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Syrian Army Captures Beit Naim Village In Eastern Ghouta – REPORTS

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Syrian Army Captures Beit Naim Village In Eastern Ghouta - REPORTS


Reports from various pro-government sources argue that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has managed to capture the village of Beit Naim in the southwestern part of the Estern Ghouta region near Dammascus.

So far, SF can only confirm that the SAA has managed to capture some 6 points that had belonged to Jaish al-Islam in the village.

From its side, Jaish al-Islam released a statement claiming that the group had repelled an attack of the SAA on the village. Pro-militant sources also reported about intense strikes by the Syrian Air Force and artillery units on the village before it was stormed by the SAA. Jaish al-Islam also claimed that its members managed to destroy a T-72 tank of the SAA.

Syrian Army Captures Beit Naim Village In Eastern Ghouta - REPORTS

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During the past few days, Beit Naim witnessed violent clashes between Jaish al-Islam and the Al-Majdi Brigades, which recently joined the Al-Rahman Corps. Thus, it seems that the SAA decided to take advantage of the ongoing infighting among militant groups operating in Eastern Ghouta. This advancce is a violation of the safe zones agreement that includes Eastern Ghouta. However, the agreement remains very successful in the rest of the regions.

Most likely supporters of the agreement understand that the SAA will not stop its operation in the vicinity of the Syrian capital. Especially after Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and Jaish al-Islam violated the previous ceasefire agreement  launching an attack that threatened Damascus.

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Well let’s see what the consequences of this will be.


I don’t understand what’s the point on capturing a single village in breach of a so much needed ceasefire and in the context of a renewed infighting among rebels. It just makes no sense.

Now it’s time to make profit out of the situation for an advance toward Deir Ez Zoir and to understand what’s happening on the border with Jordan.

Wahid Algiers

Absolutely right!!!


I don’t like how they’re doing offensives in the de-escalation zones. It’s not good PR and it’s risky as the agreement might just fail because of this.

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