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Syrian Air Defense Forces Ready To Repel US Strikes – Envoy

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Syrian Air Defense Forces Ready To Repel US Strikes - Envoy


The Syrian Air Defense Forces and Army are ready to repel any attack including, a US strike, the country’s ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad told the Russian state-run news agency Sputnik.

“We are ready for any possible situation that Syria may face. Our army is prepared, as well as air defense forces, we are ready to repel any attack in order to preserve the sovereignty on our territory and to protect our people,” the diplomat said commeting on US ambassador to UN Nikki Haley’s threat to strike Syria if necessary.

The ambassador added that Syria and Russia had revealed that terrorists are preparing provocations with the use of chemical weapons in order to justify new attacks against Syria by the US-led block.

“[These provocaitons] first of all, at influencing international public opinion and encourage the powers supporting the militants to attack them, as was done earlier in Khan Shaykhun,” Sputnik quoted him as saying.

Commenting on a US missile strike on the Shayrat Airbase, Haddad noted that the attack had been carried out “without any evidence, any confirmation of who had used the chemical weapons”.

Earlier this month, the US publicly threatened to attack Syrian government forces if they continue their operation in Eastern Ghouta. Russia responded by saying that it will take measures against any “launchers” or “missiles” endangering its troops in Syria.

Five Seconds Until World War 3

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Nigel Maund

Let’s hope that should the usual US “False Flag” excuse for an attack be implimented, in the event of a USAF “punitative air strike”, the SAA / Syrian +/- Russina air defences deal the USAF a bloody nose resulting in the loss of several aircraft; thereafter, US enthusiasm for the use of chicanery and brute force may cool off somewhat?


Take it from me, if there is a prospect of even ONE plane shot down or a ship sunk like in Yemen… the strike will be called off.

Believe it or not.


Increasing WRONG. While you are correct that career military managers in the US forces hold this opinion, these ‘relics’ of a saner age are being hunted down and replaced (often by women, gays and minorities) who want to lead the US into direct conflict with Russia.

See the example of that ‘black’ HOUSE SLAVE US general who publicly stated American soldiers exist to die for Israel.

Tommy Jensen

But they do and Americans love it! Did you see any outrage in USA against Israel when Israel killed 100´s of Americans on USS Liberty? Did you see any outrage in USA when Israel killed 3500 Americans in 9/11? Did you see any outrage in USA when 6000 Americans died in Iraq because of Israel? Americans love to be killed by Israel……………….LOL.

Peter Bond

You antisemitic bastard, wasn’t the Muslims that caused 9/11 which after the towers fell Muslims world wide were jubilating? Wasn’t that what made bush an excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan? You are just full of shit being an Israeli hater, yes I am not Zionist but from Africa, Nigeria to be precise!


Actually Peter I saw the same television shots of those celebrations in Australia. It was revealed later that the television footage was the event was taken from a celebration that had nothing to do with the Twin towers and was used for propaganda purposes even though the celebration was from another event prior to September eleven. When going back to check and provide you with the original info I found the site would only load for a second or two. It was from the snopes fact checking site and it shows that the US media deliberately pitched this false story to make American people despise Palestinians. I cannot load it but you can try. Here is the address https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/false-footaging/

jerry hamilton

It looks like Trump is backing down. I never regarded him as sensible.


I wouldn’t count on that, now that mad dog Bolton is secretary of state, the US will attack lots of countries.

jerry hamilton

Yes, that was a strange one. There are mixed signals coming through.

You can call me Al

and the one a couple of days before (forgotten his name).


Bolton is 150% Israeli …

jerry hamilton

Who is in control here. Trump or Netanyahu?

Promitheas Apollonious

assuming that both dont follow instructions and orders from the ones who employee them. None of them is in control, just puppets, with their strings pulled.



Tony B.

Both wrong. Both are prostitutes of the Rothschild cabal. Nothing will change until enough people quit the phony divide and conquer game and all concentrate on taking out the cabal.



Joao Alfaiate

NSA; Bolton doesn’t require Senate confirmation, unlike Sec. of State and DCI.

Promitheas Apollonious

He is just an employee, following orders.

jerry hamilton

Yes but Trump is a bit of a loose cannon. Him phoning Putin threw everyone .

Murtadha Mustafa

SAA has NO CHOICE & MUST take the War to OCCUPIED PALESTINE TERRITORY now or never. America & ISRAEL + Allies Turkey, Saudia Daesh & Qatar will not allowed Syria to return to its 2010 situation. the only solution now FUCK ISRAEL now or never?? Murtadha Mustafa.


And get Damascus nuked? Luckily Syria has sensible leaders. To destroy Israel, first destroy the USA, and great minds are working on achieving that goal.


Dont be stupid which country today dare to nuke another defenceless country?

Now you know who are the people,like you , should not possess nukes….

The one ordered it will hang in the the Haque for crime against humanity.


The US, it’s done it before.

Promitheas Apollonious

Because they knew, none could retaliate against them, then. Use your brain and come to today’s realities and not a century ago.

Samuel Boas

Done it before? Who exactly then??


The US regime is so stupid and blinded by hate that I can see them doing further Hiroshima and Nagasaki… even on a planetory scale this time …

Joao Alfaiate

The level of Israeli control here is such that the Israelis could nuke Cedar Rapids, Iowa and half of Congress would approve.

jerry hamilton

The other half would be holding out for more money before approving.

Tony B.

More like ALL of congress.

Tony B.

Tho “Haque” itself is a crime against humanity.


The mad U$Asylum Empire is busy destroying itself in the cause of One World Govt, based on the UN. It’s a shame Putin has put a spanner in the works. John Doran.

Promitheas Apollonious

who told you the NWO, is based on UN? or how you come, to this conclusion.


Much reading.


Interesting. “It’s a shame Putin has put a spanner in the works” Could you please explain?


See my reply to PromAp above, please. This was sarcasm, yes/ :)

Promitheas Apollonious

UN was a tool in order to put the global population to sleep and believe now they are safe and have someone else watching over for them. It was and is a means of achieving target but not the prototype as to how or what NWO is and her raw face.

Maybe you did a lot of reading but sometimes believing what others say or concluding based on their assumptions of what is reality is not the best way to understand what is happening and by whom and why around you. Sometimes is just step back and watch and conclude based on what you see and judge based on action and result not words.

I am sure then you get it right and have a clearer picture.


I started by investigating the global warming/climate change scam which tries to blame mankind for a totally natural process: the climate is ALWAYS changing, has been for 4.5 Billion years & man’s effect on climate is negligible.

The aims of the hysteria are: A vast depopulation, the destruction of ALL nations, including even the mad U$Asylum Empire & Israhell, a huge de-industrialisation & a Totalitarian World Govt, based on the UN, The Club of Dictators. The future is one of Lords & Serfs: The Hunger Games is where the Banksters want to herd us.

http://www.c3headlines.com & click on Quotes

See the list of Socialist & Communist Morons behind this frankly idiotic & Satanic agenda.

Go on http://www.ukcolumn(dot)org scroll down the homepage till you see the boxes containing the £Bradbury£ & the United Nation’s agenda for this 21st century, Agenda 21.

This “Environmentalist” con fell apart at Paris 2015: nobody is buying the pile of pooh now.

& Putin has put a spanner in the Globalist’s juggernaut, by re-arming Russia, calling a halt in Syria, aiding & re-arming Iraq, etc. Hence the hysterical reaction of the insane Brit govt.

John Doran.

Feudalism Victory

Neo feudalism


Guess who is one of the BIGGEST proponents of the man-made global warming SCAM, and bans any who try to point out the lie? THE SAKER (don’t believe me- go google- it’s 100% true).

It is so in your face that Saker (based in jewish Florida, USA) is a zionist agent, it isn’t even real.


You provide zero refs to back your claim.

Tony B.

It’s true. Putin also backs the phony “global warming.” Of course, as a tactic, this idea helps Russia catch up faster in manufacturing as the whole purpose of the scam is to cripple western manufacturing. This is why pushers for it will be allowed to profit from its “tax.”


Putin knows the warming/climate scam is phony. He was allowed into the World Trade Organisation on rather favourable terms by pretending to go along. A deal cooked up with child killer, mass murderer & war criminal Stony Bliar. Putin is clever. John Doran.

jerry hamilton

Why is the Great Barrier reef is dying?

Tony B.

According to what I read it is now reviving. Do you associate all natural problems with global warming?

jerry hamilton

Global warming is something I give no thought to. I had read that the barrier reef was dying and they stuck the global warming label on it. A bit strange since I read we are heading towards a mini Ice age. Would be great if the barrier reef really is reviving.


Not sure how familiar you are with Geo Engineering but this is a good start if you are interested. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

I have a complete folder of links to source info about Weather Manipulation,which, by the way, the CIA admitted to in June of 2016, but ,of course, gave it a “Nice Face” !

Tony B.

Wrote you a long note on this issue and it disappeared when I checked out your link. For now, suffice to say that I don’t bother much anymore with the details but am aware of all of it, weather, poisoning everything, etc. I generally just tell people to look up at the sky and check out the gigantic garbage compactor in which we live.


Yes there is no doubt CENSORSHIP is happening because some of my comments also disappear……part of the Zionist Garbage dump we live in now


also now comments are banned on BITCHUTE

Liam McKinn

Somehow I doubt the CIA admitted to weather manipulation in any ongoing fashion.

The whole Chemtrail thing is nonsense. Too many logical impediments .


They did , in June of 2016.

In spite of that, one only needs to look up once in a while, unless you are prone to neck problems

Do your homework, IF you are sincere and not trolling

With a good Irish name like Liam I am shocked you trust Government , UNLESS , of course, you are from the North and are, THUS, brainwashed. I am Republican, from Dublin and my family , who were rebels, learned from the British scum, about Government

Take care now

Liam McKinn

I have always been compelled to get people who are deluding themselves… to think.

YOU might call me a troll. I feel differently.

What is the point I wonder of going into an echo chamber where no one EVER questions your claims. To me THAT become nothing more than fertile ground for BS and unsubstantiated lies.

So when a topic sets my BS detectors off like a fire alarm …due to lack of credible info, mountains of mis-info and devoid of critical thought… I chime in.

You will find no more an honest thinker than me. But I apply logic, critical thought, and set a bar reasonably high for evidence to be considered valid.

Things like “The CIA admitted to weather manipulation” set off alarms immediately with me.

First I say WHY?

WHY would they ?…if they actually were and wanted to be secretive about it. OR…if they were not.

It’s counter intuitive that an organization like the CIA would :

A) Be involved in THAT type of operation…not really their purview. B) Be so all – powerful and formidably proficient to actually orchestrate an operation such as weather modification without any exposure.. and then just come out and admit it.

I personally see insurmountable logical impediments to the “chemtrail” theory being an existing reality as well.


A person like myself can only BRING FACTS and TRUTHS to “people” like you.

WE cannot force you to do your OWN REAL research to realize I am right, or, to put it more simply, ” One can lead a Horse to Water but one cannot force it to drink

Hiding your comments in your account tells me you are a TROLL or at the other end, possibly a BOT and I stand by that assertion learned from MANY years of experience since the late 1960’s prior to Internet and since 2008, on DISQUS alone.

WHO or WHAT (ever) you are,we are done now

You are an amateur, pretending to be knowledgeable but actually,only with a rapid type

Liam McKinn

Unfortunately people who desperately WANT to believe in dark fantasies…misinfo… which support a certain narrative ..tend to consider claims and assertions ,regardless of how ridiculous and baseless,..to be “facts and truths”.

I hide my comments because I have learned that, when cornered by logic .. conspiracy theorists online tend to go off into rash Ad Hominem attacks when their argument collapses in on them. I have been followed onto forums where I am discussing fishing or music..and vulgarly trolled by people I was engaging with on other topics elsewhere.

It’s fine if you don’t want to discuss the topic. Your horse/water point is spot on.

But there is NO ongoing program of “chemtrails “. It’s simply one of those evil boogeyman fantasies that conspiracy theorists cling to …in the face of logic, reality, & probability.

I highly doubt I would ever change your position on the subject. But.. were we to discuss the reasons we each hold our positions…the honest reader would certainly understand who had logic and evidence …and who was grasping & clinging to an unsubstantiated self deception. As “Fact” after “fact” is exposed for the simple reality it was fabricated from. Like your CIA “claim”.


Stay with those foolish enough to believe your B.S.

You are nothing but a TROLL and THAT is why you hide the comments in your account


Liam McKinn

You might want to get someone to read it to you here. There are …..Words…. (

WORDS ( word wərd/Submit noun plural noun: words 1. a single distinct MEANINGFUL element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed.)

… that Brennan uses that when used carry certain MEANINGS.

I highlighted all the key WORDS… what these particular WORDS indicate …is the Brennan is referring to a hypothetical program HE thinks MIGHT have some promise…but he sees potential problems as well.


“I’ll start with the overarching challenge of instability, which continues to grip large sections of the globe.

Global instability is one of the defining issues of our time, and its implications are hard to overstate. As instability spreads, extremists and terrorists are finding sanctuary in ungoverned spaces. Energy supplies are being disrupted. Political reform is suffering as too many governments opt for authoritarian measures at the expense of democratic principles and respect for human rights.”

Content from external source… Here is the part where SAI is mentioned. Emphasis (bold font) has been added where there are clear indications how Brennan is talking about something that would be, could be a potential future thing:

“Another example is the array of technologies—often referred to collectively as geoengineering—that** POTENTIALLY ***COULD***help reverse the warming effects of global climate change.

AN SAI program ****COULD**** limit global temperature increases, reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures and providing the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels.

As promising as ****IT MAY***** be, *****MOVING FORWARD on SAI WOULD ******raise a number of challenges for our government and for the international community. On the technical side, greenhouse gas emission reductions*****WOULD***** still have to accompany SAI to address other climate change effects, such as ocean acidification, because SAI alone WOULD NOT remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

On the geopolitical side, the technology’s *****POTENTIAL***** to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions at the expense of others ***COULD **** trigger sharp opposition by some nations. Others might seize on SAI’s benefits and back away from their commitment to carbon dioxide reductions.

And, as with other breakthrough technologies, global norms and standards are lacking to guide the***** DEPLOYMENT and IMPLEMENTATION of SAI.*****


PLEASE… show us the WORDS you heard or read that YOU considered an “admission”.

You know … Israel or Washington operatives probably are more focused on swaying opinion REAL issues. Instead of worrying about those that can be demonstrably shown idiotic in concept.


Nice try but that only works on FOOLS who follow TROLLS like you

Now, SHOO, fl and pester some children

Liam McKinn

WHAT…. only works?

Reading the ACTUAL transcript …of the ACTUAL speech ?

I’m in my 60’s, moron… I went to school when children were taught past present and future tenses of words. Got a little thing called reading comprehension on my side here.

Brennan never in ANY SENSE OF THE WORDS …admits to a geoengineering program.

You have NOTHING …and you just might be too dim to even realize it.

Tommy Jensen

Because someone pessed in it.

Tommy Jensen

Putin dont backs Clima Change. Putin recognize that Western countries in UN have agreed to campaign it and as Russia is part of UN, they have to go along with the scam internationally.

Tony B.

Sounds like wishful thinking.


Nonsense Tony. Billions of ordinary people support the scientists findings and their proposed reductions of CO2 pollution. Climate action has come from the grass roots who have to fight against the propaganda and bribes of the coal and oil Barons. Action is what ordinary people have fought for and demanded of their Governments.

Tony B.

“Billions of ordinary people support” What planet are you living on? The ordinary people laugh at this ridiculous nonsense. Anyone who thinks that people have such abilities is some kind of gullible ignoramus. Go back and check out Krakatoa, the volcanic island that blew up and changed the weather around the world for years with its dust in the sky. Everything man is capable of is infinitesimal compared to this. Volcanic dust enriches the soil and CO2 is the life breath of plants. Or have your mad scientists (paid by governments to lie) missed this in biology one?

Tommy Jensen

Everything is a lie, everything. Illusions is the way to keep people down.


Exactly the conclusion I reached. Even money is all lies & fraud. John Doran.


Looking at the very interesting paper on Agenda 21 now: https://www.ukcolumn.org/sites/default/files/pdf/your-life-in-their-hands.pdf


John your investigations have seemingly ignored the scientific evidence which indeed does show that climate did change for many different reasons such as the warm period in Greenland which was caused by a change in the earths orientation to the sun. This wobble on the earths axis occurs about every ten thousand years but while Greenland got warmer the opposite side of the planet got colder. Because this warming occurred near Europe which was the centre of earths civilisation it was assumed everywhere got warmer. Then there have been volcanic periods and periods of higher solar radiation that effected climate. All of these issues have been thoroughly examined and added to the calculations of climate scientists. With all this data available the best science shows that our CO2 and other greenhouse gases are adding to our warming effects and projections into the future are made on this basis. The great bulk of the warming is now being caused by man made increases of CO2 although this variation is effected by ocean currents like El Ninio and La Nina. When people like you read the misinformation put out by the big coal and oil oligarchs like those in the USA such as the Koch Brothers and like Australia’s Gina Rinehart who pump millions of dollars into bribing politicians and funding fake environmental sites it is easy for you to be misled – unless you ask yourself what have genuine climate activists got to gain by lying compared to the oil and coal billionaires. I have been and still am a climate activist and I can assure you I was not paid a penny and neither did I ask for money. Who would give me money anyway? Coal and oil are not only causing climate change they are killing millions of people every year with their toxic emissions. Even if climate change was not man made the vast majority of people will all be better off with clean energy that is now almost non polluting and cheaper than coal and oil. The coal barons will be dead in a decade or two and I will be too, but I don’t want to leave a dead planet to my children because life is priceless and wonderful. So please think carefully about climate change because we can do something about it that will also improve our lives and prevent greater extinctions of the plants and animals that rely on this planet for their existence. Do not be fooled by greedy coal barons.


You’re an idiot. The precessional “wobble” cycle you refer to is 21,000 to 26,000 years long. The rest of your waffle is just as crap. CO2 over 400ppmv is plant food & has negligible effect on climate. Read: Human Caused Global Warming, the Biggest Deception in History by climatologist Dr. Tim Ball. http://www.drtimball.com He has just won an important court case against Canadian “Green” politician Andrew Weaver. John Doran.


The precessional wobble you refer to is a 21,000 to 26,000 year cycle, not 10,000 years as you claim. The rest of your claims are just as wrong. Book: by climatologist Dr. Tim Ball: Human Caused Global Warming the biggest deception in history. http://www.drtimball.com He’s just won an important court case against “Green” Canadian politician, Andrew Weaver. The tide is turning, John Doran.

Tony B.

The real creator of the UN was Alger Hiss, an American communist and traitor. It was created to further communist control of the world under the usual false pretenses. Much of its charter was lifted, word for word, from the communist guarantee of human rights – which was all the right words but just window dressing never allowed to be considered under communism. Putin is trying to make the world use those right words as law. So far he has not been very successful in that.

Promitheas Apollonious

But then again all creations from the west about all things west have to do with khazars behind and in control so? You keep confusing words they given you to use so you always not only categorize people but also put your own self into the path of volunteer blindness and selective memory. and before UN was the League of Nations and before that something else again devised by NWO in order to establish their supremacy over the mass population of the sheep.

Tony B.

Of course but what has that to do with my comment?

Promitheas Apollonious

Nothing beside the fact that UN was not a new concept or thinking, but is been attempted before with different names, same concept. Now which tool the globalists use to establish, the tool especially UN was not one mans work or credit.

I dont disagree with what you saying just add to it in a sort of way.


Golly Tony you should be commended for the extent you are prepared to embarrass yourself by writing such childish evidence free nonsense. are you forced to do this or is it of your own free will.


Schlemil would be a more suitable name for you

Tony B.

Truth is truth, whether or not EVERYONE IN THE WORLD refuses to believe it. You write what you want, I will write truth. If I’m PROVEN wrong on a point I will admit it and change my belief because I’m only interested in truth. However, popular misinformation does NOT pass as proof of anything.


Very well-said, indeed! The greatest danger to Syria and to the world is, at the moment, the EVIL empire known as the U$A and its stupid allies.


USA is simply a PROXY for Israeli Ashkenazi Zionist Jews. USA no longer exists as a Sovereign entity, except on paper and in the minds of foolish and massivley uneducated Americans.

One must cut the “Head of the Snake ” off -ISRAEL, and then USA , Body of the snake, will die

Tony B.

Good to see that you know the real CAUSE of all world unrest. The cabal is the TRUE DEEP STATE.


I’ve been doing my homework since the late 1960’s when most here ,on the internet, were not even a “Twinkle” in their Parents eye

Maybe even that includes you :-)

No offense meant

Tony B.

None taken. In the early 1960s I had four kids some half grown.


I helped create one daughter then, but was too much for the women and had too many girlfriends to want more children

I also have a son, which happened much later


good luck with that one….


I don’t believe in “luck” . I leave that to people who believe in Ghosts , Goblins, Spirits and Gods

Joao Alfaiate

“To destroy Israel, first destroy the USA, and great minds are working on achieving that goal.” Actually the USA is working on destroying itself…but Trump isn’t a “great mind”.

jerry hamilton

Mr. Puppet is not the boss.


Not only is he not the boss he has no idea what is going on. Though he is slowly waking up to the CIA.

Tony B.

That’s another waste of time and effort. If the U.S. goes down the Rothschild cabal will just pick another nation to be its kneecapper. GO AFTER THE CAUSE FOR A CHANGE.


This is absolutely correct. Once the US is neutralized, the other 5eyes will have to ask for peace. Nukes aren’t a viable option for them.

Tommy Jensen

To destroy a hyena you dont need to kill an elephant first. When the hyena is dead the elephant cant do nothing.

Promitheas Apollonious

get two aspirins and go to bed kid.


I agree and have been saying that for 2 years now and still Russia, Iran and Syria. “sit on their” hands”

By the time they wake up to that TRUTH about ISRAEL and the TALMUD, it may be too late

THAT is what is Israel is depending on-DELAY, DELAY DELAY, while ISRAEL grows STRONGER every day

War by Deception


Steve Clark

Good luck lol


Assad and allies are winning . Just what those stupid countries can do in Syria that they cannot do for 7 years? Suddenly these countries can decide for Syria when they have lost completely?

Just wait for SAA to completely defeat the terrorist with USA remaining foolishly in Syria to be told to leave as it is illegal for them to stay for be forced to leave as Iran has unequivocally said.

No it is not the time to start a war with Israel … long way off as Syria has to rebuild.


Funny thing is, you are correct- and note how many ZIONIST agents below purposely ignore the fact you said “occupied territory” and not “Israel”. They, like the Saker, hope people do not know the actual LEGAL borders of Israel, and how Israel, since the 1960’s, has illegally occupied as much territory around those borders that it can.

All the current trouble in the Middle East is driven by the FACT that everyone allows Israel to get away with murder. Meanwhile Israel boasts about how it will strike any nation in the region that dares to try to uphold international law- and does so frequently- with the approval of the zionist agents here.

Jews are COWARDS. The zionist filth that occupy Israel are the worst cowards of all. ANY threat, and the elite jews of Israel would leg it out of there are disperse to West Europe and the USA. Israel would fall apart so quickly, you wouldn’t believe it. This is why 99.9% of Israel’s tactics are pure terrorism and propaganda efforts in Europe, Russia and the USA.

The Saker states you must NEVER punch a bully in the nose (because in this cae the bully is Israel and the USA). So the zionist agents in forums like this one repeat this anti-human position.

Only a day or so back, the sick jewish horrors BOASTED about their bombing (and mass murder) at Syria’s experimental nuclear facility. The same jews who built fusion bombs in the 1960s (thanks to Britain’s Tony Benn), and were gifted three submarines to carry nuclear missiles by Germany. The same jews who have these missiles aimed at every major muslim population centre on the planet.

Putin sez ony jews are allowed to have nukes in the region cos they are “the chosen people”. Russia HELPS the nuclear programs of Israel every day.

Zionism is the purest form of evil. Russia is zionist (this isn’t even in doubt- grow up guys). So it is of zero suprise that agents like Saker are zionist. Or that outlets like this one push zionist positions carefully disguised to seem (to the hard of thinking) otherwise.

It is easy to give up in the face of great evil- but it is also always the biggest mistake. Great evil knows its only real power is in making people give up. And that when people stop giving up, great evil rapidly diminishes.

Why do you think the jewish horrors made such a point of taking the palestinian child Ahed Tamimi? Why do you think zionist controlled Southfront made a point of ignoring the story of Ahed Tamimi?

If Assad was to launch a sustained attack on the filthy jewish terrorist invaders in Syria’s Golan Heights, it would break Putin’s ability to cleanly support and assist Israel in every evil they do. Putin calls Assad’s bluff every day, on behalf of the jews. But it is Putin whose pro-jewish stance is a house of cards ready to collapse. Assad should call Putin’s bluff and take back the Golan Heights from the Human Race’s most evil tribe.


The wording is not to repel but to attack their ships with anti ship missiles as Russia has for the first time spoke with “b.lls”

When someone attacks you, you have every right to respond and not be cowards.

Then and only then next time they would not say as they please.

US cannot do anything to Syria …

Tommy Jensen

They just build a new base in south east Syria to consolidate their glueing to a foreign man´s garden. Dont we see here what Americans did to natives in US? Invading their property, building houses on the natives areas, killing natives and taking over their land if there were gold, oil, iron, farming opertunities. Old American habbits never die. How can anyone can feel happy killing a man, live in his property, using his bed, eating from his table, taking the fruits of his garden work? Maybe we have to be Israeli´s to understand that.


One thing is to talk, the other is to do. Syria has no defense force. So, I don’t know how Syria can defend against USA.

And if you are attacked, you must first defend and second attack. So, if USA attack Syria, Syria must destroy the weapons where the missiles came from.


What are you talking about Syria has no defence ?

Try flying into Syria and see if the planes can be shot down first with manpads and if the planes too high then with SAM systems. Hello , even the F35 was spotted and damaged by Russia’s assistance on those useless US planes.

If Syria is to fire long range anti ships missiles … where will the ships be.

Try bombing all over Syria? Remember this ,. Air force can be negated with proper techniques like the Houthis and Talibans or the masters.. hezbollah.

In Syria US has no way to defeat Assad…. as he is winning and his main allies has not even put in their full force e.g. Iran only small force .


It’s false. Turkey is bombing Syria. israel is bombing Syria. USA is bombing Syria. I didn’t see the so-called syrian air-defense system.

The only thing forbidding USA to strike Assad is Russia. And no one knows if it’s a show between Russia and USA to the sheeple or real.


You are soooo naive .

Turkey bombing who ? Kurds allies of USA !!! Without the Kurds USA must leave or be wiped out by say “Houthis.” Tell me how to fight these fighters?

ya, before USA was bombing … when Russia was not prepared. And how much damage has the bombing done to fighting capabilities of SAA once SAM are in place ? Nothing .

Israel bombed yes, previously with permission of Russia but Syria has replaced all the SAM systems in areas taken from ISIS.

Now do you see any israeli flights over Syria.? even when Israel bombed bombed and bombed .. did it stop SAA from winning ? Nothing.


SAA can by itself defeat US forces INSIDE SYRIA NOT OUTSIDE with air cover taken care of …and Russia is in no mood to pander to your friends… no more. no more partners or colleagues. It is serious business and NOTICE this time Trump was silent .


jerry hamilton

He wasn’t that quiet. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-vladimir-putin-meeting-latest-russia-elections-white-house-kremlin-john-mccain-a8267851.html


That’s a different matter. Was looking for a trump that will charge like John Wayne over a fake Chemical attack.

Looks like he did not want to make a fool of himself again after the first fiasco. But the likes of Bolton is another unknown. That guy will attack bases on false info.

I am talking about Syria not about the super weapons Trump is so worried about to initiate a talk with russia. US never do that from a position of strength but on weaknesses as evidenced in the many pleas for ceasefire to save their proxies.

jerry hamilton

The excuse was a different matter but the conversation would have been Syria. Bolton goes along with Trumps pro Israel gang but he can only really cause America to get it’s teeth knocked out. If he tries something, the chances are it will backfire.


Turkey bombed government forces. israel the same. USA the same.

Because Syria has no defense system.

israel has destroyed the targets she wanted to destroy with Putin approval.

In 2007, israel has bombed a syrian nuclear facility again with Putin approval.

So, please, don’t say BS.


You really do not understand my point.

Tell me has all those few bombings degraded SAA fighting capabilities. No one denies that those fools did bomb Syria thinking they can stop Hez rearming etc.

Did ANY BOMBING stopped anything? SAA is still winning hands down as we see the evidence and what US or Israel can do? Nothing.

That means as I said , air Force is useless in wars after Lebanon 2006 . Even NK is adopting this approach.

No today air Force can just do so much…nothing more.

Try to tell me how US can defeat SAA alone IN SYRIA . once SAMsare in place

Sorry you lose


What a joke. Go ask kurds if having no airforce is such an advantage. XD.

Your strategy is to make people suffer and being bullied and being killed for 500 years. XD. Sorry, it’s not a strategy. It’s BS.


You are more stupid than I thought. Look at the Kurds, they are fighting against a superior ground force far superior and in traditional war fare style .

The Kurds do not even have decent sir defence.

With SAA , it has lots of manpads to keep the planes fly high and SAM to shoot down high flying planes . Planes flying high cannot target foot soldiers and SAA forces ate far far stronger than a few US newbies vs battle hardened soldiers like HEZBOLLAH.

The US soldiers without meaningful air suppSup would piss in their pants.

Kurds are no fighters and not willing to fight against superoos forces too so they run

Tell me how US can defeat SAA forces in Syria….. Not nonsensical replies



Revelations – Lafarge-Holcim’s jihad

by Thierry Meyssan

On the occasion of the release of Thierry Meyssan’s new book , «Right Before our Eyes. From 9/11 to Donald Trump», we are publishing a series of articles which develop a few of the numerous points he mentions.

After the comments by Jean-Luc Mélenchon during the debate for the French Presidential election, we shall begin with the true story of Lafarge-Holcim in Syria.

On 2 March 2017, the company Lafarge-Holcim admitted that its Syrian subsidiary, in violation of UNO resolutions, had «paid sums of money to third parties, including certain third parties who are under sanction, in order to facilitate arrangements with a number of armed groups with a view to maintaining the company’s activity and ensuring safe passage for its employees and supplies to and from the factory» [1].

The cement company has already been the object of two enquiries. The first was initiated by the associations Sherpa and ECCHR, on 15 November 2016, while the second was launched by the French Minister of the Economy. Both were reacting to the alleged revelations in Le Monde, according to which Lafarge paid money to Daesh, in violation of UNO resolutions.

It’s important to note that the articles published on 2 March in Intelligence Online (a confidential site belonging to Le Monde) and in Le Monde itself on 22 June 2016, were written by a journalist who is not affiliated with these news outlets – Dorothée Myriam Kellou. This young woman studied at Georgtown University. Her statements were confirmed in a book by Jacob Waerness, Risikosjef i Syra, in which the ex-employee decribes the frightening security situation of Lafarge personnel in Syria. The author pursued his collaboration with the cement company after the publication of his book.

The pseudo-revelations of Le Monde were organised in coordination with Lafarge-Holcim in order to focus the attention of the public and the judges on a single point of detail – namely, should they have accepted being held to ransom by Daesh.

The truth is worse than that.

The preparation of the war against Syria

In June 2008, NATO organised the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group [2] in Chantilly (United States) during which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama presented themselves to the participants.

Among the 120 people present were Bassma Kodmani (future spokeswoman for the Syrian National Coalition) and Volker Perthes (future assistant of Jeffrey Feltman at the UNO, for Syria). During a debate on the permanence of US foreign policy, they spoke up to commend the importance of the Muslim Brotherhood and the role they could play in the «democratisation» of the Arab world.

Jean-Pierre Jouyet (future Secretary General for the Elysée), Manuel Valls (future Prime Minister of France) and Bertrand Collomb (head of Lafarge) were present alongside Henry R. Kravis (future financial coordinator of Daech).

Lafarge in Syria

Lafarge is the world’s leading cement company. NATO entrusted it with the construction of the jihadists’ bunkers in Syria and the reconstruction of the Sunni part of Iraq. In exchange, Lafarge allowed the Alliance to manage its installations in these two countries, notably the factory in Jalabiyeh (at the Turkish border, north of Aleppo). For two years, the multinational supplied the materials and equipment for the construction of the gigantic underground fortifications which enabled the jihadists to defy the Syrian Arab Army.

Lafarge is currently directed by US citizen Eric Olsen, who has integrated into his company the factories of the Sawiris brothers and Firas Tlass. The latter is the son of General Moustapha Tlass, President Hafez el-Assad’s ex-Minister for Defence. He is the brother of General Manaf Tlass, whom France had once considered making the next Syrian President. He is also the brother of Nahed Tlass-Ojjeh, the widow of Saudi arms dealer Akram Ojjeh – she works with the journalist Franz-Olivier Giesbert.

The links between Lafarge and the French Special Forces are facilitated by the friendship between Bertrand Collomb (who became the honorary President of the multinational) and General Benoît Puga (Chief of Staff for Presidents Sarkozy and Hollande).

The lies of Le Monde

First of all, the online news outlet of the anti-Syrian mercenaires, Zaman Al-Wasl, published e-mails showing that Lafarge was paying money to Daesh. Then Le Monde published its articles and took the documents from Zaman Al-Wasl off its Internet site (although you can find them here on our Internet site).

According to Le Monde, the multinational was buying oil to keep its factory running. However, this is untrue – the factory in question runs almost exclusively on coal, which was still being delivered from Turkey. Without realising the enormity of its confession, the daily admitted that Lafarge produced 2,6 million metric tonnes of cement per year, destined for the «rebel zones».

Yet throughout this terrible war, civilians could not obtain permission to build in these zones.

Daesh soldiers at the Lafarge-Holcim factory in Jalabiyeh (Syria)

The construction of the jihadists’ bunkers

2,6 million metric tonnes for two years adds up to at least six million metric tonnes produced for the «rebels». I’m putting the word «rebel» in quotes, because these combatants are not Syrians – they come from all over the Muslim world, including Europe.

This amount of concrete is comparable to that used by the German Reich, in 1916-17, to build the Siegfried Line. Since July 2012, NATO – including France – have organised a war of position in conformity with the strategy described by Abou Moussab «The Syrian» in his 2004 book, Management of Savagery.

We can imagine the number of military engineers from the NATO Engineering Corps – including the French – who were necessary to build these colossal structures.

Lafarge, the Clintons and the CIA

During the 1980’s, Lafarge was defended in its Alabama pollution trial by a famous lawyer, a certain Hillary Rodham-Clinton. She managed to reduce the fine imposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencydown to only 1,8 million dollars.

During the mandate of George Bush Sr, Lafarge helped out the CIA by illegally transporting to Iraq the weapons which would be used later on during the rebellion, when Iraq was planned to invade Kuwaït, and the international Coalition was planned to come to liberate it.

During the same period, Hillary Rodham-Clinton became an administrator for the multinational, a post she left when her husband was elected to the White House. President Bill Clinton then reduced to 600,000 dollars the fine that his wife had been unable to avoid for Lafarge. Good relations continued between them, since the cement company donated 100,000 dollars to the Clinton Fondation in 2015, and its new CEO, Eric Olsen, never hesitates to have his photo taken with Hillary Clinton.

The Russian military intervention

Entrenched in their bunkers, the jihadists were not afraid of the Syrian Arab Army, and had no difficulty in holding their positions. For two years, the country was cut in two, since the government chose to save the population and thus to abandon the area.

When Russia stepped in, answering the request by the Syrian government, its mission was to destroy the jihadists’ bunkers with penetrating «bunker-buster» bombs. The operation was intended to last three months, from September 2015 until the Orthodox Christmas (6 January 2016). However, the extent of Lafarge-Holcim’s constructions proved to be so massive that the Russian Army needed six months to finish the job.


When the transnational company Lafarge-Holcim finished its mission in service of the Military Engineering Corps of NATO, it closed its factory and lent it to the Alliance. So the factory in Jalabiyeh was transformed into a headquarters for the Special Forces of the United States, France, Norway and the United Kingdom, who were occupying the North of Syria illegally.

Contrary to the smoke-screen raised by Le Monde, this is not at all the sad story of a construction company which was forced to negotiate with jihadists in order to save its personnel. Lafarge-Holcim’s responsibility is its central role in a vast military operation aimed at the destruction of Syria – a secret war which cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Thierry Meyssan

To know more about the secret war against the Greater Middle East – read Right Before our Eyes. From 9/11 to Donald Trump

jerry hamilton

When I was a field service engineer, I used to go to Lafarge sites to repair IT equipment.

Tommy Jensen

Meyssan is damn good!


You are welcome !

Steve Bell

Israel has stopped bombing Syria, while the U.S. won’t fly anywhere near its AD systems. Turkey won’t go any further south in Afrin after dealing with the Kurds. Go read the news, idiot.


this is intermezzo before blizzard


Like Gadafi said that his people will protect him from EU attack. Like Saddam Hussein thought that he could defeat USA.

Arabs seem to live in the twilight zone where they can can achieve whatever they wants. XD.

Just like kurds thought they can beat the turkish army with AKs. XD.

Don’t understand why people don’t face reality as reality always wins at the end.


Has the massive Saudis able to defeat bare footed Houthis .

Has the might of USA able to defeat Talibans?

Gadafi … fought alone Saddam Hussein fought alone …. against the might entire US army built up in Saudi Arabia.

Can the current US forces able even to stay in Syria without massive resistance from the winners of the war vs losers of the war in Syria?

It’s knuckleheads like you that do not understand as though Might is law and can do anything. Go defeat the Talibans or Houthis first before coming to Syria .. a Hezbollah area not to say Iran and Russia. I know you cant answer.


I can’t stop laughting. Your futur for Syrians is to be like Houthis ????? XD. Always target and slaughter every day ??? XD.

Or you want Syrians to be like Afghanistan, a US-occupied country ?? XD. And, btw, USA is supporting bith talibans and governement force in Afghanistan.

Please, stop talking. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about.


Looks like you no answer to my post.

When I said Hourhis, do you think really Houthis will be fighting SAA’s wars? Naive. I meant even Houthis with no tanks but with lots of ATGM the best air Force could do nothing..

Proven in Alfganistan too where you fools still struggling and call for air support all the time

Same goes, what has US to defeat Assad with…… useless air force

You lose


Houthis are fighting against dead brain saudis that can’t fight so they enroll mercenaries. Syria is fighting the most powerful country on Earth. Sorry no comparison.


Consequences for even trying may be Ayran being provided with warheads and carriers. Being the main target itself; it makes little sense to expose oneself to potential war between superpowers, for the likely outcome of a hot, and much less manageable, ME?

Steve Bell

Actually, they’re fighting against the IAF and the U.S. as well, and doing ok.

Steve Bell

Saddam had no support, and Gadhafi had the fool Medvedev. Syria has Iran- different times.

Joe Doe

SAA better have modern Air Defense System S-400, and much more Pantsir-S1 and VERBA MANPAD in its arsenal, before making such statements. Without such weapons SAA has very little chance to defend itself.

Daniel Miller

actually older systesm are more then enoth you underestemate the power of S-200 and S-125 missiles.

Steve Bell

Perhaps the Houthis can help as well- their modified R/27T did the job on an F-15 yesterday.


This is actually a good sign, US retaliation for Gouta never happened (as I predicted) and now they’re exchanging rhetoric without any major fighting, I think the situation is stabilizing.

Joao Alfaiate

The problem is that with Bolton as NSA the inmates will truly be in charge of the asylum. I would not be surprised to see limited US strikes around “deconflict zones” and east of the Euphrates with hopes of creating a Syrian response that would justify a more punishing US aerial assault. Bolton is a true nut job and Uncle Sam seems to have learned nothing from Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, etc.

Tony B.

Bolton’s new power will most likely be aimed first at American citizens who are waking up in droves to the evil under which they have long been living.

Tommy Jensen

Never will.


So far- and only cos Russia keeps threatening WW3 if America attacks. Which merely proves to American neo-con and neo-liberal thinkers that Russia will actually do nothing. “bark louder than bite syndrome).

Russia is protected by a single thread- career military leaders in the US military who fear Russian military might. But these men are being hunted down one by one and replaced by lick-spittles- yes men to the Deep State.

And Britain keeps turning up the fire at America’s feet to help ‘persuade’ the USA to lead the attack on Syria (which the UK and France will join).

jerry hamilton

Britain failed to influence anything. They just showed the world how they were still good at putting together a Monty Python sketch.

Tony B.

Perfidious Britain has ALWAYS led the U.S. around by its nose. Hopefully its power is about done even though it is still the home of the satanic Rothschild cabal.

jerry hamilton

We did. That stopped years ago. The recent fiasco was laughable. We were supposed to frighten the Russians not cripple them by making them double up laughing.


As long as you know that such claims are going to be tested. Downing that IAF F-16 may have sobered up a few kosher minds but that’s just Robin; I hope you trained well for when Batman himself tries to kick in the door to your house. Godspeed.


Syria is far away ready for this. However, Russia is far from ready, but it also far from willing.

jerry hamilton

Russia is ready willing and able. They would prefer that WW3 does not take place.

George King

Putin said, “It is better to fight them over there than here”. Terrorist include the financiers and supporters of terrorist, do not forget this!

Russia has declared “no more”. The Anglo Zionist has built itself into a no win situation. If you don’t attack you lose all credibility with your vassals (false legal rights), Oligarchs the financiers and bane of the human race.

If you do attack and the launches and launchers are taken out of all who conspire you lose any credibility for alliance of any kind including the loss of NATO enforcement arm. Let’s just get this on and settled “over there” unfortunate fate but salvation for the ME and the citizens of Russia, US and the rest of the world.

Now taking bets at window five next to the dog race track………………


3rd para is important, up till now, it has just been a matter of the missiles themselves, else, the very few aircraft actually flying into the Syrian Govt, controlled airspace…this seems a reference to US fleet (E. Med.) and maybe IDF jets transgressing the Lebanon airspace.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Syria has never won a war against Israel, believe me they will never win a war against NATO. NATO is the UK-Turkey-France-USSA and others. If Syria cannot defend themselves against Israeli F-15’s, then they will fail at defending themselves against US F-22’s and Sky glider orbital bombers. Russia never delivered the S-300, Russia never launched the Syrian Spy Satellite that was in contract. Russia refuses to hand over S-400 systems. Russia is playing a game in Syria to test new weapons, not to save Syrians from the Jew’s. Russian media is owned and operated by Jews like Mr. Cohen himself.

Steve Bell

Ha, all Syria needs is a 50 yr.old S-200 to down an Israeli F-16. Iran will be there and do ok, so no Russian-Jew help required.


syrian AA used 13 missiles, 1 hit. so, thse old systems are not os good. these systems were also in bekaa and in damscus and did not stop IAF. within 4 hours completely eliminated the syrian AA.

Tommy Jensen

There is Jews and Jews and Jews. The Jew Murdoch wanted England out of EU. The Jew Soros wanted England to stay inside EU. In the real world we are all individuals to be judged by the Savior.

matew ivanson

Assad is sick murderer, nobody dont uck with usa, nobody, Trump, kill saa,irgc,famiteyoun, hezbollah, iraq harakat, kill them all


wat surt ov krapp iz dat ure kumen wit u fcuken mroon


eat less datura

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