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Syria War Report – November 3, 2017: Syrian Army Liberated Deir Ezzor City

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ISIS gave up the ghost in Deir Ezzor city after the Tiger Forces and the Republican Guard had liberated the key neighborhoods of al-Hamidiyah and Sheikh Yassin and advanced on the remaining ISIS positions in Ardhi and Rashdiyah.

On November 3, the SAA retook Uthaniyah and al-Hawiqah from ISIS and liberated the entire city.

The advance in Deir Ezzor came amid an intense fighting near Mahkan village southeast of the government-held town of Mayadin where ISIS has attacked the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). However, the terrorist group was not able to achieve any gains and lost 2 vehicles and at least 4 fighters.

On November 2, six Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bombers delivered the second strike in a row on ISIS targets near al-Bukamal destroying ISIS arms and ammunition depots, command posts and fortified areas near the town.

The strikes of the Russian bombers are aimed at destroying the ISIS defense facilities and stockpiles ahead of the upcoming storm of al-Bukamal by pro-government forces.

In the southwestern Aleppo countryside, clashes resumed between the SAA and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the area of al-Hass Mount. Initially, pro-government sources speculated that the military may attempt to reach Abu al-Duhur and the nearby airbase. However, this is unlikely amid an intense fighting in eastern Syria. Launching another big operation right now is a big risk for the Syrian government.

Clashes were also reported in the villages of Rahjan, al-Shakousiyah, al-Bayoudh, Sarha and Mushrafiyah in northern Hama.

According to experts, the front between Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the SAA will remain relatively calm if the terrorist group is not able to concentrate enough manpower and equipment for some banzai attack in the last attempt to shift the situation for its own benefit.

The so-called rebels lost their last chance to dominate in Syria after the total loss in the battle for Aleppo city.

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Zainab Ali

hts is next in the elimination list, then sdf/yankee coalition … God speed and God bless syria and her true allies

Ostap Bender

HTS and their indoctrination must be exterminated without a doubt, but I hope Syrian government (with the help of Russians) will find peaceful, diplomatic solution so SDF can return Arab populated territories to government and in return gain federal government inside Syria (Syria needs to be federalized between Sunni, Shiite/Alawites/Druze/Christian and Kurd held territories, worse option is confederate Kurdistan and the worst is independence of Kudrs which will lead to another war in Syria and more deaths and destruction, unnecessary, and Kurds should take a look what happened in Iraq when Kurds declared independence, a lot of PMU fighters will cross into Syria put on SAA marks on their uniforms and fight for Syrian government, we in last Yugoslav war did the same thing when we were crossing from Croatia to Bosnia to fight Orthodox Serbs and Muslim Bosnian, just changed the marks on our uniforms, and that was also unnecessary, and lead only to destruction, deaths and hatred, so once again hopefully they will find a peaceful solution). If Kurds in Syria try to declare independence they will open themselves (and they are surrounded) to attacks from Syria, Iran, Iraq and last but most important Turkey. They would be safer inside Syria with federal influence over the territory…

Western powers wanted to partition Iraq and Syria like they tried in Libya, but that failed big time (Lybia is currently partitioned between 3 tribes and ISIS, but in the future that country could split int one smaller and one larger country or remain the same, we will see, the situation there is unclear, and it all depends will Russia openly provide help, and they are already supplying general Khalifa Haftar forces in the west and they control 65+% of Libya, and most of the coastal area)


No federation. Federation between who ??? Only Kurds want a federation. Give kurds the lands where they live northeast of Syria and slove the problem once for all.


Israeli refugees like the division of each country. What Israeli refugees have occupied is not their own land and talking about other countries. LOL.


If I was Syrian, I will not want to have such backstabbers in my country. Better give them their lands in northeast syria and live without troubles.

Ostap Bender

Politicians are backstabbers, common people usually do what they are told to by the elders in tribal communities, and I do not blame them. They are paid by Americans and that monthly salary they couldn’t earn in 6 months-year in current conditions…

Without reconciliation, there will be no future for people in the middle east. Lebanon war, Syrian war, 2 Palestinian wars, First Gulf War,(Iraq) Second Gulf War(Iraq), war in Yemen….


Yes you Zionist Israeli refugees have occupied whole country from Palestinians.

Ostap Bender

Federation is a union of partially self-governing states, and it is the best solution for different nationalities and religion inside one state. We had federation of 6 states and two autonomous communities in Yugoslavia and it worked perfectly until nationalism have risen (fueled by western powers, because we went to war at the same time the USSR dissolved, and we were never part of the Warsaw pact, the Iron Curtain because TITO said f***ck off to Stalin, Red Army tanks were on Yugoslav borders in 1948. and Stalin agents tried to kill TITO at least 30 times). Confederation gives even more power to units inside one country and the next stage is independence. For Kurd’s sake they should stay inside Syria, Iraq (they already lost almost all gains since 2003., and they will loose even more if they don’t agree on some kind of diplomatic solution). If they declare independence Turkey will bomb them to dust, SAA will fight them, PMU Shia forces will just change patches and go and fight for SAA, and Kurdistan would be cut off from the rest of the world. Why fight when you can resolve issues through diplomatic talks and solutions. But if they want they can repeat the same mistake Kurd’s made in Iraq…

That will only bring more deaths and destruction, and only because of the interest of western powers, especially Zionist who do not want peace in the Middle East because the focus would be once again switch towards Palestine…


Federations lead to independance. Only wanted federations work like Switzerland. If you unite not to break, it will break one day anyway.

Better to have a samllest country and have no trouble than a big country full of trouble.

Just look at Hezbollah. They are not big, but they are powerful.

I think, Syria must unite with Lebanon and leave the Kurds.

Ostap Bender

Lebanon is even more divided that Syria (Shiite and Alawites as a Shiite sub-religion are minority in Syria), and that wouldn’t work.

As I said many times before this war was fueled not on nationalist base, but on worst possible base, on religion, and religious wars are the worst possible wars and they can last for centuries… Iran is 96% Shiite country, Iraq 75% Shiite, Syria only 24%, Bahrein 42%, Lebanon 34%… And Sunni Muslims make almost 80% of world largest religion, Islam (Kurd’s are also Sunni 98% and 2% Shiite).

This wars must be resolved without religious divide if they want the peace in the ME, Africa and Asia…

Frane Frlan

Nice analysis. Couldn’t agree more. :)

Ostap Bender

Hvala frende, znamo i sami da je nažalost tako :/


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“Federation” is an Israel code word for DIVIDE AND CONQUER; A divide country is an easy PREY of the ZIONIST SNAKE.


Now Syrian Tigers allied with PMU Tigers are free to advance towards Abu Kamal and T2 Station to secure both roads.


The next step is to make Syria a monarchy and Assad the King of Syria.

Jonathan Cohen



I think Abortion right is your family right.

Alejandro Bonifacio

please, don’t pay attention to that idiot, let him say sh*t, it’s obvious that “abortion rights” is equal to usa presence in the region


Actually, he was making an insightful comment, as your own comment makes clear.

Jonathan Cohen

And yours too of course.


I hate killing.


yeah, i am predicting a lot of very late abortions will happen in that area soon.


This sound very good since Assad is a good King.


Hero city.


SAA liberated such a strategic town and sdf still tries to liberate eampty raqah. imagine if the ISIS parteners havent left months before the sdf assault.

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