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JUNE 2023

Syrian Air Force Delivers Air Strikes on Turkish Military in Northern Aleppo

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Last night, the Syrian Air Force delivered air strikes on the Turkish Armed Forces near the ISIS controlled town of al-Bab in northern Syria, according to local sources in the Aleppo province.

The Turkish military confirmed that three Turkish soldiers were killed and 10 others wounded (one of them seriously) as result of an air strikes thought to be carried by the Syrian military. The wounded soldiers were taken to the hospital in the Turkish province of Gaziantep, bordering Syria.

Ankara added that the attack occurred at around 3:30 am (0030 GMT) in the course of the Turkish-led military operation (code-named Operation Euphrates Shield) in the area of al-Bab.

At the same, non-official Turkish and Syrian sources said that the attack resulted in killing over 5 Turkish soldiers and wounding of 16 others.

Meanwhile, intense fighting is ongoing between Turkey-led forces and Kurdish YPG forces in the province of Aleppo.

Turkey-led forces attacked YPG units in the villages of Boghaz, Sab Weran, Sheikh Nasir and Yulanli and seized the villages of Barshaya and Jib Al-Dam from them. Turkish airstrikes reportedly hit YPG positions in the town of Arimah that Kurdish forces had seized from ISIS.

Major escalation took place between the YPG and Turkey-led forces after the Kurdish group succeed in preventing pro-Turkey militants from encircling and seizing the key town of al-Bab, controlled by ISIS. (More about tensions around al-Bab can be found here)

Air strikes delivered on the Turkish Armed Forces by Syrian warplanes is likely a signal that Damascus will oppose to the ongoing military build-up of Turkish army in northern Syria.

This also could be an answer to recent Turkish artillery strikes on Syrian army in the province of Latakia.

Syrian Air Force Delivers Air Strikes on Turkish Military in Northern Aleppo

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Heiko Demonus

Itcs very clear, that Turkey blames their dead of soldiers on Syria to attack them too! Turkey has nothing to do in Syria.


Only those forces who were invited by the Syrian government have a business there. All other troops must face the risk to be attacked.


Exactly! Is it not an act of war to enter the land of a foreign nation, without it’s approval?? If yes, than Turkey, USA, France, Britain, etc.,who entered Syrian territory did this already. That the UN say nothing to this, is a clear sign for me, that the UN is (long time) no more the protector of international law. And international law is not anymore present – just the “law of the strong” like before WW 2…

Jens Holm

Same Turkish shit again and again dont make Your words true.

Turks are not invited to anything by anyone. So BUZZ OF.

Same shit from You about UN.

Its pure rubbish of the worst kind. You also dont tell, what they say around Turks and Human Right if You ever are ALLOWED to hear about it, and You dont follow it as well.

When a country can allow rape children for candy and then make it fine by marriage of them. Where are the right for those children and Young woman ?

At long line of laws by the parlament as well as Goverment & Pr. Erdogan are not decided by the people, as they should be according to Your constitution, because its change of the constitutional rights and they also should be equal.

Here You have taken away 3000 lawyers, which are there for telling You that.

You censurship to free speach has reached states with despotes and dictators.

And its not only kurds are wrong at not even PKK`s. You made it alsmost impossible let the kurdish party make an election campaign and before that You denied many of them to be elected and do normal thing.

When they came in, You just made a new election hoping they didnt come in. After that You have been attacking them again and again and even jailed parlamentmembers.

You have removed at least 24 public kurdish majors and just replaced them with Turkish lowelives, because they dont agree in all the shit You come with and You deny them free speach.

Closing “Gülen-wjatever schools”, so children here abroad cant learn proper Turkish and made many Parets to them afraid. You also have closed 20 Kurdish radio and TV channels in EU.

Many militaris are jailed. 12.801 polices, several 1000 gendarms.

You are far out …


This seems like a very big development to me, and as far as I know this is the first such attack. I for one would appreciate some analysis. Could this just have been a response to the Turkish attack on the SAA in Latakia? Have the Turks crossed some unspecified red line in Northern Aleppo and this is the reaction?

888mladen .

In deed.Turkey used artillery based on their soil in Latakia. To retaliate against it could have invoke article five. This has been well chosen response which has been definitely sanctioned by Russian MoD. Now Russian S-300 batteries recently stationed close to Aleppo come into play. Turkish army logistics have been stretched by deep penetration into Syrian territory which makes their troops vulnerable to such attacks.

Random guy

well syrians downed a turkish jet few years ago. but i guess you meant after turkish ground offensive, then indeed it is the first time.

888mladen .

It has been well overdue. Syrian pilots have become very experienced especially in GMA.

Daniel Martin

Well that was about time!

888mladen .

Now it’s Iraqi’s airforce turn. They’ve got a green light.

Jeff Lewin

A Kurdish-Hezbollah-Iraqi-IRGC-Syrian-Iranian alliance against the Turks would help this situation, but, as that old proverb goes, we don’t want to put the cart before the horse… I am not sure what to hope for from the Iraqis, given their economic difficulties and their dependence on aid and trade with the Washington and the West.

Jeff Lewin

Erdogan better think very hard before he considers striking Syrian air bases where the Russian Aerospace Forces are operating, he would be making a big mistake.


Death to all invading Turks.

Jens Holm

Yes it could be fun YPG actually invaded Turkey, so they could feel how it is.

And remember to give them some Firtinas, Leopard tanks, TOWs as well as a flockof F16`s.

Hisham Saber

Good news. Turkey is nothing but a tool of the CIA and Mossad.

Jens Holm

And You are not even a tool. Very tolerant and free South Front. Even illiterats can write here.


And you Jens, immediately descends into an ad hominem attack… the typical response of a troll.

Jens Holm

Well, You can look in the Bible, The Khorans as well as the Tora.

An eye for the price of an eye.

To me he is offending Turks, CIA s and Mossad.s himself. I dont know how many millions that is. Turks are about 75 millions minus some of the Kurds.

Too many people only understand that kind of spanking.

Of course we could send some lokums and tea, and they will talk about it in Al Bab, and all the men will go home and give their wife and children their weapons and leyt hem shoot anyone the wish. And even the female kurdish fighters will do the same, and manyof them will be shot.

And then there well only by normal people left incl. 8-10 millions of refugees.

Im against we are there at all. It started for me with Bosnia and Afghanistan and then Irak at least Twise, then the overwhelming succes in Libya and now.

We could start home. Politicians, which want war, should be in the fronline the first 5 years of it.

888mladen .

Why do you call yourself illiterate?

888mladen .

Turkish ruling establishment is all about Muslim Brotherhood which is a CIA and Mossad creation. Syria has banned MB since the days of Hafiz Assad’s father. They assassinated Egyptian president Anwar El Sadat in 1981 and established Hamas as an alternative to PLO in 1988 under Mossad’s supervision. In the current Syrian conflict Hamas has become infamous for digging tunnels in Damascus and Aleppo under government buildings which were then blown to pieces by explosive charges with everyone within them. Later on Shin Bet which is no different from Mossad assassinated Yitzhak Rabin to prevent ratification of Oslo accord. In 2011 MB organized the Arab Spring in Egypt and brought Mohamed Morsi to power who later on took an open stand against the Syrian government fighting Salafi and Wahabi terrorists on its soil. They organized regime change in Libya since Moamar Qaddafi threatened world banking system. All that was done on the world ruling elite orders for the sake of their special interests. Add Vatican’s Jesuit Order to the chalice and you have a potent deadly potion which the population of the world is supposed to drink. MB has been the main promoter of Salafis and Wahabis ideology and Saudi and Qatari sponsored mosques world wide have been the very centers of their activity. So don’t scold Donald Trump for wanting to close them down. He is right having them it’s a huge risk.

Michael Drysdale

well wrote and seems reasonable to assume your points

Joseph Scott

On top of Shin Bet’s treachery against Rabin, you can add that they induced Ariel Sharon’s stroke when he started to halt and reverse the settlements and looked seriously at the 2 State Solution.


Unless the Turkish Army is sharing the current locations with SAA or Russians with somekind of strategic understanding(such as between USAF and RuAF), SAA would be treating any FSA position as valid military target.

gfsdyughjgd .

Syria and Iraq must attack Turkey Positions in their respective countries.Both Russia and USA plays stupit neutral game on expense of Syria andIraqi government troops expense.

Jeff Lewin

A Kurdish-Hezbollah-Iraq-IRGC-Syrian-Iranian alliance against the Turks might be wishful thinking, but one can still be hopeful.

gfsdyughjgd .

Turkey is attacking Kurdish people who are Syrian civilians.Erdogan was so concern over his countries airspace sovereinity when Russia attack the oil convoy of his son in Syriay.Nato always says Turkey has the right to self defensive so does Syria and Iraq.


All the silly talk of legality?Why? Who cares. The whine of those who see a double standard in the West who cares? Save it. If you do not recognize international law for what it is, or the UN for what it is, then read more comment less. This is simple and the people on the ground know it. Might makes right. The rebels in Aleppo are nothing with out arms supplies, Russia is nothing with out Suhkois in the air! The Kurd’s were nothing before this, only the armed PKK had any real voice, now they are armed they speak a lot louder. its about what you can physically do with the power of your military. Yes this is very simple, who has the military power to take what they want. This will decide Syria’s fate. No amount of cries about double standards or invites and international norms or laws matter. That’s just pure BS the most powerfully armed spoon feed those they step on. If you want to be right, then you best be prepared to fight!

Jeff Lewin

Syria has proudly risen to the the call of battle on their northern border. With an opponent who has gotten choice prices on US military equipment for decades, who manufactures the General Dynamics F-16 in their own domestic aerospace industry, and who weilds a tactical fighter force more than twice the size of Britain’s RAF, Syria has taken a proud step in standing up to the Turks. Bravo to the brave airmen of the Syrian Air Force.

Brad Isherwood

Russia could give Syria real time Intel on where key Turk field commanders /command is in Northern Syria. Should Erdogan push back, The next act by Syria could be decapitation of Turk command. Such drama would not be lost on Turk military that Russia is going to match each move And play 3 moves ahead : )


Syria has the right to defense itself against any invasion of other country. Syria must stop Turky ambitions in Syria. Russia must not allow Turky to invade Syria ! This is a big political and military mistake that Russia is doing, and everybody is against the russian tolerating invasion of Syria by Turkia.


Could be false flag, Turkish troops are right up in contact with Dai’sh, YPG, SDF, and delivering close air support to their FSA gangs so might be blue-on-blue from mis-directed F-16 air strike.

Jeff Lewin

I wonder if Erdogan thinks he can “up the ante,” would the Iranians pitch in with some surface-to-surface missiles?

Jeff Lewin

For all of Erdogan’s boldness, he better give things some serious thought now. He will not have an easy exit strategy if he tries to strike Syrian air bases where the Russian Aerospace Forces are operating.

Jeff Lewin

A Kurdish-Hezbollah-Iraqi-IRGC-Syrian-Iranian alliance against the Turks might be wishful thinking, but one can still be hopeful. Even without the Iraqis, hopefully there will be enough strength to make Erdogan to mind his manners.


TU and FSA forces moved into N Syria to secure it’s borders against ISUS and to prevent the Kurds from connecting their N Syrian “state”. The FSA is not that strong, and if they go beyond Al Bab they might be in trouble. SY/RU can control Syrian airspace if needed against illegal airstrikes. Erdogan will mind his manners because TU bases are within range of massive missile strikes from Russia (Turkey’s largest economic trading partner). The problem may be with Turkey’s uncontrolled FSA militias.


I read all the comments and as i see so much Turk haters here. Turkish government and people’s intentions were not about invading Syria at all. ISIS were sending rockets and missile weapons to our lands from the other side of the border of Syria. And if Syrian government dont have power to stop ISIS to abusing our lands, killing our people, then of course we will enter those lands and stop their violance, this is not something to be tolerated. We accept your refugees and helped them when Europe sendind them like a garbage, now i see many syrian people in my lands and they are living peacefully they have even more privileges than ordinary turkish citizens. But they come here and instead of being gratefull, they start to carry their violance here, killing and raping our women and children, stealing our money. Making propaganda against us. In my point of view (especially after the hate comments which is written here) we shouldnt take you in at all and not allow you to enter our lands. Leave you in to drownin in your own shit (that you created) in east.It remind me first world war, arabic people also stabbed us from back those times… nothing changed till then

Brad Isherwood

Turkey is a people’s group who did genocide against the Armenians. They freak out if you bring that talking point up. They sided with the Germans in WW 1 The recent dance of Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey With power blocks competing, Such as Gulen crime racket. Erdogan betrayed Assad and went with Empires gambit to tumble Syria. He next broke deal with Oclan and PKK…as Turks shelled Kurd villages when Kurd YPG were fighting ISIS at Kobani. Erdogan now arrests over 100,000 Gulen or Kurd politician and invades Northern Syria. Erdogan is a wreckless opportunist who has betrayed and broken his word. He has caused the ruin of Turkey and is causing her to be Isolated. Russia and China Silk Roads will not be waiting with open arms for this nut case.


There is no genocide against Armenians, you are having halucination. First read about history from historians, not from some ignorant people who are politicians or singers, ok? There are hundreds of records that genocide wasnt happened. Armenians killed more of our people and burned our villages before they were leaving. History will not forget and forgive what happened. Your lies will not change it. Its waste of breath to write and explain the reality to the people who are traitors such as you, but all the things that you wrote about Turkey nothing but a desperate wishes. We are strong, and you are just being grudge to this thats it. Erdogan didnt have any deal with terrorist groups like PKK and those Kurdish politicians were also feeding and supporting that terrorist group, they got what they deserved.(Sorry but we dont feed traitors anymore) You dont know what happens inside, just empty talk… We have one word in Turkish: “Türk’ ün Türk’ ten başka dostu yoktur.” Basicly it means: we are surrounded by traitors and they wait for defenceless point after ww1 till now. You will not be able to get a single bite from us.Let me explain for the ignorant ones: ISIS, YPG, PKK, Hezbullah, DHKPC. All of these groups are terrorists okey? None of them are freedom fighters. all of them are same shit, and we got bored from this shit. Our people dies for your war for no reason, just to defend our lands… Tanrı Türk’ ü korusun…

888mladen .

Mate your patriotism is misplaced. You’ve lost touch with reality. Erdogan’s family has made fortunes in oil trade with ISIS at the expense of ordinary Turkish people.

Jeff Lewin

Send them packing! Really, Syria needs a buffer zone inside Turkey!


Good point!

supporte mon pays

Turkey to get bogged down in Syria. Long live Bachar and long live syrian arab army.

Marumiyu Moriame

time for retaliation for turk aggression. BA should send some 1500 kg going away presents.

Michael Drysdale

surly Russia knows whats going on , because they have just brought turkey back into the frame. any proof yet of what is really going on ?

Michael Drysdale

another point to introduce here is that egyptian pilots have been seen at one of the syrian air bases

888mladen .

The name of the base is T4 where RU stationed recently few S-300 batteries. They have arrived to stay and will start full scale operation in January along side SAA.


The Syrian military has denied these claims. Al masdar, activist post among others are reporting this. It seems these were false flag attacks to try to escalate tensions.


Well the USAF ‘accidentally’ bombed the SAA in an obvious message to break last ceasefire. So what’s good for USAF is good for SyAF, send message to Turkey to back it up before Al-Bab. With plausible deniability in place of 3.00 am (note SyAF generally don’t do night flights as technology is too old) – simply deny it just like US always do.

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