Syria War Report – November 13, 2017: ISIS Conducts Suicide Attempt To Seize Back Al-Bukamal


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The battle for al-Bukamal heated up last weekend as ISIS terrorists conducted a successful counter-attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah in the border city.

According to local sources, ISIS re-established control over a major part of the city on Sunday after two days of intense fighting in its vicinity and inside it. ISIS reportedly used at least 10 anti-tank guided missiles against pro-government combat units and had deployed additional reinforcements from other areas in Syria and Iraq.

Hazem al-Barghash, a member of the ISIS Shura Council – a top body of the terrorist group, and three ISIS military commanders – Hani al-Thalgi, Abu Munzer al-Shishani and Abu Mohamad al-Safi – died in the city.

Experts link the fierce ISIS resistance with the presence of more influential ISIS members in the area. The Hezbollah-linked media even reported that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was allegedly spotted in the area.

Another issue, which led to problems faced by government troops in al-Bukamal, is a lack of the coordination between the assault groups advancing from the T2 pumping station and forces deployed near al-Mayadin city. The Tiger Forces and other pro-government units deployed near al-Mayadin de-facto started their push towards al-Bukamal only on Sunday when the situation became very complicated.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry denied reports that ISIS retook al-Bukamal and called these reports propaganda. The ministry said that the SAA has been in full control of the city since Friday and now are securing the area and destroying the remaining centers of resistance.

However, no photos or videos confirming a full control over the city still exist. The city remains besieged but is still not under full control of the allies.

Clashes also continued in northeastern Hama and in an area west of the Ithriyah-Khanasser highway where the SAA captured Hasnwi and Abu al-Ghurr from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and entered the village of Rashadiyah. The situation remains tense.

On Saturday, the Israeli media started disseminating reports that the US and Russia have reached an agreement, which would push Iranian-backed forces from an area close to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The reports appeared on the same day when Russia and the US issued a joint statement on Syria after a brief conversation between Trump and Putin on the sideline of the APEC conference in Vietnam. The released statement does not refer directly to Iran, Iranian-backed forces or Hezbollah and indeed includes nothing new about the attitudes of the sides. The Israeli media reports are just another move in the ongoing media campaign against the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance after Tel Aviv failed to achieve the Russian support in limiting the Shia influence in Syria. Even if Moscow wants to make some trade-off with Israel, it has own limitations in this effort. The conflict is deeply integrated into the military and diplomatic standoff in the Middle East. The region is on the verge of the war, which may involve Israel, Saudi Arabia, Hezbollah and Iran.

Last weekend, the BBC released a report claiming that Iran is establishing permanent military base inside Syria. It’s located outside El-Kiswah, 14 km south of Damascus. Israel has repeatedly claimed that it “will not let that happen.” However, the only Israeli option to fulfill this promise is a military action.



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  • Blucross

    ISRAEL news media seems to be lying ? Well That has never , ever, happened before, lol

    • Beatrice

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  • Kira Binkley

    Did this article actually say there had been an “al-Baghdadi sighting?” I was thinking of all the Elvis sightings there have been since 1976.—KiraSeer
    I’m sure the American MSM media (and the neocons) are all excited. These happenings seem to be raising the threat of sectarian violence to a height never seen before. Go for it, Fox News!!

    • Bigfoot was also seen in Abu Kamal.

      • Kira Binkley

        There have been a number of Bigfoot sightings.
        Did they get a glimpse of Elvis as well? Perhaps wearing his blue suede shoes?

        • Deo Cass

          “It,” wearing John McCain’s clown outfit, was also seen around at al-Bukanal eating Syrian soldiers’ hearts.

          • Kira Binkley

            An El Trumpo sighting, eh?

          • Moussa Saab

            They had a severe shortage of soldier hearts to eat so they turned to soy.

  • AMHants

    All the US and allies have got for their trillions$, is propaganda. Watch them try and use it and watch how many will accept all the ‘True Fake News’ says is true. The Syrian Army have come so far, and it would be sad to let them down, by believing all that comes out of Israel controlled media outlets.

    Personally, it is not all over till the fat lady sings, and Syria still has a hard battle ahead, lest we forget.

    • FlorianGeyer

      I totally agree.

  • dutchnational

    SF still has problems admitting SAA got kicked out of AB, while even pro regime AMN admitted on the 11th they were “kicked out”.

    At the same time, there are media reports that russian IS, dressed in Ru uniform, got into DeZ airbase without getting checked and killed many there and destroyed 3 fighter planes.

    Source :

    Shahroz ⚫ (Pakistan) ▪ ◾
    2 u2 uur geleden
    Breaking ISIS linked channel say they attack on #DeirEzzor airport and destroyed 3 warplanes and interesting in this post they saying in uniforms of Russian soldiers they attack on airport so who give them uniform?

    • Deo Cass

      It is true there was an infiltration by a Russian speaking Chechen ISIS terrorist wearing a bomb vest. But there were no aircraft destroyed. As soon as the terrorist noticed that he was about to be discovered, he detonated the suicide belt, killing himself and the Syrian soldier who approached him, while 5 other soldiers were wounded, one seriousely.

      • dutchnational

        Reports differ then. Likely more will become known tomorrow.

        • Jonathan Cohen

          What kind of fighter planes? some are 50 years old and easily replaced. Also how far is Hezbollah supposed to go? If Dara’a is not too close then there are still plenty of places to deploy them against ISIS or HTS and keep everyone happy.

          • dutchnational

            I would not know what kind of planes were destroyed. SAAF as far as I know does not have the latest fighter planes so likely older types. I have seen no updates on this report, so do not know the status.

            Hezbollanh is deployed all over the DeZ countryside and as fas as is known they form, or formed, the bulk of the forces attacking AB city. An afghan division is also reported to be around DeZ city.

          • Jonathan Cohen

            DeZ is plenty far from Israel. How far is AB city? Dara’a is the big question.

          • dutchnational

            A tweeter comment gave 4 L39’s.

            Qalaat Al Mudiq‏
            4 u4 uur geleden
            BIG. Satellite images dated 14th Nov. suggest destruction of 4 warplanes (L-39s)/choppers inside #DeirEzzor Airbase (in 2 areas). #ISIS reportedly carried out multiple suicide operations 2 days a

          • Jonathan Cohen

            I hear Russia has loads of those to send in as replacements.

    • FlorianGeyer

      A Dutchman ?

    • gustavo

      Remember that behind logistic ISIS operations are USA-Israel-NATO,

    • PZIVJ

      It appears that you are #1 for dis info and fake news on this site :DDD


    “On Saturday, the Israeli media started disseminating reports that the US and Russia have reached an agreement, which would push Iranian-backed forces from an area close to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights”…TRANSLATION…On Saturday, the ISRAEL media report that their UNITED STATES VASSAL, reached an agreement with Russia, to allow ISRAEL MAINTAIN OCCUPYING THE SYRIAN TERRITORY OF OIL RICH GOLAN HEIGHTS.

  • Rob

    Israeli media will not succeed in their disinformation any more.

    This world have seen WWI and WWII wars due to Jewish media disinformation. In which 100 millions people were killed around the world to make it easy for Jews to take Palestine from Palestinians.

  • matt

    Hey guys, even the “zio UK media”confirms your theories now!!

  • matt

    Hey guys, even the Zio UK media confirms what you are saying for months!!!

    • FlorianGeyer

      This is rather satisfying, especially from the BBC. That must be a obscured message to the US government I think.
      More trouble in US Deep State Paradise. I hope so anyway.

      • matt

        Mayebe it is just journalism? ?

        • FlorianGeyer

          It could be. Lets hope it is a return to reporting facts on the ground rather than the propaganda of biased actors.

          I won’d hold my breath for too long as it is the British Bullshit Corporation :)

          • matt

            Return? In the old days the amount of media was very limited and therefore most probably more propaganda then today

          • FlorianGeyer

            I agree a lot of it was but there were a few news programmes and reporters in the UK who reported what the saw and not what they were told to.

          • matt

            i think it is still there

  • Moussa Saab

    Lol the title is a little off-putting
    Did they actually use a suicide attack or is it figuratively. Maybe both?
    The days we live in today…