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Syrian Arab Army And Syrian Democratic Forces Establish Joint Operations Room – Reports


Syrian Arab Army And Syrian Democratic Forces Establish Joint Operations Room - Reports


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are reportedly working to establish a joint operations room in order to coordinate efforts against ISIS in Deir Ezzor and Raqqa provinces.

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar claim claimed that the operations room has already started its work and that the results of this joint work would appear within two weeks’ tops. Al-Akhbar added that the creation of the joint operations room will be officially announced by the two parties soon.

According to the report, the so-called “Turkish threat” in northern Syria was the main reason behind the decision to boost the coordination between the two parties.

Turkey allegedly plans to launch a military operation against Kurdish militias in the Afrin area. These Kurdish militias are a core of the SDF and now it looks that they seek protection from the “Assad regime”.

Another reason is the tense situation in the US garrison at At Tanf, near the border with Iraq. The SDF has refused to transfer Al-Nukhbah Forces to the At Tanf base, and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) has refused to transfer its forces to the SDF-held areas and work with it.

Pro-government sources claimed that the joint operations room that include the SAA and the Manbij Military Council [Arab SDF faction] is currently being prepared in Al-Aryima area near Manbij. It’s still unknown if this is the operations room reported by Al-Akhbar.

If the joint operations room between the SDF and the SAA is officially established, it would be an important step in boostiing cooperation between the two sides.

Since the end of the battle of Aleppo, the SDF has decreased a level of the cooperation with the Syrian government and the SAA. Furthermore, a month ago, several SDF officials began to approach Saudi Arabia’s stance on the conflict. They attacked Iran and denied any coordination with the SAA. These statements were reflected on the ground, where SDF killed 4 Syrian soldiers just week ago.



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  • Lupus

    would be great if kurds and SAA work together to liberate Syria from jihad evil and Turk terror

    • Brad Isherwood

      Islam bring a Tribal history cannot organize into Central power unless a super leader unites them.
      Even when that did occur…like When Saladin did organize and March against Crusaders/Jerusalem. ..and sack it.
      The Moosilums/Assassin’s tried to off him several times afterward…..so much for Success and Will of Allah! : )

      British Empire was ruthless,…with its trade and military extortions,..such as British East India company.
      Run guns,narcotics,tumble nations, pillage resources.
      US simply follows the historic template.
      Everybody in the Old Masonic game understands what’s on the table.
      This crowd betray each other. ..Just after the warm Masonic Handshake.
      Anything goes….yes…Even Nukes,…Truman the US President and Freemason,
      Was damn well going to use them.
      Rumor is that Micro nukes were used to bring down WTC 1&2 on 911,….WTC 7 fell later in the day due to some technical malfunction.

      False Flag to war is historic tool of the Masonic side
      Same card was played to start Spanish American war with False Flag USS Maine sinking in
      Havana Harbor. …or Pearl Harbor : )

      Lord Cutler Beckett of the British East India company /Pirates of the Caribbean movies,

      “It’s just. …good Business. …”

      • PZIVJ

        “Rumor is that Micro nukes were used to bring down WTC 1&2 on 911,….WTC 7 fell later in the day due to some technical malfunction.”
        OH REALLY
        The main girders failed in the twin towers because they where exposed to massive heat from burning of large amounts of AV gas, etc. They metal would become soft (annealed) and not support the weight from above. This is basic physics and engineering (as opposed to everything in the world is a grand conspiracy) :/

        • dutchnational

          Right. On top of that, all nukes leave radiation that can and will be detected The radiation will kill bystanders and that process cannot be hidden.

          That is basic physics too.

          But many commenters here are just here for fake news and conspiracy theories.

  • Hopefully after finishing off the Daesh infestation they continue to work together to oust the Ottomans from so called Euphrates Shield zone. Then they can liberate Hayti from Ottoman occupation after 80 years!

    • Serious

      Do you think that SAA will liberate the north part held by FSA to give it to the kurds ? XD. After that, kurds take independance and take the lands ? XD.

      In Syria, most sunnies support Turkey over kurds and USA. That’s why the west in now trying to finish with Erdogan.

      • Qatar has US military bases. Why would US break with them? Kurds will be part of a Syrian Federation. Kurds are Syrians too. Ottomans are foreign invaders. US and USSR didn’t fight after defeating the Nazis. They settled things with diplomats

        • Serious

          US needs Qatar. Qatar can live without USA. USA needs Saudi Arabia very very much. Without Saudi Arabia, USA is dead in the Middle east.

          kurds are not syrians. kurds are kurds. Give them a land northeast syria to get ride of them. That’s the better solution.

          The foreigners are Americans. Turks lives in the Middle east.

          • Without US bases, Saudis can do to Qatar what Saddam did to Kuwait. Kurds are not Arabs, but they are Syrians. Syria is multi-ethnic.

          • Serious

            Saudis will never invade Qatar. And Qatar can ask for Russia (what USA is very scared about). And now, Turkey is building a base in Qatar.

            Saudi Arabia gives more benefit to USA than USA gives benefit to Saudi Arabia. Even, URSS collapsed thanks to Saudi Arabia that dropped oil prices.

            Syrian is not multi-ethnic. In Syria, there are kurds and arabs. kurds are kurds and syrians are arabs.

          • telefonkabel

            Even you could get a Syrian passport. Are you then kurd or arab?

          • Serious

            Why should I get a syrian passport. I don’t give a f… of Syria. If Syrians want to destroy their homeland, what can I do ??? The main goal is to get out of USA influence everywhere to be free again, to free the world from us dictatorship.

            Americans are enslaving us.

          • telefonkabel

            I havent said you should. But with your logic you would be either kurd or arab if you would somehow do it.

          • Jens Holm

            Islam and old traditions are enslaving You – Not USA.

          • Kurds have no citizenship in Syria?

          • Ronald

            Twenty-three different ethnic groups in Syria .

          • Jens Holm

            1,7 mio kurds of today has citisenship – of course they have – om paper. 200.000 hasnt.

          • dutchnational

            US does not need Qatar. For what? UAE offered the US to relocate the US base in Qatar to UAE. Qatar needs/needed the base as an informal guarantee for its shaky independence.

            KSA and US are mutually dependend upon eachother.

            I am surprised to see you propose independence for, I assume, Syrian kurds. As they state to aim for a federation, maybe that is the better idea. All people living in, being born in, Syria are, even by law, Syrians, regardless of ethnicity. Goes for turkmen too.

    • Jens Holm

      Far out. Turks are not even near Ottomans. Hatey wasnt occupied as well.

  • Serious

    Work with the Arab part of SDF to explode SDF by inside.

    • dutchnational

      It seems you are correct when you replace SDF by FSA.

    • Jens Holm

      You just say, they are something when they get equal conditions, and You then are the lowest again since WW1 ended.

  • Serious

    Give a land in northeast of Syria to the kurds. It’s better to get ride of kurds before they are used as proxy by USA.

    • BL

      how about kick the traitor Kurds out of Syria permanently, and don’t give them any land? I like that better

      • Jens Holm

        just evil hate…

        • BL

          Shut up kike

  • Serious

    That’s why Erdogan did the false coup. He known that the west wanted to finished with him and tried to fool him with the kurds. He made the false coup to prevent one.

    Turks are not Arabs. You can’t use them and after get ride of them.

    • Leifer

      You suffer from brain damage pal.

  • Serious

    Syria, Russia, Iran, Turkey and Qatar have to make a deal in Syria and expel USA from the negociations. USA has nothing to do in the Middle east. I suggest USA to go back to the lands that they stole from amerindians. USA has nothing to offer.
    When you have genocided all amerindians, you can’t the country of “human rights”, the land of free, ….

    • Brad Isherwood

      Your sucking Dope….

      Putin and Lavrov Gave** Israel another 25% of the Golan.
      Russian soldiers patrol the new Israhell Golan Annex. ..dial 1 800 Be’ atch.
      Syria is partitioned by Caliph Psychopathic Erdogan with Gazprom Turkstream pipeline contracts,
      You Trickster Kurds jacking Off USA and Iraqi Barzahni Crypto Jew Crime World Kurds and Bugdud.

      Dial 1 800 crime spree. ..

      Readers can continue under the Romantic Illusion of Putin Rescue Syria and Iran.
      Neither has committed to Syria’s Sovereignty.
      They talk about it….Ya…just BS talk.
      Israel has its Annex,….Turks have Theirs, ……USA have huge cut-out of Syria.
      While ISUS controls East Euphrates oil/nat gas fields and Western Reaches in Iraq.

      Year 6….year 6

      • Serious

        What is the link between Turkstream and Syria ?

        It’s clear that Russia is playing double game with israel. But, the problem is that without Russia, Syria can’t defend against israel and USA. And like Syrians want to destroy Syria, it’s very easy to destroy Syria.

        You cant’ defend a land where more than half of the population is brain-dead and are working for destruction.

        • Brad Isherwood

          Putin is byproduct of Jewish Oligarchs and Chabad /Lubavitch
          Notice how both Trump and Putin are Compromised by these and deep state.

          It’s Kabuki Theatre, …why does Putin delay Iran S 300 contract for Israel?
          Iran becomes exasperated and builds their own version of S 300.!.

          Putin will betray all IRGC,Hezbollah and PMU forces in the field,He is a Jew puppet and Rothschild Central bank .
          The true Horror is Russia is not an to globalist, …is infact. …Bank of International Settlements/IMF…..Since Yeltsin and Putin.

          Bankers are fighting over Energy and MIC Adventures…

          Whatever benefits Israel. …..Putin and Lavrov will do.

          • Serious

            Because they thought that by being king with israel, they could avoid a confrontation in Europe and in the middle east. And there were always international restrictions. But, one should learn that it’s better not to trust j… and even more not to have contact with them.

            Now, Putin gave S-300 to Iran.

            That’s why I told that China is pretty safe. No christians, no muslims and no jews.

          • Brad Isherwood

            History is Cruel. ..
            The Church Universal murdered 100,000s in 40 and 50 years wars + Spanish and French Papal Legate,..Inquisition! …
            The Bankers and Central powers running these wars have near 2000 year cover of control.
            Palatine Hill crowd of Rome would pay Terrorist to ransack sections of Rome..
            Then The Senate would send more Legions into the Field while divisions debate in the Sena.

            The US and Europe the same trick….shelve legal change under cover of terrorism. ..
            It’s as Old as Ancient Rome!

            Your not gonna get nothing. …and your gonna like it !
            Ya…it’s Hollywood golfers laughing at the slaves. ..

          • Serious

            You know. Others can do the same. They can make a movie about false flag 9/11. But, they do nothing. The only country that talked about 9/11 in the UN is Iran. Where are the other countries ???? Where are the sunni countries to prove that 9/11 was a false flag ????

            People do nothing and then they cry. Crying is useless.

          • Brad Isherwood

            Bestriding the world in a way that no other nation can, America has 
            become more invasive, predatory, and repressive than at any time in its 
            history. Eight hundred U.S. military bases garrison the globe. A highly 
            militarised state, backed by major corporations and a wealthy elite, 
            exploits the public fear of foreigners, subversives and minorities to create 
            a high-tech version of medieval demonology, in which an unseen enemy 
            is poised to exploit any lack of vigilance. There is only one response to 
            the lurking Powers of Darkness: love of Jesus and awesome weaponry. 

            Hello,….ya…the Ken Humphries quote. ….readership need to see this in NEON.

            Israhell had a large part to play in 911,….yet the Fascist/Police State/MIC was never going
            To let America have happiness and the 2 car garage.
            Temporal Power/Government can never let the People dictate future development.
            Future development is not granted to them. ….the System demands compliance.
            Therefore. …Fear and information are used against the people’s.
            Religion** taught that Man owed God a debt….
            Banking is very much the same template of extortion/control… ….debt servitude.
            The history of this planet since coin exchange and the temple. .was debt servitude and serve the gods..
            God’s just luv War

            We have microwaves and WiFi phone/TV,….yet we still serve the debt system. …the God’s of debt and war : )

      • Michael Qiao

        of course, Jewtin is controlled opposition, why else would he ban holocaust denial?

        • Brad Isherwood


          Many believed Putin was Anti globalist champion. …
          Truth is…he and Russia are under Rothschilds Central Bank thumb.

          Rothschilds are playing All sides as $USD oil dollar and 20 TRILLION in debt USA
          Struggles against Europe NATO captivity and emerging markets of Eurasia and BRICS.

          Trotsky Jews run riot over America Media and MIC.
          America is socialist dependent state which decimated it’s middle class for the Zionist.
          The sands in the journal glass……run…Out.

          Europe and USA have Zionist migrant bomb of 10s of 1000s of Moosolum men who are warriors and will suicide into the system just like Japanese Kamikaze off Okinawa in 1945.

          There must be**….A…Rebellion…Like Star wars and Jedi, ..Against the Fucking Death
          Star …..Jews!

          • Serious

            I think that you overestimate j…. First, most Zionists are not j…. and most jew zionist are secular and then not jew. In the US, you have 30 millions evangelists and protestants that support israel and everything they do : more that jews themselfs. And then, you have the globalists that support israel to control the middle east.

            And, zionists are globalists but most of the globalists are not zionists. Most og the globalists are Anglos.

            Also, you have a lot, a lot, a lot of useful idiots and braindead people.

            jews are just using that to create israel. They know how that works. Why others don’t do the same ? Instead of spending their time killing each others, sunnies can create something and benefit but the problem is that they are stupid.

          • Brad Isherwood

            Bestriding the world in a way that no other nation can, America has 
            become more invasive, predatory, and repressive than at any time in its 
            history. Eight hundred U.S. military bases garrison the globe. A highly 
            militarised state, backed by major corporations and a wealthy elite, 
            exploits the public fear of foreigners, subversives and minorities to create 
            a high-tech version of medieval demonology, in which an unseen enemy 
            is poised to exploit any lack of vigilance. There is only one response to 
            the lurking Powers of Darkness: love of Jesus and awesome weaponry. 
            (Ken Humphries/Jesus Never Existed)

            The US and Old World money are 1st Papal Rome/Papal Bull signatory.
            Rothschilds served the Vatican.
            Jews do have great wealth and leverage politically,…yet the 1st Order holds
            More power than the post WW 2 rise of Zionist and kook Church Fundamentalists.

            The Church Universal had war vs the Orthodox Church and the Protestant,
            And the Crusades vs Islam.
            It’s been the Total psychotic episode ever since the Caesars of Rome decided
            To play Kingdom of God and wear the fish Mitre hat.
            Anythings possible with this crowd. …
            Each day they are not bashing your door in for the Pope,or conscription you to fight the Moosilum,….why it’s all ….Gravy : )
            The CIA was WW 2 OSS with Ratline Nazi and Vatican/Jesuit/SMOM – Knights of Malta.
            They were the deep state which ended JFK and ran the US MIC that Ike warned about.
            Yes there is lots of noise from Jews and their kook media,….yet as mentioned ..
            The 1st Order still rules.

    • Bru

      and all theze genocidal WMDs : nuclear bombs on 2 major Japanese cities, napalm on all large German cities, agent orange and napalm upon the Vietnamese…

      • Serious

        And people are still saying that USA is the country of human rights. XD.
        Why Iraqis can’t go after Bush and Tony Blair.

        You can’t sue Tony Blair. That’s the british “democracy”. XD.

        People are stupid. 80% of people on earth is stupid.

        • Problem is that some are not stupid. They do it because they are evil or they benefit from it. Take the presstitutes for example. It is convenient for them to spread these lies.

          • dutchnational

            You described just now all empires. A major power is bad by definition. How do you think they became a power.

  • dutchnational

    This was already reported a week or so ago by Reuters and others, so old news.

    According to Reuters there are two “rooms” for coordination between SAA and SDF : near Afrin and near Tabqah.

    • Justin Ryan

      As always, when the SDF if mentioned, u come running like a whore to money!

      • Jens Holm

        Well, thats understandable. 4 big brothers slashing the little one. Thats not allowed in my country, but seemes to be normal procedure in Yours.

        Thats how You get respect and honor.

        You are a whore Yourself? How many hand do You have ?

        • Justin Ryan

          How many up votes do u have?

  • Serious

    All I say is that Turkey is a key country to get ride of US military bases in north and south of Syria. USA is illegally building military bases in north syria thanks to “syrian” kurds.

    The fact that Turkey stopped “Rojava” is a great thing. Without it, kurds will never negotiate.

    A coordination with Russia, Turkey, Iran and the arab part of SDF is the solution to expell USA and destroy their military bases. It’s very possible. If you do nothing, it will be worst and worst.

    • Jens Holm

      Turks provoced they announced Rojava. Most people in the world dont care half a rotten bean about, what You come out from Your beind here.

  • Serious

    Give Afrin to Turkey and after negociate. Show kurds some of their own medicine.

    • PZIVJ

      And give up Afrin to the FSA trash?
      I doubt this is going to happen!
      Perhaps your medicine is to fire more 155mm arty rounds on to the civilians in the area on a daily basis.
      ARE YOU SERIOUS ? :(

    • dutchnational

      You cannot give what you do not have. Afrin and adjoined areas now have some 35k fighters and some 5k reserves (demobilised HXP). They will fight when attacked. TSK now only has some 10k mercenaries in Azaz region and some 7 to 10k TSK military. Not enough to take the region. They could not even take Al Bab without paying IS to leave.

      • Solomon Krupacek

        turkey has 1 million troops

        • Jens Holm

          Not really. Most are reserves and light/old armed.

    • Jens Holm

      But Ottomans gave Afrin as a freezone for kurds, beacáuse there already were many. Much later Old Assads deported 1000`s to there.

      Kurds in Afrin not even started the uprise. I can only read Your babling as being an ancient lowlifw tyrkmen or vomen far away from facts and the real world.

  • Serious

    I explain them how to solve their problems to be free from USA dictatorship and to create a great future for their children, …. First, solve your problem. Syrian problem are kurds. Get ride of them. they are traitors and not syrians. Second. Be aware of sunnies. They are very stupid and violent.

    The same I explain venezuela how to be free from USA threat. Let the “opposition” have the power but remain democratic. Sabotage everything the “opposition” when the “opposition” is trying to give soveregnty to the west. And then, come back after for new elections. You win, and problem solve. That’s the plan. That’s how you do to deal with USA.

    • Leifer

      Get rid of them by doing some genocide and ethic cleanings Hitler though the same way as you getting rid of non Germans.

    • Jens Holm

      far out

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    Syria is the object of the desire of many!…especially of traitors and stab back!…Israel,Sunnies terrorist gangs,Jordan, some lebanese politics,Turks,Kurds…curiously all of them allies of the USA!…

  • BL

    The SDF Kurds have proven to be beyond treasonous, they must not be given another chance, they need to be kicked out of Syria permanently.

  • Wahid Algiers

    Don’ t trust an US proxy and slave. For now joint ops are ok, but in the near future the kurds have to retreat from the stolen land or have to get what the are begging for. Syria has two options: 1. against the kurds with the Turks or 2. with the kurds against the Turks. 2. does only works, when the kurds stay in Syrian Federal Republic as a full member and retreat from arab lands.

    • Jens Holm


  • Graeme Rymill

    If Syria must choose between the Kurds and Turkey….
    Turkey: anti-Assad, pro Sunni, consistently arming and supporting anti Assad factions, heavily armed.
    Kurds: not seeking Assad’s overthrow, fighting ISIS consistently, weakly armed – no tanks to speak of, reliant on the US for air cover, seeking some sort of Kurdish self government maybe within a Syrian federation.
    For Syria to crush the Kurds would be self defeating. The Kurds can provide a buffer against Turkish aggression.
    The anti-Kurd hatred expressed in the comments by many Syrian supporters is an emotional response not a logical one. They resent Kurdish success against ISIS.They hate the Kurds for accepting US support. Yet when Kobani was under ISIS siege in 2014 who else could they turn to? Not the Turks! The SAA was in no condition then to offer any support whatsoever. It has taken the SAA 3 years since Kobani to have any success against ISIS in eastern Syria. Without the efforts of the SDF against ISIS the current advances of the SAA towards Deir Ezzor would not have happened. Certainly not now and maybe not for years.

    With Turkey for a friend Syria won’t need enemies!

    • Wahid Algiers

      Right what you wrote. But it only depends on the kurds now how to go on next time…

  • I hope Assad destroys SDF.
    Every inch of Syria belongs to Syrians and SAA.
    Foreign invaders (including SDF, YPG, etc) should go back where they came from

    • Dustil schmit

      Rem is better with Subaru then Emilia.

      • Rem is trash!
        Emilia is the best girl!
        Subaru x Emilia FTW!

    • Jens Holm

      Far out.

  • Luca


  • Luca

    Al Akbar had one of their reporters in region for a while , so that gives some weight to story. But lol SAA tigers launched two operations to cut SDF of from advancing towards DER EZZOR

    SDF have blocked Iraqi militia groups from crossing over into SDF held terroitory to meet up with SAA .
    There is no strategic benefit working with USA SDF what so over , the SDF already setting up illegal councils and no time letting SAA enter areas as well as blocking Arabs from returning to areas they haven’t given back al tabqa air field and they sitting on rich agricultural land not to mention Syria’s biggest dam
    Which part of SAA working with SDF makes sense lol , they been letting dash fighters back into Syrian population from raqqa let thousands of dash leave to DER EZZOR where SAA have to fight them , just to name few points . The YPG commander 5 weeks ago was who first revealed the USA bases previously not located and was pissed of that Russia and SAA let Turk proxy groups in his words sneak in and attack SDF in a couple areas , with the SDF having no warnings , he said SAA Russia and turkey working together has effected SDF operations after the Turk groups attacked them

    Which part of working with SDF on DER EZZOR in anyway advantagages saa having the USA backed SDF get anywhere near DER EZZOR … SDF got USA bases all behind them yet think turkey bigger threat. The Turks could be pushed back to border anytime yet how can you push USA out of northern syria . ? So in what world does this make sense ? And where are turkey directed backed groups fighting against SAA forces at moment “

  • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

    There are 2 SDF factions one the Arab the other the Kurdish , which is going to be confusing in the future since one has the majority of the people and the other the minority of the people. There might be something else goig on in regards to the SDF which has been experiencing difficulties between the two factions. This will play itself out later as ISIS is the prime enemy now.