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JUNE 2021

Syrian Air Force Overhauling Its Aging Su-22 Fighter Bombers (Photos)

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Syrian Air Force Overhauling Its Aging Su-22 Fighter Bombers (Photos)

Syrian Air Force’s Su-22 fighter jet © Valeriy Sharifulin/TASS

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) has been overhauling its aging Su-22M4 fighter bombers, which were made in the Soviet Union.

On June 9, the Luftwaffe AS blog shared photos of brand new Lyulka AL-21 engines which were recently shipped from Russia to Syria to support the overhaul of Su-22M4 fighter bombers. The photos were taken at a maintenance center in al- Sha’irat Air Base in eastern Homs.

The same type of engine is also used in the more advanced Su-24 fighter bomber, which is also in service in limited numbers with the SyAAF.

More than 30 Su-22M3\4 fighter bombers are currently in service with the SyAAF. At least 15 warplanes of this type were lost in the course of the war.

Four Su-22M3\4s were shot down by rebels, one by the US-led coalition, another by the Israeli military and a total of six were destroyed on the ground during the 2017 US strike on al- Sha’irat Air Base. The rest were lost in accidents.

Syrian Air Force Overhauling Its Aging Su-22 Fighter Bombers (Photos)

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The SyAAF usually deploy Su-22M3\4 to provide close air support for Syrian troops. If needed, the fighter bomber is also capability of conducting pinpoint strike and suppression of enemy air defenses missions.

Keeping aging warplanes like Su-22M3\4 in service is critical for the SyAAF, which has been struggling to stay effective with its limited resources.


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