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Syrian Army Advances Along M5 Highway, Captures Two Towns

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Late on February 8, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) started advancing along the strategic Damascus-Aleppo highway, officially known as the M5.

Army units captured the town of Tell Hadiyah in the southwestern Aleppo countryside and the town of Talhiyah in the southeastern countryside of Idlib. Tell Hadiyah is located south of the M5, while Talhiyah is located north of it.

Pro-government sources also claimed that the army secured the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) that’s located northeast of Tell Haiyah. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

Syrian Army Advances Along M5 Highway, Captures Two Towns

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

Earlier, the SAA liberated the town of al-Eis that was one of the main targets of the ongoing military operation. From the town’s high hilltop, the army imposed fire control of a long strip of the M5 highway.

The SAA will likely capture more areas along the M5 in the upcoming few hours. Syrian and Russian warplanes are now providing army troops with close air support, once again.

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If the reach Aleppo, this thing is over. All the viable economic parts of idlib will be Syrian’s. The Jihadists will be reduced to nomadic tribes that will revert to hunting to survive. Nothing left fotr them to rule over and generate income.


Perhaps the Jihadists will revert to cannibalism. They all deserve a piece of eachother.

They could open a new fast food chain for Wahabis. ChickenMcFaggots.




Perhaps the Mcfish can be supplied by the Wuhan seafood market. Would you like some Corona fries with that order? :)


That’s a batty thing to say, PZIVJ :)


You are pretty safe, with that big moat around you. Unless you like to go skiing in France!


Not been to France since 2015. It was a great country to go to, not as much now though.


They’re not allowed to drink beer :)

Wolfgang Wolf

spray some viruses. problem solved.

Black Waters

No need to get into the low level of the U.S with their bio weapons.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Problem solved? What of the innocent people who will also become infected?


At this moment, those few kilometers of highway are irrelevant, this thing IS over.


Oh yeah, let’s go to West, Taftanaz, Idlib, all the M4, Jisr al Shoghur.


Yeah. If they “only” free the Highway M4, then Erdo can claim that the offensive fullfilled its purpose, and Idlib deal is working (Free M4 is one of the points). I say first take Idlib city and push towards Latakia. And only when the Jihadis are pushed into Turkey zones or killed, take the rest. As there is some troops movement in this direction, maybe the SAA, Iran, Hezbollah and Russia think the same..


I agree with that the old status quo of Turkey rearming their proxy Islamists is not a good one but can the SAA chop the head off of the the Idlib Islamists without destroying the city? And what does Turkey do after Idlib is no longer the Turk-Saudi-USA Islamist capital? What is the Turk plan, “safe zones” within Syria for their jihadi proxies? That doesn’t sound quite as romantic as looting a Syrian city as the Turks are doing in Afrin right now.


First they are going to clean all the M5, and it’s easy, then I think they will push to west, lets see.

Assad must stay



james kira.. i know your feeling https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f34f13ccecf0b6a05b513c5181a42e60032b49d24eaf17a2e35d5368009fbaf0.png

Concrete Mike


James Kira

No, Im happy, because I dont support putin using Syria as a weapons testing ground, and so wont have to bear the consequences of it.


I just like the fact that in Syria and Yemen two groups of motivated, patriotic young soldiers have taken on the ZOG and they’re winning. I think it’s a victory for the common man, a defeat of the narrative.

James Kira

asshead displaced 4 million people (who ran to Turkey and not asshead)

Turkey wont let them in.

and russia picks them off like theyre bugs.

and assheadists cheer them on.

and southfront displays the growth of this red plague of liberation.

and sectarian iranian regime scholars consider this halal, ahaha, and do the same within their country (to keep it liberated, aka to keep it free of anything remotely Islamic).

The Man

F*ck off, dickhead… Turkey armed the militants and headchoppers in Idlib and is still supporting them. If the turds in Turkey hadn’t done this, we wouldn’t be in this position, c*nt! Anyway, a few more weeks and it will all be over and everyone can go home in time for the spring!

James Kira

ok kikeheadist, ahaha.

James Kira

Seriously, I want for iran to ally with russia and russia with america, because defeating you all, FisabAllah(swt) brings more glory to the Believers.

The Man

FisabAllah??? WTF does that mean!? And WTF has your reply got to do with anything, DH?

James Kira

I just saw your kikeraeli profile photo with your face over the kikeraeli flag and took you for a kike.

But I get it now, you were being sarchastic, which is from shaytan(la), the same source as kikes themselves.

Plus your ignorant about Islamic terminology, as though youve never used the internet.

The Man

I am very knowledgeable in Islamic terminology so please enlighten us with “fisaballah”… do you mean “في سبيل الله” or are you a Shi’ite, a sect that has corrupted much of Islam?

James Kira

Yes all my Fiqh is based on Shia AHadith, but when russia entered Syria I stopped supporting Axis after more than 10 years, when Axis went from humble heroes to egotistical aerial strikers, no different from nato or zios.

But Ive also followed AQ Taliban Muslim Brotherhood and before all of that, Al-Ikhwan because Shias and Ikhwani were the two antiestablishment movements even before Taliban and the soviet invasion.

FisabAllah(swt) is an Islamist term from years of following Islamist feeds.

So Im Shia Fiqh but support and follow Rebels.

I defend Shia Hadith against anyone and defend AQHTSAlEmarah against anyone.

And I dont like zoomers or f7ckfacebook or assheadists anymore because theyre just as annoying as kikes zios anericunts and eurocucks.

All those memes and shitty profile photos and aliases is the new msm, and one day it will all vanish in embarrassment along with its mass sheeple of supporters.

The Man

OK fair enough… but what does it mean as people I’ve asked have never heard this term and I have never, ever come across it!

James Kira

Fi Sabil Lillah, For Sake of God(swt).

In english I like to accentuate Allah(swt).

I say Fisab’Allah(swt) or BismAllah(swt) AlHamdlAllah(swt).

I sometimes choose an accent or lose one if I like or dont like it. For example I find nasal sounds are rude or bad mannered and a habit developed over time, so I replace it with a soft H.

The Man

Fi Sabil Lillah should never be shortened and has nothing to do with an accent. It should be pronounced in full and with honour! But clarified anyway!

James Kira

All assheadists are not is the more important point, just like all zionists say they are but are not.

The Man

blah, blah, blah… what a load of nonsense. you just don’t have a clue what you’re waffling on about. I think that in your case, the best part about being a stupid f*ckwit is that you don’t actually realise that you’re a stupid f*ckwit! ;) ha ha

James Kira

ok f7ckfacebookist.

James Kira

And its Billah aka BlAllah(swt) aka B’Allah.

The Man

Obviously you haven’t a clue about Sun and Moon letters, idiot!

James Kira

DeltaT is the difference between Atomic time and the Earths rotation.

Atomic time is constant while the Earths rotation has changed so much that even nasa does not know DeltaT prior to 1670AD.

It explains why Christian scholars cant pinpoint when Jesus(as) was Martyred.

It explains why Jews cant pinpoint the Great Migration or Great Flood.

It explains why Atomic time measures the time of Adam(as) as millions of years, but based on the Earths Rotation, almost 7000 years.

The Man

WTF dude… you’re pathetic. You post shite and you’re an ignorant c*nt!

James Kira

My profile photo is cooler than yours though, you fugly, ahaha.

The Man

ok, whatever

James Kira

I guess you dont know the Hadith, dont ask unless you dont know.

I think its an Aya also.

And also its your intentions, that count, so ridiculing or looking down wrongly is not AhlulSunnah.

In fact AlQuran says that if someone looks down upon wrongly Allah(swt) will personally make sure the accuser becomes the accused.

And knowledge for the sake of knowledge isnt without meaning or proper use.

And talking behind a Muslim is also bad.

So fear Allah(swt) because AhlulSunnah says this is one of the best things I can say to you.

The Man

What is “IT” that you think is an ayah?

James Kira

And your Sarchasm is from shaytan(la).

The Man

What an idiot! The second and third, yes, correct, because you haven’t missed any letters out. In the first you tosspot, you’ve missed off half the bleeding word. It should be, Fee Sabeel-illah if you want to pronounce it correctly and accentuate ‘illah’ at the same time!!! Under no circumstances, ever, can ‘sab’ be shortened to ‘sabil’. It makes your phrase nonsense, just like you. But carry on my little shi’ite, and do what pleases you.

James Kira

Then dont ask in the first place, its AhlulSunnah.

The Man

ha ha – don’t ask what!!!??? What the hell has AhlulSunnah got to do with this???? Like I said before, the best thing about being an absolute retard is that you retards don’t realise that you’re as thick as pig-sh*t! ???


good news!!

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