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JUNE 2023

Syrian Army Advances On Multiple Fronts In Eastern Ghouta (Maps)

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Syrian Army Advances On Multiple Fronts In Eastern Ghouta (Maps)

Map by al-Alam TV reporter Hussain Murtada

On March 14, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces suppported by the Russian Aerospace Forces captured the Hawsh al-Mubarkha area southeast of the Duma district in the Eastern Ghouta region, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria. Pro-government activists also reported that the SAA had advanced in the town of al-Rayhanah near Hawsh al-Mubarkha and had reached al-the Rayhanah mosque in the outskirts of the town.

The SAA and its allies has captured al-Rayhanah town twice before. However, Jaysh al-Islam has been able to recapture the town in both occasions as the SAA has shifted its attention to the southern part of the Eastern Ghouta region back then.

In the western part of Eastern Ghouta, the SAA and its allies captured 50% of the town of Jisrayn from Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Faylaq al-Rahman, according to pro-government sources.

Syrian Army Advances On Multiple Fronts In Eastern Ghouta (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

The SAA operations in the western part of Eastern Ghouta will likely slowdown in the upcoming days as the SAA and its allies appear to be willing to capture Duma, the last stronghold of Jaysh al-Islam in Eastern Ghouta.

Meanwhile, the SAA continued its cooperation with the UN and evacuated more injured and sick civilians from Eastern Ghouta via an established safe route, according to the Hezbollah media wing. A new humanitarian aid convoy of the UN is also set to enter Duma in the upcoming hours.

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Keep going fast, strong, without fear, brave, without deals, without buses for terrorists, and with strong support and care of arespace Russia force. Nothing to celebrate until the total number of terrorists in Syria (including USA-Turkey-Kurds) be out of Syria.

Richard M

I like how the Orcs are making stands in Jisreen and Rayhana. Orcs are stupid! So stupid! They don’t even know that SAA is bypassing and surrounding them. They just hope that mama Nikki Haley will come to save them! LOL



It would appear that Jihadis love to be pocketed. That and having their 72 virgins seems to be all they care about.


Them will be surprised when they meet their 72 “Virgins”……you don’t wanna know them…….

javid soltani

I’m wondering how many time they have been jerking off about the 70 virgins lol

You can call me Al

1 x 72 year old virgin I the correct interpretation.

Valery Grigoryev

Poor granny…:)

You can call me Al

Hey she is up for it and has already taken her teeth out !!

Valery Grigoryev



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javid soltani




Richard M

Along with Hillzebub, John Kerry and the others that perpetrated the war crimes against Syria since 2011.


Enjoy “democracy”.


Who the fuck can think that you impose democracy with nuclear bomb, chemical bombs, conventional bombs, bullying, …. ? XD.

Who the fuck can think that USA is interesting in Syrians to be democratic and choose what they want ??? XD. Why doesn’t USA give you back Golan Heigth ???

Who the fuck think that ex-colonist like France and UK (who as colonists didn’t give you democracy and nothing) now want you to be free ?? XD

I don’t know.


Who can think like that? People who are utterly clueless about history, on how it took democracy centuries to grow and develop in the West, who are utterly clueless on the countries they are about to invade?

Dumb shits with too much military muscle at the ready and no one strong enough to put their foot down to put a stop to it.


Of course. How many times I heard Sunnis telling me that they are so-called democratic. XD. So, I answer by telling why in 1500 years, didn’t they implement democracy ??? XD.

It’s simple. Because they are not democratic and can’t be trusted. How many sunnis country do you count ?? XD.

Ariel Cohen

Democracy is an illusion. It’s really only rule by the rich and corporate interests, with a few welfare bones tossed to the poor to keep them from revolting .. .


Democracy= Majority Rule or Tyranny of the Majority…..democracy doesn’t listen to me…for I am the minority…..


Our government (Holland) just ended “the Referendum” where the people were allowed to vote for certain Laws to pass… it became to popular so they stop referendums, they don’t like’m anymore….. Our last Referendum will be a vote on whether Intelligence agencies like the AIVD, CIA, Mossad, MI6, DGSI & Others can check the Internet of any of our Citizens at will… But surprise….. it won’t be Our vote, because they already decided they will pass that Law because of it’s importance….. To fight ISIS…..wtf….


Western “democracy” = Media Rule. Who owns media, controls public opinion. Look at this insane, hysterical campaign in Britain: that’s not democracy, that’s totalitarianism. And this ‘western democracy’ is basically the UK/US system cloned into all other vassal countries.

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – BUT you can fool most of the people all of the time. And that’s western “democracy’.


Americans have been there and are no longer buying it. That’s why an outsider like Trump beat the establishment to win the presidency. Once he did that, he still had to contend with the Jew world order swamp. Where America First is viewed as a direct threat to their rule. And they’ve fought it every step of the way.

The US and our planet need to be dejudified to create a better world for humanity.

Mo Richard

I love your final quote.


All down the line, the primary, historical, western model of democracy has been about begrudging concessions from outnumbered elites in face of numerical threat. The English Parliament was instigated as a begrudging concession from an absolute monarch to the noble classes who were an increasingly powerful threat, and skip ahead a couple of centuries, and electoral suffrage for masses, to elect the lower house of Parliament, was the subsequent begrudging concession from the nobles themselves to the increasingly powerful threat of the masses. It was a sequence of top down begrudging political concessions starting with absolute monarchy – and always enacted to alleviate increasing numerical threats to those in power.

Ariel Cohen

Well enunciated


Thank you.


No, not an illusion; the Weimar republic was a democracy, which is why it was murdered in 1930; Britain and the US are republics but they are by no means democratic.

Basu Deb

Those democracies were imperial democracies. They developed and consolidated by plundering the colonies.


Not every democracy was imperial. Most European countries did not have colonies. They still underwent the same process. If anything having colonies made it worse, because A: it meant having to reconcile the imbalance of being a democracy on the one hand with maintaining colonies and the repression and lack of democracy in those colonies. Think of the many colonial wars that had to be fought. And B: colonial wealth created a rich elite which had a different agenda that ran counter to the one of the people in their home countries.


And not every country needs a democracy . 1. America is not democracy or capitalists .It is socialist/capitalist corporatism and a 2 party dictatorship that is headed by oligarchial monarchy of elite families that intertwine with big corporate businesses, banks, all political positions .2 . Like barb pap..said it took 400+ years genocode,slavery,civil war, segregation and racism, oppression and assassinations to become so called “democracy” 3 mid east democracy is impossible. They need dictators or one party rules all sytem to keep control and security




Many people believe they are on the side of history, that they are governed by goodwilling men and women. To some extent it has a sympathic point, to have such a romantic confidence about life. Sad for them and the rest of us, there is no good nor evil, and never will supranational entities and systems spread wealth and social prosperity around the globe.


Men that chop off Heads of Kids… are the Purest Form of DEMONIC EVIL that exists……this Evil needs to be Exterminated….and if it pops up again…. Exterminate it even more….. Good can become Pretty Evil when confronted with something like this……

Tony B.

No, no, don’t you know? You do it by chopping off the heads of anyone who doesn’t stick his ass in the air enough times per day.


Make a deal with USA. Ask USA to give you back Golan Height to see if USA is with you. After that, topple Assad. Otherwise, good death.


Lavrov kneeling at the feet of the Turkish representative in Russia today while Turkish death squads butchered Syrian government forces tells you all you need to know about Putin’s Russia, and the disaster to come.

Turkey is 100% Deep State. The fake turkish coup attempt was a crude false-flag designed to draw zionist Putin into an ‘alliance’ with Turkey and it worked 100%. Now Putin’s failing Syrian ‘strategy’ dangles by a thread, and that thread is Turkey. And Turkey will cut that thread and stab Russia in the back at the precise moment Britain, France and the USA strike Syria.

Putin left East Ghouta alone for the longest time, and worse forced Assas to recognise the wahhabi ‘rebels’ there as the “official opposition”. So why is Putin now, finally, three years LATE, cleaning out East Ghouta? Because all of Putin’s greater plans for Syria have turned to ashes. Putin relied on the ‘good will’ of the West- yes our MUSCULAR VICAR actually thought the West would pat Russia on the back and allow Syria to return to peace if Russia wiped out ISIS- Putin is this thick.

So having had his fatally naive ideas shoved back in his face, Putin has switch to ‘pragmatic’ mode where he accepts a FRACTION of Syria will remain under Assad’s control- and this, of course, means securing all of Damascus. East Ghouta is NOT a ‘final victory’ but the ultimate proof of Russian failure in Syria. East Ghouta is taken to allow Putin to accept the de facto partition of Syria.

But zionist Putin is living in cloud cukkoo land if he thinks his craven actions let him off the hook re:Deep State warmongering. Having watched Putin walk backward (which started when Putin withdrew Russian ground forces from most of Syria and allowed the Americans and Turks to move into those regions), the Deep State knows it has Russia on the ropes.

So the false-flag in the UK in final preparation for the massive strikes on the Syrian govenment. Britain, the USA and UK are all ready to go- their forces are in place. The plan- a week long air blitz of everything that matters to the Syrian government- and Assad driven out of the country into ‘exile’ in Russia. Putin is feebly trying, at the last moment, to dissuade the Deep State (with the pronouncements that Russia will ‘protect’ its personel in Syria)- but the Deep State knows Putin will cut-n-run the moment the countdown to the strikes begin.

It is NOT a matter of Russia’s relative ‘strength’. These are games of PSYCHOLOGY. The very reason Team Saker, across the same three years has been stating Russia must NEVER punch the bully on the nose.

East Ghouta PROVES Putin has been backed into a corner. The false-flag in the UK PROVES the Deep State intends to keep stabbing the cornered bear with their lances. Zionist propagandists on our sites (like the Saker) have always stated that “Putin must never punch the bully on the nose”. These three facts spell disaster for our side- the worst scenario as Putin is left with options that dwindle down to ONE- preparing to fight World War 3, just as the Deep State intended all along.

Putin’s option to throw the USA out of Syria vanished for all time when Putin personally invited Turkey to invade Syria and wipe out the kurdish alphas. Putin puppet Lavrov was giving a joint conference with the Turkish butchers in Russia today at the same time the Syrian government was burying its people that Turkey had mass murdered in Syria.

YOU won’t be surprised when Turkey stabs Russia in the back, but Putin will be. Think about this.


Putin must not reply of bullies because of “WW3”. But, if Putin doesn’t reply, Russia will have WW3 but with more less allies.

That’s what people don’t seem to understand. If someone want to beat you, the only solution for you is to defend but people say that defending is very bad because the other part can beat even more. XD.

You can call me Al

Fuck off troll.

Valery Grigoryev

OMG, what a crazy bullshit…


Why I don’t understand Putin.

If I had excellent weapons and someone comes and wants to fight, it’s a f….ing good opportunity to give a fight and attack and grab more lands and allies.

So, if USA made a coup in Ukraine. It’s a f…ing opportunity to invade russian part of Ukraine. If USA wants to invade Syria and want a fight, it’s a fu…ing good opportunity to nuke every military bases in the middle east and reverse alliances in the middle east.

When someone want to beat you, it’s an opportunity to beat him and take what he has. USA loves when someone attack them, because they reply and take more than they had before. That’s why they even do false flags to be the victim and counter-attacK.


And Putin can be working for USA, charging to weakening Russia just like Hitler did with Germany.


And, people in the world must stop acting like children. USA is not your mother. Why the fuck do you want Americans to take care of you or give you “democracy” ? Americans don’t give a fuck about you. Americans are not your father or mother. They owe you nothing. If your country is a shithole, clean it. Don’t ask others to do so. Others don’t fucking care.


Imposing democracy to a country is like making someone homeworks and say that he learnt something. XD.

The worst part is that the republic system is even not democratic by design. People “vote” for someone and then people have no control on what he does. XD. Just ridiculous.

Smith Ricky

Lol exactly


That’s why it’s useless to cheat unless to have a degree in a college whose reputation give you a well paid job just because of the name of the school.

That’s why business school is all about college reputation. Basically, in business school, you learn nothing.


People vote for “someone” and think that this smeone will work for them but not for himself. XD.

Of course, Trump is a rich guy so don’t expect that he does something for the poors. XD.


excellente news!!


If that map is accurate, which shows more clearing progress than other maps, it means that the regime change defense in the remaining Ghouta areas that they hold is rapidly collapsing. And it’s a clear indication to the remaining regime change elements elsewhere in Syria, and separatist Kurds east of the river, that the enabling capabilities for quickly and efficiently clearing occupation held areas for reclamation by the government are in place. This should considerably strengthen the government’s negotiating position to resolve the conflict using non violent means, and reserve the use of force as the recourse of last restore.


“resort”, typo above I think.. Government and allied forces understood from the get go that Jaysh al-Islam would be prepared to deal once HTS were no longer part of the equation; hence, the urgency to split the pocket aqap, which they did. I would expect Green buses to be arriving tomorrow and a cease-fire to be announced during the evacuation period 09.00 to 14.00. That will leave HTS and the al rahman brigade in the Southern rump and the rapidly shrinking Harasta, latest reports suggest SAA units have overrun the Al-Amaji area, which is almost 30% of the 0.8sq klms of this dime pocket. Realise there has been a bit of added resistance by, Jaysh al-Islam, particularly their refusal to allow civilians out during the 09.00 to 14.00 truce periods. But I really do hold out hope that a cease fire will be announced shortly after 09.00 and then it is on to HTS and their sly murdering accomplices al rahman. Kill’em all……..


Of all the surrounded interior contained areas, Ghouta and the refugee camp south of the city. Probably have the most restricted access to resupply and reinforcements. The speed with which the government has overpowered this area is due to both government capabilities and weakened resistence from years of deprivation.

The destructive power of modern heavy weapons is so great. That once civilians have fled. The remaining defenders who’ve had what heavy weapons that they’ve had neutralized, in many cases are simply annihilated ahead of the advancing government ground forces.


Go Syrians & Allies……wipe out them Headchoppers in Ghouta and the rest of Syria…..why listen to Empty threats of a Demonic Empire……Syrian Lands belong to you…..what Will they do? May Victory be on your side soon….

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