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Syrian Army Continues Its Advance In Eastern Homs Countryside

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah have captured three hills in the mountains of Shomaria in the eastern Homs countryside after violent clashes with ISIS terrorists. As a result of this advance, pro-government fighters reached the outskirts of the village of Hamida.

Meanwhile, the Forces of Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo militant group continued its attacks on SAA positions in the Zaza checkpoint area on the Al-Tnaf road.

The Forces of Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo shelled alleged Hezbollah positions in the Emirates Palace area and the Al-Seen Military Airbase. However, it was unable to capture any points.

From its side, the SAA has strengthening its forces in the vicinity of the Seen Military Airbase and at the Al-Tanf road.

According to pro-government sources, the SAA aims to take full control of the Al-Tanf road and then the Al-Tanf border area. Pro-government forces have already managed to capture more than 60 km of the road. However, nearly 100 km remain under control of militant groups.

It is worth mentioning that an unknown number of US Special Opeations Forces members operate alongside with factions of the Free Syrian Army in the Al-Tanf area. This allows to suggest that it will be difficult for the SAA to regain this border area. So, far Syrian government forces have not showed any interest in fighting US forces operating in Syria.

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who exactly are the FSA and who are the made up of? i read they are just basically ISIS. if thats the case, and US operators are helping them, they are hostile and should be engaged


fsa is disenfranchised sunnis living in syria that sometimes look and act like isis. For the most part, they had it really good in syria, then the arabs from saudi land came in and kicked the beehive nest during the “muslim spring”…

Remember, syria is one of THE MOST free countries in the middle east… or… at least it did.

But greed and a pipeline changed all that…

Keep researching and broaden your horizons…


Thanks. But what are they fighting for now? And why?


They are fighting to install us puppet. Not all are syrians. Fsa is more of an altered syrian logo and an idea than an actual organised entity, way too many militias use the fsa flag and banner and they can be islamist or national/ secular.


Currently, all the original FSA leaders are either dead or gone into hiding. Erdoghan is now top dog of most remaining fsa forces. And the only reason why he is now, is literally because he pays more. So, in essence, they are fighting for a paycheck now and 3 square meals a day because where they were living at has now been turned to rubble or they can’t go back or they are a foreigner.


Wow did not know that thanks! What is erdoghans ultimate goal with the FSA now?


Attack kurds. He is now stopped cold at idlib and al-bab. So… He can’t really do much at this time except run raids on the kurds.


I wonder if he is thinking of attacking the US forces protecting them. I bet he would probably love to but is aware of the aftermath lol


He already said he would, which is a major blunder cause now he can’t feign ignorance to say “I’m sorry, we didn’t know that we just blasted a bunch of american troops”


lol true. im not sure who i despise more, erdogan or the kurds for their willingness to be the US and israel’s pawn in the region for now

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