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Syrian 4th Division Officer Assassinated In Western Daraa

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On October 18 morning, an officer of the Syrian Arab Army 4th Division was assassinated in the western countryside of Daraa.

The officer, Lt. Hassan Ibrahim, was reportedly shot and killed by unidentified gunmen in the town of Sahem al-Golan. The gunmen managed to escape.

According to the Horan Free League, Lt. Ibrahim was responsible for a security post in a scientific research center in the town of Jillen. The officer is originally from the governorate of Hama.

No side has claimed responsibility for the assassination, so far. ISIS cells, local radicals and even foreign intelligence agencies may be behind the attack.

Dozens of Syrian service members and local fighters were assassinated in Daraa in the last few months. Earlier this week, former rebel commander Adham al-Akrad and four of his comrades were ambushed and killed in the northern countryside of the governorate.

The lack of any serious cooperation between government forces and local fighters is behind the state of lawlessness prevailing over the Daraa. The two sides are still far from reaching a real understanding.


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You don’t hear about SDF commanders assasinated because USA has better inteligence. Even in Donbas, pro-Russian commanders are assasinated like crazy. If CIA wasn’t in Kiev, a lot of Ukrainians were assasinated too.

Chris Chuba

The U.S. also has deep pockets. $10M will fund a lot of assassinations in poor countries like Ukraine and Syria and not even make a scratch on the CIA’s budget sheet.


No, but you hear about people being assassinated that have different opionions than the ukkie’s mainstream and they blame it on Russia, nothing to do with the quality of intelligence, it’sjust that Russia is trying not to get too many enemies and thus they try to calm things down but it’s not always going to be remain the same where west can do anything it likes and get away with it.


There were a lot of assasinations amiog opposition, during Yanukovich and Maidan, luckily CIA is there now and the bandits ran to the East.


Looks like Mosaad

Fog of War

” You don’t hear about SDF commanders assasinated because USA has better inteligence. ”

Better intelligence then Russia ?

Jens Holm

Counting incidents says Occy us correct.


He was a lieutenant, its just orcs killing easy targets

Icarus Tanović

Looks like Mossad/CIA inside job. It is easy to blame every single thing to ISIS, that de facto doesn’t have much power, and almost non existent.

Chris Chuba

Since Israel is paranoid of anything that could improve Syria’s military like a research center, I tend to agree. The Israel / U.S. don’t even have to risk personnel. All they have to do is pay local killers. Our base in Al Tanf provides a perfect outpost for that.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Everyone’s pointing the finger at anyone they think might be responsible, it’s the Jews, the US, Western powers, opposition, insurgents, Isis, or anyone else they can think of, except for the very people it’s most likely to be.
There’s been a pattern in the assassinations that some SF readers seem to have missed, it roughly goes something like this,

Russian backed 5th corps soldier is assassinated and then an Iranian 4th division soldier is assassinated,
Then a Russian backed 5th corps soldier is assassinated and then a Hezbollah fighter is assassinated,
Then a Russian backed Syrian Government official is assassinated and then an Iranian backed Syrian Government official is assassinated,
Then a Russian backed Syrian Military Intelligence agent is assassinated and then an Iranian backed Syrian Military Intelligence agent is assassinated,
Then a Russian backed 5th corps soldier is assassinated and then an Iranian 4th division soldier is assassinated,
Then a Russian backed 5th corps soldier is assassinated and then a Hezbollah fighter is assassinated,
Then a Russian backed Syrian Government official is assassinated and then an Iranian backed Syrian Military Intelligence agent is assassinated,
Then a Russian backed Syrian Military Intelligence agent is assassinated, and then an Iranian backed Syrian Government official is assassinated,
Then a Russian backed 5th corps soldier is assassinated and then an Iranian 4th division soldier is assassinated,
Then a Russian backed 5th corps soldier is assassinated and then a Hezbollah fighter is assassinated,

And on and on and on it goes.

The protests in Daraa, Quneitra, and As Suwayda all started out as anti Iranian protest, and then they turned into protests about living conditions, and now recently they’ve turned into anti government protest.
Here’s an article from Enab Baladi that sheds some light on what’s really happening, the person called al-Awda is the commander of the Russian backed 8th Brigade which is a unit of the Russian backed 5th SAA army corps, he tells us exactly who and why there’s so much trouble in paradise now.
And if you don’t believe what he’s saying just remember this, he is the commander of the Russian backed 8th Brigade and he directly takes his orders from Russia, not from Assad and the Syrian Government.
And just in the last few days Russia brokered a new reconciliation agreements for this guys friends, it gave them all the guarantees they’d been asking for so things should start to calm down a little, it’ll also allow the Russian recruitment centre that recruits the ex opposition fighters into the 5th army corps to go into overdrive, which is really good news. :]
Russia’s been recruiting opposition fighters into the 5th army corps for 2 years now but they’ve had plenty of competition from Iran lately, the Iranians have been busy trying to recruit more opposition fighters into the Iranian backed SAA 4th division and Syrian Military Intelligence and sneakily pulled a few strings to get them [closed checkpoints], but now with the new Russian reconciliation agreements that’s all about to change. :]
So Russia recruits opposition fighters into the 5th army corps and on the odd occasion Syrian Military Intelligence, and Iran recruits them into the 4th division and Syrian Military Intelligence, so both recruit from the opposition faction and do exactly the same thing. Assad does too but he doesn’t recruit them, he just conscripts them, but he only gets what’s left over after the Russians and Iranians are through, the Russians and Iranians pay their recruits and Assad doesn’t, unless you count the normal SAA salary any SAA soldier would get, which is a lot less then the Iranians and Russians pay and they have less privileges.
So listen to what Russia’s commander of the 8th Brigade says because he’s telling us what the biggest problem is, the Russians can’t do it otherwise the Iranians would have a meltdown, but they shouldn’t have to tell you and get themselves into trouble, it’s something you should already know.

Here’s the article, read it and learn something you might not have known.


“On 2 October, al-Awda said in a video posted by local news networks that the “hands of evil” intervened to “disturb the calm of the two neighbors, and ignite strife and war.” Al-Awda added, these “hands of evil” are represented by the kidnapping and sedition gangs, and outlawed terrorist groups.”

Al-Awda warned the people of the Hauran Mountain against being used as tools to carry out agendas for bigger entities, such as the Lebanese “Hezbollah” and the “mercenaries and security arms of Iran.”

According to Murad, the Syrian regime ousted the liaison officer (the officer who coordinates between the local factions affiliated to the regime’s forces) and appointed Wajih Ghanem instead, ten days before the clash.

Murad added, weapons were distributed by “Hezbollah” in southern Syria, which confirms that “Hezbollah is involved,” and that the Iranians are using the intransigence of al-Awda and the Russians’ ignoring of their intervention in the south of Syria.

On 29 September, security points for the “Fifth Corps” came under an attack, described by al-Awda as “an offensive and assault with all types of arms and from three axes.”

On the same day, the “Men of Dignity” Movement in As-Suwayda published a statement on its “Facebook” page, saying it had pushed hundreds of fighters into fighting positions, after clashes between the town’s youth and the “8th Brigade.”

The “Men of Dignity” Movement announced the killing of eight of its members around the al-Qarya town in clashes with the “Fifth Corps,” while the “Horan Free League” mentioned that one of the elements of the “8th Brigade” was killed in the clashes.”

The men of dignity are a very small Druze faction that belongs to one of the very big pro Assad Druze factions, but the Men of Dignity are actually opposed to Assad and his government despite belonging to a pro Assad Druze militia, and the commander of the Russian backed 8th Brigade is saying Hezbollah and Iran are now giving members the Men of Dignity weapons, paying them cash, and generally causing internal strife. The Men of Dignity did fight against Hezbollah early on but Iran pays big dollars to impoverished Syrian citizens, so they obviously found cooperating with Hezbollah and Iran a lot better option than fighting them.
So to all the people who said the anti Assad Druze militias were getting help from Israel you must be choking on this claim, a claim by the Russian backed military commander of the 8th Brigade 5th army corps SAA, he’s actually saying the Iranians are the ones paying the anti Assad Men of Dignity and giving them weapons too, so do you think he’s lying, if he is then everyone else that’s making that claim is too, and nearly everyone in the whole world but SF are saying the same thing.
Israel must be choking on the revelation too, if some of the Druze militias can be bought and paid for by Iran it’s going to mean big trouble for Israel, who will they be able to trust now their most trusted ally in Syria’s been tainted with the treasonous Iranian brush, LOL.

Maz K

I doubt whether many would read a long post like yours… maybe just the first sentence or two and skip to the next post. Just summarise everything with bullet points or something… I’m sure there is lots of interesting information but it’s too much effort.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Complex issues need more than a sentence or 2 to explain, maybe that’s why so many SF readers are completely clueless.

Maz K

I’m not sure about that but;
a) maybe you’re right,
b) maybe you’re not.

Jim Allen

On this point facts in evidence suggest he is correct. It’s also true there’s an overabundance of overpaid lazy pitiful Zionist Khazar shill trolls.
In search of just enough information to carry on their ad hominem parroting.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Good answer, I wish more people would think like that, especially when they read their favourite news sources no matter which source it is, Russian, American, Israeli, Syrian, Iranian, European, Turkish, and anyone and everyone else’s news too.
And no I’m not Zionist or even pro Israel, or even pro US, I’m pro Syrian people and the majority of them are on Assad’s side.
I mostly like Trump’s foreign policy but I’m totally opposed to his capitulation to Israel over Palestine, so relating to your comment to Maz K I want you to know I’m not pro Israel at all, but I have switched from being pro Iranian Government before 2019 to now being totally opposed to anti Iranian Government, and unfortunately many people seem to think that means I have to be pro Israel.
It’s ok to barrack for one team but you have to call out all the fouls from both teams and cheer the good plays as well.

Jim Allen

Lazy pitiful troll. Much less than useless idiot.

Jim Allen

At best this is a part (small) of a small part of what may, or may not be fact.
Your snarky LOL attempted ad hominem towards Iran, the legitimate Lebanese militia, and the current operating Government of Lebanon after the Western puppet Government resigned after the Zionist Khazar pretenders squatting on stolen land in Palestine blundered it’s false flag nuclear weapons terrorist attack on Lebanese civilian infrastructure, in another failed attempt to project blame for this crime against humanity onto Hezbollah.
That the fake State of Israel,, and it’s protector bully, servant to The City of London assigned the label
“Terrorist Organization/supporter of terrorism” to Iran, and Hezbollah does not make it so. In fact the false labelling serves more to identify these
legitimate branches of Government are not terrorists at all. Particularly when there’s a complete absence of evidence of terrorist activity in the history of the country of Iran, and the militia. Iran hasn’t attacked another country since 1775, this fun fact makes it difficult to make the absurd, and ridiculous label stick. Instead, it reflects back on the actual terrorist organization/supporter of terrorism. (second largest in the world) The arrogant sociopaths, and lunatic pretenders are butt-hurt over the militia’s defeat of it’s military in the invasion of Lebanon in 2006. It’s worth noting the pretenders use of a tactical nuclear weapon against Lebanon during the illegal invasion. Must have been humiliating for IDF to announce in MSM their first defeat at the hand of a militia. A strategic defeat, unfortunately the pretenders were able to bury their use of a nuclear weapon, (a crime against humanity) their masters at The City of London own the Western MSM, motion picture industry, social media, and control much of the world media. Not the first time the pretenders have deployed nuclear weapons against a chosen enemy, or ally.
Currently Russia has the best intelligence services in the world. There’s little to nothing Russia doesn’t know, it’s simply a question of whether Russia will disclose what it knows.
What stopped the IAF attack on the US surveillance ship Liberty was a Russian destroyer on routine patrol picking up the radio traffic, and it’s sonar picking up the US submarine launch of a torpedo that struck Liberty cruising up to have a look at the scene. IAF saw the destroyer, and disappeared so as not to be caught in the US Government assisted false flag attack on a US Navy ship to project blame onto Egypt for the sinking of the ship with all hands.
The US submarine couldn’t move without the destroyer picking up it’s presense, but this was already known. Western propaganda, disparages, belittles, and mocks Russian military technology, hardware, and capabilities incessantly. Believing it’s own lies. It’s not known what Russian military technology was capable of during the cold war in general, people are very dismissive towards this.
We have learned the facts show Russian military technology, and capabilities to be consistently equal to, or superior to Western military technology and capabilities. T-34, and the Kalashnikov rifle as examples.
I’m thinking the destroyer could more than easily track the US submarine, and if necessary destroy it with relative ease. The Russian Captain didn’t seem to be anxious. The destroyer found a way past the jamming of radio communications, and spoke with Liberty’s Captain, offering medical, and damage control assistance.
Liberty was sinking rather quickly, the destroyers offer was refused, but the Captain chose to stand by to pickup survivors, and certain the ship would sink. Monitoring radio traffic, he knew US Navy carrier group was steaming in the opposite direction at high speed, and refusing to return to assist Liberty. The conversation between LBJ, the pretenders, and the carrier group was also heard. Probably recorded.
The destroyer stayed until the carrier came over the horizon after finally reversing course. Then split.
All party’s involved knew the Russian destroyer was present. Russia knew what treachery was going on, yet Russia never said a word.
It’s sure as Hell is not due to their being scared. The destroyer, behaved in the way all Russian ships do in response to distress calls.
As demonstrated by Russia’s ice breaker fleet. I wonder if the response to a Russian distress call would be afforded the same way Russia responds. By Western countries ? US Coast Guard in Alaska, I think would risk sending it’s ancient ice breaker, and/or Cutter in response to Russian distress calls. I’m not so sure of Canada, US, or other NATO aligned countries would, given all the fucked up shit these countries have visited upon Russia, and it’s allies in the recent past. With the way US Government turned on it’s allies when they complained, or failed to immediately comply with illegal US actions against Russia, it’s allies, and other countries independent of the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal. Russia, and Iran are singled out for “special attention” by the Cabal. With N. Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia, next in line.
The vote in the Bolivian elections did not result in favor of the CIA installed puppet Government after the overthrow of Morales Government. CIA must now redouble its efforts, and dirty tricks to recover the situation. The coup de farce in Venezuela is slowly being shoved out, and all US Government action to strangle Iran have failed, with Russia leading in blocking all attempts to cut off Iran’s, and Venezuela’s money, from sales of oil. The impotent US Government threats failed to impress China, and India, piling on more illegal sanctions against Russia have served only to make Russia stronger. While killing the economies of US allies.
US efforts to stop Nordstream being completed failed, costing Germany even more money, and putting the country, and EU at risk of having no reliable gas service, and dependent upon the extremely high cost poor quality US supplied gas. This is treachery at the highest level. Not something one does to an ally, and expect the alliance to continue.
I can see no reason to believe this “Russian backed” whatever commander’s story, or your “LOL” trolling comments. Meanwhile, I’ll see what I can learn.
It reeks of Zionist Khazar treachery.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Now that Iran and Hezbollah have taken control of most of southern Deir ez Zor, Sunni school children are forced to learn Shia scripture and ideology at school, but before Iran took over all Syrian children no matter what their faith could only learn about religion from the religious centres, mosques, churches, ect, it was forbidden to indoctrinate children while at school, but not anymore it isn’t, not with the religious zealots in charge.
And you don’t care about what the majority of the Syrian people say about Hezbollah and some of the Iranian backed NDF militias operating in Syria, if you did you’d listen to them and agree most of Hezbollah [in Syria] and many of the NDF militia’s that Iran pays for, are actually no better than common thugs, who constantly demand toll fees to use roads, demand extortion taxes, prioritize trade for Iranian businesses and religious festivals/sites ect, and much more.
Over the last 2 to 3 months the SAA, the Syrian Intelligence, and the Syrian Military Intelligence agency units have come to blows against Hezbollah units, Iranian backed NDF units, and the IRGC units in Deir ez Zor, the latest incident in Ma Adaan.
You may not believe what I just said but it’s true, Government forces have actually come to blows against pro Iranian forces in Deir ez Zor, but that’s not the worst of it, between late 2018 and late 2019 Russian backed NDF militias and Iranian backed militias were coming to blows in Deir ez Zor and western Aleppo with dozens of casualties, hundreds in all.
So I don’t know what news you read but you seem to be missing a lot of information, and now in Quneitra, Darra, and As Suwayda sadly the same thing is happening again, and all the opposition and independent news sites are all reporting on what’s happening, but Russian, Iranian, and Syrian pro Assad news sites don’t.
So I’m fully aware the side I’m actually supporting, which is Assad’s Government, is actually lying to me, but I understand why they are lying to me. I know they can’t tell me the truth and understand why they can’t, but I can tell the truth, and I can tell it without harming the Syrian Government in the process, and that’s what I’m trying to do.
It all comes down to who do you believe, do you believe what the Iranians are saying or do you believe what the commander of the Russian backed 8th Brigade is saying, despite the fact his bosses the Russians aren’t saying the same thing he is, but they aren’t sacking him or demoting him either, he’s still in charge of the Russian backed 8th Brigade and still accusing Iran of provoking ethnic tensions in the area. So why haven’t the Russians sacked him if he’s lying, you can be assured the Russians are totally aware of what their own military personnel are saying to the media.
Russia can’t tell you the truth buddy, they’re hoping you’ll be smart enough to work it out for yourself.
Here’s an excellent source of news if you really want to know what the smartest people in Russia think, they’re way less diplomatic than the Russian Governments news sources and tell it a lot more honestly than the Russian Government can, but you won’t like what they have to say about Iran and Israel though.
The RIAC is an OFFICIAL Russian Government appointed ThinkTank, and they have the smartest economists, industrialists, scientists, social experts, world renowned diplomats, expert media analysts and spokespeople ect, that Russia has, and their job is to advise the Russian Government on the best course of actions that help promote Russian interests all around the world.
So they are the people who’s job it is to make suggestions to the Government, the Russian Government doesn’t always do what they suggest but 99.9% of the times they do, after all they are the experts that the Government appointed, and the Russian Government doesn’t appoint experts just to disagree with them all the time do they, they usually listen to what they have to say and follow it up.
And here’s one article in particular I’ve saved for people like you to read, I’m linking it here.


And this is what the wiki has to say about the RIAC.

“The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) – is a non-profit academic and diplomatic think tank established by the presidential decree dated 2 February 2010.[1][2] The founders of the RIAC are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science, Russian Academy of Science, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and Russian news agency Interfax.

The Russian International Affairs Council was founded on orders of then-President Dmitry Medvedev to contribute to Russia’s soft power efforts.[3]

The RIAC activities are aimed at strengthening peace, friendship and solidarity between peoples, preventing international conflicts and promoting conflict resolution and crisis settlement.[4] It operates as a link between the state, scholar community, business, and civil society in an effort to find foreign policy solutions to current international issues.[5] The RIAC is one of Russia’s public diplomacy tools.

The RIAC mission is to facilitate Russia’s peaceful integration into the global community, partly through greater cooperation between Russian scientific institutions and foreign think tanks/scholars on major international issues.

The council’s strategic mission is to facilitate communication between government officials and the expert, business and civil communities when elaborating foreign policy decisions.”


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