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Syrian And Russian Warplanes Bomb Militant Positions In Northwestern Syria (Videos)

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For a second day in a row, warplanes of the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) and the Russian Aerospace Forces bombed dozens of militant positions in the northern Hama countryside and the southern Idlib countryside, according to Syrian pro-government sources.

Furthermore, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) shelled and destroyed an ammo depot and a rocket launcher of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Jaysh al-Izza in the town of Kafr Zita in northern Hama. The SANA’s reporter said that five militants were killed in the shelling.

Syrian opposition activists said that the militants shelled several positions of the SAA and its allies in northern Hama with rockets and mortars in response to the Syrian and Russian airstrikes. However, no casualties were reported as a result of the shelling.

A day earlier, several pro-government outlets reported that the SAA began its final preparations to launch a military operation against the remaining militants in the opposition-held areas of northwestern Syria. However, the ground attack is yet to be launched.

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Richard M

The Orc on the last vid sounds scared!

Njegos Maljevic

“The Orc”
Great portrayal of those scum!

Empire's Frontiers

That their last days are spent in cowering fear is a bonus.


Wipe out the primitive scum from the face of the earth

Richard M

Yup. It’s time to go all “Great Khan” on them!

We tried.

I think he pooped a bit. ;)

Icarus Tanović

Yeah, pissed and cummex. Now orc is outha fuck his goat to calm down.

Icarus Tanović

Hagababahababaha! No more shouting like before, now little brained orc took shelter. Hahahaha

Oscar Silva Martinez

I bet the explosion wave shook his little balls a little hehehehe


SAA/Russia have been announcing the offensive for weeks – long enough for the head choppers to take defensive positions and dig in. Mean while they were mapping the front lines with drones and satellites and once they were satisfied with the amount of intel they’ll just bomb them to hell – and well away from major urban areas at that. Nice going…

Njegos Maljevic

Except, those rats love to hide among civilians! Their tactics! They don’t have regards towards human life whatsoever!


Agree. Only they are forced to hold a long front line and that means conventional fighting – where they’re hopelessly outgunned. On the other hand if they break and run into cities and villages – they’ll be broken up in numerous pockets, surrounded and eliminated. In short – they’re f**ked whatever they try…

Njegos Maljevic

They are fucked, but the not before another big hysteria about civilian casualities takes place in MSM!
No one gives a fuck about those savages, their employers are the least who would shead a tear.
Is it going to be hard on civilians, yes, is there going to be huge death toll, yes, but who is to blame? That is the point of the sick game played against secular Syria!


Iranian forces alongside SAA will finish what Airforce hasnt :). they cant hide now, their time has come.


Keep pounding them level that placecomment image

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

They dont look like ‘barrel bombs’. xD

Alejandro Bonifacio

what is a bomb? a barrel full with explosives :-P

Icarus Tanović

No, it’s a stowe full of shit.

Wolfgang Wolf

the second scene looks interesting… like a bigger aerosol-bomb, blowing along the whole trench to to the right side..

Icarus Tanović

Yes, looks like little thermobaric toy.

Jason Sixx

3rd one looks like either an ammo
Depot hit
Or a thermobaric used. They keep saying barmil but these are not barrels


A barrel bomb is just a bomb without fins. All the Western furore about ‘barrel bombs’ is abject bollocks.


Because they wanted to spin the narrative that the SAA is broke army that have no real bombs they make the story that they dropping them off an helicopter. What’s missing is just they can’t make that helicopters video.
Well at least they do think placing them in jets is implausible.


It is easy to drop a ‘barrel ‘ bomb from a jet but what is the problem dropping any sort of bomb from a helicopter anyway.

As you say, its just a rather silly US Coalition narrative from rather silly people.

We tried.

It is the “assault rifle” gimmick.


That made me think for a moment, but , yes it is all in a name to compartmentalise thought to suit a narrative.

Gary Sellars

Actually, I’d say it a fairly good tactic for precision strikes against Jihadist targets deeply embedded in urban areas. Hover DIRECTLY over the target out of effective range of enemy light arms or MGs, then drop a bomb vertically onto target.

Western outrage is probably out of frustration that it is an effective tactic the SAAF and SAA have used to neutralise the regime-change assets.


You are correct, again Gary :)


I’ve seen videos, nothing special about them. They are just pushing crude looking bombs while helicopter is hovering above the target.
Bombs that they use on planes are rusty too, but they work as good as the shiny ones.comment imagecomment image

Icarus Tanović

Well said. Give em some rust too!


What makes you think that. Sound and look of explosion doesn’t seem very specific to me.
The only thing noticable is that the bomb doesn’t look like any of the Russian bombs I have seen. It’s stubby, with protruding fins. Russian smaller ones are stubby but without protruding fins (e.g. OFAB 250), and bigger ones are not stubby (e.g. OFAB 500).
I belive it’s one of the domestically built bombs, which would indicate that it’s not thermobaric.

Empire's Frontiers

‘We will fight to the death’


Gary Sellars

Please, be our guests. Can we do anything to help? xD


Death to all militants
This is a gift from their God


O︂o︂o︂o︂a︂u︂h︂h︂ D︂uu︂d︂e︂︂s ! T︂h︂e L︂i︂s︂︂t w︂i︂t︂h N︂ake︂d︂-︂W︂om︂en︂s f︂r︂o︂m y︂o︂u︂︂r C︂i︂t︂︂y h︂a︂s b︂e︂en︂ p︂u︂b︂l︂i︂s︂he︂d
H︂e︂r︂e︂e︂e︂ ̩︂️o︂n : t︂u︂︂4︂︂a︂.︂m︂e︂︂/︂a︂︂l︂b︂u︂m︂-︂4︂2︂0︂6︂︂2︂8 ❤️


︂T︂h︂an︂k︂s︂s︂ Br︂o︂tha︂!︂! I︂’︂v︂︂e f︂o︂u︂n︂d t︂h︂e︂r︂e︂e︂︂ m︂︂y Te︂a︂c︂h︂e︂r Nake︂d ! ︂m︂w︂aah︂a︂h︂


H︂a︂ah︂h︂a︂h l︂u︂c︂k︂︂y m︂a︂n︂


Great vids! keep them coming.

Gary Sellars

I’ve been keenly awaiting the time when the SAA and Friends will finally get to eradicate these filthy Wahabbi orc mongrels from the face of this 3rd rock. It seems that my patience is about to be rewarded!!!

Happy days!

P.S Where can I pre-order my Idlib Liberation mechanise and campaign memorabilia? I’ve had my eye on a Wahabbi Skull drinking cup for a while now… or maybe an Jihadist-foot umbrella stand? Oh… its so hard to choose…


According to the WSJ, quoting unnamed US officials, Assad has already given the order to use chlorine gas. The US is going to attack it seems, all Syrians should be prepared.

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