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Syria War Report – November 9, 2017: Government Forces Liberate Al-Bukamal From ISIS

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On November 8, pro-government forces successfully advanced northeast of the T2 pumping station, liberated Ratka oil field, Suwayyah, al-Hiri, Huwayjat Baghuz and entered the city of al-Bukamal at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the National Defense Forces and Hezbollah, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, participated in the operation from the Syrian side of the border. Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units participated from the Iraqi part of the border. Military advisers of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps assisted the advancing troops on the both sides of the border.

By November 9, the SAA and its allies are still in need to consolidate their recent gains in the area and to secure and demine al-Bukamal. ISIS terrorists control some points in the desert area north of the city and could use a wide network of underground tunnels to conduct counter-attacks.

ISIS lost the last its significant settlement in Syria. In November, the terrorist group will likely lost the remaining settlements. This will push ISIS to choose a guerrilla warfare as the main tool of its operations in Syria and Iraq.

Meanwhile, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have tightened further its siege on the ISIS-held town of al-Busariyah. Within few days, the SDF captured Al-Qushayriyah, Al-Khan, al-Hereji, al-Khajjah and other nearby points.

The US-backed group is working to take control over the al-Busariyah-ash-Shaddaday road and prepare to storm al-Busariyah.
Eastern Syria is de-facto separated between pro-government and pro-US forces along the Euphrates River.

The SDF and the US-led coalition are working to secure their recent gains to strengthen their military and negotiating position in the post-ISIS era.

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Zainab Ali

sdf/isis/kurds/yankees, the illegal ocuppiers’ days are numbered – their total arrogance has made them retards – real losers

Jens Holm

Remember to wash Your eyes and ears tomorrow. Hands too.


Anyones days are numbered. Likely the number here is in the tens of thousands?


The Shia Crescent is now forged.

Richard M

Soon to be extended to Bahrain, Yemen and eastern Wahhabistan.


And Palestine soon

John Veitch

One can only hope that justice is served on those most deserving. Regards


I Just Hope they will not be more Radical and extreme in this processe. Not like the wahhabis ect.

Werner Knöllermann

good job, bye bye isis!


Isis looted and fled in droves. Most of them are probably in turkey by now.

I’m sure several suicide bombers are still lurking in the city waiting for a target. De-mining may require evacuating the city.

Jonathan Cohen


Jens Holm

Lets hope You are wrong and they stay and are very calm in Syria and Iraq.

Deo Cass

Again it has to be made clear that the SDF are not fighting ISIS because SDF are ISIS. Actually the fight is between ISIS rebranded SDF and the local Arab tribal fighters who are refusing to leave their homes and villages to live the rest of their lives as refugees in some other country, while their homes and villages are taken over by foreign Kurdish invaders and settlers from Turkey and elsewhere.

Jens Holm

No its nut. Your are a not – a pee-nut. Even Your colors there are yellow.

Jens Holm

I alllow me to write that a nogisiation map is totally unimportant and some illusion from when wars were only among countries and they were made in shoulder by shoulder formation.

The interesting thing here is if all the manipulative shouters about more war will be the winners. If so Eufrat at least to begin with is just a relative good defence up to the Manbij area. Its also important that Damaskus has forces and no other problems and troops for taking the SDF possetion at all.

The newest variable could be Saudis would try to reduce Hesbollah fx in Lebanon, but how much do Damaskus accept and as what from Turks.

Well, and what will mainly Russia and USA help and in which directions?

To me oil, irrigation as waterpowerplants to be solved after principles and not some more or less open borderlines. Oil therefor is not if and how SDF are in retaken territory today and tomorrow.

Its a matter of % and where the moneys goes and if that can be improved. So if SDF`s are 20% of the population, they should have 20% of the oil as well. And the 80% should have the 80% and the corrupt mafiosas of Damaskus should have only jail for many, many years.

That include the whole business and not som Jafra or Palmyra yes and no. All the way out in the tiny but important export incl. asphalt and all the local use of mainly fuel. ……………………………………………………………………………………………..

Thats not difficult. Its like stockholding. Fx my pension fond has stockings in USA and Germany even Im not an inhabitant there. We own private companies there and they have some of ours. Those are made by stockholding, so my pensionfond gives me money from those 2 countries, which has important activities and jobs here. Actually I could work there for them – and us. —————————————————————————————–

And not borderlines by warfare as well. If You divide DEZ as well as Raqqa by the river, its like Soloman cutting the little child. Those bigger towns both has to have their network intact. So You do that.

I can do most of it. Both sides of the river for both of them to the bridge of Maadan. Raqqa not so deep in south and DEZ up to marqada. Thats it.


Some pro SDF tweeters are starting to wonder whether Al Bukamal really has been taken as they cannot find any details on the liberation of the city, no photo, nothing.

It is likely that this will become clearer the next few days.

Solomon Krupacek

as they cannot find any details on the liberation of the city, no photo, nothing.

this is normal, because not they took the city ;)

Jens Holm

Yes, no celebrations with flags and like that. I dont care if its today or next week.

Bobby Twoshoes

Some disheartened terrorist sympathisers are clutching at straws by referencing twitter posts from dishonest peasant traitors known for their preemptive declarations and US prescribed rhetoric.

It is likely that you will become more disheartened in the next few days.

Jens Holm

Its completly irrelevant where he comes from. Thats a military matter and we have seen so many times, that those victories are later then announced.


I will not as I do not really care about this. However, you might be.

John Veitch

A lot of posts for someone who doesn’t care. Cheers

Bobby Twoshoes

Lol, righto mate, I should have said “your handlers will be disheartened”, we all know you are a soulless whore with no human empathy already. You’d be trolling for the SAA if we gave you enough shekels.

Jens Holm

I have a theory. Those T2 troops are not good enough to take it and SAA from Maydeen is late. There is no final knock out.

tony bond

Congratulations to president Asad and Syrian Army and Syrian people and of course Russian federation and Hezbollah. This is the huge victory not only against Isis against those group of people who created Isis and who was supporting them, this is really incredible and unforgettable victory against very strong and rich group of terrorism I mean the creative and supportive.isis was used as a tools but the reall terrorism was another group of people so you guys broke them down good job. So again congratulations you guys did it you broke them down. Good luck for the future the best of wishes.


Assad army are pussies. Without Russian air support they would be hiding behind Assad toilet by now. In this case Al-Bukamal was not liberated by SAA but by Iraqi Syiah militia ( check the facts) but since Al-Bukamal is Syrian territory the credit was given to them. The Iraqis Syiah militia is excellent in their blood thirsty battles against Sunnis civilians and ISIS.


Partially true. Both (Iraq and Syria) are fighting against ISIS-Daesh at Al-Bulamal. So, ISIS is lost already in this city, it does not matter what SDF could say about it. In fact, I am sure that many ISIS-Daesh will move into SDF army. Yes, Syria army along would be death by now if Russia-Hezbolah-Iran did not help, that is a fact, but now, Syria army has a lot of experience, it has learned war tactic from Russia, and it has a lot of advance weapons.


Next are the scum Kurds who thought they could just steal territories from Syria.

Jens Holm

No wonder so many would like to have a place, where you are not.

Without SDF Assads was probatly Emirs of Latakia in a Russian base.


As a follow up on my earlier comment on the veracity of PMU and Hezbollah taking Al Bukamal, there are now PMU reports that Baghdadi is in pockets withitn Bukamal, implying the city is not taken completely and there are reports of actual fights between PMU and Hezbollah within the city, causing a withdrawal to the city limits.

see : Mark‏ @markito0171 14 min.14 minuten geleden Meer #Iraq’i Shia militia Asa’ib Ahl al-Haqq claim “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in one of the pockets in #AbuKamal” means: #Syria’n border town not under entire control

Mark‏ @markito0171 35 min.35 minuten geleden Meer #Syria Report: Infighting btw Shia militias & #Assad-forces lead to withdrawal from border town of #AbuKamal (to outskirts)

last taken from euphrates.com (in arabic)

I have no opinion on the above other than stating the liberation of Al Bukamal seems uncertain. Pity SF does not follow up on this. A bit too much propaganda?


Yes, this just pro-ISIS propaganda.

Lord Humongous

I just wanted to say, I have always enjoyed Southfronts well done videos marking the military activities in the Middle East, particularly in Syria. Nicely done guys.

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