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Syrian Air Force’s Warplane Crashed Near Palmyra

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Syrian Air Force's Warplane Crashed Near Palmyra

A warplane belonging to the Syrian Arab Air Force crashed in the area of Jazal near Palmyra on December 10, ISIS-linked Amaq news agency reported.

Further reports added that the warplane crashed because of a technical failure. Its pilot ejected and was picked up by a rescue team.

Syrian Air Force's Warplane Crashed Near Palmyra

In many cases, the Syrian Arab Air Force uses old warplanes and faces an acute shortage of spare parts and ammunition for them. So, warplane crashes because of technical failures are not very big news for the Syrian war.

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Type of aircraft?


Cessna haha

Bio_ Hazard

mig 23


Good news the pilot survived!

Trustin Judeau

Unfortunately the grain silos have fallen.The situation in Palmyra is very bad right now.There is big chance that the city will fall.Shame on Russia and the SAA command.

John Smith

No, there is nothing they should be ashamed of. Its obvious you and many readers here do not understand the situation and see this as supporters of a football team. A complex war is going on in Syria. The situation is very difficult, because there are dozens of hotspots and the front line is very extended from the south to the north.

What the SAA should do is close the Aleppo pocket and focus on another area while defending in all other fronts, if that is possible.

Some readers here were suggesting the SAA should focus on Al-Bab and now we understand how ridiculous their thinking of this war is. SAA have problems even defending Palmyra, let alone getting Al-Bab and defending it later from 8000 turkish-backed rebels.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

I do not think that is the case my friend, because Russia is much bigger than Syria and yet its forces and military intelligence control every centimeter of its territory and border and they have plenty of hardware in Syria to achieve it too.

What happens in Palmyra is an obvious and expensive error of logistic and military calculation and planning given the strategic and symbolic value of the area itself.

They left Palmyra without intelligence monitoring around enemy activity and gathering with almost null able military troops and voilá. The true, there would be no excuses to justify that failure, given the Russian military experience as a world power, being ally and experts in military strategy.


yes you cant achieve a objective then just believe it will be fine….you have to fortify it then gather over the horizon intelligence…..and also have plans in place to redirect force into the area from other areas when or if it attacked….this is basic tactical battlefield strategy 101.

Carol Davidek-Waller


Marek Pejović

i disagree on all accounts. first, not only shame but real consequences are to be felt in case of Palmyra falls due to negligence of the command structure which causes excess deaths to soldiers. there are area commanders for a reason. assault was to be expected since a large convoy of ISIS came in from Iraq. Aleppo might have consumed most of the resources, but it shouldnt have taken all the planning and vigilance of the central command or at least of the regional command.

ofcourse the situation is difficult for Syrian government, but Palmyra is important, and there still ARE some resources, like TIME to fortify and make defense plans, TIME to stockpile, and TIME to know the ground, build hidden observation points, and still enough manpower to man them and at least request reinforcements right away. and if anyone failed to fortify an important outpost as Palmyra should be held responsible, no matter if it’s Putin and Assad themselves. lastly, thin defenses around Palmyra have nothing to do with Al-Bab itself, there are enough troops and materiel around Aleppo to push back the turks. the manpower shortage is likely an issue of offensives which sucked out manpower for clearing various Damascus pockets…


Russia also knows that every war is an opportunity by the Cabal to weaken or bleed Russia.

The Kremlin is aware that an attack is being planned against the Russian Federation from multiple directions, so they are loathe to commit a larger force to Syria based on this probability.

The other thing is they know how Afghanistan was deliberately set up to weaken them when they were part of the Soviet Union and are wary of Syria becoming a similar situation, hence working with Iran.

Russian intervention in Syria was made possible only because of Iran-Iraq war veteran General Soleimani thought through a strategy using IRGC+Hezbollah together with SAA+NDF+Liwa Al Quds (Palestinians) to ensure Russians stick largely to advisor role with long range strikes from sea and air without compromising homeland defense.

I believe they are working on changing the strategy to fit the changing situation, but I am just an armchair analyst for this. I wish I could have woken up this morning to see the Daeshbags purged from the entire territory of Syria and Iraq.

Brad Isherwood


Diego Castellanos

Another consecuence of Putin’s “minimum effort”. To win a couple of inches and to lose another couple one. Sometimes it seems Putin doesn’t want support his ‘ally’ Assad but conserve anarchy in Syria for his own benefit. Many propaganda in RT and Sputnik with very few weapons and soldiers fighting the terrorists.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

I have thought the same as you Diego Castellanos for some time until you externalized it. Was it possible that the only thing that interests Putin is the endless continuity of the war to continue using Syria as a field of exhibition of its armaments to attract customers and flourish its arms market globally? Although I am an assiduous admirer of Russia and a lover without condition of Syria sometimes I come to doubt some military actions an inactions without sense and strangers on the part of the Russians.


It was a MiG-23


The large scale offensive by ISIS against Palmyra was made possible because Kerry made a deal with ISIS not to attack raqqa while ISIS mobilized and attacked Assad in Palmyra.

gfsdyughjgd .

As long as Turkey NATO member is in Syria ISIS will attack because ISIS is smuggle in by Erdogan.The aim is capturing oil and gas fields which Erdogan wants.Erdogan of Turkey wants South stream oil an gas pipelines in and through Syria.Putin and Lavrov know this.Erdogan is a snake

gfsdyughjgd .

Russia must allow full deployment of Iran troops with fighter jets and atilery with the full concern of Syrian government.This will re enforce Idlip,Homs,Palmyra and Hasaka.Russia must stop to hold meetings with Obama regime.

Laura Green

And all this “news” BS South Front is quoting from ISIS-linked Amaq news agency ? Shame on you S,Front.

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