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Syria War Report – October 31, 2017: Tiger Forces Advance Deep Inside ISIS-held Part Of Deir Ezzor City

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On October 30, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) renewed their operations against ISIS in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor city. SDF units seized Fudayn, Sijri, Jaar, Wandiyah and Kharijiyah along the road between al-Busariyah and as-Suwar.

According to pro-Kurdish sources, the SDF also entered Jadid Uqaydat and Jadid Bu Khayr cutting off the last road that could be used by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to reach the ISIS-held town of al-Busariyah on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

Some fighting was also reported between the SDF and ISIS in al-Qusayr located east of al-Busariyah. However, the US-backed force will likely start storming al-Busariyah in full force only after it secures the entire area north of it.

In Deir Ezzor city, the SAA Tiger Forces and their allies reached the Khadijah School area in the district of Hamidiyah in the northern part of the city. In coming days, the Tiger Forces supported by Russian military advisers will likely increase pressure on ISIS terrorists inside Deir Ezzor. The liberation of the city is an important part of the wider effort to drive ISIS out of eastern Syria.

According to pro-government sources, the SAA and Hezbollah advanced east of the T2 Pumping Station near the Iraqi border and captured the settlements of Shammas and Baktal. However, it’s unlikely that the larger advance towards al-Bukamal is possible while the western flank of the assault group is not secured or Iraqi forces are not in control of the entire countryside of the Iraqi border town of al-Qaim.

In northern Hama, government troops liberated Rasm Abu Miyal and Murayjeb Jumlan from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).

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Observing the performance of the Tiger forces and other SAA units for the last few weeks on the east side of Eufrates gives me reason to believe that there is some type of agreement between Russia and US in regards to troop deployments east of Euphrates. I see Al Bukama being captured by the SAA and Hezbollah, while the city of Deir Ezzor will free of all vermin soon.

You can call me Al

I hope you are wrong. For me if “If an agreement has been made between Russia and US in regards to troop deployments east of Euphrates.” – I shall lose some of my respect for the Russians UNLESS the USA have guaranteed that the SDF go off, back home after the ISIS are eliminated.


Given the example of Tabqah and the RMC/RCC and DMC and soon DCC I doubt they will withdraw or rather, they will withdraw by giving the areas to RCC (already done) and the DCC (to be done).

You can call me Al

I gave you an uptick because you made me chuckle … in no derogatory way I should add.

All these anagrams or whatever they are called do my head in:

I honestly have no idea what you are on about.


RMC : Raqqah Military Council RCC : Raqqah Civil Council DMC : DeirezZor Military Council DCC : DeirezZor Civil Council

likewise for Manbij

There is a logic somewhere.

You can call me Al

Ah nice, cheers.

Right, I’ll put that on my list just under LOL …. when it comes to these things, I usually bring my lad in to translate.

What happened to using the English language ?.

The Yank news cracks me up “The DOJ consulted with the DOD, who sent it to the NSA for fact checking with the CIA, meanwhile the WaPo and NYT has just charged HRC and GWB’ under article 2444,9879.87 appendix 8794a as accompanying a protestor from the LGBT group.

The SFPD who needed to bring in a SWAT team including members of NCIS, ATF, DEA and the FBI are now confronting MI13 on the next street.

Meanwhile witnesses stated they saw one man, flashing a lot of different badges !!. and God, dam the temperature should reach 102 F today.

After the break, we shall discuss the discourse in the NFL, NBA, blah blah blah.

Jim Martin

Assad just said today that these lands must be returned to Syria. It is clear that via these councils this has already been done and that future of Syria simply doesn’t not include his regime. Hopefully not only will the Russians support that vision but so will the U.S Admin and tell both Ankara and Tehran to go home as their destructive services are no longer needed


Russia makes deals based on her national interest along with the interests of her allies. They believe that eastern Syria can be returned by political means, sparring the area of more bloodshed.


Perhaps the seeming reluctance of the Russians pressing the SAA and its allies to have crossed the Euphrates and secured the oil fields on the eastern side can be connected to the very large oil deals Rosneft has made with the Kurds in Iraq. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/29/business/energy-environment/russia-venezula-oil-rosneft.html?_r=0

You can call me Al

Oh right the NYT.

I keeping banging my head against a brick wall due to much of the present day hype over oil and just being abused.

Last time now:

The Syrian oil fields have had little maintenance due to the lack of spares (operating spares) – because of the US sanctions in the last 8-10 years. Add to that, my reasoning of the water injection systems being down + f course the war and the lack of true engineers and I would estimate that the oil production – at a guess is as much as I urinate on a Friday or Saturday night.

You will keep seeing the rhetoric of 25,000 BLD: and I personally shall give you 5:1 odds based on a tenner that it is no-where near that.

The oil fields are at 3rd, maybe 4th priority.


You could very well be right. It would fit with the older rumors of an accord between the two in dividing spheres of influence around the Euphrates.

It would seem to have some logic to me.


The Tiger forces that are far more capable than the SDF, could have crossed and taken control of N7 before SDF forces reached the area approx. three weeks ago. The tepid development of the beachhead and unwillingness to exploit their numerical and equipment advantage is indicative that present gains are stakes in the ground and will stay so until ISIS is eliminated.

Jonathan Cohen


Daniel Castro

It is a shame your mother didn’t took advantage of her abortion right.

Jonathan Cohen

Yours too, and everyone else’s.

Daniel Castro

So it all goes down to your hatred towards mankind, it’s nice you let us know.

Do you want the extinction of the human being? I have an idea:

Start with yourself.

Jonathan Cohen


Icarus Tanović

Arlight you little Israeli troll, go else and troll people. This isn’t some BS white supremacist, fascistic, spiritualist new wave idiots forum where one can state utter idiotism. We’re all serious and smart people, kid. Go else and troll.


It would be for the best if IS is driven out of DeZ city (and countryside also of course) so that reconstruction can begin, so that refugees can return.

It is horrible that there will be hundreds of thousands from Raqqah and DeZ living in refugee camps, the more so in the coming winter.

Hopefully there will be refugees able to return to DeZ and Raqqah before the onset of winter.


I really hope you’re right, but the reality on the ground begs to differ as SDF prevents the Raqqans to return to their homes. I’m sure at least part of your statement is the truth, the part regarding DeZ under SAA control, but Raqqa? https://www.trtworld.com/mea/sdf-militants-attack-injures-12-civilians-in-syria-s-raqqa-local-activist-11743

Yeah, that’s TRT of Turkey reporting that (among many other news outlets), so they must be lying, right?

Daniel Castro

I love the way they bluntly call SDF a terrorist group…


Political Correctness changes and twists the truth. SDF/YPG/YPJ are offshoots of PKK, and PKK conducts numerous terror attacks in Turkey and boasts for doing so. Perhaps there’s a bit of truth there.

Jim Martin

And what exactly is the AKP in its desperate and brutal bid to hold on to power in Turkey?. Stolen referendum and intimidating during “elections” after they provoked and provoked the PKK back into a fight when they were happy to shed their own blood in Iraq and Syria fighting true extremists


Is desperate and brutal as you put it. Doesn’t change the fact that PKK carries terror attacks in Turkey, against conscripts and civilians, Turk and Kurd. And a lot of their terror attacks doesn’t happen in a gun fight. They killed people in their homes while they were asleep, used bombs and booby traps. They started in the ’80s, not just after Erdogan’s coup. The actions of one side does not justify the actions of the other. In addition, PKK has no business being and fighting in Iraq and Syria. Neither Iraq’s nor Syrian governments invited them.

Jc Plancarte

Raqqah is poisoned by the USA coalition’s use of depleted-Uranium munitions and white-phosporous, banned in residential areas, just like they poisoned Iraqi cities and Serbian cities!!!! These zio-criminals keep using chemical weapons with impunity while trying to set up the Syrian government, with the help of islamist terrorists, using false-flag chemical attacks!!! Why would civilians want to return to Raqqah and run the risk of having children with gruesome birth defects like they are having by the thousands in Iraq!!!!????


Tell it to those that are desperately trying to enter the city even though it is as dangerous as hell.

As for depleted uranium in Raqqah, I do not think so. That is only used against heavy armor as far as I know and IS has not got any. So why use it.

White phosphorus is dangerous when used as an incendiary and spontanously ignites at around 30celcius. Dormant white phosphorus will therefore already have ignited and as far as not ignited has washed away by rains.

Bombs, rotting bodies, no water, no electricity, almost no habitable buildings will be the main hardships.at the moment.


Truly, truly evil, but how do we change our Western power elites without becoming just like they are?

Keith Smith

when ISIS all join SDF then SDF will get it. US led coalition will have no reason to protect SDF or be there seems as they are only fighting ISIS


ISIS mercs are being redeployed. Some into SDF ranks and many going back to their nice homes like in England where they were recruited. US, British, Israeli, & Saudis leader nations have not given up destabilization efforts in the Levant yet.

Keith Smith

Most are heading to Africa from all accounts. Some will enter via the ‘humanitarian crisis’ in madagascar. More have gone to Somalia from Libya, (while fighting age men in Somalia who have the gumption to get out and do something are being led to europe, for economic reasons, away from protecting their homelands before the assaults begin). Hard to keep track of exactly where they are being deployed. will know more once ISIS are removed from Syria. Phillipines was unexpected blow for ISIS drug trade tho

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