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Syrian Air Force Received Batch Of MiG-29 Jets From Russia

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Syrian Air Force Received Batch Of MiG-29 Jets From Russia

Russia has intensified its military involvement in the Syrian conflict.

On May 30, Syrian state media announced that it had received a batch of MiG-29 multirole fighters from Russia. Damascus did not provide details regarding the number of the received jets, but said that they are entering service with the Syrian Air Force on June 1. They are set to conduct regular patrols in Syrian airspace. Prior to the delivery, the Syrian Air Force had at least 20 MiG-29 jets.

Moscow is also working to expand its military infrastructure. On May 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a directive tasking the Defense Ministry, in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry, with holding negotiations with Syria on transferring more real estate and water territory to the Russian military’s possession. Russia currently has two permanent military bases in the war-torn country — the Hmeimim air base in Latakia province and a naval facility at the port of Tartus on the Mediterranean Sea.

The intensification of Russian support to the Damascus government comes as Turkey continues its military buildup in northwestern Syria. On May 30, May 31 and June 1, the Turkish Army deployed additional troops and equipment, including at least four M110 self-propelled howitzers, in Greater Idlib.

The configuration of Turkish military positions and Ankara’s attitude towards Damascus demonstrate that Turkey is not going to use these force against Idlib terrorists.

Rather, these reinforcements are needed to secure their safety in the event of any advance by the Syrian Army. On May 30, pro-government sources even claimed that Turkish artillery carried out several strikes on positions of the Syrian Army near Urem al-Kubra.

In response to the Turkish posture, the Syrians created additional fortifications at their positions in Saraqib and Ma`arat al-Nu`man as well as the Zawiya Mountain. Pro-militant sources also claim that the army from time to time conducts limited precision strikes on militant positions along the contact line in southern Idlib.

On top of this, late on May 31, an unidentified unmanned combat aerial vehicle delivered a series of airstrikes on militants’ positions on the al-Zawiya Mountian. At least 3 militants were reportedly killed. The material damage remains unclear.

On May 30, ISIS cells targeted a Syrian Army vehicle with an IED and then shelled it near al-Sukhna. 3 soldiers were allegedly killed. The anti-ISIS raid that came in response to the attack led to no results. On the next day, reports appeared that an officer and a soldier were killed in two separate ISIS attacks in the provinces of Homs and Deir Ezzor. Over the past weeks, government forces have contributed notable efforts to hunt down ISIS cells hiding in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert. Despite this, the terrorist threat still remains high in the area.

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Kurds set fire to a textile factory in the Esenyurt area of ​​Constantinople on May 4th. The fire caused enormous material damage and left the factory useless.

In May, at least 40 sabotages were carried out, sparking fires, including 14 completely destroyed factories.

Our information indicates the existence of dozens of explosive “loaded” on mini drones which will strike in a coordinated manner in Turkish cities, causing disaster.

Don’t be surprised if you hear about UAVs and STIs being manufactured in laboratories in northern Iraq or Syria recently.

The PKK is also preparing urban mobilizations and roadblocks, which is a new set of tactics and strategies. But the priority goals for the organization remain the same, all the big cities, and especially Constantinople.

The PKK has deployed nuclei in all Turkish cities, selected people with impressive capabilities who can easily enter and disappear anywhere and who do not have an envelope to link them to the organization, and have not committed any crime.

All the fired Turkish members of FETÖ, who previously served in the army or police, give them great support. It is possible to see crowds provoking mass uprisings, and so far there has been absolute discipline and confidentiality among the core of the organization, “said Murat Dincer, the former director of TEM’s special security service.

In such a case and given the dissatisfaction of the Turkish people for Erdogan and his corrupt regime, probably on the occasion of a “random” event, we could see scenes like the ones we have been watching in recent days in the US against Trump on the occasion of the brutal murder of a colored American citizen.

After all, the AKP does not intend to leave its power in the upcoming elections in Turkey to the current mayor of Constantinople, Ekrem Imamoglou, in a calm manner, as it is known that it has equipped its thousands of followers with automatic weapons.




Christos Cocksuckopoulos never ceases to amaze with his bedtime stories???

Now keep up with the news, 30+ of your kurdo friends were sent to hell this week. And many more arrested :(

Icarus Tanović

Not bad news. Batch of MIGs 29 is not bad at all.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

They are advanced Mig 29S, and Russia is also going to upgrade 20 Syrian Mig29s to the same level. No doubt, they will have air to ground missiles, as well as air to air to keep Israeli terror flights over Lebanon to a minimum.


I hope Russia allows Syria’s pilots of these plane to shot down Israel and Turkey planes.


Oh please by all means, let them try. It would be great to capture a Syrian pilot alive.

Ashok Varma

Silly chit of a boy.


Though unlikely, any interaction would take place over Lebanon – from where IAF operates and fires stand off-missile into Syria – from safety of third party and undefended airspace – it is also tactical doctrine of IAF to cover and hide themselves from Syrian SAM responses behind Lebanese commercial air traffic.


Well Bob, I meant in a dogfight. Wouldn’t it be great to see a Syrian MiG29 blown into pieces while the pilot ejecting? make no mistakes, we will take down their entire airforce if it comes to that.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

2000 years of cowardice.


and they will take out a great part of yours on the ground via massive combined stand-off strikes and ballistic fire on Palmachim and Hatzerim if it ever comes to that kind of escalation on your part, and this time even the Kremlin will be on board and provide intel and targetting apparatus like GLONASS, since such obliteration assault crosses several red lines (50 turkish soldiers got a taste of that recently in one go), rest assured. No restraint will hamper a Syrian response if you go all-out on them the way you speak. And that’s exactly why it’ll never happen, no more than your dreamed fullscale ground invasion.


Gryzor, ofcourse I over reacted and I wouldn’t want to see the IDF and SAA fight each other because of Iran, so Russia must put pressure on Assad to stop helping them near our border. We have eough enemies we don’t need another war, but you know us well enough man, we will do whatever we must if we are at risk.

Ashok Varma

You mum will be back soon, so quick :D

Ashok Varma

LOL, big talking silly chit of boy


Israeli F-16 downed by Syrian SA 2


After 40 years they succeeded, bravo. Now check what happened after that.


If they did then what? nothing! Stupid comment! But if an israeli pilot was captured….. hoooo weeee

Willing Conscience (The Truths

More news from syrialiveuamaps, if you don’t trust them don’t read what I’ve copied.

“Syrian Gazelle choppers have been spotted flying over northern Hama but their purposes are unknown,” -The Aérospatiale Gazelle is a French five-seat helicopter, commonly used for light transport, scouting and light attack duties.

“An airstrike by unidentified aircraft killed 4 IRGC soldiers that were travelling in a vehicle near Abu Kamal in eastern Deir ez Zor.” [probably American] .

“Allegedly the Russians are recruiting protesters in Deir ez Zor to go to Libya and fight for the LNA, and supposedly they’re recruiting fighters from al Quds as well,” I’m finding this story a bit difficult to believe though.

“Another person accused of collaborating with the SAA 4th division has been assassinated just outside the Daraa hospital”

But the Kurdish news has proven to be the most interesting of all, hopefully Assad’s following current events up there very carefully, big things are happening and no one’s talking about it. Assad should be very worried, if this progresses we could end up with the Syrian and Iraqi autonomous governments both merging to create one big Kurdish entity, and the only people that would be happy about that would be the US, Israel, and EU nations, and possibly Turkey too, that’s if they get a say in how it’s worked out [they have really good relations with both the Syrian Kurdish SNC and the Iraqi KRG]. It’s not even close to happening yet but this is how it will start, these are the first steps towards that outcome, I’d be very worried if I was Assad, this won’t be good news for him and hopefully he has something he can say or do to throw a spanner in the works.



These donations will be ex-Russian air force, domestic model, MiG-29s, superior to cheaper export models, and there is logic behind this move now – as MiG-29 is excellent defensive interceptor – and easily capable of waving off Turkish F-4 Phantoms and F-16’s that may try and intrude over northern Syria in near future, to attempt to protect Turkish proxy militants and TAF in any upcoming SAA offensives across Idlib.

Cheryl Brandon




How do you acquire a Syrian MIG-29? Simple, you just buy a plot of land in Syria and wait for one to fall on it

Syria bought 42 MIG-29s in the late ‘80 and and lost 23 of them over the years, two were shot by the Israelis the rest were lost due to Syrian incompetence

Friend of Russia

First the S 300 failed. Then the S 400 failed. Now it’s time for the MiG 29 to fail


Poor Syrian troops about to get sacrificed again for the political maneuverings of Putin and Erdogan.

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