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Syrian Arab Army Captured Small Black Hornet 3 Spy Drone In Northeastern Syria

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Syrian Arab Army Captured Small Black Hornet 3 Spy Drone In Northeastern Syria

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Troops from the Syrian Arab Army reportedly captured a FLIR Systems Black Hornet 3 drone.

These very-small scale spy drones are being increasingly used by various sides, including the US military. It is a way to provide small unites with increased situational awareness.

The photograph was first published on July 19th, and pro-Syrian government sources reported that the SAA had captured the small drone near the town of Tal Tamr in the country’s northeastern Al Hasakah Governorate, which borders Turkey to the north and Iraq to the south.

The Black Hornet 3, also known as the Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS), is the latest in the Black Hornet series, which Prox Dynamics first put on the market in the early 2010s. FLIR Systems subsequently bought Prox Dynamics in late 2016.

It is unknown which side was operating the drone, but in 2019, the US began issuing Black Hornet 3 drones to various units. US special forces also have been operating versions of the drone since 2015, and they are known to operate in Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

Other members of the US-led coalition against ISIS also operate small drones, such as France also used similar drones, but it is unclear if they use this specific type.

Who is operating the drone aside, it’s range of control is approximately 2 miles, which means that US-led coalition forces are operating close to SAA and Russian units in Syria, or the technology has been provided to terrorists.

In recent weeks increased use of drones in the Syria conflict appear to be sending it into a new phase.


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Lone Ranger

Oh its so cute ?
Did they use bug spray to catch it? :)
Joke aside, SAA will copy it.
Im sure it will come handy against mossad and CIAisis :)

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

more like they scavenged that nano – drone than saw it flying let alone catching it themselves

says ” SAA found small UAV “


When you see this drone in the air at least you know that the operator is rather close.

Jens Holm

But You also hardly see them They are hardly visible in the air man makes no noise.

We have privasy restrictions about drones here in Denmark, but You can use them and bigger ones with “driver license” many places.

When I am in nature here, I cant see all. One like the cute little one or a boigger and better would improve when I do.

Jonatao Sardinha
chris chuba

No harm in putting it in a shoebox and sending it to Iran as long as it is in a shielded room.


FLIR Drone US Army video: How do we transform prospering Middle-Eastern economies into Moonscape-Bombed WarZone Cities with Screaming Children..

Jens Holm

Its incorrect to name it as spy.

It replace and increase what the local units know about what the enemy does.

We can buy them here. They work in 10 minutes and can see many things in a 1000 meter diameter but has no time for 360 degrees.

You put a new battery in(I think its 9 volt) and You can do it again. Nice little catch by those fellows. I am sure it wil be standard for many things in the future.

Some firedepartments groups use them here. They can be bought seeing infrared inside dark smoke.


Nice … sent to Russia for some analysis ,,,


Apparently these little things have about 21 minutes of flight time, FLIR, color night vision, and cost about twenty thousand zogbux.


This will be one of the methods the US employs to pass on intel to ISIS of SAA troop movements,it won’t stop until those illegal US bases are incinerated.

Vitor Amazonas

IT’S A toy

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