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Syria War Report – November 2, 2017: Government Forces Clearing Northern Deir Ezzor From ISIS

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The ISIS-held area is rapidly shrinking in the city of Deir Ezzor. On November 1, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces and the Republican Guard liberated Jubaliyah neighborhood, the central park area, the school of law and education area and the southern part of Hamidiyah neighborhood.

Thus, over the last few days, ISIS has lost over 40% of the area that it had been controlling in the northern part of the city.

On November 2, the Tiger Forces and the Republican Guard advanced deeper in Hamidiyah engaging ISIS in an intense fighting. If the ISIS defense there collapses, the terrorist group will have no chances to resist further attacks of government forces any notable amount of time.

As soon as Deir Ezzor is liberated, the SAA and its allies will focus on clearing the rest of the western bank of Euphrates from ISIS.

On November 1, six Tu-22M3 strategic bombers flew over the territory of Iran and Iraq and carried out a massive strike on ISIS positions near the ISIS-held border town of al-Bukamal. The strikes destroyed outposts, ammunition and weapons depots belonging to the terrorist group.

Meanwhile, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces seized the villages of al-Akidat and al-Bakaara east of Deir Ezzor city. 29 ISIS members were reportedly killed in the clashes there. Now, the SDF fully encircled the ISIS-held town of al-Busarityah and cut off the only road that could be used by the SAA to reach it. Soon, the SDF will start storming the town itself.

Late on November 1, Israeli warplanes bombed a copper factory in Hisyah Industrial Area 30km south of Homs city. Local sources added that the factory was hit with 7 unspecified munitions. In response, the 72 brigade of the Syrian Air Defense Forces launched an unspecified ground to air missile at the Israeli warplanes. The missile exploded east of al-Qusayr city near the Syrian-Lebanese border. No hits were reported.

The 72 brigade of the Syrian Air Defense Forces is mainly armed with the old-fashioned Soviet-made S-75 air defense system.

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You can call me Al

Regards DZ – it looks very positive. Bravo to the heroes fighting on the right side of history.

Regards the SDF – I am now wondering whether they, are or are not actually only fighting ISIS (and will retreat later), so that the US can shout out to the World, that they cleared Syria of ISIS and then withdraw from Syria altogether – to an extent that is not a lie, it maybe the truth, but not the whole truth and totally taken out of context, but how many sheeple would believe it ?.

Regards Israel – covered in numerous posts elsewhere.

Excellent article SF, thanks.

Richard Noel Hedditch

There is gonna be an Assyrian and Aramaean counter-insurgency against the Zionist Kurdish garbage.

Jens Holm

You can see the dead ones from ISIS and SDF about it at other sources fx liveupdate Syria. Pictures too.

Those many small takings by SDF are very different from each other incl. some triber-semi-ISIS has given up.

The best help for reduced resistance are SAA making too bridgeheads towards ISIS fortifications having big losses both way for political reasons with exhausted too few troops having lack of supply as well.

I allow me to add the big counterattack at Sukna and the main supply from Hama/Homs-Palmyra-Sukna-DEZ. Why was the main supply line guarded that bad. Easy: Again strething troops and bad non flexible warfare in old ineffective style.

Several russian generals also have almost killed themself by getting in the open by underestimating ISIS again and again.

Now SAA again has moved elite troops cross country to the Idlib area. Very hard to understand anything of that if the oilfields close to DEZ and to the Iraqian border is that important.

Jonathan Cohen

ABORTION RIGHTS IN AL-BUSARITYAH!!!! However this time it’s SAA’s turn to do like SDF should have done. Let surrounded cities (Raqqa, DZ) starve and divert forces to race for larger territories still held by ISIS, such as Al-Bukamal.

Keith Smith

Once ISIS are gone, US have no reason to be there, then SAA and Russia can start clearing up SDF

Pave Way IV

It baffles me how CENTCOM with all their expensive surveillance toys were unable to identify or attack these presumably significant ISIS targets all this time. At least significant enough that Russia thought warranted a flight of Tupolevs to finally level.

Is the US trying to preserve weapons/ammo for their stay-behind guerrilla ISIS in al Bukamal? Are the airstrikes that CENTCOM reports even real? It won’t be long now for another “Oopsie! We bombed the SAA by mistake again. Sorry!”


the only logical conclusion for this is that US and ISIS are in cahoots together

Ostap Bender

You will understand all if you read this article, written while the US didn’t do s***it about them, and only Russian were fighting and bombing them!

Statement form Israeli minister of defense and Bibi: https://www.the-american-interest.com/2016/03/07/israeli-defense-minister-better-isis-than-iran/

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