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JUNE 2021

Syrian Arab Army Troops Like Russian ‘Tigers’

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Russian-made four-wheel drive, multipurpose, all-terrain infantry mobility vehicles GAZ Tigers (Russian: Tigr or Тигр) have been participating in the ongoing Raqqa advance of the Syrian Arab Army.

Syrian Arab Army Troops Like Russian 'Tigers'

Russian-made GAZ Tigr during Raqqa offensive

According to photo and video evidences, Russia started to supply “Tigers” to the Syrian Arab Army in 2015. Infantry mobile hevicles “Gaz Tiger” are supplied to the Syrian military through the Russian naval facility in Tartus on the Mediterranean coast of Syria as part of the so-called “Syrian Express.”

The term “Syrian Express” was spontaneously formed in 2012, after a significant increase of Russian landing ships that has normalized the supply of weapons in Syria. MORE ABOUT THE ISSUE

The SAA uses “Tigers” for different purposes:

  • Reconnaissance raids. GAZ Tiiger vehicles have a high speed and a low noise level. The vehicle’s windows provides wide field of view, without any negative impact to the defense of the crew.
  • GAZ Tiger vehicles are useful for extended marches. This is especially important for troops deployment during such operations as the storm of Palmyra or the offensive on Raqqa.
  • Russian “Tigers” also pariticipate in direct clashes against terrorists. The vehicle construction allows mounting of different weapon systems: from heavy machine guns to anti-tank missiles.

According to ground sources, Syrian troops provide a positive feedback about the usage of this type of the Russian vehicles.

The combat employment of GAZ Tiger vehicles will allow the Russian military industrial complex to develop and improve, successfully, capabilities of multipurpose vehicles in the future.

Syrian Arab Army Troops Like Russian 'Tigers'

Russian-made GAZ Tigr vehicles and Kamaz trucks heading to Raqqa

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