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Syrian Army Advances Near Al-Mayadin As Situation In Omar Oil Fields Remains Unclear

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Syrian Army Advances Near Al-Mayadin As Situation In Omar Oil Fields Remains Unclear

The article is provided by Islamic World News exclusively for SouthFront

Last weekend, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that they captured the Omar oil fields on the eastern bank of Euphrates in the province of Deir Ezzor. However, so far pro-Kurdish sources have not been able to provide a visual confirmation of this SDF advance.

According to some sources, the SDF “control” over the Omar oil fields became possible after ISIS-affiliated militants operatinng in the area defected to the US-backed force.

Meanwhile, the situation in the oil fields area north Diet Ezzor is also unclear right now. Some sources say that government troops entered them, some sources say that the fields remained under the SDF control.

Recently, the the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advanced southeast of al-Mayadin city, liberated the villages of Mahkan and Quriyah and advanced on al-Asharah. Clashes in the area are now ongoing.

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Langaniso Mhlobo

Just enter Omar oilfields no one guard’s it.


This is where the Tribal Forces get back what was theirs.

Pave Way IV

The local tribal oil thieves filling trucks bound for Jordan or Turkey were originally calling themselves FSA, remember? Then they decided they were al Nusra – same guys. Then it was ISIS. Now they’re claiming to be SDF. These are the same guys who originally kicked out the Syria Petroleum Company / Al Furat Petroleum Company owners during the so-called rebellion. If nothing else, the SAA will take back the Omar Complex just to grab these guys and put them in a nice, warm desert prison for their crimes.

The only question left is: “How far will the US go to support this ruse? Will CENTCOM protect the oil thieves as if they were Kurds in the SDF?” There are plenty of Russian advisers in Deir EzZor/Mayadin and they will be with the SAA when it retakes the Omar Oilfields. Are my leaders psycho enough to start WWIII just to take away Syria’s oil?

I know [sigh…], it’s not about the oil or pipelines. Allow me to dust off this old nugget from January of 2011: Syria says Iraq oil, gas pipeline tenders to be issued soon. Just another random coincidence, I guess…


Everything the SDF takes, it will have to defend. Turkey is finally making noise about moving on SDF territory in Aleppo.

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