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Syrian Air Force Received New Military Helicopter From Russia (Photos)

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The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) has reportedly received at least one new Mi-17 military helicopter from the Russian Federation.

Luftwaffe AS, a Syrian aviation blog, released images showing the brand new helicopter, which appears to be an armed assault version of the Mi-17.

The photos were apparently taken in the Kuweires Military Aviation Institute, located in the eastern Aleppo countryside. The institute is now serving as rely point for Russian forces operating in north and east Syria.

The Mi-17 was designed in the Soviet Union and later developed by Russia. The newer versions of the helicopters have an operational range of 800 km and a service ceiling of 6 km.

A single Mi-17 can carry 24 troops, 12 stretchers or 4,000 kg of cargo, internally. The helicopter’s 6 external hardpoints can carry up to 1,500 kg bombs, rockets, gun pods or other military equipment.

Prior to the war, the SyAAF used to operate more than 50 Mi-8\17 helicopters. Many of them were lost during the eight-years of conflict due to hostile fire or other factors.

Now, most of the remaining Mi-8\17 in the SyAAF are in bad technical conditions, which explains why Damascus would want to renew its helicopters fleet.

Syrian Air Force Received New Military Helicopter From Russia (Photos)

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Aleks Chernyy

These things are beastly, with four of them operational, you can do a lot of fairly sophisticated air raids and really wreak havoc on the enemy.


How come? are they immune to manpads? and it looks more like a transport helicopter than attack one

Aleks Chernyy

What’s your point? Are they immune to nukes? There is always a way to damage a weapon system, but with proper intel and good planning you can wreak havoc in the enemy, especially when we are talking about bearded gout rapists who are not terribly effective as fighters.

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