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Syria War Report – October 19, 2017: U.S. Blames Assad For ‘Hindering’ Its Anti-ISIS Efforts

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and ISIS are still fighting for the city of al-Qaryatayn in the province of Homs. On October 18, the SAA retook the railway station north of it. On October 17, ISIS claimed that 20 SAA members were killed in clashes in the city’s vicinity.

According to local sources, the SAA has still not started a direct storm of the city because ISIS uses local civilians as human shields.

In Deir Ezzor province, the SAA has advanced against north of the provincial capital, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. According to pro-government sources, all villages there are now under control of government troops. However, these reports still have to be confirmed by photos or videos.

On October 18, the Republican Guard’s Gen Issam Zahreddine was killed in an IED explosion during the operation against ISIS in Saqr Island northeast of Deir Ezzor city. Zahreddine was one of the most prominent Syrian generals and a hero of the battle for Deir Ezzor. He had been leading government troops defending the city from ISIS terrorists over the past years. Under his command, local government troops kept control over the military airbase and a part of the urban area until the unblocking force reached the city and broke the ISIS siege in September 2017.

On the same day, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee accused the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance of hindering efforts of the US-led coalition against ISIS during the battle for Raqqa city.

“This eminent victory by the global coalition and our brave servicemembers comes at a high cost, particularly to the Syrian Democratic Forces who suffered many casualties as they fought to liberate their own country from the oppression of ISIS,” she said adding that “Unfortunately, the Syrian regime and its supporters hinder the efforts to liberate Raqqa. Instead of focusing on fighting ISIS, the pro-regime forces attacked our partners and attempted to block them from liberating the Syrian people from the brutality of ISIS.“

Huckabee also added that the US remains “committed to supporting stabilization efforts and local security forces in liberated areas through a political transition in Syria.”

During the Obama administration, the words “political transition” meant that the US is seeking to overthrow Assad and to enforce the rule of the “moderate opposition” [accidentally linked to al-Qaeda] in Damascus. Right now, it is not clear what the Trump administration means when it uses these words.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) media wing announced that the US Special Envoy for the US-led coalition Brett McGurk claimed during a meeting with the SDF-linked Raqqa Civil Council that the “Syrian regime will never have a foothold in Raqqa.”
The American rhetoric definitely show that Washington is going to use the SDF and the SDF-held area as a foothold for own diplomatic and, in the worst-case scenario, military actions in the expected standoff against the Damascus government and its allies in post-ISIS Syria.

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The Alice in Wonderland fantasy that the US and Coalition exist in gets more surreal every minute of every day. This is dangerous and welcome at the same time as the US Empire has only one way to go and that is a collapse . Without and within.

martin campbell

Yes it’s bad news but one hopes at least it rebounds on them badly. But horrible for Syria. It is surreal but it has been surreal since 9/11 at least, so doesn’t that make it real Florian? The fact that they talk complete rubbish the entire time has not stopped anything yet. If you have the worlds biggest armed forces by miles you can decide what to do and then talk utter rubbish very loudly without drawing breath forever and a day until your armed forces are not enough. Which is not about to happen? If you consider fictional superpowers in movies don’t they talk rubbish the whole time too? So maybe it is normal reality and not a reason to get hopes up? For us punters, the war is in the media. Maybe we should write letters frequently to mainstream newspapers putting counter narratives. When enough newspapers and TV news call it a load of old cobblers is when things can change…I propose. Having said all that, the War on Statues in the USA is an interesting development. And The weird preoccupation with sex and gender stuff is typical sign of a degenerate society. And tons of things. What we need now is an unlawful Independence referendum in Puerto Rico making newspaper headlines around the globe.


“The war is in the media” , you hit it right there . Lavrov and Assad must become as quick as jet fighters refuting their crap , otherwise the “public” will never even have a clue that the reverse is true .


“For us punters, the war is in the media.” For millions of those Today suffering the reality of conflict, the war is in their homes now. The West is not exempt from this horror and if current events spiral out of control , that could happen very quickly if cool heads do not prevail.

martin campbell

Turkey. Very vulnerable in several ways. Could spiral? I would prefer the UK not to be in a political union with the countries that spiral. Re Cool Heads- Robin Cook as Foreign Secretary to Tony Blair rose in the Commons in the Iraq War debate and said Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction as commonly understood by those words. Hard to think of a more authoritative denunciation. The bloody foreign secretary. The exact person. Oddly enough he didn’t live long. Sometimes I think I am mad. If it turned out the people responsible really are shape shifting reptiles that might be less cognitive dissonance for me. It would explain the unusual wrinkles on Hillary Rodhams face too.


It has always been so I think BUT the internet has given those with differing opinions a platform with people all over the globe in seconds. Those of us who wish to be are better informed that ever, especially with on line translation tools. Real News in real time is at our fingertips and all governments of the world fear this. Just as the Church in Europe feared the advent of the printing press. The Church lost :)

andy l

The US is having a laugh arent they!! hindering the fight against Isis – they have been doing that for 6 years, with allegations of airlifting Isis leaders out of territory, blocking SAA advances by imposing exclusion zones around their bases such as Al Tanf, shooting down SAA jets & bombing Syrian soldiers at Der Ezzor last year only for Isis to take advantage & advance. There are also claims that the US allow Isis to operate freely from their zones all very cosy. Yeah we know who is really fighting the takfiris & it aint the US


Why is the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA ignoring these 2 VERY IMPORTANT AND recently released stories:

WHO have the REAL HATE symbols: http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=1241

“Ashkenazi” is he ROOT of the “word” NAZI as I have been saying for over a year, much to the fear and chagrin of Zionist scum who want people to believe the PROPAGANDA that it came from the German “National Socialist Party”: https://www.rt.com/uk/407061-neo-nazi-gay-jewish/

Not-with-standing the latest deal whereby Israel is being given a BUFFER Zone, in Syria AGAINST Iran, It seems Putin cannot be depended on also against the UNITED STATES: https://youtu.be/0CSAS9K9e2A

It seems Russia, by its INACTION against U.S. and Israel has been and IS giving in ( surrendering?) to the ENEMY – ZIONISM and

Could the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA be completely controlled now or just AFRAID of repercussions if they speakithe Real TRUTH -ZIONIST Ashkenazi Jews are the world’s PROBLEM ?

You can call me Al

The first priority is to clear ISIS and take back the oil fields. The we shall see what the SAA and Russians do.


Al, I personally believe from my reading and research since the late 1960’s, ( I’m 77) they have already proven what they will do-NOTHING

There has not been one improvement in our Lives, Liberties and Property rights since I have been in this fight…..in FACT the CONTRARY has always happened

Israel and their “Royal” buddies, like the House of Windsor and the Vatican will be allowed to RULE even MORE than before……THANKS to technology.

I wish I could see any evidence proving me wrong

You can call me Al

I don’t think I disagreed before.

In you excellent comment above, I disagree with one thing and one thing only:

You state “Israel (House of Rothschild) and their “Royal” buddies, like the House of Windsor and the Vatican will be allowed to RULE even MORE than before”……

Firstly I do not believe that Israel has any big alliance with, what you call the “House of Rothschild” although all parties are Jews and one ARE ZIONISTS.

I believe the Monarchy of Europe with maybe the House of Windsor as the figurehead runs the show including the Rothschilds.

Israel and the US can be taken down at any time and since the US seems to have gone rogue, they will be.

I am unsure of the Vatican’s role in the future, maybe you are correct, but I personally doubt it.

Anyway my view only; thanks for the conversation, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

PS Keep it up, 80 next then 90….. get in there.

My view only, cheers.


Hey, we can’t agree with every dotted I or crossed T :-)

You can call me Al

Strange that, I actually have read at least one of those.

On a side issue, have you seen this ?.


I might need to apologise to you when I finish watching this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcD81WHkCsE


John Pilger is a real REBEL………for TRUTH

thanks for those links, “Al”

Kira Binkley

They won’t be laughing for long. Remember, he who laughs last laughs best.


@ Southfront. You may wish to amend the spelling of your headline. ” Blaiming Assad “. ———————————————————————————————————- ‘blame’

verb feel or declare that (someone or something) is responsible for a fault or wrong: synonyms: hold responsible, hold accountable, hold liable; More noun responsibility for a fault or wrong: synonyms: responsibility, guilt, accountability, liability, onus; More Powered by OxfordDictionaries · © Oxford University Press

Past Continuous ———————— I was blaming you were blaming he/she/it was blaming we were blaming you were blaming they were blaming


This is NO a school, this is an INTERNATIONAL FORUN, no body care about spelling because most of the participants does NOT HAVE ENGLISH as their primary language. If you don’t like what you read, go to the FAKE NEWS LIARS, they are highly proficient in BULL SHIT with not spelling errors.


Poor spelling in any language is not really acceptable in the media. I accept that you are not fluent in English as I am not fluent in Spanish.

I regard South Front very highly and do not want the organisation to be ridiculed by the MSM as being amateur in any way. Part of that is supporting correct language skills.

martin campbell

Yes. Perhaps your original post went too far. I have sympathy for both views.


My original post was to explain clearly the spelling error with the aid of the Oxford dictionary rather than my opinion only.

Rex drabble

Dont be be a wanker


Your words are an indication of your poor education Rex.


Pedantic prat.


I rest my case.


Thank you for pointing out this typo. The pic is already removed.

martin campbell

Vindicated, Florian!

Nigel Maund

The US are just serial liars and have consistently funded, trained and armed ISIS and other virtually identical Proxy Army terrorist groups for decades. Of course this comes naturally to the US Government as they are terrorists themselves having planned and executed 911 and Las Vegas against their own citizens let alone murdering millions of innocent people across the world over the last 75 years! Does anyone but a total airhead believe anything the US Government says – No I rather think not!

Simon Gould

You have to seriously question the sanity of the Yank political class. A child would realise that they won’t be able to use a foothold in Raqqa, or the so-called SDF, to topple President Assad. I note that the language has stayed the same – Assad regime, political transition etc.- but I think they don’t have a clue what to do next. Raqqa will be in government hands before the end of the year, if not sooner.


I smell treachery on their part , the story that they are going to have the SDF give oil facilities to the Assad government is most out of character . Maybe just a false narrative so that SAA slows down their reach for the Omam fields , and they fly in and “plant the flag” .

General Surena

THE USA and İSRAHELL also THE KURDS will be the “”biggest losers”” in this war.. wait for it..


What the US gonna do? use their F-35s… xD


Too many birds around = No-fly-zone for F-35s. Ask the Israelis!


It´s a little bit more than a year since US and other NATO countries attacked SAA at Deir ez Zur and killed 80 SAA and helped ISIS to gain terrain. Shut up ! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4ab9dd8d174f26b3b8dd58c0adaeb210c51b17ee57e14536500649561f60057e.png


“White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee accused the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance of hindering efforts of the US-led coalition against ISIS during the battle for Raqqa city”…TRANSLATION…White House Press Secretary accuse the Syrian-Iranian- Russian alliance of DESTROYING the UNITED STATES TERRORIST COALITION OF I.S.I.S and FDS invading the SOVEREIGN SYRIAN NATION.


In fact the war in Syria is not a civil war or civil uprising actually this is the war between Syria And America. Second Israel doing war against Russia and Middle East countries by putting gun on America shoulder and targetting Syria, Iraq, Iran and Russia.


America should have to correct their direction and should have to avoid all kind of terrorists organizations including Israeli refugees, FSA, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and be allied with true nations.


US preparing a new chemical attack in Syria.

Deo Cass

Nicky Haly spoke clearly what it means: Regime change. Quote. ;” We will not be happy until Assad is in power.”

martin campbell

I am sad to read that stuff. What USA are there for with no ISIS left and public relations campaign so damaged by time and events gets even harder to explain but that never stops anything. But if they do say and make trouble there is a risk of a PR disaster if they lose control of the narrative.

What I wonder is how does USA v Syria which is potentially winding down, fit in with USA v Iran which is getting very noisy indeed. Will they be ‘defeated’ in Syria but turn on Iran? Or take on both plus being in action in Iraq? If Iran is the absolute worst how come they have attacked Iraq and Syria first?

I also wonder what is to happen in Idlib later where apparently most of Syrian Govt enemies get to retreat to?

I also cannot understand why Turkey would have been heavily involved in destabilising Syria earlier in the war as reported in various places, as one might imagine a Turkish Governemnt meeting on the matter concluding it would be terrible for Turkey and offering President Assad assistance . Having a war next door is not great for business etc. Al Quaeda and ISIS get to penetrate Turkey. And more battle hardened better armed Kurdish armies spring up on Turkeys border which must be the absolute worst news for Turkey.

The best answer I have for myself is Erdogan is a dangerous and erratic crackpot who cannot look after Turkey in any way shape or form

Any informed answers to any part of my questions?


“A PR disaster if they loose control of the narrative ” , that is what happened in Vietnam , in 68 the news reached the American public that there was supposed to be an election in 58 , and so the hippies said “Hell No , We Won’t Go !” . That was back when there was a free press, Bush Senior made sure that never happened again . Turkey has made a fortune in this American war against Syria . All the oil stolen from Iraq and Syria was sold to the Iraqi Kurds (Bazari), shipped to Turkey and sold by Erdogan’s son . All of the Syrian manufacturing equipment in Aleppo was stripped and sold to Turkey . Saudi Arabia is banking this war for the US , and is the home of Wahhabi Sunni Islam , Turkey is Sunni , and Erdogan used that to milk more money from both the US and Saudi by allowing “rebel jihadists ” to train and access Syria / Iraq from Turkey . Saudi , Israel, and the US ( the money )as opposed to an out of date army . He made his logical bet on the money , but forgot to consider the will of the people . Iran is the key to gaining access to Russia and mineral wealth untold and untouched , the problem is , like the Russians , they are completely literate and very well educated . Saddam even using chemical weapons , could not beat them . Erdogan is just another sleezy politician only in it for the dough .

martin campbell

OK. it won’t look so clever when more and more of the violence is inside Turkey, but the Erdogan gang will still have the millions from the oil and loads of bodyguards. I guess it adds up Ron. First time I saw Erdogan making a campaign speech, on the telly, I was horrified. Thought he belonged in an asylum.


The man is confused and made multiple errors to say the least , but we say that without any real knowledge of Turkish politics . However I tend to agree . Turkey has a common border with Iran , so if the US can find a reason to station troops there ( especially the eastern Kurdish area ) , they have one more “attack position” if they decide to risk Israel , and attack Iran . Regardless of lives lost Israel US / UK , seem intent on total conquest , if they can take out Iran , then Russia , China . Iran will not go down without leveling Israel , if that happens we are all gone.

Kira Binkley

What U.S. anti-ISIS efforts?


S. Huckabee would do quite well in a Nazi state. What an ugly chick.


What are Syria´-hezbolah-Iran-Russia ground troops and aerspace Russian force waiting to cross Euphrates river and get Omar oil field ? to be blocked by SDF in order to have a justification of unable to go north and northeast ? I do not kno whether to not to qualify this very slow advance as a bad tactic, stupidity, or pre agreement SAA(Russia)-SDF. What is your opinion ?


Humanity’s “terrorism” problem isn’t going to get corrected until the Jews in power using it to advance their Jew world order hegemony drive are removed. The solution to humanity’s Jew pedophile rape cult problem, raping 1,000 children every week, is Jew eradication by outlawing it to create a Jew free future:










terry lunga

What a scm these Yankees are! Shame for meddling in other countries and supporting thugs and militias.




The US is $20 trillion in debt:




Deo Cass

‘Reverse narrative’ again. The opposite is true. It is the illegal US/Zionist invasion and occupation terror coaltion which is obstructing the Syrian government from reclaiming its own territory which is its fundamental right. They did this when tge Syrian government firces were advancing towards Raqqa city, by attacking the Syrian government forces and shooting down one of its planes. It again obstructed the Syrian government forces from reclaiming their oil and gas fields on the Eastern banks of the Euphrates river by blocking the Syrian government forces way and assassinating in two airstrikes the Russian general Valery Asapov and Syrian government army general Issam Zahreddine respectively.


This is BS. they absolutely love Assad.

Langaniso Mhlobo

USA is right Russia,Assad and Allies were truely hindering USA/NATO and moderate,so call free to terrorist and sabotage syrian army terrorist to take over Syria.Russia,Syria,Iran and Hezbollah keep on hindering them to make sure USA is not stealing oil and gas and airlifting terrorist plus not to attack SAA.

Kira Binkley

People are laughing at you. Did you know that?

Jens Holm

If Jews are so powerfull being so few and You will beat them, You have no chance unless You change.

The big problem is Your sytems are not allowed to change by culture as well as religion.

What I see below is 1001 nights of bad excuses for not changing Yourself.

Jens Holm

Thats how it should look according to Your way of behaving. Many small emirates, where the Emirs can see all corners.

You dont understand westerns, because You not even have a language and vocabulary for it. You even laugh if women should be equal to You. And OH YES, THEY ARE MORE NON CLEVER THEN YOU. But thats because You keep them there hard by Your outdated laws incl Sharia.

And what is it for. Well if men dont own girls and men, they would be in the bottom of the system. In those matters women are much tuffer multitaskers, which You need very much.


You can call me Al

You do realise you are arguing against yourself hey ?


US idiots :-DDD

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