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Syrian Air Defense Forces Activated In Response To Missile Attack On Aleppo

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Syrian Air Defense Forces Activated In Response To Missile Attack On Aleppo

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The Syrian air defense was activated on April 4 in response to a missile attack on targets in the northern province of Aleppo. According to reports, explosions were hear in the area of Safira, southeast of the provincial capital.

Syria’s state media claimed that the air defense forces intercepted several ‘hostile missiles’, but at least a part of them (about 10 were launched) hit their targets in the country.

The sitaution is developing.

Syrian Air Defense Forces Activated In Response To Missile Attack On Aleppo

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Joe Doe

Chinese Sina News Agency claimed the Syrian Armed Forces abandoned the Pantsir-S after its alleged poor performance against Israeli attacks. Ths same agency also saying that S-300 deliver by Russia to SAA, also have very poor performance.



Fake news. There seems to be an effort from some quarters to discredit Russian SAM’s every time they aren’t completely flawless in action, as though the enemy’s tactics and the user’s proficiency were irrelevant.

Also the fact that this comes from a Chinese news organization (all state-controlled) suggests they have an agenda to replace Russian SAM’s with Chinese SAM’s in Syria and elsewhere. Not gonna though, since Chinese missile technology is still behind Russian tech.

советский фундаменталист

i dont think its chinese media, propably just some western backed efforts to discredit russian power, keep in mind that china and russia are very good allies and that russia helps china with its air deffenses. also chinese built air deffenses are mainly licensed from russia

Icarus Tanović

It is some western backed efforts.

Jens Holm

You not even check easy found facts.



They may be allies, but China will always pursue profit first.

klove and light

u dumb fucking infidel…..

this News Comes from SAA U DUMB FUCKING MORON:


so shut your Zionist dirty raping murdering mouth


No, it’s the almasdar claiming that the chinese News have posted something like this without providing proof :))

Jens Holm

If Your comments was represented in letter seize, we hardly could see them.

Jens Holm

To me its also, what people here are learned. They expect much more and trust big ultimative weapins are the best and not even compare with other good weapon producers.

The Assad problems are the low educated soldiers born with bad corrupt Leadership making all passive obeying in insisting culture and religios attitudes.

The base here is family relations, where people are hired after relations to the old ones and not about education, skills and what they actually produce pr hour.

For women its even worse. Men are more clever then them even the men has some rudimentary education, but girls are raised for sale fitting almost everybody with money opr property.

And if women are allowed to work at all and produce well, they are rewarded by flowers in their hands or mobile phones BUT men gets cars.

I will estimate that about 40% of the Danish GDP is made by women. Men also dont pay to women at divorse, because the women has their own income(well, they share expensives for their children).

Maybee the lack of respect is from religion. The wife of Adam is made of clay in Islam. In the Chritianity the women are ribbs taken from Adam, so Adam is not a whole man with no ribbs.

Rhodium 10

That a nonsense because Israel launch enough number of missile in order that some of them will hit the target!..it is similar when Hamas launch a massive rocket attacks…then the Iron Dome fail because some of them hit Israeli cities?…if you have a 70% of interception which is good..it means that 3 of them will hit the target!..beside air bases are protected but they cannot deploy a number of air defense missile in everyplaces!..


You do understand that what you’re saying means depending on ad systems is a mistake, no matter who makes them.

Jens Holm

No its not.

You probatly thing machineguns and kalashnikoffs are waste of bullets too.

Toni Liu

Yes, it just fake news, all anti air defence had its own weakness especially none of them had unlimited ammo and you cant reload that in the blink of eye, thats what happened with syrian pantsir, with very low number pantsir guarding horde attack its impossible for them to fend against attack after it emptied all of its ammo even iron dome can be penetrated if there are no missile anymore to launch

cechas vodobenikov

of course not one drone or missile has penetrated Russian defense systems in our bases in Syria

klove and light

spot on 100% correct !

Luke Hemmming

Maybe the Syrian government needs to invest in quality US made technology and buy the Patriot AD system? Oh wait…maybe not such a good idea, I just found this gem of an article…hehehe…https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/05/04/patriot-missile-fail-russian-steal-su-57-bombers-buzz-6-us-bases-unnoticed/


Putin is a Zionist shill so Syria’s in reorienting its policies.

Jens Holm

If so he at least can efford having light by 7 candles. You obvious live in the fark.

Jens Holm

I dont believe anything like that. I could believe Assads has not enough money for those expensive systems or even Russia has not.

I have koked aboit the S300s and S400s telling they are made of plastic because they dont trust Assad brains and fingers:)


Another fake post by almasdar :) There is not even a link to the chinese site, lol.

Assad must stay

great job as usual SyAAD

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So the Israelis weren’t bluffing, 6 separate attacks against Iranian assets in Syria during the last 2 weeks, I think that’s a record. This escalation is getting dangerous, especially if the supposed accident at the Ibn al-Haytham Barracks wasn’t an accident at all, Israeli news is now claiming this was also an attack by Israeli forces, so maybe the Governor of Homs did get it right when he said it was an attack, I’m still undecided though. Iran is poking Israel in the eye but doing it in someone else’s house, Israel then lashes back and the Syrians suffer the consequences, along with the intended Iranian targets, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change, just keep happening more often. So why do it, why continue to cause problems for Syria and Israel unless Iran’s end goal is to start a war with Israel, which means Syria will end up on the front lines and become a piggy in the middle warzone. I wonder what the Russians would think if an Iranian versus Israel conflict erupted in Syria, how would it affect them and their interests in Syria [or the whole region], I can’t imagine they’d benefit from it. If another major war starts in Syria there may be nothing left for Russia to salvage when it’s finished, so I’d think they should be the last party wanting another bout of hostilities to erupt, and if they really are opposed to the possibility of new conflict and want to stop it starting, they better get the 5th army corps to move into overdrive in Daraa, and also move into Deir ez Zor in full force too, with lots of Russian choppers and lot’s of SAA soldiers, not pro Iranian NDF militias. The Iranian backed NDF militias fight against Isis to the best of their ability, but sadly they also breed them too, because for every Isis fighter they kill it just breeds another 5 Isis fighters to take his place, but luckily the SAA soldiers can kill 2 Isis fighters before they’re replaced by another fighter. So NDF kills mean 1 dead Isis fighter and 5 replacements, a SAA kill means 1 dead Isis fighter and only half a fighter to replace him. How can the Iranian backed NDF forces operating in Deir ez Zor ever get rid of the Isis fighters there, it’s impossible, Isis is replacing them faster than the NDF can kill them. Come on Russia, Daraa and Deir ez Zor both need attention, a sectarian conflict will be the start of an even bigger war that you won’t be able to stop, but you can stop the sectarian conflict if you put your foot down, that’ll avoid a conflict in 2 ways not one, Iran versus the Israelis, and Iran versus the Sunni Syrians, kill 2 birds with the one stone.


Because the Iranian kill isis and alqaeda that is interpreted as Shia vs sunni…. Can we say also that the Russians vs the Sunnis…because they also kill ISIS and alqaeda…. Oh wait the Syrian army that kills isis….how about that… Sunni vs sunni…..Alawi vs sunni…Christian vs sunni? Spare us the nonsense!

Jens Holm

Thts right. It makes no sense only to include religion. Shiits and Sunnis also are in many versions and they also have affiliates , which some muslims say is not Islam at all.

People often also forget, that if “the americans” dont get the oil anymore(as it is descriebed), then someone else will. But will they give the oilcountries more money.

Hardly. I allow me to see the corruption of the worst kind is widespread in ME as well. Estimated lists about it support it. In Iraq the oilmoney hardly reach the shiits.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No you simpleton, it’s not because the “Iranian kill isis and alqaeda that is interpreted as Shia vs sunni….”, it’s because the Sunnis in Deir ez Zor and western Aleppo, and the Sunnis and Druze in Daraa and Quneitra, don’t like the fact the Iranians have so much power and influence in Syria now, it’s actually impacting on their way of life. And the Druze are unhappy that Iran’s using their home territory to build up infrastructure designed to threaten Israel, do think they like being potential targets in a future war with their good friends, the ones they don’t want to go to war against. And guess what, the Sunnis don’t like the loosely controlled Iranian militias operating all the vital checkpoints in Deir ez Zor and quite a few in western Aleppo too, they don’t like paying bribes and extortion money to the foreign Shia militias who control them, sometimes they even shoot them up because they resent them so much. It’s not Sunni versus Arab Alawite Shia, it’s turning out to be Sunnis versus Persian Orthodox Shia, and what you call nonsense and would like to be spared from, is being reported on in SF every day. Every day SF announces 1 or 2 new assassinations, one day it’s attributed to opposition forces in the area attacking government agents, the next day it’s an attack against a pro Iranian agent and a Hezbollah agent but no one accepts responsibility, and the next time it’s an opposition agent killed and that’s attributed to the government but never officially verified, we also had one Druze agent assassinated who was supposedly working with the local opposition, but strangely he was doing it in an area the Druze are very loyal to Assad, and then we also have some attacks against government agents that are attributed to possibly Isis or the local opposition but no one knows for sure. So guess what that all means when you add it all up together, SECTARIAN VIOLENCE. It’s too late to say I’m talking nonsense, it’s happening now, and you’re already missing the start of the show, and it’s an epic tragedy you shouldn’t miss, so switch on the TV now or you’ll miss it.

cechas vodobenikov

u cannot reduce conflicts anywhere to sectarian or religious differences

Jens Holm

1) Iran can never have ebough supply line againstr Golan and 2) ISIS dont grow at all, but the few they have aæmost all are superveterans and already was organized as guerilla infantery when the fighting started years ago.

So the main problems are, that Assads as well as Iranians and Hesbollah has not enough troops to fight them and more important, those troops mainly are totally incompetent.

So telling this and that should go here and there makes no sense.

And finally You are telling ISIS griw and becomes more is a totally systematic lie made by Assads and SANA and shown well again and again telling the Syrians from the beginning are raised to BIIIG BIIG UNITS under LAUSY LAUSY COMMAND in a STUPID STUPID way, which is well known for all sektors in the whole Assads and parts of the rest.

I see it right here. New tanks handle everything, missiles handles everything. It doesnt against small mobile units each having their own relative independent opportunistic Leader.

Its about being raise to obey in culture as well as religion OR NOT.

The only good force in the whole Syria against ISIS are the Kurdish SDF and parts of the rest.

Those are raised in small groups used to be the smallest ones and therefore also being the clever one to make a + + fight and hide well. The by few orders can be many and then split away from anyone else, if they need that. ………………………………………….

I have no soultions for Assads in those matters. Syria and Assad reoresent the dark in the region not able or wilingly to change anything apart from back in time. Thats how most people are. After killing by Assads they expect to go back to the good old days of their father. ISIS and the other Jihadists hope for going back to 1258 A.C. or the good old days of Muhammed himself.

Thats why Americans ad a few others decided the power reduction of Syria with so many dead ones as well as partsof the infrastructure os gone.

Thats the rpice for heeping Assads having a hardly military controlled big are populated by poor bums and so many in baseements and tents.

I also see people here actuallydont know a lot of things from the whole world and its many possibilities. People dont understand local inflienece and the use of free press making much more plus then minus.

I try to compare with we Westerns in stead of 5 imoirtant legs in Islam took away two of them and fx said. Mecca by a picture is more then enough and Salat is timewasting.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If isis isn’t growing as you say they aren’t, why did Russia just build an new helicopter accessible logistics base in southern Ar Raqqah, it’s just a few km away from Ma’adan in Deir ez Zor. And why has the SAA just started a new campaign in Homs [and now it seems Deir ez Zor as well] to fight against Isis if they’re no real problem, it’s been going for several weeks now according to SF reports. And why did the SAAF have to bomb the hell out of Isis to stop them taking over As Sukhnah a while ago, they nearly took over the town you know. And the US backed SDF is setting up a virtual iron wall all along the northern bank of the Euphrates because they’re trying to stop Isis crossing the river, they’re trying to keep them out because it’s the other side of the river Isis is breeding in, and some of the offspring swim the river to upset the US and some head to Assad’s territory to create more mayhem there. And ask the Iraqi government or the Kurdish KRG if they think Isis is a spent force, they’d probably put you in an institution just for asking the question.

“So the main problems are, that Assads as well as Iranians and Hesbollah has not enough troops to fight them and more important, those troops mainly are totally incompetent.”

2 points Jens,

1, The SAA is at least 100,000 to 120,000 strong, the pro Assad militias another 50,000 at least, and then Iran and it’s militias have at least 150,000 fighters maybe even more, and the US backed SDF has possibly 100,000 fighters as well, and they’re all killing Isis in Syria, so how many fighters do they need to finish off Isis if that’s not enough. If Isis has any more than 5,000 fighters scattered all over Syria I’d be very surprised, but even if it had 10,000 in total it still wouldn’t explain how they could be doing so much damage and still be practically unfindable, they’re just ghosts in the deserts that disappear when they want to, and disappear in the streets of Daraa too.

2, How would you assess the recent assault that both the Russian backed 25th division and the Iranian backed 4th division participated in recently, the Russian backed 25th in southern Idlib and the Iranian backed 4th in western Aleppo creamed the opposition until the Turks entered the fighting, it was the other side that proved to be incompetent and badly trained, and the Turks made sure they had the best equipment to use so that wasn’t an excuse for the oppositions bad performance.

Jens Holm

Well, thats how I think it is. ISIs has regained, whats left and seemes stronger, because they now can be active i guerilla warfare.

Putting out more and better tracing has been needed there for years as well as tspecilized troops.

Its the mobile units of any kind, which can find and hit them. Here helicopters is a good idea. If someone find some from ISIS a helicopter can come there and react fast. A helicopter with looking for heat aslo is very good in the night. Guerilla ofyen move in night and unfortuatly also in rain and sandstorms.

The bases are not good unless they have guarded by mobile units. Instead they are sitting ducks, where the enemy can plan for days and months.

And yes, bomb the hell out of them. Sometimes thats the only chance, if You know they was there and suddenly is not. A lot of gunpowder might push Your luck.

I disagree a lot about how many y troops Assads, Iranians, Hesbollah and Russia has. You count all, but the fact is, that many are not active anymore. They are “has beens” amd in theory do have uniforms and weapons. Many of those many You mention also are “war tired” and traumatized and as a minimum need restitution.And its many.

I will not comment the nubers it self. But 100.000 active soldiers for years has to take about 20.000 for rest and regaining and then the next 20.000 and next.

And another thing has to be added. Parts of Syria like the deserts has very long supply lines, which not only need drivers but also need escort or strongpoints like Sukna, T2 and lkike that.

So 100.000 is much less in the real world, if the war is not on Your doorstep. ……………………..

There are very good old examples like comparing the USA and USSR troops and armed forces.

People here often forget Russia was mobiized more or less since 1930 and in warmode.

USA was in the passive Chamberlein mode and in 1938 only had 400.000 soldiers The main part was the homegueard, which cpuld not leave the country and the rest mainly was “for show” soldiers very bad trained having no modern weapons. When USA in 1938 want up to 1 million soldiers it wasnt against the Nazis but an army argaist the Japanese expansion partly because of the USA trade boycut.

The USA army hd no wepaons, not own local transportation, thay have no ships at all for troops transport as well as food and any equipment.

Sothe impressing strengt of USA in 1945 was, what they could do in logistics sending so much crossing the Atalantic Oceand and The Pacific. Here USA partly with Britts took Japan. Russis did not participate.

USA also sold equipment to Russians and Britts of any kind they actually had to Britts and Russians by taken vessels from the occupied countries by the nazis – norway, denmark, poland, holland, belgioum, france, greece and like that.

Ad it also was teh USA and GB which by heavy boimbers reduced the German warcapacity a lot. Russians hardly did that. All from them was relative good front support. The Nazis hardly has any airdefence in East. All and losses was in Holland, Belgium, Hremany amd France. There was big losses there.

Sorry, I suddenly remember a lot. But facts are the American well supported by Britts used a lot of their capacity comming from nothing ro a lot.

The American soldier wasnt better then the Nzai one apart from th late days in 1945. No, but the soldier could getany kid of weapon, good food, ammo, fuel and also was heavy supported by very good observant artillet and many kinds of airplanes. Communiation also was much better.

Thats why I say USSR could not “just” throw USA and GB put of Western Europe. USSR hardly had food because most farmers were woldiers. Russians satrved or almost did.

Ar rhat time USA could put in several million more soldiers in and give them any kind of supply.

Russia had taken plundred and destroyed naziland with no supply.

I tired of lining up things and compare. That includes T34s and Shermans. The Sherman was planned to be much more mobile and therefore also had a smaller gun.

If they shoudl fight each other, 8 T34s therefore would meet 10 shermans.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Isis is only growing because foreign Shia troops are telling the Syrian Arab Sunnis what they can or can’t do in their own country, and the foreign troops are the fertilizer that helps them grow so quickly, so we need to change fertilizers, switch to one that isn’t so potent, one the Isis fighters won’t thrive on.

Jim Allen

You have no solutions for anything. Hezbollah’s incompetence :I know, the only forces to defeat Israel. Remember 2006 ? Hezbollah is twice that size today, better armed, trained, supplies, and battle hardend. Any time the militia goes anywhere near Israel, or Golan, Israel goes full sniveling. The Zionist Khazars, (Atheists pretending to be God’s Chosen Ones) US Government has nothing connecting to Russia. US Government is The City of London’s bully puppet. Russia doesn’t answer to The City of London. The City of London hates Russia, and Iran, packing a grudge for 1,500(+/-) years against the two countries. This isn’t a religious war, Islam is the West’s scapegoat, as the West projected it’s crimes against humanity in the Middle East onto the Muslims. Taliban al CIAeda ISIS are creations of US, UK, France, Italy(?) The Headcutters, and Mossad. All this who’s supporting who, and who controls who is distraction. The terrorists are US Government defense contractors. The blah, blah, blah, is to further confuse,the issues and bury the truth. Western military censorship, and propaganda against it’s enemies. This list includes US citizens. Enemies of the State since 1933. The City of London has no further use for US, it has the Bolsheviks running US Government. No, the Bolsheviks are not Russian, US citizens living in Manhattan. Dual citizenship too, I’d bet. The USA is being destroyed from the inside. COVID-19 has a US Patent number, Gates Foundation funded the development, every step of the way. Pirbright Institution, Wuhan, Bio-Weapons Lab. The WHO lab next door in Wuhan. Gates funds WHO, and CDC. Oh, Lord Pirbright is a Rothschild. US developed the 7 types of COVID-19, and the cure. US Government released the virus in China, Italy, Iran, and in US. Gates is developing his “soft kill” vaccines, and attempting to have the vaccines mandated. While you clowns are bickering back, and forth about whodunnit, blaming The City of London’s puppets. The puppet masters didit. The Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal headquarters, the owners of everything. I suggest y’all look there to answer this Globalist lunacy.

Jens Holm


Maybee it was a mistake United States was made. Vikings already had it. Eurpeans should have taken ME. We would have integrated better and had saved a lot of transporation.

Beduin – Idian. Who cared in those days. But Eurpean Leaders of those days simply didnt know to do with all the sand and the Camels. Only coffee from Mocca was a must. Even so there is nothing comming from there, because even the Harbour is filled with SAND.

Maybee Dusty Hofman came from You

And If jews actually are running as much as they dó living among us as they do, I ANYTIME will prefare to live with them.

Where are the places, where its better. Give me some links.

You are not even allowed to choose Your leaders and not even know how. You often 5 times a day tell the whole world “Ots written” but You have never been reading it and certainly not the women raised for buy and sales and even made from clay where You keep them extra stupid so Ýour GDP can remain as low as possible.

You invent and produce hardly nothing. Thats why You are nothing and will remain so. Most things You have are from the outide and the income is from oil and gas, which You after living there for 1000s of Years only was for lamps.

Most things You write about are easy to check up at Internet and many other places still using paper for it. But oh no, its much better to create random lies and hope for a Nobel Price for them.

Free man

I agree with much of what you wrote. There is another factor to consider, that is the high cost of the war in Syria for Russia. Russia has a clear interest in ending the war and starting to enjoy the fruits of Syria’s rebuilding. Criticism against Assad in Russian media suggests that the Russians are dissatisfied with what is happening in Syria. So Russia will not agree to the continuation of the current situation in Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Yes I agree, the financial cost to Russia will be an increasing burden now that their income revenue has dropped [due to low oil prices], so they have an even bigger incentive now to save the rubles where they can [this will also affect Iran even more]. And yes unlike most other SF readers I do read Russian news and government statements all the time, I know exactly the type of role they want Israel to play if and when hostilities end, and when some of the pro Russian SF readers find out what the truth is as well, they’ll be choking on the truth for weeks, and so will the pro Iranian supporters.


The air defense is activated for missile attack, but NOT FOR ISRAEL AIRPLANES. Can you see the difference ?

Rhodium 10

Israeli airplanes fly at low altitude far from Syria as they launch long range cruise missile ( Delilah)…it is similar as if Israel launch that cruise missile from ground!..if Syria use S-300 to shot down cruise missile it would means that Pantsir and BUk are not reliable and damage the interests of that Russian military systems!

klove and light

Putin u treacherous Zionist bibi cock sucking son of a bitch…..

the russian Military should hang you, burn you, and sens his ashes to bibi

cechas vodobenikov

another fascist racist amerikan that can’t speak her own language

Jens Holm

Americans often use “U” in ordinary spelling as here. Its is sensE.

cechas vodobenikov

do u have anything to say?

Jens Holm

Even noisy roosters like You has. We eat Your kind before they are ´noisy. At least hens lay eggs :(


Putin is working against Russian strategic interests.

Jens Holm

Send a mail

klove and light

you Folks are sooo dumb here with exeptions…..

aas i have pointed out moths ago, and if you are truly INTERESTED in thwe truth, you can still find the articles at almasdar News (SAA News site), where SAA, i repeat SAA clearly states that the S-300, that supposedly Russia gave syria is only HALF of the truth.

YES the S-300 is in syria, BUT the russian militray HAS FIRE CONTROL.I repeat , u dumb fucks….the russian Military has 100% fire Control of the S-300.

That is the reason why NOT ONCE,,,, I Repeat, NOT ONE TIME, in over 1800 israeli attacks has the S-300 been activated.

so go fuck yourselves u 99 % Zionist brainwashed motherfuckers.

again for the 99% Zionist brauinwashed Donkeys ahd sheep.

ALL nations that recognize the illegal satanic Entity named Israel are part of the satanic Zionist AGENDA.

The Agenda.

A one world Government with Jerusalem as it´s capital under satanic leadergship-

Russia,usa,uk,eu,china etc… are all part ofthe satanic Agenda.

Covid19 is part of this AGENDA.It is no more dangerous than a influenza flu Virus.

But as u morons should see, ALL nations Play ball with this satanic plot.The Virus is used as a “Control” mechanism.And which 2 nations are at the Forefront of DIGITAL Control of the Population???????

Russia and China.The Population Control in These 2 countries is wide spread and since corona has become DIGITAL.

In the USA,UK,EU etc… this DIGITAL Control program has been activated and will be continuolsy put into Action.

Iam sure, here at SF, People of different nations can all share the same Story in their Country.laws beeing passed for Population Control.

I wont go into the differnt Details ( vaccination with nanotech /5G grid/)………..Iam just trying to “open your eyes” that ALL nations are part of the satanic Zionist Agenda.

Or go back to 2001 !!!!!!!!!!! ANybody with a brain and sober knows that 9.11. 2001 “Terror atatcks” were a false flag, US Government made.

Here is the “Million Dollar” Question to open your eyes.

Why , if you stupid morns believe PUTIN is agood guy, does Putin not use 9,11???

YOU stupid fucks seriously believe that the russian intelligence servives knew nothuing About the upcoming 9.11 day????????

Youi stupid fucks believe that Russia has no satellietes and other spy possiblities to capture the 9.11 day???

You stupid fucks believe that Russia has no recording of “inside” Military or political Folks, discussing/planning/executing 9.11?????

RUSSIA and USA are two sides of the same coin u dumb fucking morons.

it is the 99% against the 1% u dumb fucking morons.

so go fuck yourselves with your Zionist Putin motherfucker, or your Zionist trump motherfucker or boris jonhson Zionist controleld kotherfucker or xiixix pin China chied Zionist controlled motherfucker

u dumb fucks here!

cechas vodobenikov

Israel murders grains of sand in the Syrian desert and claim they were Iranian weapon depots—farcical

Jens Holm

And on mars a litle robot is wawing its arm.

cechas vodobenikov

if true amerikans can only reach it using Russian rocket engines

Jens Holm

Maybee. For the space purpose the Russian ones seemes better, but many today can send a lot far away, if they want to.


Like I said, the airstrikes won’t stop and the SAA can thank Iran for that. Let the crying begin in the comments (again).


You are like a parrot idiot brat, Iran will be Syria forever and no one can do anything.


Putin is the protector of Zionism and Syria is moving towards China, the only independent superpower.

Jens Holm

Soon all Syrian moeny is used as cheep toiletpaper and You will clean Your behinds witt american creditcards.


Too bad they took down that video in the Gaza strip, when Hamas fired some 20mm projectiles or gun into the air over a Iron Dome battery, and all the missiles launched and went flying wild with no targets!!!! LOOOL when I was down that one really made my day. Anyone still have that video? And you hear the isreali soldier saying “WTF!!!!”


I can’t seam to find the original article on SINA about this and Al masdar hasn’t provided any links to the original article. It’s like with that other article on masdar site about russian radar being bad. Almasdar also claimed that SANA reported something similar and there was no such article on SANA. So almasdar is just fakeposting. ))

Jens Holm

I dont get why You bother at all. Its accepted the S300 is or was one of the best in the world and S400 being a kind of upgrade most likely is batter.

Thats number one in the whole world – Or should the S400 be number two its stil one of the best in the whole world.

So forget it. Goats, pigs and hens eat everything and makes good meat. But so many here should have permanent stomack eating the many down talkings and believing anything or nothing, they are told.

Maybee we should pit in fx my old XP as help. It has a memoty Too.


Jim Allen

The “S” missile defense systems, are an entire system from S-1 to S-500, and while the early produced “S” systems are old, they’re not obsolete. Russian military hardware is infinitely upgradeable, and these weapons have the latest upgrades. Syria owns the S-300 Russia recently delivered, and MoD Shoigu turned command of air defenses to Syria air defense forces. He also gifted a piece of “Not For Export” technology to Syria. S systems are designed to be integrated, Russia’s systems are integrated. So are Syria’s. Upgrades are the reason S-200 was able to damageF-35. S-200 isn’t supposed to see F-35.

Jens Holm

Hallo again iddiot. I also probatly know more aboit those missiles the You. You dont need to much expert for that.

Jim Allen

I can’t decide if you probably know anything at all. A pitiful troll that regurgitates whatever it’s told to any comment that forest fit it’s programmed narrative. Your incompetent ad hominem is evidence indicating it’s a troll. Have a blessed day.

Jens Holm

When You write You can decide if I probatly know anything at all – I says YOU DONT.

Its also says You are forbidden to look for facts or has learned a very bug mouth covers for the rest of the head, so Your brain is not needed.

And by that You are a no learner and will never know if fx my knowledge about missile systems is correct or I and anybody else are trolls or not.

Your “goym equilibritions is for cirkus”.

You are right. Using Your brain, massaging it as well as education and hard work makes wealth.

“character” mainly is a human made definition. Next poor is the best for everybody, becuse You are. By Your way of learning You create no succes. Therefore You will enjoy any fiasko of Ours.

You know nothing about what evidence is. You cant even make fact cheaking at internet.

Jim Allen

Armchair psychologist are ya’ ? You presume to tell me what I mean, but what I mean is unknowable to you. You project your bias and clueless opinion into my comment, totally corrupting it’s context. You don’t know what I don’t know, or will enjoy. Let’s try this, your pathetic ad hominem from your first comment, assuming you can somehow know the unknowable, then fucking off the context, to explain what I mean. Proves you don’t know shit about shit. The absence of anthing useful to relate in your content, is further proof you are the pathetic, pitiful, obsolete submissive, troll. An automaton with damaged programming capability. Your only contribution to this exchange is proof of your stupidity, and weak character. Be gone overpaid incompetent, bumbling fool.

Jens Holm

There we go again. Now You thiink its about armchairs, where You can win by big mouth and therefore learn nothing and stay on the same low level, You seemes to come from.


But ok, we can discuss armchairs of platric keather having 3 or 4 legs and for how many persons and mammies giving milk to babies there too.


Jim Allen


Jim Allen

Pitiful troll, your ad hominem is unimpressive, your lies predictable your claims of being superior to goyim is not demonstrated. Your failures are what is on display. Zionist Khazars pretending to be God’s Chosen Ones. Wealth doesn’t buy intelligence, or character, it will buy education. Intelligence, and education are two completely different things.. Your incompetent ad hominem is evidence it’s a troll. A pitiful troll. Probably know nothing, but regurgitate what it’s programmed to say toward comments not fitting it’s programmed narrative Please have a blessed day.

Xoli Xoli

Put8n has fuck up Bit coins realizations. Putin delay Brix currency realization.Putin is bankrupting Russia with Erdogan pleasing delay war in Syria.While Putin plays good camera man strategy and relaxing with Trump. Pompeo and financier Bill Gate went behind Trump back and make a deal with China CCP.That is why China releases coronavirus in Wuhan as one world order,religion and depopulation gaol.The world has change forever.Just expect to be computerized in next few month.

Xoli Xoli

If Putin would have wanted so sincerely fir Syria to over run Turkey. Then he would have sell s-400 to Iran,Lebanon and Syria.Putin uses Syria as Russia NATO and USA weapons testing ground as agreed with Kerry. Putin were so quick to order the withdrawal of Iran and Hizbollah to 40 km away from Israel border.Now why cant Putin order Erdogan to with his troops from Syria. Because Erdogan reprieve SAA forces in Syria soil not to exercise their fundamental freedom to combat terrorism and defend them self from any threat.SAA cant exercise freedom of Movement in their mother land.


Has the S-300 ever shot any enemy war plane anywhere on this planet before? Pls if yes let me know

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