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Syria War Report – October 6, 2017: Syrian Army Repels Large ISIS Attack On Sukhna


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Syrian government forces are struggling to retake the city of al-Qaryatayn from ISIS sleeper cells and their supporters. The army has retaken Jabal Hazm al-Abyad west of the city and few points in its eastern entrance. Local sources report that artillery units hit terrorist positions inside it.

The Hezbollah media wing in Syria has released a statement saying that members of Liwa Shuhada al-Qaryatayn and Liwa Shuhada Mahin [two groups described by the US-led coalition as moderate opposition] are among ISIS units operating in the area. However, the media outlet released no photos or videos to confirm this claim.

ISIS terrorists also continued their efforts to encircle the strategic town of Sukhna at the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway and even captured Jabal Tuntur. However, the army reportedly repelled the ISIS attack on the part of the highway between Sukhna and Palmyra. ISIS actively uses mobile assault groups supported by technical vehicles in the area. An intense fighting is ongoing.

In the Euphrates Valley, government forces reached al-Ba’um village 2km north of the ISIS stronghold of Mayadin city. Local sources report multiple artillery and airstrikes on ISIS in Mayadin area. Russian submarines even launched Kalibr cruise missiles on ISIS there.

However, it is not clear if the army has capabilities to storm this fortified point amid a complicated situation at the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continued their advance against ISIS in the center of Raqqah city. Clashes are reportedly ongoing in Nahdah and Kurdan districts.

Earlier reports appeared that ISIS conducted a large counter-attack and retook the blood bank building, al-Rasheed park, al-Rasheed high school and other positions around the national hospital in the city center. Nonetheless, a lack of photo and video evidence from the both sides does not allow to confirm or deny these reports.



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  • Kira Binkley

    The SAA shouldn’t be spreading their forces too thinly; diluting their strength, not yet.

    • gold37

      They aren’t….Homs-Hama area got cleared so that’s a few thousand extra troops. They have no choice but g for the jugular right now.

      • Kira Binkley

        And if the SAA leaves Homs, then what?

        • gold37

          More troops elsewhere and more troops resting, more people rebuilding their country, more peace.

      • Kira Binkley

        There will be no white flag….

  • RichardD

    This attack on the Palmyra DE highway may be the last gasp for Isis in central Syria. With the Syrian government coalition advancing and increasing the government foot print in so many areas. The air cover is very busy on several fronts. And they may not have the resources to deal with Isis at the level necessary to eradicate them to the extent that they’re capable of with sufficient air assets. But the government heavy weapons are capable of it, it just takes longer. And Isis has thrown a lot of resources into this offensive. And is probably going to pay a high price for it when additional air resources are deployed against them.

    • RTA (Bob or Al)

      I am just curios in how ISIS has seemed to have suddenly enlarged + their military strategy has changed completely in the last few weeks.

      • RichardD

        They may have pulled resources from areas where they’e losing ground to try to gain ground near the highway.

  • gmathol

    …and who is exactly winning? Right Israel!

    • Tony

      That must be why their media is hysterically calling for a full blown US intervention to save them

      • Jens Holm


    • Jens Holm

      Be like them. If Your excuses cpuld be exported You would be very rich. But they are not and therefor pay for it.

  • Fred

    ISIS is still resisting. That is a fact. But it does not make sense if supposedly they have now been declared the enemy of their US-British-Israeli-Saudi-Jordanian creators. They are largely made of mercenary insurgents from around the ME and also Muslims from outside the area, likely not fighting for hearth and home. With withdrawal of supplies and support they would withdraw pretty damn quick. So who is actually supplying them? We know the stance of Israel but are they actually also supplying them with the tacit support of the US and Britain? There seems to be no real news digging on this site or revealing comment on that crucial issue. Are the ISIS insurgents still being supplied by the US and Britain through surrogate ME nations? Yes or No? Are the ISIS insurgents still getting getting paid by the same sources? Yes or No? If so lets have some real news so THE PEOPLE in rest of the world can stop being conned and can help sort things out with their crooked governments.