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Syrian Arab Army Arrests Militants Spying On Russian Military Installations

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Syrian Arab Army Arrests Militants Spying On Russian Military Installations

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On July 14th, Syrian Arab Army (SAA) personnel detained 3 militants from Maghawir al-Thawra (Revolutionary Commando Army), who were allegedly tasked with collecting data on Russian military facilities.

According to the militants’ statements, they collected data on Syrian and Iranian military installations, in addition to Russian ones.

The extremists were taken to Tadmor, located near Syria’s Palmyra.

The group went on a mission, but wandered into a minefield. The explosions killed three people, including the commander and guide.

“We are part of Maghawir al-Thawra organization. Our group consisted of eight people: seven fighters and one guide, who was involved in drug trafficking and transported personnel. We went by motorbikes to fulfil missions and were trapped in a mine field. As a result, the group’s commander, a guide and another person were blown up by a mine. We lost our way and did not know where to go, because the guide died, and we started looking for the way out and continued moving. Then we were taken hostage and the Syrian forces brought us here,” Jasem al-Ali, one of the detained reportedly said.

The group was tasked with collecting data on military facilities al-Ali admitted:

“We were sent for fulfilling a mission in Raqqa province, in Al-Mansurah. The goal was to collect information. <…> We had to obtain data on Russian, Iranian and Syrian facilities,” the militant said, also adding that the mission began at Al-Tanf.

The militants were equipped with several AK-47 assault rifles, grenades, a large amount of ammunition, as well as money and drugs. They also received large sums of money “from their sponsors.”

Their training reportedly took place with American M-16 rifles, but they were still given AK-47s.

The militant also said that they had been trained under the supervision of instructors from the United States.

“We were taught to handle all types of weapons by American instructors. All weapons were American-made. I saw American instructors, they come to training, but the classes themselves are conducted by the Syrians. From afar, Americans observe, verify and evaluate the progress of preparation,” said Abdullah al-Mishuat, another detained militant.

al-Mishuat said that the curators gave the group “thousands of dollars” for the assignment.

“All the money was in the command of the Yazan group. He was blown up by a mine, and we lost everything,” the gunman said.


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johnny rotten

AmeriKKKans who support terrorism and drug dealers? nothing new on the eastern front.


Its clear the Reich is behind these attacks,now take those animals outside and shoot them.


Their training reportedly took place with American M-16 rifles, but they were still given AK-47s. The smelly smell :P

Assad must stay

haahahahh great job SAA keep arresting the punkasses

Furkan Sahin

Assad is going to win the 2021 election wait and see
those hating Assad are going to cry


The moral being, ‘ When on sneaky beaky missions, never forget personal escape and evasion maps, a prismatic compass,a pencil, valuable items to barter with, and a pointy stick to prod for landmines and discover tripwires. :)

Lone Ranger

Good job.
CIA trolls are crying and raging :)


rebranded ISIS turkestani terrorists, flay them on spot or they might recycle themselves

Toni Liu

Nice to hear that, they already tight mined those pesky area

Igor Mini Chornyvolk

Wagner group will be hunting yankz now.

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