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JULY 2020

Syrian Air Defense Forces Intercepted “Hostile Target” Near Damascus


Syrian Air Defense Forces Intercepted "Hostile Target" Near Damascus


The Syrian Air Defense Forces destroyed a “hostile target” near west of the country’s capital of Damascus late on August 2, the Syrian state media said.

The state media provided no further details on this incident. However, the Russian state news agency RIA said citing a Syrian military source that most the target was an Israeli recoinisance unmanned aerial vehicle.

The Israeli side has not commented on these claims so far.

Last week, the Israeli military shot down a Syrian Air Force warplane over the Golan Heights. The warplane was supporting a Syrian Army operation against ISIS in the nearby area.

This incident triggered a new wave of accusations saying Israel was attempting to undermine the Syrian Army operation against ISIS there. Since then, Israel has carried out two strikes on alleged ISIS targets in southwestern Syria in an obvious attempt to change the negative media situation for it.



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  • Rob

    The pro Trump militants (Israel) have finished from 75% Syria. Still there are many radical Israelis do business and walk free in Syria. For that census in Syria has been planned.

  • Rob

    The tiger of Syria the President Bashar Al Assad and the tiger of world President Putin.

    Now Assad, Putin and Russian defense minister thinking that elimination of US, NATO forces and their proxies Israel and ISIS from Middle East is necessary to stop further bloodshed because the US and their allies main purpose is to steal lands and Petrol from Middle East countries and stopping them from education and development by wars and chaos.

  • BlueInGreen

    Good, all I can say is that Syria has effectively wont the war and spit in the face of Israel/US/Saudi Arabia/Turkey/Jordan all the while all the Israelis and Co. helped child raping terrorists and killers only to see their equipment, ammo and medicine be destroyed or confiscated by the SAA and company.

    You fucking Israelis are human trash and couldn’t win a fair 21st century war without crying to the US for aid and money because you wouldn’t be able to afford it.

    Iran is still in Syria and Hezbollah is bigger, stronger, smarter and more lethal than ever. Hamas is easy pickings and Palestinian children don’t really count as legitimate opponents so that paints a bleak picture of Israeli “defense” in action lol.

  • BL

    (((Hostile Target)))

  • Rob
    • BL

      Wouldn’t exactly call that ISIS supporter Erdogan a “Hero”. He ended up being forced to cooperate with Iran and Russia out of necessity and self interest not due to any heroic gesture or humanitarian cause.

      • Rob

        The US, UK conspiracy plot of ISIS and Al-Qaeda badly flopped. Now watch to pro Trump militants Israel. They have started cutting feathers of Israel step by step.

      • christianblood


      • Rob

        Don’t lose hope.

    • Smith Ricky

      Edroscum will remain a scum.

      • Getinet Kifle


        gave a dog a bad name.

    • Free man

      Only Russia will save Syria from the Sunni jihadists supported by Turkey and the Shiite jihadists that Iran supports.
      Only Russia is interested in an undivided, peaceful and secular Syria.

      • You can call me Al

        Bllx. WTF would Iran or The Lebanon (Hezbollah) want it divided ?.

        • Free man

          Lebanon = / = Hezbollah
          As long as Hezbollah and Iran control territories in Syria, Syria is actually divided, not secular and not peaceful.

          • christianblood

            Just today, Wahhabi/Sunni jihadists suicde bombers enter a Shiite mosque in Afghanistan and murdered 25 Shiite worshipers, wounding many more! See it below:


          • Free man

            If you say that the Sunni jihadists are worse than the Shiite jihadists, I agree.
            But I will not support anyone who kills because of God.

          • christianblood

            STOP believing in stupid US and Israeli propaganda!


            Once again, According to the (thereligionofpeace.com)
            33586 deadly terrorist jihad attacks have been carried out since 9/11.
            Show me a single one of them perpetrated or carried out by Iranians,
            Hezbollah or Shiites??? If you can’t provide this, please shut up!

            Just today, Wahhabi/Sunni jihadists suicde bombers enter a Shiite mosque in Afghanistan and murdered 25 Shiite worshipers, wounding many more! See it below:


          • You can call me Al

            Both have stated that they will leave if asked.

      • christianblood

        “Shiite jihadists that Iran supports”???

        There is absolutely NO such thing as ‘Shiite jihadists’ anywhere in the world? Shiites, wherever they live are peace-loving people who lost hundreds of thousands of people because Sunni/Wahhabi global jihadism. Shiites are targeted and massacred in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen by US and Saudi-backed jihadist killers!

        According to the (thereligionofpeace.com) 33586 deadly terrorist jihad attacks have been carried out since 9/11. Show me a single one of them perpetrated or carried out by Iranians or Shiites???

        • Free man

          Hizbullah’s interpretation is the “Party of God.” They and other pro-Iranian militias are fighting the war of God, that is what Jihad means.
          The Sunni and Shi’ite jihadists have been slaughtering each other for hundreds of years.
          There is no good jihadist, neither Sunni nor Shiite.

          • christianblood

            Party of God doesn’t mean Hezbollah is a jihadist organization. Hezbollah is an indigenous, Shiite-led resistance group formed to protect Lebanese Shiites and the Lebanon in general from Israeli occupation as well as from the US-backed and Saudi-backed jihadist terrorists that are wreaking havoc around the globe! Hezbollah even protects Christians in Lebanon and Syria from the US, Israeli and Saudi-backed murderous jihadists. Please watch Hezbollah fighters guarding Christian Shrines in Lebanon on the link below:


            The Real terrorist nation is the U$A and its jihadist proxies that are murdering and evicting tens thousands of Christians, Yazidis, Alawites and other minorities in the region! Shame on the SATANIC, ANTICHRIST U$A!!! LONG LIVE HEZBOLLAH, IRAN, SYRIA, ASSAD AND HOLY RUSSIA!

            Again, According to the (thereligionofpeace.com) 33586 deadly terrorist jihad attacks have been carried out since 9/11. Show me a single one of them perpetrated or carried out by Iranians, Hezbollah or Shiites??? If you can’t provide this, please shut up!

          • Free man

            “Party of God” means Hezbollah is a jihadist organization.
            When an Iranian fighter or a Hezbollah fighter is killed, they report that he was killed while carrying out his jihadist duties.
            The Syrian interest is that their country remain secular, without a Sunni or Shiite jihadist influence. Only secular Syria will guarantee the security of minorities such as the Druze, Christians, Shi’ites, Kurds and Alawites. This is precisely what Putin is planning to do in Syria.

        • Getinet Kifle

          Iran is under attack for saving humanity.

          • christianblood

            Absolutely so, Mr. Kifle and so is Russia!
            The transgendered and morally degenerate U$ and the West are Anti-Chris satanists who love ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups and they hate Christians and other minorities that are victims of the global jihad!

          • Free man

            Iran was kidnapped by an extremist Islamic regime.
            But soon this extremist regime will fall and the Iranian people will be freed from this Islamic tyranny.

      • Getinet Kifle

        Always half assed truth is a damaging.

        So even me Goyim + Infidel + Heathen knew Iran together with Russia and Hezzbola has saved Syria and its people from Saud/Israhell/USA/UK/Turk/ orchestrated sunni terrorist.

        i am better safe living in Iran/Syria than in Israhell as a Christian

        You better stop disinformation about Iran, if you lack knowledge ask Lebanon’s population, christians and muslims live harmoniously for eyons

        or you give yourself a shame

        • christianblood

          (…Heathen knew Iran together with Russia and Hezzbola has saved Syria and its people from Saud/Israhell/USA/UK/Turk/ orchestrated sunni terrorist…)

          Exactly right!

        • Free man

          Are you ready to live in Iran as a Christian?
          Would you be prepared to live in Syria if it became the Islamic Republic of Syria?
          There is no connection between saving Syria as an undivided country by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, which is a good thing, and the danger from Islamic Jihadism.

          • christianblood

            Syria was safe for Christians up until the satanic, pro-ISIS USA/West unleashed their mercenary jihadists a few years ago! Thank God those murderous jihadists are being defeated right now and it is all because of Iran, Hezbollah and Russia!

          • John Whitehot

            Syria was a multicultural, multiethnical country where all the peoples lived in peace and contributed to the state.

            It’s what Israel can’t stand, it makes them foam at the mouth with hate.

          • christianblood

            Very well-said!

      • Rob

        Don’t be despair. Now Russia, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and China are all one block.

        • Free man

          You are so disconnected from reality.
          The Assad army is sending large forces in the direction of Idlib. If Russia doesn’t reach a solution, a war is going to begin between the Assad army and Turkey and its jihadi militias.

          • Rob

            Are you benjanyahu?

      • John Whitehot

        LoL, nice try.

        • Free man

          I appreciate the support (-;

  • Lena Jones

    Aaachuwaaah! Syrian kung-fu block.

    A swift kick in the nuts and a chop-suey on the Adam’s apple (of israel) soon to follow.

    • John Whitehot


  • Matew Ivanson

    fcking FSA rats, they are traitors for small iranian money, one day will be slain for fcking betrayal, iran aggresion must be taken, if Idlib fall nobady have a chance because spreading fcking Iran and Hezbollah terorist armies, Erdo holding the key of the fate of rebelion against Asad nad Iran

    • Concrete Mike

      Fuxk you zionist shill you lost. Blame iran all you want. Your the problem and you lost. Loser!

    • Nosferatu

      LOL. Iran has not attacked anyone since 1798.

    • ruca

      Boohoohoo you pathetic little zionist.

    • Oh – go drown yourself!

    • Merijn

      Hey Mr. Hasbara Hell Aviv…still Alive? I thought you would be dead by now….

      • You can call me Al

        Now, you can put that c**t on the list.

    • You can call me Al

      A-hole. Iran or Syria or Hezbollah alone, will crush HTS and the Turkeys if needed. Take your hooked nose and fuck off, Hezbollah heroes will come to see you shortly.

      • Val Shadowhawk

        Yes!!! BOOM! Down goes another hasbaRat troll! Good comment, friend!

        • You can call me Al

          Cheers Val, the vermin seem to be everywhere now.

    • Getinet Kifle

      What time is it in stolen Israhell?

      Today is Friday, Time for snipping out defenceless Palestinian children?

    • zman

      What a ridiculous and ignorant tirade. Hopefully you are just a shill…otherwise you are an ignorant fool, full of western BS and deluded beyond hope.

    • peacelover

      get lost zionist

  • Merijn

    BWAHAHAHAHA ISRAHELL TRYING TO CHANGE THE NEGATIVE OPINION ABOUT ITSELF??!!! BWAHAHAHA by Attacking the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service pffrrrttt…What a Dumbass Fucktards…Had a Good Laugh though Mr. Satanyahoo thnx

  • World_Eye

    Who else can be doing shit except the ISRAHELL

    • John Whitehot

      could be the US too. Perhaps someone testing something “stealthy”, who knows.

      • Freespirit

        Who OWNS U.S.?

        Same people ,by chance, who, OWN the MEDIA, HOLLYWOOD, Control the Education System, and 200 DUAL CITIZEN, ISRAELIS in CONGRESS?


        • John Whitehot

          I thought the discussion was on the object destroyed by Syrian air defenses in the Damascus area.

          • Freespirit

            READ your first sentence ” could be the US too.”

          • John Whitehot

            yes, it means:

            Could be a US operated object too. Like a drone or whatever.

            Wonder how much will it take you to accuse me of zionism.

          • Freespirit

            I don’t need to. You are doing it to yourself

            Thanks for stopping by

          • John Whitehot


  • Getinet Kifle

    Next stop of the American venture=IRAN

    Who is pushing this WAR ?

    If one truly seeks truth and see it under,

    There is a middle finger in creating so much havoc in the ME that no article seem mentions it directly, aka Israhell.

    The enmity towards Iran & Iranians has nothing to do with the American people nor is the fault of Iran,

    it’s brought by the same enemy of humanity via its proxy 5th columnist dual creatures in DC, aka 24/7 MIGA workers for some shekels

    Ever since that blasphemous parasite, I$I$RAHELL got its state erected on the stolen land in 1948, they gradually seize too much power and began subjugating the USA, expand their genociding Palestinians off their home & spreading terror.

    That cancerous terror state is using high tech to suck in all Intel surveillance metadata for their nefarious purposes and sphere of influence via blackmailing.

    This is where their true power comes.

    There is no sovereign independent USA since then, ZOG took over and now USA=JOOMERICA

    The USA in the ME has been used as a pawn against a few axis of resistance Syria/Iran/Lebanon/Yemen/Russia/

    Go figure who are the axis of EVIL and the axis of Resistance often the MSM spin in the opposite.

    Right now the Russians got no handle on Israhell, maybe we should ask same after the liberation of all Syria.

    There remains a big move to liberate Idlib, that would be bloody.

    They say the “Occupied Golen Heights”, this seemed to me Psyop, for the Syrian people to think it is returnable while Israhell wouldn’t return it like never,

    Again, they say “Occupied Gaza”

    If its nonreturnable/looted asset, why say OCCUPIED? See where the devil is

    The filthy terrorist state won’t return anything except bulldozing Palestinians home and expanding their land grab and bloodshed every day

    Again, they /Israhell/USA/SA/UK/… are refreshing the prospect of “Arab NATO”


    They say to tackle the threat of IRAN on Arab

    Hello, what?

    Yeap, according to them Iran is an existential threat to Arab after all Iran did 911, yes?, they’re spinning it.

    Anyone heard that they have made it illegal/crime speaking or accusing SA of 9/11 in America, but Iran, anyone can accuse them in JOOMERICA justice system and get a bounty, from seized/ frozen Iran money.

    These aggressions are happening beyond belief, evil disingenuous has no bound.

    Iran is seeing the writing on the wall, so preparing for it.

    Trumptards and hasbara trolls got their mind wrapped around on the idea of Iran starving to death and giving up b/c of heavy sanctions.

    Well, happy daydreaming

    Putting sanctions illegally is a criminal act and is an act of war, but the USA is all about a crime isn’t it?

    Amazingly, the then so-called Arab advocate,


    has taken by pussy general Alsis, <<>> and no longer stood for the Arab causes, anyone noticed? and now they are going to Ally with Saud and Israhell to fight IRAN.

    Evil genius doesn’t fight their war, they do everything to draw the USA to die for them, now bringing Arabs to kill each other?

    Even the evil led coalition knew the damage they gonna get if they go to WAR with IRAN, so

    Problem solved?

  • Free man

    There was no attack yesterday.
    Fake News.

    • Manuel Flores Escobar

      SAF destroyed an incoming air to ground missile..

      • Free man

        SANA and Al Mayadeen reported last night that there was no Israeli attack.

        • RichardD

          It’s on the Press TV website today:

          “Syrian air defenses have destroyed a “hostile target” near the capital Damascus, state media say.

          “Our air defenses confronted a hostile target and destroyed it west of Damascus,” Syria’s official news agency SANA reported late on Thursday, quoting a military source.

          No further details about the incident were immediately available, but Israel has carried out similar attacks over the past months.”

          – Syria air defenses destroy ‘hostile target’ near Damascus –


        • Manuel Flores Escobar

          I read Sana and Al masdar and Syrian live map..and nobody denied it

          • Free man

            sf Why do you delete my answer?
            Is it hard for you to deal with the truth?

        • RichardD

          Can you provide quotes, screen shots and links proving it?

          • Free man

            SF Why do you delete my answer?
            Is it hard for you to deal with the truth?

          • Free man

            Check out what was posted about 24 hours ago in al-madayeen’s twitter account (ال ميادين).

          • RichardD
          • Free man

            Take a look at the almayadeenlive twitter account.

          • RichardD

            That screen shot, link and translation is from their twitter account.It’s reporting an attack just like everyone else.

          • Sinbad2

            The ultimate slavery is to believe you are free.
            You are a prisoner of your perverted beliefs.

          • Free man

            As long as you are satisfied with your imaginary world and the “truth” you get from SF. Everything is fine (-;

      • Free man

        The posting of ALmayadeenlive Twitter account was:
        سوريا: المصادر: لم تحصل غارة عدوانية إسرائيلية داخل سوريا
        Translation: ” Syria: Sources: There was no Israeli raid in Syria “