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Syrian Army Advances Towards Another Town In Southwest Aleppo


Late on January 29, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies began advancing towards the town of Qarasi in the southwestern Aleppo countryside.

According to the U-News Agency, the army captured Qarasi’s barrier, the militants main defense line in the area, as well as several hilltops overlooking the town.

Syrian Army Advances Towards Another Town In Southwest Aleppo

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

The SAA developed its offensive in southwest Aleppo in the morning, capturing the areas of Tell Maher, Tell Abiad, Tell al-Zaitoun, Tell al-Mahruqat, Jurf al-Sakhr and Khan Tuman depots. Later, the army imposed control of Khan Tuman.

Aleppo countryside also witnessed an unusual incident, in which pro-government forces allegedly shelled a convoy of the Turkish military.

The SAA’s 4th Division is leading the attack around Aleppo. Several units from the Republican Guards and Lebanon’s Hezbollah are taking part in the attack.

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  • JoeAlpha

    “The SAA’s 4th Division is leading the attack around Aleppo. Several units from the Republican Guards and Lebanon’s Hezbollah are taking part in the attack.”

    And also there are some of these guys …:) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/21dfcc240cb3df025a3b9416535084626eb428f743ed42343fb83938f014a09f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/641b6693f056666d9ba9b1eec4cd89ddb9d32573522675109646646dae70f535.jpg

    • Issam
      • TORKI OP #8 STRONK

        Hezbollah are the ultimate Savages. They are bad-ass like none other. No wonder little scrawny diaper wearing kid-killing IDF gay faggots are terrified of them lol

        Hezbollah fighter in this pic looks like he could be from Yemen or Africa, meaning he has lots of experience eliminating jihadi saudi wahabbi rats. Even better :)

      • Avraham Goodman ✡✡✡✡✡✡

        that is a terrorist who IDF eliminated very much in 2006. if not for UN lebanon would be under Israeli control now get lost all you antisemitic nazi termite!

        • Lonesome Cowboy Burt

          Are you retarded? Man, I can’t look at your face, look like death warmed over!

          • igybundy

            going zombie does that to you.

        • Toni Liu

          Ahh other fake semite attack again, UN just doing nothing to stop your IDF forces attacking libanon, just hizbollah spanking your fake semite ass back to your fake country, what a weak fake semite army

        • Luke Hemmming

          Oh good another fake ass joo kneegar to harass.

    • EveryoneIsBiased

      Wagner? Yeah, they seem to be everywhere now. Seems their operation now is also much more professional. Not like the early days, when they took everyone, without proper training and equipment and sadly they dropped like flyes. As mercs they will be killed directly or tortured till death when captured, so i have great respect for them. Having to risk being caught by HTS or ISIS and dying in Syrian desert while being filmed for Jihadi propaganda, all for the money.. Tough shit.
      Good thing those times now seem over.

      • EveryoneIsBiased

        On second look, they could the Spetsnaz also..

        • JoeAlpha

          This is SSO Spetsnaz

          • EveryoneIsBiased

            Thanks for claring that up!

            A pretty nice mix of forces: The elite units of the SAA, Russian advisors + Special forces, Hezbollah advisors + Special forces and PMCs.
            Though one has to give credit: Without those, “normal” SAA troops would stand no real chance against most Idlib Jihadis. I hope, in the future the SAA can benefit from expanding the success of their elite units unto the regular drafted troops.
            But until this day, if it ever comes, we can be glad there still is this amazing mix of elite troops from 3 countries there to finish what the Sunni Countries, Israel and NATO started.

    • iosongasingsing

      They have sniper rifles, these don’t take prisoners.

    • Avraham Goodman ✡✡✡✡✡✡

      they are joke compared to IDF special forces who have experiense fighting iranian hezbilla terrorists in lebanon gaza west bank! plus US navy seal blow these smurfs out of water, easy peasy lemonade squeezy

      • Luke Hemmming

        Do you mean these hard working, motivated and well-trained IDF soldiers?…

    • Luke Hemmming

      Wow they look like really well trained professional fighting soldiers. Russia has done a good job in training them up.

    • Luke Hemmming
      • Issam

        damn, this song is bringing back so many nostalgic moments.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    1 km2 yesterday and 5km2 today, the 4th are doing well, and the 25th are going gangbusters too, so does that mean everything’s going according to plan and there’s nothing stopping us now, unfortunately no it doesn’t, it means the better things are going for the SAA, the worse they are for Russia and the more dangerous it will be for the SAA.
    Yesterday I said Erdogan hasn’t been making a big deal over Idlib and Aleppo and thought he may have done a deal with Putin to relinquish the territory, a few reports I read also confirmed that was a possibility, but, today I found out I was wrong.

    “President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has warned Russia that Turkey was running out of patience regarding the continued offensive by the Syrian army in Idlib and will take unilateral actions to stop it if Moscow fails to persuade Bashar al-Assad’s regime to cease the military operations in the last rebel-held enclave.”
    “Informing that talks with the Russian authorities are ongoing on Idlib and the primary message given to them is “Our patience is running thin. We will do whatever necessary if these bombardments do not stop,” Erdoğan stated.”
    “If we are loyal partners, then Russia should take up a position. It will either pursue a different track with Syria or with Turkey. There is no other way,” he said.”
    “Russians say, ‘We are fighting against terrorists.’ Who are terrorists? Those who are defending their lands? They are insurgents. Are all the four million Syrians in Turkey terrorists too? Where did they come from? They escaped Assad’s cruelty?” he stated.”
    Maybe it’s not all smooth sailing ahead afterall, so maybe it’s time to adjust tactics accordingly while we still can, and do it before we can’t change tactics at all.
    I normally scream the loudest at the first sign of a break in fighting or the dreaded ceasefires, but there comes a point where that can be the best option, it’s looking like a slowdown in fighting might just be the best tactic sometime very soon.
    I’m more concerned about Aleppo, that’s close enough to the Turkish border to allow an unhindered Turkish intervention, they can attack SAA positions from Turkey and can meaningfully change the outcome of fighting, and they can do it from the safety of their side of the border, for us that would be a CATASTROPHE.
    I don’t want to stop the fighting though, just slow it down enough to stop Erdogan getting directly involved, so what could we do to keep Erdogan in his box, and also still keep things flowing at a rate that also suites us too, I know what I’d do.
    Restrict the Aleppo offensive to a retaliatory offensive for a start, only attack the enemy when provoked, take back just enough territory to help justify our responses, and always try our absolute hardest to minimise civilian casualties, even to a point we avoid some justified responses.
    Idlib should still be full steam ahead though, at least while we’re taking back the southern region, after that’s done and we’re getting closer to the Turkish border we may have to slow things down again, but that’s only if the refugees haven’t panicked en masse and fled for the Turkish border already, if that happens we won’t have to do much fighting at all to take back central Idlib, and that’s because the terrorists will be fleeing with the refugees and we won’t have to.
    Hopefully Assad and Putin can find the goldilocks approach, not too little and not too much, the last thing we want now is Turkish artillery and air support for the rebels fighting the 4th in Aleppo, we could lose the whole city if that happened.

  • antoun

    forerever good news!!

  • Avraham Goodman ✡✡✡✡✡✡

    us military planning to topple assad government this time if chemical weapons are used to fight civilians and freedom fighters in idlib country. russian airbase will be flattened this time! no one dares mess with combined power of france britain usa!

    • Toni Liu

      Repeating other non sense again you fake semite, snort your chemical gas, because no use for saa to use gas at this point other than the terrorist one faking anything like you fake semite

    • Luke Hemmming

      To paraphrase Trumps favourite tweet line…FAKE NEWS!!

  • goingbrokes

    We have a new face for team Tel Aviv!

    • Issam

      different face, same person… nothing changes xD.