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Syrian Arab Army Successfully Advancing In Al-Shomriya Mountains In Eastern Homs (Video)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Syrian Hezbollah captured the Rajm al-Aali heights in the northern Al-Shomriya mountains in the eastern Homs countryside.

The operation’s goal is to secure the area northwest of the T4 military airport in order to prevent ISIS from carrying out any future attack in this area after the SAA would launch its large attack to break the ISIS siege on Deir Ezzor.

From its side, ISIS shelled SAA positions in the area east of Palmyra with mortars.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq also published photos of weapons seized by ISIS militants during the clashes in the mountains of Al-Shomriya yesterday.

Separately, Syrian air force warplanes targeted ISIS positions in Al-Habra al-Sharkia village in the eastern Homs countryside and destroyed an ammunition depot belonging to ISIS.

Since yesterday, the Russian Aerospace Forces have been conducting an iintense bombing campaign against ISIS terrorists in eastern Palmyra.

According to reports, Russian forces have moved four TOS-1A multiple rocket launchers to the area of Palmyra, where these systems will provide a fire support for the advancing government forces.

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John Brown

Good news once the area of Deir Azur is taken by the SAA the war is won, there can be no pipelines to Europe from from Saudi, Qatar etc.It won’t take more then a month since it is open desert where superior artillery, firepower and air cover count a lot more then in a city. Then the SAA will be ready for any offensive from Idlb etc. Genius plan.


Part one of the war would be won… Part two is clearing Idlib – by force or negotiation. Part three is letting the Kurds know that there won’t be a Kurdistan on Syrian territory – and I also hope it won’t have to be done the hard way…

Wahid Algiers

Absolutely right man.

Bill Wilson

There won’t be any new pipelines period, until the EU lifts O&G export sanctions on Syria.

John Brown

No new pipelines? What about Turk stream and Nord stream 2? Turk stream construction to start next couple of weeks Nord stream 2 under construction I believe.

Giovanni Netto

TOS-1 ? grigliata di tafkiri in vista…

i prossimi giorni gerboa (roditori saltatori notturni). Vipere, lucertole e camaleonti avranno cibo a volontà GIA? CUCINATO a puntino…….

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