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Syrian and Russian Warplanes Destroy Militatnt Military Equipment and Manpower in Aleppo and Idlib

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Syrian and Russian Warplanes Destroy Militatnt Military Equipment and Manpower in Aleppo and Idlib

Syrian and Russian warplanes have been conducting combat flights over areas of the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo. On Monday, the Syrian Arab Air Force has destroyed a militant convoy heading from Idlib province to southwestern Aleppo. Syrian warplanes have reportedly made over 10 air strikes and destroyed some 6 militant vehicles.

In southwestern Aleppo, Russian warplanes conducted air strikes on jihadi targets in the Ramouseh Neighborhood, trageting the corridor opened by Jaish al-Fatah to eastern Aleppo. There are no information about casualties among militants.

Meanwhile, the Russian state-run news agecy “Sputniknews” says that some 2000 militants were killed over the past 10 days:

“Syrian aircraft destroyed a convoy of fighters who were moving along different roads from Idlib to southwestern Aleppo. The aviation is now bombing terrorist pockets near the logistics academy and the Ramouse neighborhood. Several of the terrorists’ firing positions have also been destroyed,” Sputniknews quoted an anonymous source.

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George Washington

Too little, too late. But this is all a big charade anyway: – Russia has NEVER provided air support to Hezbollah since Netanyahu visited Putin. – IMO Russia only uses “maximum effort” to defend their port and the new airfields. – Last year’s massive bombardment will not be repeated; it was done to force the “ceasefire”. – Putin knows America won’t come to the table again until their terrorist proxies score a victory. – Assad isn’t going to give up Syrian territory in exchange for peace if he thinks he can win. – Net result = Putin will sacrifice Aleppo (and countless SAA) so he can strike a deal with Trump. – In the meantime Putin is holding onto his strategic reserves in case Hillary wins the election…

George Washington

I hate both of the 2016 candidates – but Hillary’s crowd is clearly supporting ISIL/Qaeda. – That being said Trump is probably lying to us and will do pretty much the same thing. – I miss my pre-9/11 “freedom” :(

Death to Israel

What do you mean Trump ”is lying to us”?

I do believe incompetence on the ground is what caused the siege to be broken. The SAA there fled way too soon without waiting for reinforcements.


You seem to forget the fire power of the jihadists. They fire rounds after rounds as though they possess infinite ammunition.


Completely wrong because the Russian and Syrian air force have been bombing the jihadist the whole last week around Aleppo and it wasn’t Putin or the air force’s that made the SAA leave the Artillery base after barely 12 hours of fighting. If they are going to give up on Aleppo why did they help the SAA cut the Castelo road and why is there a large number of reinforcements coming to Aleppo in order to reestablish the siege? The mistake was made on the ground and is proven by the fact the the commander of Aleppo was replaced.


In the big picture the battle for Aleppo has drawn out thousands of jihadis out into the open. They have lost much materiel, ammo and fighters just to gain some territory that only restores the status quo of three weeks ago! They are sacrificing a lot to pull off this offensive. Despite their gains, in my book, they are bleeding to gain a result that can hardly be called a victory, and the tipping point of unsustainable losses is fast approaching.

duke oflilywhite

I concur, goingbrokes. the Jihadies in their blind fanaticism have scored a Pyrrhic victory. however, knowing the determination, and broad military capabilities, of those on the other side, it will probability be short lived.

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