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Syrian Army Advances In Eastern Homs And Prepares Operation In Hama

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies, supported by the Russian and Syrian air forces, captured a number of points 10 km east of the Arak gas field in the eastern Homs countryside after clashes with ISIS fighters.

The SAA had previously managed to capture almost the whole road between the T2 and T3 pumping stations in the border area with Iraq. The SAA is now in only few kilometers away from the T2 station located south of Deir Ezzor. The SAA is also aiming to capture the strategic Humaima village, 80 km from the ISIS-held town of al-Bukamal in the Deir Ezzor province.

In the eastern Hama countryside, the Desert Hawks Brigade has deployed a large reinforcement in order to support the expected SAA advance aimed at liberating the entire eastern Hama countryside from ISIS. The strategic ISIS town of Aqirbat is a key goal of the operation.

A video posted on social networks showed that the Desert Hawks Brigade has deployed a large force including two Shilka vehicles, 3 modified BMP-1 vehicles, 3 new BMP-2 vehicles, a T-72B1 battle tank, three T-90A battle tanks and three Gvozdika self-propelled guns. According to sources from the brigade, this convoy is just a part of the force that will participate in the operation.

Satellite images showed that the Syrian Army and its allies set up a fortified military base south of the Zaza triangle at the At Tanf road. The base includes artillery pieces and armored vehicles. It seems that the Syrian Army doesn’t intend to retreat from any point in the Syrian desert.

Syrian Army Advances In Eastern Homs And Prepares Operation In Hama

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“a T-72B1 battle tank, three T-90A battle tanks”

Good, these are hard nuts to crack.


in the desert its even harder…in urban warfare you can easily hide an anti tank gun……but in the desert firing one ….its like wanting to get killed


I saw 15 tank’s plus load’s of big gun’s but I don’t know what will be in truck’s with white sheets over them , wherever it’s going there going to get some arse .
The SAA will have site’s like that satellite image all along the Syrian-iraq border maybe 50 to 100 miles apart maybe I would make it under that but I don’t know if they have the manpower !!

Justin Ryan

They need anti air defences!

the short range Pantsir s1’s would do nicely!
Or the long range S-200’s! (i know the Syrian army has plenty of these)

BUK- m2’s wouldnt hurt either!

Wahid Algiers

Let the US threaten, let Usrahell airstriking. First of all ISIS have to be annihilated in the next 2 month and then the time starts for dealing with much harder problems: western occupiers and their proxies, Turkey and their proxies menans NATO and their proxies. Therefore the whole border line have to be secured to stop infiltration on the ground – both Syria and Iraq have to ensure that.


Is it even prudent to announce these in advance, or ISIS gets it on their daily satellite feed from US/IL anyway?

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