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Syrian Army Advances Further In Northern Hama, Captures Several New Town (Map)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued to advance in the northern and northwestern Hama countryside in the afternoon of May 9 under the cover of Russian and Syrian warplanes.

Pro-government sources said that the army captured and secured the towns of Shariaa, al-Jammasiyah and Huwayjat al-Sallah, as well as the hills of Hawash and Sakher.

Syrian Army Advances Further In Northern Hama, Captures Several New Town (Map)

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Earlier, the SAA entered the strategic town of Qalaat al-Madiq after reaching an agreement with the locals, who forced radical militants to withdrew.

Many opposition activists acknowledged that the defense lines in northern Hama are collapsing and held Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) responsible for the recent loses. According to the activists, the terrorist group’s fighters withdrew from most areas without even trying to stop the SAA’s advance.

The SAA will likely advance further in northern Hama in the upcoming few days. The army may also develop its military operation to cover areas in southern Idlib. Recent reports claim that locals in the town of Khan Shaykhun are already negotiating a reconciliation agreement with Damascus.

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Cool, taking the al Ghab Plain.
comment image

John Whitehot

thanks for these pics you post. i’ve saved it for future usage.

Saddam Hussein

Keep it up SAA! Dont stop until every inch of Syria is liberated.

Prince Teutonic

Don’t stop until Ber… akhm Idlib city…


In fact, don’t stop then :)
Kepp o going SAA and rid your country of all the US/NATO/Israeli backed terrorists, which is 100% of terrorists in Syria.

Hanny Benny

Don’t forget Hatay ;)

Mustafa Mehmet

Why not?

You can call me Al

I love Satay ….

Harry Smith

Hurray to Al. The source of the new English words! :)


English may not be your first language, so I will be kind.

Al was using a play on words when he used the word Satay.

an Indonesian and Malaysian dish consisting of small pieces of meat grilled on a skewer and served with a spiced sauce that typically contains peanuts.”

I rather like Satay as well :)

Harry Smith

Thank you Florian. But I already got it in dictionary. I do appreciate very much to discuss with Brits or Americans because I find something new most of the times :)
Guys you are the best!
PS most of English speakers start to speak very simple when they hear a foreigner’s bad English, that’s good when you speak IRL, but in comments I do prefer some English you speak every day. Thank you one more time, guys!

You can call me Al

I WAS KIDDING, nothing more, nothing less; a play on words, if you want.

Harry Smith

Al, i’ve got it right from the beginning. Hatay-satay. Just want to say when English-speakers discuss with the foreigners you simplify your language and many people miss the beauty of the original English. Thank you once again bro, you’re one of the my best sources of unknown English words!

You can call me Al

“you’re one of the my best sources of unknown English words!”……… you do know I come from Manchester I hope, we have lots of words even I do not understand.

But thanks mate, much appreciated.


No problem. I only wish I could speak Russian as well as you speak English :)

English people tend to speak louder in the hope they will be better understood.

Americans tend to be frustrated that others cannot speak American English.
Trump English is the easiest to learn, as the vocabulary is that of a five year old :)

Harry Smith

Yeah, you’re right. When I go to the IT or Economics discussion online boards, the English used there is quite simple as long as you understand the terminology. But once I’ve decided to read Orwell’s 1984 in English and it was a completely different experience.

You can call me Al

Cheers. At least you got it.


No problem mate.
He said he lives in Russia on another post. His English is not perfect, but typical of many English born these days. In my opinion your play with words was easy to see. I realised as I read it.

You can call me Al

Let us give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

If we are meeting for that drink, it will have to be next week, as I will be in the UK after that for a week or so I hope. Talk to sitting bull and get it sorted please.


Saddam Hussein

Hatay is Arab land :) We will take it back, same goes for Golan Heights and all of Occupied Palestine, from the river to the sea.

Promitheas Apollonious

dont let anyone stop you this time SAA. Clear the scum from your land and then focus on the most important issues like golan and kurds.

You can call me Al

For me, I would leave the Golan until last; let the embassies come back into Damascus and then all Muslims attack Golan and Israel.

Now as for the Kurds…. “fool me once” and all that; eliminate or assimilate…..

I know childish again, but it gets the message across ……
comment image

Promitheas Apollonious

good one. I think I use this in my site. maybe a little modified to fit other situations.

You can call me Al

Your site ????. A hint would be welcome.

Promitheas Apollonious

the one we are getting ready for the public, it be ready in couple of weeks. We are building the data banks now with all our records we been putting together since late 80s. We also build a forum in it so people can actually have meaningful debates in it. The one is running now is members only for our group and is been decided not to open it for the public.

Shadow Blade

The terrorists are panickingcomment image

AM Hants

Is he objecting to the elected Government, of the sovereign nation, cleaning out the terrorists and not letting some alien nation, with no links to Syria, come in and wipe out the country?

David BlackBeard

to me it’s looks like they are pushing towards Khan Shaykhun .. if they do that it would be great to take Khan Shaykhun and then to turn toward Murak(along M5 highway) and push towards Russian Observation post and make nice incerclement of goatfuckers in the area of Al Lataminah and Kafr Zayta … and then kill all goatfucker … can u even imagine how many goats will be greatfull to SAA for saving them from those fuckers ?))))))))???


This may be the next movement by SAA, Hope to see Habit taken within a few days.
In position to flank the Jihadist trash, makes it not necessary to fight through prepared defensive lines. :)


HTS had much time to organise a deep defence, but it seems that they were not well prepared, may be to busy playing with Drones, as well as terrorising and punishing other radical scum…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Cake walk.
The local kicked the rebels out, or at least made them unwelcome, that’s the way to really win the war, hopefully this sentiment will catch on like wildfire.


BrEaKING: 4 Israeli AF F-35’s entered Eastern Syria/East Euphrates airspace from Jordan. they were about to cross into west euphrates until Russian Airforce spotted and intercepted them, forcing them to turn around. They fled back to israel via jordan
kike F-35s was most likely going to attack T4 Airbase but SU-30 of RuAF forced them to run away


I hope this not to be a local offensive (just to make Russia basis more sure), but this must be a total offensive to get rid of all terrorists and Turkish at Idlib.

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