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Syria War Report – October 18, 2017: Government Forces Cross Euphrates, Push Toward Omar Oil Fields

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The Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by the US-led coalition’s airpower, artillery and special operations forces, established a full control over the city of Raqqah following a series of successful advances in al-Naim and al-Dallah roundabouts, the national hospital, the municipal stadium as well as other points in the city center.

According to pro-SDF sources, up to 40 ISIS members were killed and 37 terrorists surrendered to the SDF in the final day of the operation.
Following the final push in Raqqah, a US Department of State spokesperson announced that the US “will assist and take, essentially, the lead in bringing back the water, electricity and all of that.”

“The United States and our allies have prepared for next steps and will continue to work with partners to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need and support the stabilization efforts in Raqqa and other liberated areas,” Heather Nauert told journalists.

In other words, the US may try to turn the SDF-held area in northeastern Syria into the US-controlled puppet state.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces cleared the western Euphrates bank between Mayadin and Deir Ezzor from ISIS terrorists. Some pro-government sources speculated that the Tiger Forces even crossed the Euphrates and entered Diban and Ruqayb. But these reports still have to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, the SAA continued developing momentum in the area of Deir Ezzor city. The SAA established control over Junaynah and engaged ISIS members in the northern part of the city. The fighting is ongoing.

In the eastern Salamiyah countryside, government forces cleared the entire pocket that had been held by ISIS members. Now, the SAA would be able to re-deploy some units operating in the area to other frontlines, most likely to Deir Ezzor.

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Wahid Algiers

Please, what of the report has something to do with the head line?


“Speculation that Tiger Forces even crossed the Euphrates and entered Diban and Ruqayb ” . Well that would be great news to say the least ! “Will continue to work with partners …… and support the stabilization efforts” , which partners , and stabilization , for how long .


Syria can FIGHT the UNITED STATES, (“useful idiot” proxy of ISRAEL) and controlled terrorists NOW or Syria can fight them later BUT fight them they will NEED TO….. or, SURRENDER land to be DOMINATED by the “Greater ISRAEL” GOAL

If SYRIA surrenders land, MORE will be demanded later, not-with-standing Russia is on the U.S. and Israel “Hit List”, (once again) !!!

Russia, Iran and China must be conquered by FORCE in order for the U.S. and Israel WORLD DOMINANCE. Orthodox Russian Christians will not tolerate a SECOND Holocaust by Bolshevik Jews, without an all out fight to the bitter end.China and Iran for slightly different reasons, also will not tolerate dominance by the West

I will add THAT “fight” wont happen with less than a literal Human Holocaust, including the FEW ( very few) uninformed DECENT and REAL Jews living on that stolen piece of Palestinian land called “Israel” by deception and AGAINST Biblical mythology.

Get lots of popcorn ready with your favorite drinks.

The NEAR FUTURE should be very interesting


Great comment, but the CAPS are seriously annoying. Have a great day, evening, morning wherever you are.


I’m from the old school ( I’m 77 and wrote for a major)) of writers in Newspapers , Magazines etc. and CAPS and BOLDFACE are and were for emphasis and I shall continue with them AS NEEDED, but thanks for your feedback

They even worked on you :-)

Sza Azs

I agree with you. Sometimes, I also use CAPS for certain words to highlight my points, but I always avoid CAPS for all words (sentences) because all words in CAPS are not easy for eyes to read.



Sza Azs

He does not use all CAPS. So, as for me, it’s okay since those are only meant for highlighting.

Shylo Duffy

You’re apsolutly right when u said fight now or later truth is one way or another it’s the only thing that will end this. Russians will never again dig in the dirt for food.I worry about what will become of Russia without Putin I hope he’s elected every single election bc I’ve yet to see such a capable leader in my life like Putin.He has the world’s people support well at least all those who still think critically.


I agree on all counts.Keep up the fight for TRUTH

Shylo Duffy

Every day I hear about where the US and thugs are destroying I’m sick to my stomach everytime I think of how much the Syrian people have giving and how much has been taken.The only way any of this will end is if RUSSIA, SYRIA and their pals fight back else there going to be there forever. I hope the American people realize that Putin has said over and over that any wars will not be fought on Russia soil.The West don’t understand nor can they ever Imagine what it feels like to watch their beloved Country or people melting on the pavements digging into the dirt hoping to find something to eat and on and on the horror never ends.What goes around eventually comes around.God bless the all people suffering from this madness and it doesn’t hurt to pray for them.


We really hope that Syria-Russia-Hezbolah-Iran ground troops are advancing north and northeast Euphrates river. I have not any doubt that with strong protection and support of russian aerospace force, these ground troops will take this weekend all Omar oil fields. Just do it.

Shylo Duffy

I’m in complete agreement with you my friend.


SDF as of now did not control Raqqa as a whole due to their effort diverted to control as much as possible of the Syrian northern territory. It’s possible that they aimed to spliced off territory to merge with KRG.


So now American and their allies that have grabbed land from Syrian nation will make a new state in that. How they gonna do that. For this type of crime activities America hosts United Nation?


It won’t happen.


SF maps are showing Syrian government coalition forces across the river in three locations, north of DE, DE and Mayadin. And the Iraq government has secured a section of the Iraq Syria border adjacent to SDF and Isis held areas north east of DE.

I would venture a guess that not only are Syrian government coalition intel and commando units operating in Isis held territory east of the river to keep the SDF out of the Omar oil fields. But also in SDF held territory north of that. And may be preparing for a joint Syria Iraq border clearing operation to cut Israelistan in two up to the Turkish border.


I’m sick an tried of US lies. The US deep state supports Assad furiously not even easy but furiously and madly. The Kurds have already been abandoned in Iraq the same will happen to them in Syria


The deep state has been waging war against Assad for six years now using their “moderate rebels” Al Qaeda and ISIS , and now you can see they are just going to use the Kurds as well. Well you seem to be waking up Mountains .

Bill Rood

The Kurds see the writing on the wall. They know their security lies with Syria, not with the US. Their leaders have been treacherous, under the influence of the KDP Peshmerga and Asayish Barzani sent to Rojava, but they’re not stupid. They know Syria will allow them to retain their culture and language, but they will have to respect the rights of other minorities: https://muraselon.com/en/2017/10/breaking-russian-forces-enter-key-oil-field-eastern-bank-dier-ezzor-report/


They need to withdraw from SDF , let the US explain that .

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