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Syria Will Use Scud Missiles Against If Israel Continues To Conduct Airstrikes On Syrian Territory

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Syria Will Use Scud Missiles Against If Israel Continues To Conduct Airstrikes On Syrian Territory

Source: Wikipedia

Syrian will retaliate with launcing Scud missiles against Israeli military objects if the Israeli military continues to deliver airstrikes on Syrian territory, the Russian state-run news agency “Sputnik” reported, citing a message delivered via “Russian mediators.”

“According to the message, delivered via Russian mediators, attacks on Syrian military objects will be met with Scud missiles launched at Israeli military (IDF) bases. If Israel attacks civilian infrastructure, Syrian missiles will be fired at Israel’s Haifa port and petrochemical plant. The missiles will be launched without any prior notice, the statement said,” Sputnik’s article reads.

The Syrian statement followed a series of Israeli aerial attack against targets inside Syria earlier this month which led to growing diplomatic and military tensions in the region.

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Israelis should stop supporting ISIS, Al-Nusra and other jihadists terrorists in Syria.

Real Anti-Racist Action

That is difficult when Israel played a major role in fermenting and orchestrating ISIS.
ISIS has been one of Israels biggest success stories in history.
(Israeli Secret Islamic Solders I.S.I.S.)

Samuel Boas

Shoot those all the way to that hell hole called Israhell.


I still do not follow the Israeli narrative of firing an anti ballistic missile against a S200 SAM. Unless the S200 was modernized and caught the Israeli jets flat footed without adequate defenses. The S200s have been in Syria for decades, Israel never asked permission for their air incursions in Syria, being fully confident that the S200 was suppressed and under control.
And now they fire an Arrow ABM against a S200.


According to Israeli media outlets, they believed that it was a ballistic missile, not a S-200 missile

John Whitehot

Although it’s unrelated, I believe that the S-200 has a surface to surface mode, as most soviet and russian sam systems.


Should not the the velocity after launch tell you what you have coming?
A SAM alike S200 would do at Mach +2000/meters/s in the the first few seconds, while a Scud like SSM would move a lot slower, and it would have a ballistic trajectory instead of flight ceiling.


Netanyahu’s ranting and raving was about Syrian air defenses, the media outlets are putting out fake news.
Most likely the S200 had a radar lock on one aircraft that could not be shaken off, the only way to save the aircraft was to kill the pursuing missile with another missile.
Jews are not going to admit that S200 received some upgrades that makes their aircraft vulnerable; how else can you explain the Jewish drama about destroying Syrian air defenses?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Actually, Syrian civilian militia who works closely with Lebanese civilian militia fired the missile.
But they did have Assad’s permission.
Once Iran helped change the Syrian S-200 codes so they could lock onto Israeli invading warcraft, Syrian government forces and civilian militias evacuated their post before the Israeli strike and also countered by firing one resistance-missile back at Israel to let them know they mean business when it comes to defend their homes and family’s and nation from Israeli-onslaught.

Israel also stated that it was in fact a mid-range missile.
But we do not know yet if it was a single warhead missile (it probably was) or the much more advanced missiles the resistance has as well as Syrian government, the multiple warhead missiles.
Those can make it through Israel defenses at least 20%-35% of the time.

agostin deubrique

fucking israel state terrorist!!!!!

John Stone

Israel is just a part of the bigger plot by Al-CIAeda aimed at weakening Iranian & Russian influence in Syria, the unprovoked incursions come at the same time with increased American boots on the ground. This cannot be a coincidence at all, if that blonde – haired Trump thought he was in charge, by now he knows who is the real power. The deep state.

That Guy

Israel is not “part” of the bigger plan, Israel is the planner itself.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Israel also just committed a much grater crime this week against all countries and all peoples!
They have now passed laws censoring what we are allowed to read and see and learn online.


Clearly that’s a satirical picture, rather than an a serious book?

Real Anti-Racist Action

According to Jewish census the total Jewish population of Europe was around 4,000,000 at the beginning of the war. While around 3,750,000 survived the war in Europe. The lie that 6-million were killed in Europe was first circulated in Oct 31 1919 in news papers around the world. They just kept repeating that lie till Hollywood bought the story in the 1960’s


Oh you sad, incompetent, dickhead. Read your Hillberg and then take your nazi head for a shit.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I hope you are competent enough to know that “nazi” is short for Ashkenazi-Jew. To which I am of no relation…
And as always, I am an anti-nazi (((Ashkenazi)))


You’re a zionist troll and don’t know your Tauger from your elbow.


Good for the Syrians, the zionist head-choppers have it coming.

Julius Meinel

The Russian OTR-21 Tochka’s life span it reaching it limits. Russia has tens if not hundreds of them. Being replaced now by the more potent Iskander. Better use the Toshka misses in Syria on the battle field than assume to expensive cost of scrapping it for junk.


Although this makes me proud as a syrian that my country is going to respond to the enemy ….but lets be serious such move is very risky putting in mind that syria is in war, and if isreal responds with military actions this would be a knockout for syria , and I dont belive that russia will stand with syria in a war with isreal, maybe the iran would but even though its going to be very risky

Real Anti-Racist Action

Actually, I can tell you that a plan is in motion now to not only run some upgrades on Syrian air defense, but to also quietly provide some assistance. Though I will not revel more detail now.
#1 Syria is going to have better air defenses within the next three months time. Mainly from upgrades.
#2 If war occurs, it is Israel starting it, not Syria. Israel will loose global opinion, and Syria will win on global opinion.
#3 The resistance (civilian militias from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other places already have set plans into motion to spectacularly respond in self defense, and Israel will loose structures and industry and credibility among their people for the lie of having (the perfect defense).
#4 I also happen to know that their are Christian circles around the globe (including in America) discussing more and more about how anti-Christian Israel is, and how Lebanon and Syria deserve the credit for being friends of Christians. Israel is an enemy to the Gospel, even Paul the Apostle said this in the New Testament. Nothing has changed with (((them))).

Israel is experiences on many levels Christians turning from their demonic-Zionist ways and instead choosing to speak more and more openly in favor of Monotheist and Christian suffering, instead of the atheist-Israelis.
Even many American militias have no problem with Shia or Alawites, but are mad as hell about what Israeli does to Christians of Bethlehem and Christians in Gaza and what Israel did to Christians in Syria and Lebanon.
And what Jews did to 45-million Christians in the Jewish run Holodmor death camps in Communist-Russia. The great awakening is happening, and more of the world today in population terms sides with Syria then with the Zionist-supremacist.

Leon Auguste



To quote Akm , “Syria is in a war (already) ,….. this would be a knock out for Syria” . #2 global , opinion will not mean much to millions who die in Damascus , Tel Avi , etc.. What happened years ago in Russia with 45 million Christians , is not a valid reason for an other 45 million to die today. Real Christians , Jews and Muslims desire Peace .

Real Anti-Racist Action

Actually, it is the same war-machine driven by the exact same Talmud that is genociding more people.
Because they keep getting away with murder, they have no logical reason to stop.
Kind of like the playground bully who never got his teeth knocked in, he will still continue to bully to he is taught a rough life lesson.
Also, Syria and Israel are actually at war, and both sides admit it.
Their was never a peace agreement, and both sides are at war right now.
Only only one side attacks the other, Syria suffers regardless, if they fight back, then the bully might finally back down.
Or did you not even know that Syria and Israel have been at war non-stop since the 70’s?

What I am talking about is ending the war by the victim standing up to the bully, and teaching the bully humility.
Then all will be well…



Acknowledged that Israel is behaving like a bully . Reality however , is that Syria is close to beating the US backed Al Qaeda and ISIS jihadists , open warfare with Israel at this point in time will stop that victory from happening . America is just looking for an excuse to step on Assad and the Syrian people.
Taking an occasional hit , is purely practical , falling into a trap , is not .

888mladen .

Ronald you can’t reason with peoples’ vested interests. You presume they’ve been led by common sense and value human life just like you. I have to tell you you are wrong. Preservation of human lives is not on their priority list. Remember how Pilate tried to reason with the priests and the mob that Jesus was innocent?

R.D. Cheese

Perhaps everything that you said is correct, I don’t know. But here’s ONE big problem: You state, in #2, that Israel will lose global opinion. Israel DOES NOT CARE about global opinion, and it never has.

It has violated every single UN resolution against it. It has continued, non-stop, creating settlements. And it’s now at the point that there can be no viable Palestinian State, because Israel don’t GIVE a damned what the world says. If Israel cared what the world says, no settlements would have been built.

Israel, as reported, AND SHOWN ON VIDEO, by Veteran’s Today, has already dropped a TACTICAL NUCLEAR BOMB on Syria. See:


So, I think that AKM is right. Israel does not exist as a normal nation. It is the single-most dangerous nation on earth, I believe.

And remember: Israel’s policy is to retaliate with OVER-WHELMING force. If you kill ONE Israeli soldier, Israel will try to kill ONE-THOUSAND of your soldiers. They are insane. They don’t care about anything.

Syria, of course, has the right to defend itself, and I suppose that it must do so against Israel. But, if it uses Skuds, Israel will drop TEN nuclear bombs, no matter if millions are killed. Israel is the devil incarnate.

Here’s what I believe: Hezbollah has the right idea, and so does Iran. Israel must be CONTAINED, not destroyed. The key is to keep building up military hardware against Israel, NOT for the purpose of destroying it, no. But, rather, for the purpose of rendering it IMPOTENT and unable to strike.

I think that Syria, Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah have to be patient. And if my country, the U.S., were smart, they would SUPPORT keeping Israel in check.

But, to try to fight Israel when you KNOW you ain’t ready, is SUICIDE. Those are FACTS, no matter how much one might hate Israel. They are filled to the brim with INSANE human beings that actually think they are, “The Chosen People of God.”

The LEADERS don’t think that, because the leaders are atheists. But the leaders USE that ridiculous myth for the purpose of keeping, and expanding, power. Israel has to be dealt with carefully.

They key [HINT] is this: recognize that, over the next few decades, Israel will implode. It will fall OF ITS OWN WEIGHT, without the need to fight it militarily. Just keep it in check, as Hezbollah and Iran have successfully done so far, but DON’T provoke it into a fight. It’s an insane country, and they’ll nuke EVERYTHING.

Also, they have anti-gravity technology. Yes. The only other country that has that technology is the U.S. In short, they have aircraft that can fly so fast you can’t see them. They are far, far, far advanced. But, they will implode if left alone. Israel will turn on itself, no doubt about it. What comes AFTER that, I have no ideal.

But it cannot last as a state.


Russia is in Syria to help fight the terrorists and their supporters. Israel supports terrorists, if they attack Syrian installations to help their jihadi proxies, Russia will respond.
I am sure this warning to Israel was not done by Syria alone.


Im sorry to say that but politics never works this way …there is no friend in politics, be sure if russia had no political interests in syria they would not involve themselves, thats nothing to be ashamed of, its just playing the game smart and right, russia’s responsibility is the russian people only, Russia wont risk its people’s life when going to war for syria, unless if the gain is more than the cost .


Russia has strategic interests in Syria, if the Qatari pipeline is built to deliver gas to Europe, Russia’s economy would suffer. Also, since the sanctions, Russia wants to carve a particular sphere of influence in the Middle East…..at the expense of the Americans. Coupled with the Chinese concept of the Silk Road, Syria Is an important asset or Russia and China.
Russia wants Syria to become stronger militarily and economically, and Russia will be in Syria for the foreseeable future.


Indeed thats why they are supporting syria right now but such interest is not enough for russia to go in a full scale war for syria.

R.D. Cheese

Putin had promised that he would protect Syria no matter what. On the other hand, he balances his decisions against what he perceives are the needs of the Russian people. I hope your analysis is 100% correct. I hope he builds Syria up.

In my dream world, he would also restore the Jamahiriya to Libya. We’re not being told this, but the Jamahiriya is ALIVE. It is working within Libya, and outside of Libya, in Europe. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the power that Haftar and others have.

Yet, I’m hearing that it has never given up and is building strength, in part due to the influence of Gaddafi’s daughter, Aisha Gaddafi, because of letters she sent to Libya tribes, asking them to fiercely fight back against NATO, ISIS and others there in Libya. How nice it would be if the Jamahiriya could be restored.

George King

I will remind you of President Putin’s words “It is better to kill them there than here” and with NATO on Russia’s doorsteps parading around like there may be a conventional war on Russia, you do not understand the “Art of War”.

Sun Tzu “It is better to fight your enemy where they are not”. Sleep on this and you may see the path or may be not……

R.D. Cheese

“It is better to kill them there than here.” I hope he sticks to that.

R.D. Cheese

Putin has explicitly made it crystal clear, IN PUBLIC, for many years, that his chief concern is the Russian people. This is one reason that he has actually SUPPORTED Israel on SOME things, but supported the Palestinians on others. He operates in a manner that is designed to help RUSSIA FIRST.

Now, in the case of Syria, he might have drawn a red line FOR REAL, because he knows what everyone knows: The West wants to use Syria as a bridge to destabilize Russia through the use of jihadis, taqfiris, mercenaries. So, he might not have any choice BUT to war against Israel.

I hope it doesn’t get to that, and that saner heads [though I doubt many exist] amongst the ATHEIST LEADERS of Israel will come to understand that Israel is NOT some GOD-PROTECTED entity, and it’s not God Himself.

Israel will need to back down. Let’s see if it will–even just a little bit.

R.D. Cheese

Good point. One wonders, though, whether or not Russia would actually help Syria. Maybe. My concern is that Israel is filled with mentally unstable human beings, and I mean that literally. I am not trying to be funny. They are insane.

I feel, as I stated above, that Israel should, and can, be CONTAINED, even militarily. Russia should give it a TON of air defense systems.


i agree with you. Syria has balls to say this, but with a civil war inside their country it could be catastrophic if Israel attacks them repeatedly.


I agree. The Zionist entity is just looking for an excuse to go “all in” to help out their Nusra and Daesh proxies, who are reeling from the SAA onslaught.

And Russia has allowed the airstrikes to continue, even manipulating Syrian air defenses to not be able to shoot at Zionist jets. Russia will not military confront the Zionists if they do decide to to do a 2006 Lebanon on Syria. When the war ends, and Hezbollah and Iran decides to help take back the Golan, then Syria will have all the just cause to resist the Zionist occupation.

888mladen .

“When the war ends”. That’s why they try every possible thing to make it never end. And they are not alone in it.

gfsdyughjgd .

Syria is already at war so too much Syrian blood have flow war against Israel or not Syria is not going to back down.Retreat no more Surrender no more retreat no more forward ever.Fire to fire case close.

Mr. Perfect

Syrians won’t do shit and if they do they’ll get nuked. Long live Zionism!


Millions would die on both sides , to escalate from a few hundred killed , to millions would be madness on both sides .


Zionists do not have much strategic depth, a nuclear flirt will cease the notion of the promised land.

Alex Mayers

Stfu kike you are alone and you know it. Even I am ready to volunteer if you dare to attack Syria again. And for those interested you can easily take a plane to Beirut/Lebanon (from Europe it will cost around 200-300$ depending where you’re flying from) and then a taxi to Damascus at a cost of just 13$.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Thank you. I have almost a dozen friends who served in the US military, and said afterward what they did in Afghan was bullshit.
Several of them have said they have felt an urge to go to Syria and help the people fight off al Qaeda and help the Christians and Alawite and the Sunni who reject ISIS.
I have a feeling while only about a dozen of my friends are ex US solders, their are pry thousands or more with similar feelings.
A few of them are even pissed off at how anti-Christian Israel is, and how Israel attacked the USS Liberty deliberately.
I know our politicians have not changed… yet, But the American people seem to be waking up now more then ever.

Alex Mayers

It’s not only in the US, people from Europe are starting to wake up too, especially in Germany and France, let’s hope for the best and in any case be prepared to face it when the shit hits the fan.

Real Anti-Racist Action



Syria has to defend herself or al-Qaeda will take over.

888mladen .

Syria already used SCUD missiles as a response to the most recent Zionist air raid on Palmira.

“What made this attack remarkable was the response of Syrian President Bashar Assad.Not
only did he launch a ballistic missile into Israel, but quickly stated
to the media that no more such attacks would be tolerated”.



The leaders of “the kingdom of David” have thru their short-sightedness (un?)-intentionally made their own enemy (Hezbollah) an even more adverse enemy. They are realizing this and “the chosen people” are growing more nervous by the day.

Jens Holm

I wonder how many palestinians they will kill, when they fire all those scuds. Not all palestinians are refugees – yet.

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