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Syrian Army 4th Division Establishes Checkpoints In Northwest Daraa

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Syrian Army 4th Division Establishes Checkpoints In Northwest Daraa

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Late on May 28, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) elite 4th Division established a number of checkpoints in the northwestern Daraa countryside.

According to the Enab Baladi news outlet, the checkpoints were set in the following areas:

  • Near the Irrigation Directorate;
  • Near the regions’ main cow farm;
  • In the town of Nahj.

The step came in response to an ambush that targeted members of Daraa’s reconciliation council. Militants, reportedly affiliated with ISIS, targeted the council’s members, killing three and injuring several others.

Former rebels serving in the ranks of the Russian-backed 5th Corps responded to the ambush by launching an attack on ISIS-linked militants in the town of Muzayrib. Several wanted individuals were allegedly apprehended.

Earlier this months, the 4the Division and other units of the SAA deployed large reinforcements, including battle tanks, in Daraa.

Pro-government sources believ ethat the SAA in cooperation with Daraa’s reconciliation council could launch a large-scale security operation against the remaining radicals in Muzayrib and the nearby town of Tafas in the near future..


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What are the SAA units recently deployed to Daraa doing? They’ve already been there for a few weeks. Why don’t they just clean Muzayrib and Tafas?


The ‘disinfectant’ to clean out the terror gangs is being prepared, I would think.

klove and light

look bro…..i´ll explain ONE more time……

WHO made the Reconciliation Agreements with the jihadi motherfuckers???????????

WHO made the Evacuation Agreements with the jihadi motherfuckers in daraa,aleppo etc…????

WHO made the Agreements with Turkey(the number one Sponsor of the various jihadi Groups in syria including Isis and alnusra) ?????

WHO made the Safety Zone Agreements with Turkey for the North of syria????

WHO made the Agreements with Turkey to allow them to set up 12 Military bases in Idlib, and broke his own Agreement by Turkey now having 54 bases in Idlib as SF pointed correctly out???

WHO has given the green light for Turkey to invade and occupy afrin????


NOT one single above mentioned Agreement, be it evacuation Agreement of saferty Agreement or Reconciliation Agreement was SIGNED by the syrian arab republic.
ALL were signed by PUTIN.

NOW to your Question…

“What are the SAA units recently deployed to Daraa doing? They’ve already been there for a few weeks. Why don’t they just clean Muzayrib and Tafas?”

Because they do not get the green light of Putin. period.

Why does SAA not clean up Idlib…..for years now?????

Because Putin wont allow it.

Putin is a treacherous Zionist bibi cock sucking pig.Again….not the russian Military….PUTIN PUTIN is the Zionist pig.

LOOK at HIS Actions WORLD WIDE against THE resistance MOVEMENT AGAINST Israel:::

in the UNSC (united nations security council)……ALL permanent Veto members, France ,uk,usa,china and RUSSIA VOTED FOR an arms Embargo against the houthis, which are defending their Country against the most brutal illegal attack,invasion,and occupation by the UAE and Saudi Regime, WHILE at the same time, PUTIN sells the most modern weapons to exactly those attacking invading occupying Forces AGAINST the resistance(houthi,hezbollah,saa and Iran).

The fucking USELESS and NOT ONCE put in Action of the S-300 System in syria.DID you never take atleast 1 Minute of your time, and THINK About why the S-300 System was NOT used once at least against israeli or turkish attacks?????????

well the answer was given by SAA command on almasdar News(SAA News site)….you can still find the article there….under search type in ( S-300 syria)

Well what did the SAA command say About the USELESS S.-300 and WHY it has never been used…………SAA command clearly stated that the RUSSIAN MILITARY has total 100% fire Control of the S.-300 System in syria….meaning only the russian Military can fire off These Missiles and only when order from Zionist motherfucker Putin is given.AND quess what….this ORDER will never be given.

Wake the fuck up.

Putin is a treacherous Zionist bibi cock sucking pig.

ps. check southfront articles About the Reconciliation Agreement between Russia and the jihadi pricks in Daraa, and read my Posts About it.AND dont FOERGET About what TIME we are Talking .JULY 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i Quote myself from 2018 july

” this is a total Farce and another Zionist Putin treacherous Action.Reconcile with jihadi headchoppers (thats bad enough already), which clearly get weapons and take orders from Israel and the USA.Ridiculous and pathetic Agreement.And for the 999donkeys here….here is my OBVIOUS prediction how this will Play out in the months to come.A assasination Campaign against SAA personal.”

WELL who the fuck was Right????the 99% Zionist brainwashed Hollywood movie idiots, who sqweared at me and called me…me ..me .mee a ZIONIST…me who is one of the Worlds biggest enemies of zionism/judaism????

so again to the 99% Zionist brainwashed motherfuckers and Putin cock suckers

FUCK YOU all u dumm Dummie morons


Don’t agree with you but to round off your argument you have overlooked Putin allowing the US to set up bases in Syria.

Bill Wilson

Putin and Assad don’t mind the US/Coalition bases since those help in keeping Iran in check. Both want to see Iran out of Syria because the general population don’t like being bossed around by the Iranian PMU’s nor by Iran’s demands for control over resources so they can start getting repaid for all the money lent to Damascus. The Syrians in the SW are upset over getting no assistance from Damascus for rebuilding. The Western countries will be more likely to provide financial assistance once the Iranians are out of the country so this is their first step to quiet the discord caused by the Iranians.

Free man

And the US / Coalition are fighting ISIS.

Free man

While you continue bitching and crying Putin wins the war for Syria.
Unfortunately for you, Putin doen’t want the further destruction of Syria and hundreds of thousands more Syrians killed. Putin wants a liberated and peaceful Syria and he will achieve it.


Putin didn’t start the problem,you kweer inbred kind did (period)

Bottom line,no russian detterence= no syria,get off the booze ok,nowadays well name me one other factually who has eliminated more isis/cia/zio funded sht than putin,go on then,
just one!
I thought not,you really need to cool down abit,because you know look at zio usa todays!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

There’s 2 different types of protesters that are taking to the streets in Daraa, one group are the ex FSA, HTS, and Isis fighters that Assad beat back in august 2018, and the other group are protesting against the Iranian presence in their neighbourhoods.
Unit’s like the SAA 4th division are pretty heavy handed when it comes to dealing with both groups of protesters, but the units that belong to the Russian backed 5th army corps [like the tiger forces], are not so tough on the anti Iranian protesters.
SF had an article yesterday that told us the Russians had recruited most of it’s 5th army corps soldiers and officers from the reconciled rebel groups that once opposed Assad, but they didn’t mention that many of those new SAA soldiers actually came from these areas the protesters are now most active in, which means a lot of the Russian backed 5th army corps soldiers are actually related to the people protesting in Daraa now, and they don’t want to start shooting their own relatives, they’d prefer to just shoot the anti Assad protesters.
It’s not as easy as you think.


Good analysis. You’re texts are always very long, but it’s worth reading them.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Thankyou very much, I think that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me on SF.


guess that’s why the turks are going to try their luck in Libya instead


I wonder what those shia Iran-led organizations on the other side of the Golan would do once we annex the Jordan Valley. Will they stay quiet? will they pick a battle with us and die? I guess we will find out next month. Can’t wait though, I already know Hamas will respond and Gaza is going to be burnt.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Move the 4th division and all the other divisions that belong to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd army corps out and then just move in units from the 5th army corps, that’s the best and probably quickest solution, and the least bloody.

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