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Syria War Report – October 25, 2017: US-backed Forces Seize More Oil Fields In Deir Ezzor Province


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Late on October 24, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) accused the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) of attacking its units on the eastern ban of the Euphrates, near Deir Ezzor city.

The incident allegedly took place at Jubaylah.

According to the SDF Press Office, ISIS forces attacked the SDF at the Jafra train station at the same time, but lost 9 fighters and were forced to retreat.

The US-backed force allegedly “repelled” both the attacks and lost no ground in the area. No photos or videos confirming the clashes were provided.

Meanwhile, pro-government sources reported no clashes with the SDF.

Some firefights may take place on the SAA-SDF contact line north of Deir Ezzor because of the growing tensions between the sides. However, it’s wrong to expect that the SAA would launch any kind of military operation against the SDF any time soon.

Meanwhile, pro-Kurdish sources claimed that the SDF entered the oil fields of Azraq and Jarnof on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

SAA troops advanced further along the road to al-Busariyah and entered Jadid Uqaydat.

The T2 pumping station near the Syrian-Iraqi border remained in the hands of ISIS despite the recent attempts of the SAA to capture it. The situation in the area remains tense.

The SDF has established the Idlib Military Council, an operation room to conduct military operations in the province of Idlib. According to reports, the council aims to fight the Turkish Army and the Syrian Army as well as seeking to establish own control over the province.

The first reports about the SDF plan to create the Idlib Military Council appeared last weekend when Abu Amar al-Idlibi, commander of the Free Syrian Army’s Northern Democratic Brigade (the group is a part of the SDF), said that the SDF is willing to operate in Idlib province. The SDF commander also accused the United States of failing to oppose Turkish actions in Syria.

The SDF may see the Idlib Military Council as a tool to counter the growing Turkish influence in Idlib province before the expected confrontation with Turkish forces south of Afrin.



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  • MD Ranix

    what will happen to arrogant sdf? same fate as other zio satanic terrorists funded by ameritards, hell avic and wannabis – one way ticket to perm hell

    • Jonathan Cohen


  • TiredOfBsToo

    Kurds have declared themselves as enemies of Syria in Idlib; of course they’re enemies of Syria east of the Eurphrates as well. I can’t wait for Turkey to take out the garbage!

    • Jonathan Cohen

      Since both SDF and Turkey defend abortion rights, they really have no business fighting each other.

      • Expo Marker

        The world does not revolve around abortion.

        • Jonathan Cohen

          Yes it does. The fate of the world is totally dependent on abortion rights.

    • Keith Smith

      It is mostly ISIS, they join ranks of SDF thats how SDF can keep up with Russians advance. Russians are fighting ISIS, as SDF advance, ISIS just turncoats, or gets a free passage to fight Russia further up the front line. There are three kurdish zones which have been kinda promised semi autonomous rule for helping Syria at the start of the war, they did actually fight even when it looked like Syria was going to lose. US only employed the kurds after the failed CIA backed Turkish coup. in the vain hope of getting closer to put a bullet in Erdogan

      • TiredOfBsToo

        Could it be that’s why the US wants a base in Raqqa (and other places in Syria) to replace the ones in Turkey? I remember Turkey wanting S400s; a kind of strange request from a NATO ally.

  • Keith Smith

    ISIS fighters and their families went to idlib after alleppo, all SDF gains are after they kill the civilian population, destroy the infrastructure, then let ISIS join their ranks. Now SDF want to have idlib? this is the only option available to ‘US assets’ . the idlib military council, comprised of pashmerga, (who disarmed entire villages) ISIS, and US Assets. let em all in idlib, then bomb the lot of em. Its CIA, US assets, ISIS fighters, their spawn and their breeders. Finish them off with a taste of how US led coalition liberated Mosul and Raqqa. Whole of Syria, inc Golan heights should be Syrias again

  • Gabriel Hollows

    SAA get your shit together. At this rate the kurdroaches will reach the Iraq border.

    Where are the Russian airstrikes? Slimy Russian snakes abandoning Syria when it needs them the most.

    • Deo Cass

      Because Russia has the largest oil and gas reserves in the world so it doesn’t care about Syria losing its only life line to the Yanks. However Russia is playing a dangerous gamble. The US tyranny is testing the ground in Syria. With Russia giving the impression that it cannot stop the illegal US military aggression against Syria, the US will keep upping the ante and go further still till it will want Russia’s head. Russia should not fill its head with illusions about the victory in the Great Patriotic War. Victory is much less foregranted now than then, when Russia could count on a population of over 300 million people and an army of over 8 millíon from all ex Soviet Republics. Now most of those Republics are slaves of the US and NATO and ready to help their master obliterate Russia leaving Rusia no option than to use nuclear weapons. That’s why the Syrian war of liberation from Western colonial aggression, invasion and occupation needs to be won, thus sparing the world a nuclear holocaust. It is such a shame that; this war was about to be won by the Syria, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah coalition in 2016 before Russia refrained Syria from giving the coup de grace to the US terrorists and invented the so called ‘De-Conficting Zones’ to appease Trump.

      • Jens Holm

        You have forget USSR was a slaveowner itself by taking many countries.

        You also forget the stupid Governess of leaders almost dead of age as well as Economics in same level as the ones made by Muhammed made the same kind of total collapse and no growth.

        You even put Trump in it. Haha.

    • Jens Holm

      I cant see its vital who does. ISIS out.

  • Deo Cass

    A more correct title would be; ‘ISIS masqueraded as SDF hand Syria’s oil resources to the illegal foreign US colonial imperialist invasion and occupation forces.’ They’re not SDF. They’re ISIS head chopping terorists. Attack them to oblivion and shoot any US warplane that tries to attack the legitimate owner of those oil and gas fields, the elected Syrian govenment forces on behalf of the Syrian people.

    • matt

      Did you go there and look for yourself? Or are you just repeating opinions from others?

      • Solomon Krupacek

        you are agressive kurd

        • Jens Holm

          How can it ever be anything to rely on if You lie about what happens and about each pther like that. You even make many threats a day prrefarring wars to denfen Your lies.

      • Jens Holm

        None exept propagandas of Turks and Assads says as Deo Cass.

        • matt

          ALL news channels are colored, but fortunatly some independent media sources give some information. Assad and Erdogan news is bullshit, just like most of the American news

          • Jens Holm

            I started here some months ago to learn more about the region and the inhabitants, because I was blamed for not.

            I now can see, I often know more then those, even I know different things. where they know more and I do less.

            Im so dissapointed thats so much information has so low value and the level can be so full of crap., that they fight for and ´against lies made by themself in so múch lack of honer and respect for each other as well as themselves.

          • Lone Wolf

            @disqus_4i0qg70fp2:disqus … what the fuck are you talking about…..???

    • jim crowland

      Let me see, who I, a christian, a Westerner, a democrat, want most of Syria to belong to? A medieval dictatorship or forces backed by the US and western democracies? You know my answer….

      • Jens Holm

        I kind of agree. SDF`s are fine people compared to Assads.

    • Jens Holm

      Thats why people from there never win Nobel prices.

  • Lex

    Relax, folks. Just look at where the map was a year ago and where it is today – the momentum is with the Syrian Government and their allies. This racing to “take” oil fields is just a desperate plan B with no long-term prospects. A government needs more than just isolated oil fields – they need pipelines, infrastructure, security, international legitimacy, etc. This is just a detail.

  • gustavo

    There is not way to relax, look at the Syria map 10 years ago, and look at it now ! Is there a way to feel happy about this ?