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Syrian Army 4th Division Steps Up Security Measures In Western Daraa

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Syrian Army 4th Division Steps Up Security Measures In Western Daraa

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) elite 4th Division has reinforced checkpoints and established new posts in the western Daraa countryside, local sources reported on January 23.

Earlier this week, the 4th Division deployed reinforcements in Daraa. Hundreds of troops and at least ten battle tanks were sent from the capital, Damascus, to the southern governorate’s city center.

According to the Horan Free League, the troops reinforced the following checkpoints in western Daraa:

  • A checkpoint near the town of Khrab al-Shahm;
  • A checkpoint between the towns of al-Yadudah and Muzayrib;
  • A checkpoint north of Muzayrib ;
  • A checkpoint near the town of al-Ajmi.

The newly-deployed troops also established two military posts near Jellin Residential Complex and on a road between the town of Tafas and Daraa city.

The Horan Free league said the 4th Division is implementing a two-phase plan to step up security in the western Daraa countryside. Under the plan, large forces will be deployed from Daraa city all the way to the town of al-Shajarah which is located near the border with Jordan and the Israeli-occupied al-Golan Heights.

These new, strict measures are meant to improve security in Daraa. More than 45 attacks took place in the governorate since the start of 2021.


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There is no Syrian army 4th Division, it is an Iranian Division undercover filled with Iran backed fighters. Not to worry, they will feel our bombs on their heads everytime they get too close to the border. If that doesn’t help, I hope the top brass allows us to cross and to deal with them ourselves.

Alejandro Bonifacio

cry baby cry


How did it sound as if I cry? that was more of a reality scenario than crying.


He is a teenage wanker.

Jens Holm

You keep Your low level well.


Frankly, you are a shameless attention seeking teenage woman.

Ford Fairlane

Why don’t you send over a bunch of the orthodox guys.


Orthodox Jews rarely serve in the army, they only like it when we protect their asses while they’re studying. So no Orthodox Jews sorry, however me and my friends are willing to do the task for our beloved country. If the top brass decides we enter Syria or Lebanon, then we are coming big this time and no, the 2006 farce will not repeat itself we will make sure of that.


The prisons are full of criminals who love committing crimes.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

There’s a quote from a Star wars movie that describes the current situation in Darra well, the quote’s from princess Leia to Grand Moff Tarkin, princess Leia represents the Russians and Grand Moff Tarkin represents the Iranians,

“The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers”.

The simple fact is the local Syrians are killing more 4th division soldiers and other pro Iranian militias than your army is, and yet the pro Iranian supporters keep insisting your sides the only problem.
But if that was the real case the locals would be killing soldiers on your side and holding mass demonstrations against your Government, but they’re not, they’re just killing the Iranian fighters and holding demonstrations against the Iranian occupation, which now sadly have also morphed into anti Government demonstrations as well.
The pro Iranian supporters have noticeably multiplied and become more vocal since the Russian revelation about the true nature of Iranian involvement in Syria, they don’t like the truth being revealed, especially when it was their own allies revealing the truth.


US oil thieves humvee has just been blown up in Syria. 3 dead.

Assad must stay


Jens Holm

The solutions for Syria all are political ones.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Is it a reinforcement or replacement operation, I’m not sure yet, if it’s the 4th division just reinforcing Hezbollah and the other pro Iranian militias Russia’s in trouble, but if it’s a case of the 4th division replacing Hezbollah and the Iranian militias it’ll be good for everyone, except for Iran of course.
So according to this article on SF a few days ago,


The Russians managed to gain international support for,
1, an exclusion zone that would place all Iranian forces no closer than 60km to the Israeli border, which would exclude them from all areas of Quneitra and Darra, and most of As Suwayda as well,
2, the right for Assad to remain in power until elections could be held under the resolution 2254 auspice,
3, and a green light for the SAA and Russia to attack the FSA, HTS, and Isis in the southern Governorates.

And to give all those guarantees the Russians obviously had to get Iranian acceptance, and obviously the Iranians did accept the Russian proposal and terms, which then allowed the Russians to make their rock solid guarantees to Israel, the US, the Arab League and the international community.
But as the article also points out the Iranians didn’t comply to the terms from the very start, and between 2017 and 2020 they not only failed to comply to the Russian terms, they instead defied them, and from 2020 they’ve actually done everything they can to make the Russians look bad and destroyed the guarantees that Russia gave.
And according to the same article the Russians are considering letting all the opposition groups that have anti Iranian sentiments, join the 5th army Corps and allow them a semi independent security system that would administer the 3 southern Governorates, which would totally exclude any Iranian presence in the south.
So don’t anyone dare say the Russians aren’t being loyal to the Iranians, the exact opposite’s the case, the Iranians are actually defying the Guarantees the Russians gave everyone else in exchange for the new political dynamic they achieved, and they’ve also gone back on their word to Russia as well.
That’s why SF published this article, it wants you all to know the truth, but the pro Iranian supporters are spamming the forums with confusing and unrelated comments that are trying to turn everyone’s attention away from the revealing articles just published.
Some of you pro Russian supporters need to reread this article again, maybe even 2 or 3 times if you’re still not sure what they’re actually telling you, but they really want and need you to understand what they’re saying, because there’s a really good reason they’re telling us this.

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