessions a couple times a year. That is why the IDF succeeds, and your disdain for Zionism (which I share) and the various subversive, destructive and cruel foreign policy decision born from that don’t change that. Victory tends to be determined by such material facts as doctrine, leadership, training, terrain, numbers, equipment, and not at all by righteousness.

Now, having been whittled down to only the more committed members, and further assisted by Russian, Iranian and I assume Hezbollah instructors no doubt has and is improving the SAA. But to narrow the gap sufficiently to overcome the IDF, given how wide it was? That would be a historical anomaly of epic proportions.

Israel’s tank losses against Hezbollah have been exaggerated quite a it. 52 were damaged, but only 22 penetrated and only 5 completely destroyed beyond reasonable repair. That Hezbollah stopped the Israelis is certainly a notable achievement, and Hezbollah deserves due credit for it, but bear in mind that Israel’s curtailment of the operations in question, which in each case tended to be largely conducted by a single division, was more about cost-benefit analysis and politics than about being unable to continue the attack. Israel has a conscripted citizen army, and a far amount of relatively liberal people in their population. They can’t simply conduct excursions into places like Lebanon without regard to their casualties. Even relatively small casualties tend to bring substantial public outcry. To ignore such would certainly cost the reigning Prime Minister their job. Thus 121 dead a lot of Israel, but realistically, it’s not that high at all. It in no away prevented the attacking Israeli force from carrying on, had their been the political will to do so. In a typical high-intensity conflict against an equal adversary, that amount of dead would have been exceeded in four days fighting.

Israel began the 2006 operation with around 10,000 troops, expanding to 30,000 by the very end. Averaging it as 20,000 is actually a bit unfair to the IDF, since most of the reinforcements came on the tail end of the war. Hezbollah fielded about 20,000 fighters, so troops strength was overall equal. Hezbollah also fought primarily in a defensive posture, making local counter-attacks by small units, but not really going over to an offensive operation, so they retained the benefits of their defensive which is roughly equivalent to doubling their strength. Hezbollah, by it’s own count, suffered twice the losses the Israelis did. (By the Lebanese Army’s estimates, four times.) So, if we take Hezbollah at their word, rather than use the higher Lebanese, UN or Israeli estimate, the IDF remained four times as effective in inflicting casualties per soldier. On the basis of the combat model I use, the 200 or so IDF tanks would be worth another 20,000 troops, so that would improve Hezbollah’s performance to half the IDF’s. It is uncertain how much to factor in the 18,900 strike sorties flown by IAF aviation, given that Hezbollah seems to have quite cleverly neutralised most of their effect through decoy targets and concealed bunkers. The IAF was actually hitting all the ‘right’ targets with 97% accuracy. The problem was they targets were either decoys or hardened sufficiently to withstand the delivered ordnance. The most aircraft they ever had in their air was 70, and using the model I work with, that’s worth roughly 14,000 troops. Overall, we can probably safely say that the IDF is not quite twice as good as Hezbollah, somewhere between 1.5 and 2, which is in fact a record achievement amongst Israel’s enemies. The next best scoring force, the Jordanians, traded casualties at 3.5 to 1 with Israel in 1973. Overall, that makes Hezbollah a pretty fine fighting force, probably better than most NATO armies, but with their current 45,000 troops, that still makes them less powerful than a single IDF armoured division. And they remain considerably better than the SAA.

Consequently, all idealism aside, the odds of the Syrians, or even the Syrians plus Hezbollah even retaking the Golan Heights from the IDF is pretty low. As to actually destroying Israel, you ought to remember they have 200 some nuclear warheads and there is nothing to indicate they would hesitate to use them.

Even Aquartertoeseven’s tiresome justifications of Israel’s more repugnant behaviour and Zionist cheerleading doesn’t change these basic facts.

Hisham Saber

A lot written, but not much said. I disagree. The IDF is the most over-rated force in the world. You forget that Hezbollah is a militia, not a national army. Without their powerful airforce, Israel is nothing.

Joseph Scott

And that is a rather empty attempt to sound philosophical. I said quite a bit. I offered historically valid reasons, and statistical facts to support my position. You support your position with nothing more than your opinion. In so doing, you are ironically demonstrating one of the reasons Arab armies continue to lose against Israel: the inability to cast aside the subjective, the wishful thinking and the constant appeal to some higher power or judge, and simply work with the hard, objective facts. On the basis of the evidence, Allah doesn’t hand out victory according to the scheme many Muslims seem to assume. As John Calvin said: “God helps those who help themselves.”

Let me suggest reading Trevor Dupuy’s “Elusive Victory: The Arab-Israeli Wars 1947-1974”. He was friends with a couple of general officers on both sides, and he tries to be objective. While he may not succeed perfectly at that as far as causes, he does offer a very sober analysis of how the Israelis win, and how the Arabs lose.

Regarding the IDF being overrated: while the US military is certainly overrated, when the US wargames against them, the Israelis generally win by a ridiculously lopsided margin. They win more often than not against other NATO forces as well, several of whom are better than the Americans.

Hisham Saber

Again, if it was for full on support to Israel in 67′, 73′ by the U.S, France, England, the Israeli army would have collapsed. Satellite footage, weapons and the betrayal of the Arabs with the cease fires.

Tell me, why did Israel fail to take a simple little village on the border with Lebanon after days of attempting to seize it? They threw even the mighty Golan brigade yet still failed. They were routed by a militia, with the help of a few helpless villagers.

Tell me, why did Israel discontinue the Merkava ( Chariot of God) MBT and close the production line down? Is it because of staggering tank losses. Ive seen videos of the rout. Whole columns up in smoke. It was beautiful. They were shredded. The Israeli’s were begging The Americans, French and British to push a cease fire immediately. That’s their modus operandi. When loosing, push for a cease fire from world powers.

Btw, why do you bring God (Allah ) into this? That’s a lame tactic, and lazy intellectually. Times have changed, and the writing is on the wall for the anomaly called Israel. A blatant violator of international law, some 69 U.N. resolutions and Geneva conventions against this terrorist, racist state. The world is growing tired of the excuses. As soon as China supersedes the west as the global superpower, Isreal will succumb. 200 nukes or not.

Another thing, Iran has every meter/foot of Israel mapped out for its ballistic missiles, which wont spare anywhere, anybody in Israel. And the foolish Israelis uprooted vast farms and planted dense forests in place of them , so incendiary warheads will set the whole place on fire. So you see, its mutually assured destruction. Thus the coming war will be conventional, in which this time U.S. , French and British help will not come.

Hezbollah has grown some serious muscle in Syria, and the Syrian Arab Army has been distilled down to perhaps the best fighting force in the world, which spells doom for the Zionist state.


Joseph Scott

Intellectually lazy? Hilarious. You offer me almost the same post you already posted to Aquartertoseven. You continue to repeat this nonsense about ending Merkava production because of these supposed tank losses, even though it you’d actually bothered to read my entire post, you’d see that I already pointed out nothing of the kind occurred. They had only 5 Merkavas totally destroyed. 5. They closed down production because they only needed to replace five vehicles, and didn’t need any more. They still use 1200 Merkavas. They re-opened production in 2013, and are building 300 Merkava 4s right now. They converted some older Merkavas into Namur IFVs because of how exceptionally safe the vehicles is. They have the lowest loss rate per tank hit the IDF has ever experienced, only 75% of what they experienced in 1973, despite the advancement of modern AT weapons. You simply repeat easily refutable nonsense, even after it has been pointed out to be false.

I bring God into this because God and religious thinking still plays a larger role in day-to-day affairs in the Islamic world than is does elsewhere, including Israel, and this tendency to simply trust in God, and resort to mystical hope that righteousness will grant victory is a significant portion of the problem, as regards why Arab armies do so poorly. Israelis make their plans in the material world. They don’t rely on God to grant them anything. Islamic culture still retains an extreme emphasis on the power of God in day-today affairs, in total submission to God’s will, that hasn’t been seen in most of the Judeo-Christian world in centuries. They way a person thinks about the world affects how they behave, how they plan. Simply put, secular cultures display better grasp of the art of war. Look at history.

All the West supplied Israel was equipment, munitions and supplies. These things have always played only a secondary role compared to the ability of the troops. Furthermore, all the supplies Israel got in 173 came AFTER the ceasefire, as part of the deal with the US and Saudi Arabia. It was the promise of extravagant US resupply that stopped Sharon from taking Cairo. And didn’t you notice all the equipment the Soviets supplied to Arab armies? Equipment which the Israelis found to be good and well designed?

Yes, Hezbollah has grown. I already told you by exactly how much. But it’s not enough. The SAA does not demonstrate by any means that they are anything close to the best fighting force in the world. That’s laughable. Ask the Russians who train and operate with them. The aren’t impressed. And when will 200 nuclear warheads not mean something? Who wants to to fight that kind of war? China has neither the interest nor the foolishness. They’ve been business partners with Israel for decades anyway. Iran is a growing power, but I doubt very much that they wish to fight such an existential war either. And violation of international law? Sure, and ? Since when has that actually mattered? When do powerful states actually suffer for that? Nobody actually cares about that at the level of geopolitical statecraft you speak of. People accuse each other of such violations as a political tool, whether true or not. States that are powerful get away with such things with impunity, as you witness all the time with the USA, Israel, Britain, France…States which are not are punished for such violations even when they don’t exist, as Syria. The UN has no power, and in the cutthroat world of realpolitik, nobody cares about that. Most governments are little more than vast, extremely successful crime syndicates, pirates who have amassed whole nations. There is no moral outrage, only rhetoric and propaganda.

You are living in pipe dreams.

Hisham Saber

Spoken like a true Zionist blowjob. If I had your address I would send you a pillow to kneel on while you service your Israeli cousins.


Joseph Scott

What is pathetic is that when you have been repeatedly shown to have no actual facts to support your fantasy, you must resort to insults, like some 13-year old.


DE has held up for two years, I think they will make it.


They should pull out of Qamishli and Hasakah, they have no point in being there, using those troops to prop up Deir Ezzor.


Nice logic there, dude.


They’re stretching themselves too thin again. They need to concentrate on one offensive at time – striking quickly (before the enemy can be reinforced) with overwhelming force (so that they can’t be resisted effectively) and then move on. Hopefully, now that the water sources for Damascus have been secured, the SSA can swiftly concentrate their forces at one target or another (mustn’t try for a target too large for the resources available) and strike. Many small victories can quickly result in a major victory if all of the other fronts are stabilized.


Possibly, but now with the big city fight finished, they have reserves. What they need is an RU tank battalion.


When take Arak, wake me up.




thanks, bro! :)

Trustin Judeau

I hope the goal is not Palmyra.SAA can recapture it for short time,but they will lose if the territory is not expanded.

Carol Davidek-Waller

I believe the goal is all of Syria. It is their country after all. Terrorism has a short shelf life.


SAA and allies need to captur area between ithrea and Palmera and road 35 and 90 near Al Qaryatain then SAA can enter into Der Ez Zore province. If base is weak then army cannot move so far from their base.

For this move SAA and their allies could increase their strength in the surrounding areas in Eastern Homs and Eastern Hama.

When Aleppo city liberated then I posted a comment that SAA should not do rest and now move freed army troops towards Dir Ez Zor. If that time they had not showed laziness then Palmera would be still with SAA and Dir Ez Zor troops wouldn’t suffered.

In war time quick maneuverability of army troops is very important for success.


The salient should be 3-4 times the size it is, move the front lines north and south of the salient eastward 20-40 miles. If not, develop other salients moving eastwards.


Wild card no one mentioning is how Trump will change dynamics in Syria. I think if him and Putin can establish a positive dialogue this war will be over sooner than thought. My concern are the Kurds and their lack of commitment to maintaining integrity of the countries they live in. In my opinion they will exchange corruption of the countries they reside in for a more corrupt Kurdistan.

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