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Syrian And Lebanese Air Forces Carry Out Airstrikes On ISIS At Syrian-Lebanese Border

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On Thursday, Lebanese Air Force attack helicopters targeted ISIS vehicles and positions in Jorud Ras Baalbek area and Al-Qaa in northeastern Lebanon near the Syrian-Lebanese border, according to Hezbollah’s media wing in Syria.

The source added that Syrian Air Force warplanes also targeted ISIS positions at the Alzimrani crossing and Al-the Hashishat hills in Jorud al-Jarajir in Western Qalamoun near the Syrian-Lebanese border.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah will participate in the next operation against ISIS on the Syrian-Lebanese border, the pro-government blog Al-Masdar News reported citing some “official source.”

It’s believed that Hezbollah and the SAA will attack ISIS positions in Western Qalamoun inside Syria only. Several sources have confirmed so far that there will be coordination between the SAA and the Lebanese Army during the operation.

The upcoming battle against ISIS on the Syrian-Lebanese border is expected to be far more difficult than the previous battle against Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in Arsal. ISIS has never negotiated or agreed to any peaceful initiative in Syria or Iraq. Thus, ISIS fighters in Jorud Baalbek, Al-Qaa and Western Qalamoun may fight until the death.

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Colin Oskapy

Heartbreak for Jew homosexual USA.


I wonder which force will achieve its objectives first. Battle hardened Hezbollah or the Lebanese army. Which is an army in name only.


I’m thinking hezb But I wish both success

Álvaro Sarmento

That´s cleary a russian strike. To precise to be syrian or lebanese.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That’s a Syrian strike they are both flying in tandem with Russian SU 31s as escort. Russia has provided them some more Helicopters and SU-24 planes, they are slowly fulfilling old obligations in equipment despite the US protestations which are a dull grumble now.


Then its death they will get :)))

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