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JUNE 2021

Syrian Army Achieves Major Breakthrough Against Militants In Southern Idlib (Map, Photos, Video)

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Syrian Army Achieves Major Breakthrough Against Militants In Southern Idlib (Map, Photos, Video)

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On January 6, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces, backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, captured the villages of al-Nasiriyah, Jabal al-Kafi, Lubaida, Hawa, Sheikh Barakeh, Umm Mweilat, Tell Amara and Rasm Saaed area in southeastern Idlib, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

On the same day, pro-government activists said that the SAA entered the strategic town of Sinjar. Moreover, some activists reported that the SAA captured Sinjar. Agents of the Syrian intelligence even released photos from inside the strategic town.

On January 7, government troops established a full control over Sinjar and the nearby villages of Kafrayya and Mutawassitah.

Over the last few  days, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies have not conducted any notable defensive operations against the SAA in southern Idlib. Furthermore, according to pro-opposition sources, many HTS members have fled the battlefield.

Syrian oppositions activists also reported that HTS arrested Shikh Sadam Khalefah, a commander of HTS’ Tribal Army in the southwestern Aleppo countryside, after he run away with his units from the battlefield on January 5.

A support from locals played an important role in the SAA success in southern Idlib. If HTS fails to re-group and re-establish defense lines in southern Idlib soon, its defense in the area may fully collapse.

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leon mc pilibin

Great news to start the day,BRAVO.


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The SAA has reached full-on break out status in Idlib.

They have already taken Sinjar and moved on to other villages past Sinjar.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They have secured the area around Sinjar and are on another offensive in securing more of the area, SAA keeps on trucking at this rate Washington will be next at the end of the year.


As long as they don’t get into a larger battle and win HTS can always regroup and take it all back again. However if there are any tribal people left in any of those villages SAA can maybe increase their ranks. I do believe that HTS are affraid of big open battles though since they have no air power and in December 2016 they suffered a major defeat in Aleppo trying to break the siege.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They say it’s HTS that isn’t letting the foreign terrorist gunmen fight , but in truth it’s the US and their backers who say otherwise. There is a possibility that the US is going to use them in their new gunmen army, they don’t want this one to fail as miserably as the last.

Well as far as HTS is concerned they are done for as they are in no shape to fight this alone.


Wasn’t Idlib the designated geographical area for those terrorists making a pact with SAA and the Syrian Government which was part of package to entice them to leave another area that the SAA had under siege – hence, giving the terrorists a false sense of security? If so, I always felt felt the terrorists were being rounded up for an inevitable attack on the area (Idlib) that they were being sent. It’s happening now. Either way, it’s good that the Syrians had that plan.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The terrorists gunmen were non compliant and were outside the protection of these zones as some had broken the agreements on numerous occasions then deemed non compliant by all and to be eradicated from the areas.



Toni Liu

Its really good to be able to quarantine the rabid vermin before burning them all where they have nothing to hide, which is idlib where every bomb hit will always terminate terrorist compare to other place where saa need to be carefully attack them cause too many civilian live among them


Yes, my sentiments, too. Giving the terrorists a respite and gathering them into one locale . . .a brilliant strategy.. .


~9 km left!comment image

Mustaffa Ashaa

Greeting and respect to SAA and to all those who fighting together against the terrorists.

Jim Prendergast

Idlib is a concentration area for terrorists losers. Power to the SAA and the local people.

David Pryce

Great news hopefully can crush remaining rats that fight against the will of the Syrian ppl to bring an end to the madness of outside government’s

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