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Syrian Air Force, Air Defense Forces Lost No Assets In US-led Strike (Photos, Videos)

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On April 14, an officer of the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) revealed to SouthFront that the SyAADF and the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) had not lost any of their assets in the US-UK-France strike, which hit Syria earlier.

The SyAADF officer also confirmed that not a single operational airbase had been hit and added that the information presented by the Ministry of Defense of Russia regarding the strike had been “highly accurate.”

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced that the SyAADF managed to shot down 71 missiles out of 103, which had been launched by the US, the UK and France at different airbases and military positions in Syria.

Syrian pro-government sources confirmed that at least three facilities of the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC) in Damascus were fully destroyed in the strike, including an educational center in Barzah district. However, the sources confirmed that all facilities that got hit were fully evacuated days prior to the strike.

Syrian Air Force, Air Defense Forces Lost No Assets In US-led Strike (Photos, Videos)

Scientific educational center in Barzah district, By SANA

Syrian Air Force, Air Defense Forces Lost No Assets In US-led Strike (Photos, Videos)

Scientific educational center in Barzah district, By SANA

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) confirmed, only hours after the attack, that the missiles had been launched by the British Royal Air Force (RAF) at a missile base of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) west of Homs, were all succssfully intercepted.

A video released by the Syrian al-Akhbarya TV showed that the British missiles fall in empty land and civilian houses in the western Homs countryside. The failed British strike reportedly injured at least three civilians.

Local observers viewed the US-UK-France strike as a failure in technical and strategical terms, as it didn’t’ effect the SAA offensive and defense capabilities in any serious way.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon provided own version of events. According to the US military 105 missiles were launched at 3 “chemical weapons” facilities in Syria and all of them hit the target. MORE HERE

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Friisby Theshrimp

man that must sting


I have oft said that the US Military is too ‘smart’ for its own good :)


I work in the US defense industry. Here, it is all about the contract. money, money, money. Over-budgeted programs that fail to pass soft pre-defined tests, so that engineering short comings are passed to the next round of funding. Private owners of the MIC get immediate cash. the taxpayers get more debt and bondage for their grandchildren. The Banks get more leverage, more control. It is an insane system for an insane nation, in which the population is either lobotomized, narcotized, or completely disconnected.


They even uses foreign made parts nowadays. Profit come first.

You can call me Al

Did you know that the F-22 and F-35 was built in over 40 states …. + of course parts made by the allies. All the parts have to be re-machined.

Difficult to find videos now, since censorship.


The UK should have upgraded the harrier.

David Parker

Or completely blocked out. I speak up, but can’t do much else.

You can call me Al

To be fair, the ships Captains ere distracted by the sight of the tooth fairy.

You can call me Al

I would usually agree. But I cannot get my head around the misses on targets; is that because their missiles are crap, they were electronically zapped or it was intentional !!?.

103, 105, 110 missiles shot, whatever allegedly 71 shot down -> that is more than damn good, who would buy Yank stuff now ?.

This morning, this afternoon I was over the moon, but somewhere, sometime I got the “big but” in my head….. and I honestly have no idea why.


It could have been a cunning plan, but Americans do not really do ‘cunning’.

I would think its just another series of US weapons that do not work very well in combat conditions against any determined opposition. This will make you smile Al. Next week will see a few verbal contortions I suspect from May and Boris.



The recent lack of success by American weapons is also due in response to improved technology and better training on the part of adversaries. However, that should not prevent or significantly impact sales.

Go back to the contract.

The US government sells weapons to corrupt and compromised officials around the world, Europe, Japan, South America, etc. For example Lockheed sells the garbage F-35 to country X for say $100 million. Corrupt foreign official or officials who authorize the sale, pick up a commission, say 10% or in this case $10 million. US Congress and Executive Branch must approve the sale. All senior congressmen and members of the (president’s) executive branch get greased (commission) for the sale, say $1 million each. The total price tag is now $200 million dollars. The US government with the help of the IMF and Private Banks, LENDS the money (on paper) to the foreign government. The new Loan is now $250 million, which includes fees for the IMF and senior bankers. Real cash money from the US Taxpayers is used to pay Lockheed, the corrupt foreign officials, the congressman, the presidents staff, the IMF officials and the bankers. The foreign country is now on hook with the banks and the US government with a loan for $250 million that they will never be able to payback but which will not prevent the foreign country from getting new additional loans for questionable purchases. The US taxpayers are never reimbursed for the money and the cost is simply added to the US Public Debt, which goes back to continued slavery and control of the Bankers.

So, who cares if a weapon works or does not work, when everybody involved with the sale is making serious money. Lockheed gets to claim it is supporting jobs for American workers in an industry subsidized by US taxpayer dollars. Congress and the President get to say they are building relations with world leaders and new American partners. Corrupt foreign officials get fly to to Washington shake hands with the President and explore new GRAVY business deals at US taxpayer expense and the banks always get a cut of the phony loans and the compounding US government debt (i.e. slavery to the Rothschilds in perpetuity)

side note: if the corrupt foreign official does not agree to buy the weapons, the US government (CIA, DIA, Special Forces, US Army) will find a new foreign official who will. Like the Mafia says, “I making you an offer you cannot refuse.”

So, once again, who cares if the weapons work or do not work. who cares if the nuclear reactor works or does not work. who cares if the grain is good or is rotting.

This gravy train is working just fine. This gravy train will never end.


Gone are the times when British and French were looting the lands of other nations. Gone are the times of British in America were practicing genocide. Gone! For good!

Eouz Cuemarz


Eouz Cuemarz

The west have done so many atrocities since colonial times.


Iron is red hot just Mr. Putin should hammer it. This is an oppotunity with Syria and with their allies and should use it.

You can call me Al

I would have said, kick out Israel from Palestine…..just a thought though.


“Meanwhile, the Pentagon provided own version of events. According to the US military 105 missiles were launched at 3 “chemical weapons” facilities in Syria and all of them hit the target.”

Are you saying that they have targeted the White Helmets?


Or the CIA/MOSSAD/MI5/MI6 the suppliers of chemical weapons to the INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORIST.

Pavel Pavlovich

A resounding tactical failure, albeit strategically without any great import. Until such time as the Russian military is given green light to target the US assets, be it warships or merely masked US instructors embedded with their terrorist puppets, the matter will be more agravated with each new event.

paul ( original )

Yes you get it completely.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The UK-Empire once against bombing civilians. That is the only thing the UK-Empire did during the entire World War 2, they just bombed civilians. Several million indigenous civilians genocided, then the Royal Airforce patted themselves on the back and cheered “we are invincible” It amazes me how an empire who believes that they are monkeys devotes their entire military operations to carpet bombing civilians who are Monotheist.


This is fifth generation war in which US and UK first send well trained army as terrorists and deplomatic officers for covert operations to control all institutions in the target country by killing key politicians, journalists, barristers and other top leaders etc and then later on they take full country. For example Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Libya, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia etc. —————————————————————————————————————————–

David Parker

I believe you are onto it. The end result of all these wars is that no Christians are left in the lands after the wars. Where Christians lived in peace and their property was protected in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Syria, now there no Christians at all living in these ancient lands where the Apostles walked, with the except of the few who remain in Syria. One million Christians murdered by Moslems in the last ten years and not one peep from the MSM.


Deeply troubling and very sad.

paul ( original )

I am very glad to read this and I believe it. Sadly I don’t think it matters all that much. Before disagreeing with me consider first that the whole enterprise was initiated using hoax and lies. My point being that truth does not matter. The three stooges will say it is a grate triumph and everyone around them will nod like mechanical donkeys. All that matters say from a UK perspective is that May can stand at a flag draped lectern and say how marvellous she is and have every one agree.

You can call me Al

Well, that is where I disagree, maybe not or he reason you think.

Italy and Germany said no to participating, others were “yes but no”.

and next time ????………the same again ?, for me it is doubtful as the UK and France sent a few planes over but have to live with the humiliation now….. not only will the scum bag politicians have a lot to answer for and feel absolutely humiliated – the citizens will raise bloody hell next week – just watch.

May is not marvellous, she is an ugly, useless, hooked nosed, sell-out skank. Her days are numbered.

Fck her and Fck the Yanks……oh and Fck the French. e need a revolution.


“All missiles hit their targets”. So, 71 missiles were programmed to hit syrian air defence missiles in the air. And the british missile was programmed to hit a field in the countryside. Probably the syrian government grew “chemical weapons” their.


Probably the syrian government grew “chemical weapons” their.

Made my day. :D

Tudor Miron


David Parker

This will get the deep state war mongers off Trump’s back for another year. Enough missiles have been expended to restart the production lines, etc., the “defense” budget was successfully increased, etc.


UK and US want war with Russia. Sergei Skripal poisioning is just the tip of the ice berg that UK have used against Russia. Russia must know Israel is their true enemy.

You can call me Al

The UK didn’t, they were sucker punched like all the last years….bullying tactics, black op operations on refineries and even pipelines……we Brits have no love for the US and we are closer to Russia than e are to the US BY A LONG WAY.

Joe Doe

This statement is very foolish that AIR DEFENSE FORCES LOST NO ASSETS, maybe not AIR DEFENSE FORCES, but other units and infrastructure damage. This is hard to believe, no damage. To me looks like some kind of cover up for Russia by not taking any action to defend Syria. Unless this is some kind of Hollywood movie made by Putin and Trump, where everything is going according to script. Trump saying he will bombs Syria desert and Russia will defend Syria and will be happy ending

Faith Biate Fhg

Why don’t you go and pay a visit to Syria and see for yourself? If you don’t believe then better go to Syria and look for the proof.

David Parker

I wish I had the money. How would a Mexican or American go about visiting Syria? What would the Syrians do to an American tourist? I would like some assurance that the Syrian government observes the rule of law and I don’t mean that “Sharia” bullshit either, I mean God’s law.


You would be loved there if you went with an open mind and an open heart. What a great way to express your love, admiration and solidarity for the Syrian people.


The bulk of syrian weaponry was transferred at the russian bases in the past days. That is why there are no big losses for SAA.

Also the americans are saying they have only targeted the “chemical factories”, implicitly corroborating what the syrians say.

Tudor Miron

Does it hurt to know that your masters military is so ineffective?

David Parker

A key point you are missing is that these NATO puppets did not shoot at the Russians. It was not the Russians who backed down. The NATO Trumpets all blamed Russia for the alleged “chemical attacks” but were content to shoot a billion dollars of inventory at three empty buildings. This was a fireworks display if not a simple test of the effectiveness of a swarm of outdated Tomahawks.


I feel like Trump (sort of) knew the truth and he had to make the strikes look as Convincing as they can be to make the Deep Regime Happy. We all know in reality, the Attacks have failed. and WW3 has been cancelled. (for now hopefully).


High probably. But next time the jew will not being fooled again.


Thanks for trying to get behind the veil to the real show. Matis and US pentagon will not do a foolish engagement but had to appease Trump who must be getting a headache from all this. I hope he has learned to buckle under Matis leadership so that men who know how to lead can get the job done. Trump looks much smarter before he opens his mouth.

Manuel Flores Escobar

The one million dollar question is..who has more success?…The armed forces that shot down 71 missile on flight..or the armed forces which hit 3 buildings and need 103 missile, 3 warships, 15 aircraft?…. time in…10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…

David Parker

Exactly. Whose mercenary army of raghead murderers has been destroyed? Who still occupies the ground? Who did not dare shoot at the Russians?

You can call me Al

Did you say 300 million there ?

That Guy

It is not even confirmed that the number 71 is true, it might be 13 or even less. Sad, but we shouldn’t believe everything on any media.


Only the shekel whore sheeple can’t believe anything : not all have their lives built on the theft-from and deception-of others #AskANative #AskAnAfrican #AskAPalestinian there’s a reason Muslims are a threat while the slavers consider shekel whores their donkeys : we’re not the same as debt-driven slaves of money


Эдсель Перес

They give the syrian a much experience in intercepting incoming missiles.. and they get better day by day.. till they have new weapon system….


SOHR- that MI5/MI6 front that is actually one man in Coventry- has CONFIRMED the Kremlin claim that most of the missiles were intercepted. This is WAY significant.

Propaganda from SOHR is a key player in the Deep State events in Syria. What happened last night was not what it seemed- as most here are now staring to realise. Trump declared the USA was leaving Syria, then next thing he’s ordering strike. Things are moving at light speed, and 180 whiplash corrections will be commonplace.

So the Pentagon and Trump saying they are “happy” with the outcome can be taken with all the salt in the world. Wait to see what happens next week because this is just the beginning.

Prince Teutonic

I wouldn’t touch this shit! It could be contaminated with depleted uranium…

=Kory Walace

After all that talk this is what happens? I am let down and for the US too say that all missiles hit their targets? even with no air defences to go though some of the missiles would not have made it if they fired 103 of them?

Promitheas Apollonious

Well they are smarter than Trumpo that’s for sure and lets not forget who say 100% right? The snake tongue Donald ducky.

Igor Dano

Dotard J. Swamp was saying, that the missiles are.new and smart. 1. CCCP era soviet weapons are enough to take out 70% of them? 2. 103 missiles on 3 targets? No general colonel or simple soldier would plan and execute such nonsense, it is like a mininuke, 50 tons of tnt. What a shit! If they did, then half of the missiles have been deflected by signal jaming, flew pver the targets, or dropped into the sea and did not reach the land mass.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Hahahaha nice!! Can u believe it syria has repelled an attack by the 3 supposedly most advanced nations in the world!!! They are actually the most uncivilized nations in the world! LONG LIVE SAA AND ASSAD!!!

Hell Sing

I’m thinking the new experimental technology Russia developed fried the electronics in each of the incoming missiles.

Brad Isherwood

Russia never turned on their Area denial Jamming system. That system Burn deep into Israel, Turkey. Hell. …British Tornado aircraft GPS/NAV would blue screen of death. Tornado Pilots maybe punching out …due to piss themselves moment

If Russia turned on area Jamming, Cruise missiles would be splashing in the Sea. . Crashing Into the mountains of Lebanon. .. Into the desert east of Damascus.

You’d hear about….not much would get by the Russian system.

What did occur. ..and ya. ..thanks Jewtin**…at least Syrian Airdefence got Russian Radar Vectors … Russian Radar can see down to Israel and out past Cyprus …easy. Nope….S 400 were stand down. …Area denial Jamming off.

Iran has been testing Area denial Jamming in Syria, .. That’s what IAF attacked at T4 Airbase recently. Syria’s Point defence is game.. They have Area Jamming…as over 30% Cruise missiles from the strike were deflected.

Putin is just Netanyahu/Chabad Lubavitch. ….Limo driver Throw an empty Vodka bottle at the Limo.


Can some military expert explain to me why one complex of that size was targeted by over 70 missiles and if any building can sustain that much damage without fully collapsing? Is it normal? From what I see it was a bit excessive. I can understand last time they shot 50+ missile at an airfield because it was quite large and they targeted ammo depot, bunker, and anti air facilities. But this time it was just 5 or 6 buildings I think?

You can call me Al


You must understand the mentality……



Hhahahahaha lies. The syrians and russians were humiliated

alejandro casalegno

Coke………pot……….meth……….crack???……..becouse you are sp high.

alejandro casalegno

The success of the ADF is not very surprising, Rusia telll to the syrians HOURS before than the attack was inminent, the missiles were of cruise type, very precise ,low altitude but very slow, . The RuAF have A-50 in the air to give on the clock data to the ADF and the syrians have a lot of missiles to shot at the “Swarm”…………….the IDF F-16s or the old “Scud” BM are much more difficult targets than the Tomahawks or SCALP.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

plus with trump broadcasting days before attack how he might attack gave them plenty of time to prepare :)))

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