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Syrian Army Is Only In 12km from Palmyra (Map)

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The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF), supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have liberated Eastern Bayarat from ISIS terrorists in the province of Homs.

Eastern Bayarat is located west of the ISIS-held ancient city of Palmyra which is a strategic target of the government military operation.

With the liberation of Eastern Bayarat, government forces are now deployed in merely 12 km from Palmyra.

Syrian Army Is Only In 12km from Palmyra (Map)

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Trustin Judeau

Again the same mistake.Widen the freaking front.

Red Tick Alert

With you there.

Robert Guttierez

They need to expand north and south to highway 45 and 90 and the mountains running next to them. Then take the oil fields and hills to the north and attack Pamyra in a pincer move from north and south. This long area of control with little protection is another disaster waiting to happen. You would think they would learn from their mistakes. Last time they lost all that territory in just days and it’s taking them months to recover only part of lost land.

Suyanto Ng

another ‘single’ offensive mistakes, SAA is weak at defensive. This is will easily counterattack and cut-off by enemy, must supported by multiple axis offensives to divert enemy concentration

chris chuba

I wonder if they will take Jabal Al Mazar heights in the north this time, before taking Palmyra. As I recall, they let ISIS keep them that last time they held Palmyra.

Guys, they are doing some widening, at least according to the map, they are striking south to claim some heights and north at those gas fields.

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