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Syrian Army Advances 30km In Northern al-Suwayda (Video, Photos)

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On August 9, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and local fighters advanced 30km in the northern and northeastern al-Suwayda countryside in the frameworks of their military operation against the remaining ISIS cells there, according to the media wing of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP).

The SSNP, which is also participating in the ongoing operation, claimed that ISIS fighters are now withdrawing from northern al-Suwayda towards the area of al-Tanaf, which hosts a key base of the US-led coalition.

A day earlier, local sources said that ISIS fighters are not resisting to the SAA and noted that the SAA found shaving machines in several hideouts of the terrorist group. This may mean that some of these terrorists are planning to run away to civilian areas, possibly to the Rukban refugees camp in al-Tanaf.

Besides working to secure the southeastern governorate of al-Suwayda, the SAA is also searching for more than 30 civilians who were abducted by ISIS fighters during a brutal attack two weeks ago.

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Smith Ricky

God bless SAA

Richard M

Very rugged terrain. In order to function effectively in such desert an army needs a huge support base. Vehicle maintenance being but one aspect. SAA is bringing overwhelming firepower and support for their front line troops. For many years ISIS has been enjoying tremendous logistic support from FUKUS (France UK US) and SHIT (Saudis Hashemites Israelis Turks). Now that their puppet Orcs are no longer viable, FUKUS and SHIT have mostly dropped them like a hot potato while piously bleating that they never armed, trained, funded and supplied the cannibal, pedophile Orcs of ISIS and Qaida. Only gullible simpletons will believe such lies. Sadly that is the vast majority of the citizens living in the Western “Democracies”.


>> Sadly that is the vast majority of the citizens living in the Western “Democracies”.<<

Have a heart though. Most people never hear a different narrative then what they see and hear on the 8 o'clock news. Yeah, they could look for alternative news on the internet, but A: the big talking heads on the MSM have declared those fake news, and B: anyone can start an alternative news site, doesn't mean what they're posting is actual news. So its hard to find anything alternative that tells truth from opinion, or worse, fiction.

LOVE the SHIT acronym, bro. :-)

Richard M

Thanks. I just posted essentially the same thing in a reply to al quaida. There are indeed some who have looked behind the curtain to see the real Wizard of Oz. Sadly there are far more Cowardly Lions ready to flee in terror at the first blast of propaganda from the Wizard’s minions.

al quaida

Yup, I get frustrated at people who swallow the corporate propaganda, but must remind myself I used to eat that shit too. It’s all pervasive in the west. And when I sought alternative views, they contained a lot of conspiracy theories also. It’s quite the process to retrain ones mind to filter all the info and arrive somewhere closer to the truth.

Richard M

Good point about the smokescreen of Fake News. Just understanding that corporate propaganda is lies is not enough. The “Ministry of Truth” is always churning out ridiculous Straw Man conspiracy theories to try to hide the truth by the sheer volume of their lies. At the same time the Big Lie technique of constantly repeating nonsense is also successful in hoodwinking the unwary. It’s a very dirty game and the Globalists are playing for all the marbles.

leon mc pilibin

One day at a time.No panic,,Syria will be free from isis zionists before long.Bravo SAA.


Good morning South Front writer, if Daesh isn’t resisting, the airplanes are bombing what? The sand and the rocks? Almasdara is speakink of clashes, fierce fight, etc. Better to contact your sources in SAA too, not only a ‘local source’. By the way, what kind of source is that?

Bill Wilson

I would imagine that Daesh tries to withdraw at night to avoid detection then has rear guard units that fire at the SAA during the day to slow their advance. The SAA detects their positions and fires back. A short exchange of fire is a clash. Prolonged firing can be considered a fierce fight. Both happen daily across Syria so few are ever mentioned.


the daesch is refugied in the pocket djihadist yankees el tanf!! puppet israeli in master gay cowboy!!


This rocky desert has absolutely no cover. You can see a tank long before you can hear it. You’d think the enemy would be easy to find. Trucks leave tracks that last for months.

Even the caves are tiny. Militants didn’t walk all the way into a desert to live in a cave. They must have been dropped off nearby by a vehicle, which carried supplies to help them survive in a cave for weeks.

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