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Syrian Amry Liberates Strategic Heights In Palmyra Countryside

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Syrian Amry Liberates Strategic Heights In Palmyra Countryside

A screenshot from the video

The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF), backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces’ attack helicopters, further advanced against the ISIS terrorist group in the countryside of Palmyra, retaking important heights north and southeast of the ancient city. Troops of the recently formed 5th Legion trained and equippend by the Russians played an important role in the operation.

As a part of the operation aimed to secure the northern flank of Palmyra, the Syrian army and the NDF captured a mountain chain north of the Mazar Mountaion and attacked ISIS units at the nearby al-Haram Mountain.

Meanwhile, government forces reseized the Talilah crossroad and the Talilah Heights from ISIS terrorists in the southern Palmyra countryside. The Talilah Heights is located in about 20km southeast of Palmyra.

The ongoing military operation clearly show that speculations, which had been spreaded by some pro-government sources, about the rapid army advance in the direction of Deir Ezzor are far from the reality.

As SF reported earlier in March, the main government goal is to secure the Palmyra countryside, including hill tops and gas and oil fields in the area which are still in the hands of ISIS terrorists.

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excellent excellent excellent i wonder do they fight mostly during the day or at night sometimes too?

Bill Wilson

Probably mostly during the day due to the availability of night vision aids and heat sensors. But then the field commanders may go ahead and conduct night movements where the troops are concealed from Daesh observers to get closer for a morning surprise attack.


You mean daesh has night vision/heat sensors?

Douglas Houck

The SAA and allies are doing fine. They have not lost any land that they have taken this time that I’m aware of. As to how fast they are moving, it all depends on your definition of fast. They are a long ways away from Deir Ezzor and nobody who knows anything is talking. Lots going on, patience.

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