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MAY 2021

Syrian Army Advances Further In Southern Damascus, Kills And Captures Several ISIS Commanders

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Syrian Army Advances Further In Southern Damascus, Kills And Captures Several ISIS Commanders

Syrian Army shelling ISIS positions south of Damascus city, By Syrian Digital Media

On April 27, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA) and other pro-government factions advanced in the ISIS-held Yarmouk refugee camp south of the Syrian capital of Damascus. According to the pro-government blog al-Masdar News. the SAA, the PLA and their allies captured some buildings there.

Meanwhile, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Sawt al-Asimah revealed that the SAA had killed more than 57 ISIS fighters since the starit of its operation on April 19. Sawt al-Asimah added that three senior commanders of ISIS known as “Khaled Hoshan”, “Tariq Mojail” and “Ghazi Al-Halabi” had been killed by the SAA. Moreover, the main financial director of ISIS in southern Damascus “Abu Islam” was reportedly captured by the SAA.

From its side, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed on April 27 that ISIS fighters had killed 20 soldiers and officers of the SAA during clashes in the al-Qadam district. ISIS fighters also damaged three BMP-1/2 armored vehicles of the SAA after targeting them with heavy machineguns, according to Amaq.

Although that ISIS fighters in southern Damascus are still showing effective resistance against the SAA, local observers believe that the ISIS influence in the area will collapse soon due to its heavy loses and limited resources.

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  1. MD Ranix says:

    victory is sealed in heaven and on earth for the syrian coalition – God bless

  2. 1eeripsa says:

    God bless SAA and Syria against ISIS, AQ and US!

    1. BMWA1 says:

      Looks like the Palestinians are there too (probably safer fighting ISIS in southern Damascas than staying at home)>

      1. Bob says:

        But Syrians need to expel Hamas out of Yarmouk – Hamas are Muslim Brotherhood faction, and since 2012 when Hamas officially declared support for militants in Syrian war, Hamas have actively aided various Sunni fundamentalist factions in the Damascus area.

        1. BMWA1 says:

          Sounds like a ‘controlled opposition’ concept for US/Israel, like ‘opposition block’ (but actually owned by oligarchs) in Ukraine (no true opposition allowed).

      2. Rob says:

        The hands of Israeli migrants Netanyahu, Trump, May and Macron are red by the blood of Palestinians. Shame.
        Get out from Palestine and other Muslim countries.

      3. Tudor Miron says:

        With their neighbors they don’t need to look for enemies.

        1. v76 says:

          With their ‘murderous occupiers’ they don’t need to look for enemies.

          fixed it for you :)

  3. as says:

    Another gas incoming ? Would they try another cruise missiles trial ?

    1. Carlos Fantastic says:

      I doubt it, they embarrassed themselves enough with the 1st one

      1. as says:

        Latest should be third times. Another attempt that maybe originally should’ve been the third time in daraa were quashed when they’re Kalibre-ed by the Russian.

  4. Smith Ricky says:

    I see a bright future for PLA.

    1. neil barron says:

      I hope not.

      1. Carlos Fantastic says:

        Why not?

  5. Roger Snellman says:

    Yes, there will be no peace in Syria as long as ISIS exists. When ISIS is gone
    1. Trump will declare victory over ISIS
    2. Framework for peace will be established based on respect for all Syrians and withdrawal of foreign Armies including US, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Palestine, France, UK, Turkey

    1. neil barron says:

      Not if the big 3 insist on the Geneva means for a settlement.
      That’s why this getting so intense Russia got to get it done under it’s terms
      or they won’t leave, did you not hear the last statement by US not leaving
      until they determine it’s time for a settlement. Their plotting a big breakup.
      Trump get the hell out.

      1. Roger Snellman says:

        How some specifics, what are Trumps plans. Had thought Trump was the one to end the war since Obama and Hillary started it.

    2. Richard M says:

      Ridiculous. “ISIS” is just a False Flag to justify corporate Globalist aggression against Syria. Trump is doing the exact opposite of what his voting base elected him to do. Of course he has to appease the Generals and the Deep Swamp or he will be impeached or suffer JFK’s fate. So much for “Draining the Swamp”. Trump is currently carrying out the policies in Syria that Hillzebub would have had she succeeded in stealing power.

      1. Roger Snellman says:

        Do we agree there is better chance of ending Obama’s & Hillary’s Syria war under Trump than Hillary? Or is it still hopeless and I am a naïve optimist.

        1. Richard M says:

          If Trump throws off the Globalist Lilliputians trying to trap him and drag him down then yes. It isn’t just Syria. The Obamanite/Hillzebub “Arab Spring” aim was to bring jihadist regimes to power throughout the world. George Washington’s chances in 1775 were slim to none yet world events tipped the balance. So yes, with Trump there is a chance. With Hillzebub there would be none.

          One problem Trump has is the ubiquity of Globalists among Washington insiders so he gets a Sessions at A/G and a Tillerson at State. I’d like to think Trump has a Grand Strategy but I fear he is being manipulated.

          1. Roger Snellman says:

            I am still optimistic

    3. Ronald says:

      You seem to have forgotten that Russia and Iran and Hezbollah are allies of Syria, while the US, UK, and Turkey have clandestinely funded armed and protected these Wahhabi jihadists.
      Underhanded warfare against Syria by these nations will ensure the continued presence of her allies, anything less is surrender.

      1. Roger Snellman says:

        I see a couple positive signs. First ISIS is getting less support under Trump than from Obama. Trump had told them to stop supporting ISIS and instead kill ISIS off. Russia is helping out killing ISIS. Unfortunately getting both sides to first and foremost kill ISIS did not happen. Still ISIS will be gone from Syria before the US 2018 midterm elections. Can we all agree an ISIS free Syria is a big first step toward peace and prosperity?

        1. Ronald says:

          We all agree an ISIS free Syria is a big step toward peace.
          However, Al Qaeda and FSA, America’s so called “moderate rebels”, are just another political party of more Wahhabi jihadists that equally need to be eliminated from Syria.
          You are right in that Obama started this war against Syria.
          Or was it a CIA plan going back to 1947. Obama is third generation CIA, and he did give the Muslim Brotherhood 800 million in Egypt. John Brennan is an admitted Wahhabi convert, and Huma Abedin, Hillary’s personal assistant is a high ranking Muslim Sisterhood member. Considering all of that, Trump is a fairly good dancer just to be still alive, as I’m sure they would love to replace him with Pence.
          The question really is can Trump withdraw US troops out of Syria.
          Or does the US Marine Corp have to take the CIA out of the USA first.

          1. Roger Snellman says:

            Worried about the Iranian complication. Since Iran is next bad boy in line for Trump. Hope he will keep US troops in Kurdistan Syria but when Iran heats up he will likely unchain the dogs of war to kill every Iranian in Syria, not sure how long that will take. Other than that Syria should start to quiet down as soon as ISIS is eliminated. Granted there are several other Sunni militias that will need to reach some agreement with Assad. Those should be resolved over the next 12 months.

          2. Ronald says:

            Not too worried about the “Iranian complication”, because, the Iranians are the solution.
            Iraq would still be half under ISIS control because the US was protecting them.
            They were America’s reason or excuse for being in Iraq.
            A remarkable Persian General organized the local PMUs and hit ISIS hard just as the USAF was “accidentally” bombing the Iraqi Army, who were about to win any particular battle.
            Soleimani; that general, drove ISIS out of Iraq,
            After driving ISIS out of Syria, he will drive the US out as well.
            So Iranians in Syria are not the problem but rather the solution.
            The real problem is who is in control of the United States.
            The Republic appears to have fallen under the “military” command of the CIA, but you don’t want to talk about that because it seems you work for them.

  6. Oscar Silva Martinez says:

    Kill them all

  7. Promitheas Apollonious says:

    This time dont offer them relocation. Just kill them where they stand.

    1. neil barron says:

      But you don’t have use your resources on them they do it themselves,
      then the mop up is a lot cheaper all the way around. I saw this strategy
      when they first started sending them all to the same place ta da!!

      1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

        You are absolutely right I seen it too. But sometimes, you need to make sure that some of them, dont live to fight another day.

  8. Rob says:

    Rebellion and murder has begun in Idlib.

  9. Rob says:

    Breaking: Qatari FM denounces Saudi calls to send troops to Syria….

    1. BMWA1 says:


        1. BMWA1 says:

          Thank you! Is Qatar starting to break ‘the other way’ like Turkey (for its own reasons?)?

          1. You can call me Al says:

            When the Saudis got the other rag heads to boycott and sanction Qatar, Turkey and Iran were the first to step in to help.

          2. v76 says:

            Its own reasons is not to be caught on a sinking ship… ie: the west.

  10. Rob says:

    US, UK and France have all illegal military bases everywhere and in every country in the world while Russia, Iran, Palestine and Lebanon have legal military bases in Syria…..

    1. Carlos Fantastic says:

      UK has illegally held on to the part which I live through brain washing and selective human rights, them and US are the real threat to the world.

  11. The Latin Mass says:

    Russia was ordered by the zionists to attack ISIS for the jewish golem of ISIS might have gotten out of hand in 20 years:

    ISIS Fighter 1: “Why haven’t we attack Israhell”
    ISIS Fighter 2: “Orders from above tell us only to murder infidel Muslims”
    ISIS Fighter 1: “But we murdered 100 million infidel Muslims, just as we were ordered to”

    ISIS Fighter 3: “But your right on attacking Israhell… there is this place, I forget what’s it name is… Palestrine or something”
    ISIS Fighter 1: “Palestine! I remember that place. And Israhell occupies it. We murdered so many Muslims we forgot about Palestine”
    ISIS Fighter 2: “This is crazy talk, ISIS is ordered to murder Muslims, that is what we do, I am reporting you to my commanding officer Shlomo Shekelbergmanowitz.”
    ISIS Fighter 4: “What you are guys talking about”
    ISIS Fighter 1: “Remember a place called Palestine.”
    ISIS Fighter 4: “Palestine? Palestine! I remember, jews took it over!”
    ISIS Fighter 1: “That’s right, jews murder Muslims. Why the heck have we been killing Muslims for 25 years”
    ISIS Fighter 3: “Shlomo is a jewish name! I remember now. And ISIS is filled with commanding officers named Shlomo.”
    ISIS Fighter 2: “Shlomo was my birth name! I am reporting you.”
    (ISIS fighter 2 neutralized)
    ISIS Fighter 1: “We have got to tell the others, we been murdering Muslims and Christians, not defending Palestinians, these Shlomo’s have filled our heads with hatred of everyone but the jew”

  12. v76 says:

    torture the ones you have alive for weeks… and when they are nearly dead give them blood transfusions or whatever and let them briefly recover… then torture the fuck out of them again.

    1. Stephan Williams says:

      You hate like a psychotic, blood-soaked jew.

      Are you one?

    2. Richard M says:

      Waste of time and effort. Just hang them.

    3. Carlos Fantastic says:

      And would you personally volunteer for that? To be the one doing the torturing .you wouldn’t have the stomach keyboard man those who do are animals

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