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Syrian Army 4th Division Attacks Former Rebels In Western Daraa

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On January 24 morning, units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 4th Division launched an attack against former rebels in the western Daraa countryside.

The attack reportedly started with heavy shelling on rebel positions in the towns of Muzayrib, al-Yadudah and Tafas. The shelling targeted the personal office of Khaldoun al-Zoubi, a former Free Syrian Army commander and a current leader of ex-rebels in western Daraa.

According to local sources, heavy clashes erupted when SAA troops advanced towards the three towns. The Horan Free League claimed that a battle tank was hit and an infantry unit of the 4th Division was ambushed by former rebels during the clashes. These claims are yet to be verified.

The clashes ended in the afternoon after a meeting between 4th Division officers and the leaders of the 8th Brigade, a unit of the 5th Corps dedicated for former rebels. The meeting was organized by the Russian Military Police.

Western Daraa rebels received sympathy and support from local fighters across the governorate. However, no attacks or provocations were reported in other regions.

Syrian Army 4th Division Attacks Former Rebels In Western Daraa

Gunmen sympathizing with western Daraa rebels. Click to see fulls-size image. Source: horanfree.com

Earlier this week, the 4th Division deployed large reinforcements in Daraa. Later, the division began implementing a plan to step-up security measures in western Daraa. Checkpoints were reinforced and new posts were established.

Dozens of attacks targeted Syrian troops and even former rebels in western Daraa and other parts of the governorate over the last year.

The limited attack on January 24 was likely meant to pressure former rebels into accepting the SAA’s new measures in western Daraa, which are meant to improve security. The rebels, however, may opt to escalate the situation in an attempt to maintain their influence.


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Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen wahabimossad and CIAisis operators.
May they rest in pieces…


I would think that the terror gangs are all hoping for a case full of newly printed US dollars from Commissar Biden.

Jens Holm

I agree. They are paid in real curence instead of the local non-currence. They porobatly prefare being paid in potatoes and tomatoes instead of Lira.

…And dont forget the dollar collapsed several time last week too.


comment image

Jens Holm

Thats nice. Much there could need an upgrade as many other kinds of tranportations.


Not Comissar, but fuhrer

Jim Allen


Alberto Garza

beijing joe ?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Is this all SF has to say about what’s happened, it’s a hundred times more serious that this article is letting on, Assad’s about to lose all the Southern territories no matter what he does now, it’s practically game over in the South, all our worst nightmares are about to come true. And we can all thank Iran for the ongoing predicament.
What SF isn’t telling you is the Iranian backed 4th division had to withdraw due to it’s inability to penetrate the Southern Front Alliance [SFA] defenses, they were beaten back, and the Russian backed 5th Corps had to negotiate a withdrawal and temporary ceasefire between them. And coincidentally this area that the Iranians were attacking is the same area the Russians have their reconciliation center, so why are the Iranian forces attacking the only place that Russia has any real presence in Darra?. I know why.
And as I’ve been predicting the Southern Front Alliance has joined the uprising and is cooperating with the FSA and other opposition groups to repel Iranian forces.
I know I’ve told you all this a hundred times already but I’m going to say it again anyway, just so it sinks in.
When the Arab League negotiated a reconciliation agreement between the SFA and the Syrian Government back in mid 2017, part of the deal allowed them to keep all their heavy weapons, and along with 2 other big Arab militias. in total 60,000 strong, we now have an opposition army that still has all it’s tanks [not many], armored vehicles, artillery, heavy mortars, and most likely MANPAD systems, and they’re battle hardened too
But now as things have turned out the SFA and the FSA have allied together, that means on top of the 60,000 strong SFA forces, we also have the remnants of the FSA, which was 25,000 strong but now many of them serve in the SAA under conscription, so lets guess and say 10 to 15,000 now, which could bring the opposition forces strength up to a whopping 75,000 which is a very strong opposition army.
But that’s not the end of it, there are several other militias that could get involved too, namely the Druze, who have also been violently protesting about the Iranian presence in their Governorate, they also have some heavy weapons and lots of vehicles and armaments’ so that could add another well armed ally to the opposition forces pumping their numbers up to nearly 100,000 fighters, and there’s still a few more groups that might make that number even higher.
Before the Iranians entered As Suwayda the Druze would never have thought about opposing Assad and joining the opposition, but right now their on a knifes edge and could go either way.
And the opposition have huge support all over the 3 Governorates, it’s not an isolated group being attacked as SF alludes, it’s a part of a huge alliance that spans all 3 territories.
But that’s only half the problem, the other half is the US, Israel, and the Arab League, and believe me they will be a problem like none other, logistics, air support, supplies, training, political support, nothing will stop them if they start attacking Iran, NOTHING.
Russia’s been giving us hints on SF as to the real nature of things concerning Iranian involvement in the south of Syria, and this is why, they actually want you to know what’s really going on without spelling it out for you, sadly some of you still need help though, so check your maps and see who Iran is actually attacking when they say they’re attacking opposition forces, because it would be equally correct to say they’re attacking pro Russian anti/Iranian forces.
Remember the Russian made a deal with the SFA and 2 other big Arab militias back in 2017, and part of the deal was Iran would not be allowed to operate in their Governorates, but since the end of 2017 the Iranians have been overriding those Russian guarantees and imposing their own conditions. The Iranians remained and increased their numbers, and then in 2020 they outdid themselves and went the whole hog, and look what’s happened, exactly what the Russian’s predicted would happen, “Darra, Quneitra, and As Suwayda are spiraling out of control”
There’s an open rebellion at the moment and it’s already at a point where only one thing can stop it, only one thing, Iran has to leave and leave pronto, if not Iran won’t have anything left when it’s all over, and neither will Assad, at least not in the south he won’t, he may end up holding Latakia and Hama alone, or what’s left of them.
Assad should’ve listened to the Russians, they were the answer and Iran was the problem, now he’ll find out the hard way.
I honestly think Assad’s about to lose all the south, I don’t think he can force Iran out and Iran won’t go willingly, so nothing’s going to stop the landslide now, except perhaps a miracle from God, and that has to involve the removal of Iran, but I don’t believe in miracles, so i think Assad’s stuffed.

The Objective

I have also been warning here that Iran will start new fires anywhere it sets foot. Most people here don’t understand Iran. They DON’T know Shiites. These guys don’t compromise, and they won’t. They want Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem at all cost. Every move they make in the Middle East is geared towards this end. And they ain’t stopping for shit.
Syria has suffered immensely because of Iran. I told you once that Iran won’t leave Syria even if Assad demanded them to leave. They’ll prefer a horribly and permanently destabilized Syria rather than a united Syria that expels them. This begs the question: Has the war with Shiites started already?
Russia is also partly to blame for this because they allowed Iran too much influence in the beginning. Another reason is Putin’s reluctance to commit Russian ground troops.
I fear that the Syrian civil war might enter a new deadlier phase.
If Assad tells Iran to leave and Russia tries to enforce it, I have no doubt that Iran will immediately start sponsoring Shiite militias it has been creating all this while to wage a brutal campaign against Syria and Russia too. This is why Iran always creates militias wherever it goes, so that you cannot send it out easily. Shiite militias will flow from Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, and all across the region to join the fight. That may well be the beginning of a regional war.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Yes we agree on many matters concerning Iran, they aren’t the Godsend most people think they are.
The Iranians have already come to blows against Russian backed forces several times, back in 2017 both in Deir ez Zor and Aleppo there were skirmishes between Russian militias and Iranian militias, the cause was extortion of the locals by the Iranian backed forces, the Russians intervened on the locals behalf and firefights erupted, there were other reasons too but I can’t remember what they were.
Unless Iran moves out of the southern Governorates a war will definitely start, at the moment the locals are in open rebellion and that’s the precursor for all the other international parties to jump in and pick which group they’ll back.
I’m pretty sure the Arab League will control the south by the time it’s finished, we may even get UN sponsored Egyptian and Jordanian peacekeepers deployed to assist the controlling force whoever it is.
That article from SF said the Russians want to incorporate all the opposition groups into the 5th army Corps and let them administer and secure the region, and I think that’s about the best solution too, but as I’ve been telling you the Iranian checkpoints have been stopping that happening during the last 6 months, so I don’t know how the Russians can do it anyway.
Get ready, the steam cookers about to blow.

The Objective

Hopefully, this whole situation resolves without another war breaking out, at least for the sake of Syrians. Hardly do international actors dies – only Syrians on both sides.
I downloaded a recent research report which claimed to be the product of Russian and American think tanks, and some universities jointly discussing the best solution to the Syrian crisis. It’s just a 16-page document, but it I think it says a lot. Maybe you should read it if you haven’t.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I think it says a lot too, that’s an excellent report so thanks for linking it, chapter 7 concerning chemical weapons was something I didn’t agree with though, but everything else was spot on.
I hope the US and others do more than just read the report, they should try to implement all it’s recommendations if they’re smart.
So the Carter Institute is fully supportive of everything that will help the Syrian Government and it’s people, the anti US forum users would choke if you linked that for everyone to see, so maybe you should link it when the next relevant story appears.

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