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Syria War Report – October 5, 2017: Syrian Army Strikes ISIS Near Mayadin City

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

The main obstacle faced by anti-terrorist forces “….in Syria is not the military capabilities of terrorists, but rather the support of the….” United States, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said on October 4.

He added that the Russian military had warned its U.S. counterparts that its forces would repel any “odd” attacks by terrorists from areas where the “US military mission” is deployed.

Konashenkov said that 300 ISIS members whom allegedly seized Al-Qaryatayn City came from the town of Rubkan avoiding Syrian army posts and using coordinates that could only be obtained through aerial reconnaissance.

The situation in Al-Qaryatayn itself remains complicated despite the ongoing security operation by government forces.

The Russian Aerospace Forces carried out airstrikes on a meeting of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham commanders (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) killing 12 of them as well as heavily wounding the terrorist group’s leader, Abu Mohammed al-Julani, the Russian military announced earlier on the same day.

The ministry added that about 50 other militants were killed in the airstrikes.

Later, on the same day, a media wing of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham denied the Russian statement about al-Julani saying that he “is in good shape and fully carrying out the duties reassigned to him”. However, no photos were provided.

Meanwhile, the Syria Arab Army (SAA) liberated Um Qddamah and Ard Hamirah and reached Az Zabari deploying to within striking distance of al-Mayadin, the key ISIS stronghold in the area.

Pro-government sources believe that liberating al-Mayadin would allow the army to cross the Euphrates River near the Omar oil fields.

The SAA repelled an ISIS attack in the countryside of Sukhna and near Tulul al Hayl.

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Jens Holm

Too much propaganda for my taste. A reliable explanation where ISIS got their reinforcements from, but that ISIS cant have their own drone support is completly out of order. I would also say, that if so many ISIS troops are not in Rutbah anymore, ISIS must have given up that possition and Al Tanf cover nothing but some transports from Iran.

The reason for US to be in Syria on sideline was defeating or reducing ISIS.


Try get your information in Arabic. Nothing more reliable than that except having real contact or going in directly.


Kurdish works (not for me) too. As many arab and kurdish sources can express themselves perfectly in english, that works too. Especially on english language media.

Jens Holm

I take in my information from many sources from mainly Your region and translated by Your own medias. I use translator now and then both google and bing, but those seemes to translate arabic as well as kurdish not well too often.

But thanks for the advice.


Jens, you should really start writing history books for American kids. You have all the attributes of a world class fiction author. A wild imagination ,love of heroes like Captain America and an Orwellian ability to twist reality.

Wahid Algiers

First of all Jens has to retwist his brain strctures.


Jens already has a twisted brain. :)


The reason for the US to be in Syria is to destabilize it as much as possible for Israel to seize the opportunities.

Wahid Algiers

Bull-eye targetted.


Yeah ok “Jens Holm”.
Even though your grammar sucks and it’s hard to make out exactly what lies you are spewing, that was the greatest attempt at bullshit I have seen (recently) in one paragraph.


Keep up the good work of commenting as you see things and disregard the ass-adophyles in their ranting sectarian “masterpieces”.

And remember, your english is much better then their danish.

Jens Holm

thanks, You too.

Wahid Algiers

Oh. A danish-dutch marriage is coming up. Invite your kurdish gypsies. They will bring out all of your house what you possess, incl. the gifts you got.

Jens Holm

Seemes to be a fine fellow. We agree in many matters compared to others here.

Wahid Algiers

I think in real you could be a fine guy. Despite of any other opinions.


A reach-around

Jens Holm

Kind of. It might be our own undergroup of Nato and EU. At least we know whats going on and are able to understand it.

Seemes many here prefare to live runed by fear and guns for their control not raised to control themselves seeing their own kind as spendables and blaming only us for it.


“Kind of. It might be our own undergroup of Nato and EU. At least we know whats going on and are able to understand it.”

Judging from your comments, the only thing(s) you know and understand is what you’ve been spoon fed by the various Western MSM fake news outlets.

By the way, a “reach-around” refers to the act of reaching from behind a person to touch body parts of a sexual nature. Obviously you didn’t know what it meant. I thought it was appropriate in terms of your interaction with “dutchnational”.

Jens Holm

I mainly read all the ones I can get from Syria, Iraq, lebanon, Iraq and Al Jazeera from Qatar.

I also read all I can from connected to the areas by Facebook and Twitters as well as Your TV channels.

By that I can conclude 1) All medies from there lie? 2) The English version and the tranlated to my language is not correct ? 3) I dont understand what Im reading and writing ?

And Yes i do read and listen to own medias as well a foreign, but You reelly dont get, we are well informed and has the same medias as your, if we can get them in our laguage or at least in english.

I will also allow me to add, that the M.E. nations hardly know their own history because all is biased by nationalism of the worst added Dictators as heroes.

But western have made much more neutral versions of it. You can say they lie too. But then You should compare the local history writing from Your countries.

Those are so different, so You are hardly neigbors and often hardly on the same planet. Its impossible all can be true even You look Your history and others things from more then one side. You are all nice and peacefull people being attacked by the agressive neigbors. Even Your virgins are more virgins then those Your neigbors have.

Im not familiar with that kind of intimidation in the english version explanation. Tks.

But You understand the words very different to mine. Its more like include, entcircle, having the same referencers. Around isnt round but mobile a la “Wherever I see, i see similarities to mine” . More like having almost the same car where You look.


Either you are a bold faced liar or you are extremely naive. The comments you post here tells a story of Western media brainwashing of the worst kind.

You think that just because Al-Jazeera is a ME based broadcaster its contents can be trusted? AJ (Al-Jazeera) is owned by the Qatari government just like RT and Sputnik are owned by Russia. May I remind you that one of the main reasons for the Syrian war is America’s intent to displace Russia as Europe’s #1 supplier of natural gas with gas piped from Qatar through Syria. When Assad refused to allow Qatar exclusive rights to the Syrian corridor (IOW no Iranian or Iraqi pipeline), the USA and Qatar in particular, not to mention SA, got into the business of funding and supplying a terrorist campaign against the Syrian government and people. How then, can you “honestly” expect me or anyone to believe that AJ has an unbiased opinion.

I have an interesting proposition for you. Take a story from AJ or any other news agency you track and compare them to SANA, FARS, PressTV, RT, Sputnik for starters.

I get the impression that you are much like a deer caught in the headlamps. Easily manipulated and easy prey for the Empire’s propagandist agencies. They love guys like you.

As for you poor attempt at deflection, a “reach-around” is what it is. Do not try to parse the words. Nuff said?

Also, as for the denizens of the ME not knowing their own history, it is clear that you or Denmark are hardly in a position to teach them anything. One thing is clear: Assad and his people will not kiss American ass, whereas Denmark and its EU partners has no problem doing that. You are nothing but a vassal at the service of your master. Really sad.

Wahid Algiers

A danish-dutch marriage is coming up. Invite your kurdish gypsies.
They will bring out all of your house what you possess, incl. the gifts
you got.


You two should get a room.

Jens Holm

Thanks. I have made seveal camels fly, even they didnt think they could. Some even were given wings, so they went with Gabriel easy opstairs, and they got their virgins by own choise :).

Thats the real cheating in the ISIS Islam. Allah dont tell, they only get virgins of their own kind. Only their glayes are happy. Could be there are many of them, but I hope not. After all, they have big holes in their behinds for business.

General Surena

Jens & isis in “wonderland”….. !?

Jens Holm

Statistics says the level of ISIS, Qaidy and the old European terrorrists are lower then 0,01%. We dont change things for more then 99,999% for that.

And we do take our kind of reservations for those and has changed for it even all is not perfect.

I dont think Denmark is any Wonderland, but we do our best and try try to find those terrorists before they “detonate”, but we do to little for making them into responsabile for themselves being a better part. By that we can reduce that crime too.

And look at Yourself. You have long lists of thing which You are not allowed to do by religion. But Your crime isnt 0 – isnt it.


So naive….

Jens Holm

Thats because You dont understand, what works here and our country. Our people are not spendables as Yours and that includes criminels as well as victims.

Is it a bad thing having low crimerates all the way round compared to most other countries. I dont think so. More like we are clever and try more trust then punishment in some matters.

Vomen are all over safe as are equal citicens and by that add BNP well. Thats because they are relative SAFE. They dont has to ask and being followed and controlled.

The biggest difference from, what I think you are in, are its runned by raising our population to trust each other in real respect. We mainly trust conflicts/crimes can be handled according to our laws by police and courts, which work according to our parlament, our Govermend and Constitution.

And we see the results in most of those matters are better or at least in semilar levels. We have lacks too, but are able to try to change them by the parlament elected by the people.

Even many non citicens can vote there in all local matters, but not for the parlament.

And for the last many years we have comapred to others. And why. Well when muslims prefare to settle here among us sekular, cristian infidels to begin with some kind of mukras, ours must be better then what they came from.

They feel SAFE, they get roof, food, clothe, education for free up to 9`s degree and cheep after that and all can walk free in the streets evn some danes are not happy about we are like that.

So we are naive according to Your low knowledge level about it. And those homecommers will be punished and repatriated after how much their brains are damaged and not by headchopping and jail forever.


“We mainly trust conflicts/crimes can be handled according to our laws by police and courts, which work according to our parlament, our Govermend and Constitution.”

Would you tolerate outside forces entering your country in support of terrorists attacking and destroying your country? Probably not, so why is it okay for Denmark, which has dick-all to do with Syria, to intervene in that country’s civil war without being invited? Its a NATO action? No, not really. It’s yet another American led illegal invasion of a sovereign country, accompanied by the usual vassals from Europe and elsewhere. You’re fighting terrorism? No. You’re supporting America’s terrorist proxies. You’re there for regime change? The Syrian people will decide who leads them, not Denmark.

Denmark is a vassal of the Empire. You have dick-all to say about how you interchange with your allies, trading partners or foreign policy. You’re owned lock, stock and barrel. You don’t take a dump without the okay from DC and/or Brussels.

I trust Denmark will up be front with money in hand when the hat gets passed around for Syria’s reconstruction (now I’m being naive).


The reason for the US to be in Syria is to arm, training, protect and supply INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS TO I.S.I.S.

Tommy Jensen

Jens Holm is from Denmark where they copy everything from US;
language, way of speaking, job descriptions, company names in english, green bs campaigns, management systems, ISIS loving, scarf hatred, superficial music, total surveillance, etc. and call it “our Danish national values” because they think copy paste style makes them “among the leading nations”.
Jens Holm is a typical dane, a US parrot.

Jens Holm

We are active figthing ISIS by soldiers in fx Iraq and Afghanistan. Thats ISIS support.

Tommy Jensen

According to danish media 200 ISIS fighters returning from the Syria/Iraq war are walking freely around in DK on danish welfare system.
Danish parlament gave 200 mio DKK to White Helmet who are shoveling hands, legs, heads, bodies up after ISIS.

In the media and TV you can see 90% of 179 parlament members hypocrisy including ex-PM Thorning talking about Islam and muslim scarfs “threaten our danish values”.

Afghanistan produced only 8000 ha opium in 2001 due to ban by Taleban.
In 2015 Afghan produced 226000 ha by NATO, and all danish right wing politicians say in public they are “proud of having helped USA”……to protect the production of 6000 ton heroine in 2015 which USA/NATO distribute all over the world to destroy and criminalize children and young peoples lives.

Dont come up with more bs to me Jens Holm.


Just a matter of time until ISIS blow up Leggoland.

Jens Holm

Very twisted version from him. We havnt got all the optimized solutions about those fighter whatever they are fighting for or its for money or not. We give our try in our spirit and traditions and might add and subtracts to improve and has made changes. We have made a terrorpacket about it and more to it, so we are not sitting on our hands in Legoland as passive victims.

Jens Holm

I havnt denied any of this at all, so dont tell me, Im comming up with it. Most is true but with some kind of strange twist. I centainly dont agree with a lot of the things our Goverment do , but they do it with a parlament not against it.

I wrote before Denmark dont copy USA as such. We are an equal partner on the world marked and take in their products as well as we sell our advanced products they need from us.

I do recognize the change being more friendly to US 30 years ago. It was a vital change, but we are not in the pocket of them but act as small countries do. We have to find support and friends. At that time the Goverment and Parlament did that change, but there wasnt majority in the population although a big minority. Here it was true USA maipulated the whole world.

Denmark for the moment are NR 1 and being the most UNCORRUPT country in the world . I cant see that indicates the “something is rotten “(all over DK).

Your attitude to people figting as illegal in other countries are fine. We do punish those homecommers and several has become jail. But our system is not Yours. We do not agree in, that we can pusnish everything away and we do repatriate and do others things, which work. Our crimerates are rather low compared to others and our systems works mainly well.

Al Danish politicians here dont say they are proud. You have hardliners against it too which speak loud and clear.

And finally its very clear to me You cant understand how we try to deescalate all kinds of crime. In that we are certainly the total opposit of USA. It would be wrong if we had bad results. But ours seemes to be better or even much better then most countries. So we must be doing at least something better.

I would like we did more preventing crime and invest more, so fewer are outside reach. To me the pride here is about how many we are able to keep out of jail being a part of us instead of segregating them. Its about how we see human beings.

It also pays of. Its rather expensive to put so many in jail the rest of their years or many of them, if they instead can contribute as taxpayers.


“Your attitude to people figting as illegal in other countries are fine.”

Hopefully you do “try” to keep up on events in Syria, so I expect you are aware of the illegal attack by the US led Intl coalition on SAA forces in Deir ez-Zor which took the lives of over 80 Syrian defenders. The attacking force included 2 Danish F-16s. This was a war crime. Denmark and its citizens are guilty of at least one war crime and probably more. You are aware that Syria is a sovereign country and did not invite Denmark to help in its fight against ISIL, right?


คงศักดิ์ วงศ์ชูศรี

And helping Isis we call two face policy. Aiming destabilizes middle east for weakest all of them by uses enemy kill another enemy and boots US arm sell in the middleeast.

I write You blindfold yourself and how and why. Thats no ISIS support and 2 face.

lena ivaniva

U must be a mongoloid kid, Down syndrom 23

Jens Holm

I dont know which parts of my several re-comment You comment. Not much just referring to my DNA by some long distance expert knowledge.

I could take Your name and tell You write as a drunk and blind by homemade alcohol based on something, which most others know is only for cars.

And it seemes it took some parts of Your brain too or it at least need to be restarted added some ram and and a big memorystick.


The only entity that the USA has attacked from Al-Tanf is the SAA.


When they could evade all patrols and hidden outposts the only explanation is someone is giving the Intel. Either it was an embedded spy or aerial reconnaissance.
Anyway there’s no more chances IS could hold any territories within Syria as long as the Russian deployed within.
Meanwhile Israel with urgency asks US to stick their heads more to combat Iranian presence in Syria.

Keith Smith

God Bless Russia

General Surena

israhell and the kurds will be “the biggest LOSER” in this war…
wait for it.

Anna Fedotova



Not at all. Take into account that ISIS-Daesh-Nustra-moderated terrorists were created by USA-Israel-NATO with the goal of Syria destruction, with the excuse of regimen change and remove Assad. They were totally successful about this. The propaganda they made about creating an Islamic State was just to recruit fanatical idiots in the files of terrorists. Of course, the idea was also to destroy Iran and Russia, and to do this they have to wait since Russia and Iran woke up on time, and they have made that USA-Israel-NATO have to change their plans…( kurds ? ). Kurds is a wining organization so far because the support given by USA-Israel. Let us see, later on.


Pay better attentIon. ThIs was not only to destroy but to acquIre, It has to do wIth Influence In the regIon and pIpelInes.

Kira Binkley

Are the Russians suggesting that the U.S. is helping ISIS repel the SAA in al-Qaryatayn, so the SAA can not reach Deir-es-Zor, and protect the oil fields from incursions by other forces?


This is not a suggestion, please. This is a fact.

Nigel Maund

Progressing well despite the best efforts of the US Deep State (CIA) and Israel to throw a spanner in the works and disrupt SAA / Hezbollah progress on the ground so that they can disrupt the progress along the west bank of the Euphrates and bridging the river to take the key oil fields. The US – SDF strategy is obvious, so the RuAF and SAA will need to be able to sustain the required momentum to reach these objectives and disrupt the US – SDF plan. The US Deep State knows that once Syria is in a commanding position their legitimacy for being in Syria in any form at all is gone, hence they will get increasingly desperate as their options are foreclosed and one may expect some form of major counter strike or a deviously concocted event. Good luck to the SAA – Hezbollah and the RuAF as they’re going to need it.

Kira Binkley

What people need to understand is that this isn’t about oil fields, greed or profits. The “vile entanglement” I refer to is about world control. Their long term strategy has a much greater involvement than a few oil fields or territory for pipelines.
Remember, not every businessman or capitalist is part of this “New World Order”. But every Leftist is.

Wahid Algiers

For Jens Holm and Dutchnational, both blind for kurdish grabbers:

From Fars News Agency:

“Sheikh Mohammad Amlah al-Daham, the leader of al-Akidat tribe, as saying that the US and Kurdish forces entered talks with the ISIL to let them capture the town of al-Basireh following the Syrian Army troops’ advances towards the town of al-Mayadeen in Southeastern Deir Ezzur. He told al-Watan that the Kurdish forces demanded the ISIL to retreat from al-Basireh region and join the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Hasaka province. Al-Daham further told the paper that a large number of ISIL terrorists deployed in al-Basireh accepted the Kurd’s offer and joined the SDF, but, a number of them refused and stayed in the region to continue battle, pushing the initial agreement into failure. Reports said earlier this month that almost 500 ISIL joined the Kurdish forces in the town of al-Shaddadi in Southern Hasaka. Al-Daham said (…) that almost 500 ISIL gunmen that had fled the battlefields joined the SDF in the town of al-Shaddadi in Southern Hasaka amid the Syrian Army troops’ rapid advances in Deir Ezzur. Al-Daham said that the SDF in cooperation with Washington were to take control over Syria’s oil and other resources, adding, “We, Syrian tribe-men, do not believe in the SDF and the US as they just want to hoist SDF’s flag in the country.””

Kira Binkley

Do you have a link?

Wahid Algiers

You will find it here: http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13960712001192
It is no article, you actually find it on the top of the page between the header and the articles.

Kira Binkley

Thanks, I’m reading it now.

Kira Binkley

Is he basically saying that area is still up for grabs?

Wahid Algiers

US, Kurds Fail to Collude with ISIL to Seize Control over Strategic Region in Eastern Syria – there you will find it, Fars news agency in english version: http://en.farsnews.com/Default.aspx

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