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Syrian Air Force’s Airstrike Kills ISIS Field Commander


The Syrian Air Force’s Airstrike has killed one of the field commanders of the Islamic State terrorist group.

Syrian Air Force's Airstrike Kills ISIS Field Commander

On Wednesday, one of the field commanders of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group was killed in an airstrike of the Syrian Air Force, the RIA Novosti news agency reported, citing the Al-Manar TV-channel.

As the TV-channel reported, citing its own unnamed source, the killed terrorist had a nickname Abu Zubair al-Tunisi. Reportedly, in addition to the field commander, his assistant, known as Abu Muhdzhin, as well as several other members of the terrorist group, were also killed in the aerial attack.

According to the TV-channel, al-Tunisi was known as a cruel thug among his companions in arms, as he perpetrated a massacre of his own subordinates, who had retreated during a battle with Syrian troops.

The news agency reminded that just a day ago, the Syrian Army managed to pull down a tunnel, through which terrorists intended to penetrate Deir ez-Zor. According to media reports, the underground passage began upon the outskirts of Al Jufra, located to the south of the city. Its total length was several kilometers. As a result of the explosive demolition of the tunnel, the most part of terrorists, who were there, lost their lives.



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